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My name is Rob. I used to be really into Anime, but not so much anymore. The ones I currently still like and watch are Digimon (seasons 1-3), Bleach, and Inuyasha. I'll say it right now: I really don't like Naruto, and I HATE One Piece. Also, I'll say this right now: Naruto and Bleach have nothing similar, so people really need to stop comparing and contrasting the two. I, along with many others, are damn sick of it.

I have a few things to say to those who think they know Anime:

1. If Naruto is your first Anime, then I automatically dub you a Narutard until you prove otherwise. Don't like it? Tough. Blame 4Kids and the little kids who made Naruto have such a huge undeserved fanbase.

2. If you hate Inuyasha because they talk too much or some dumb reason like that, then you really have no right to say anything. If you want to complain about an Anime with too much talking, watch the Buu saga of Dragon Ball Z.

3. Speaking of Dragon Ball Z, neither Bleach nor Naruto copied off of it or each other. They all simply fit a similar (if not the same) Anime genre.

4. Yaoi and Yuri between officially straight characters is not hot, nor is it cute. So, for all you Naruto/Sasuke and ((shudder)) Inuyasha/Sesshomaru fangirls/boys, get a life.

5. This goes out to people who think they know Anime and don't even watch it: Anime is not like Godzilla, where the dubbing is so horrible you'd think the film reel is off sync with the sound player. I've met so many people who think this, and I can't believe how utterly stupid they are.

6. Just because you like Anime, does not mean you should like Japan. There's much more to Japan, good and bad, than Anime.

7. Don't try to act like you're in an Anime (unless you're cosplaying/roleplaying, of course) and not expect to be treated like an idiot.

8. Don't act Japanese when you're not. It's the same as white kids acting black, and it's godawful.

9. Anime is not just Naruto, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon.

10.While it's good to watch Anime that Cartoon Network or whatever doesn't give us, bear in mind that those shows aren't all bad. In fact, most obscure Anime are obscure for a reason (in other words, most of them just plain suck).

11. A word to extreme feminists: Anime is not degradation of women. You want degradation of women, go after the rap scene. They're actually committing the accused crime.

12. Shows like Totally Spies are NOT Anime.

That about covers that I think.

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