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Ok for a bio

Name: Guen

Age: unknown hehehe

Sex: Female

B-day: 8-11

Favorite Books: -The Lord of the Rings Trilogy -The Hobbit -DragonLance -Forgotten Realms -Harry Potter

Favorite Characters: -Guenhwyvar (FR) -Harkell Harpell ((sp?)) (FR) -Dalamar (DL) -Raistlin (DL) -Tas Burrfoot (DL) -Fizban (DL) -Aragorn (LOTR) -Legolas (LOTR) -Fred and George Weasly (HP)

Favorite Anime: Well for right now Yu Yu Hakisho -Hiei (yyh) -Kurama (yyh) -Jin (yyh) -Touya (yyh)

Languages: -English -Latin -Learning some elvish from movie and writing and book -languages from books

OK well here are some characters of mine, there will be more I have names, I just need to give them discriptions. But anyho here is what I have so far.


Name: Raela.

Hair: long moonlight-silver hair with two black strands in front

Skin: white as snow

Eyes: pupil-less silvery-blue.

Height: around 5’7, 5’8 ish.

Race: She is an albino drow. She wasn’t killed because 1.) they couldn’t kill her (unknown reasons to them even though they tried everything) and 2.) they decided to use her as an example to young drow that surface elves are evil. (they say that her mother was captured and raped, which is so not true)

Powers/attacks: she has control over all elements but prefers ice and shadows. (power from the drow) globe of darkness and fairie fire.

Weapons: she carries two katanas, the blades are made of ice, she also carries an ice dagger in her boot and one in a sling kind of thing on her arm, so with a flick of her wrist she could have that dagger.

Personality: Clam and collected, level-headed, but if you make her made you better prey to what ever god you believe in and hope she doesn’t decide to kill you and if she does hope it is a quick and painless death.

Sibling(s): Rylithan- twin brother

Other: She has 5 small ice-crystal looking gems embedded under her right eyebrow. She speaks the common tongue fluently but hardly speaks it to those she doesn’t know very well. She speaks just about every language.

Name: Rylithan

Hair: long silver hair (not as pretty as his sister but still very pretty hair)

Skin: white as snow

Eyes: Pupil-less silvery blue

Height: around 5’7, 5’8 ish

Race: same as his sister.

Powers/attacks: he also has control over all elements but prefers earth and fire. (power from the drow) globe of darkness and fairie fire.

Weapons: he carries two katanas too but they are normal ones and has a dagger in his boot.

Personality: calm, collected, level headed, if you insult or do anything to his sister you better run far far away and never return. Very revengeful

Sibling(s): Raela- twin sister

Other: Speaks just about every language.

Name: Sirene the Ice Mistress

Hair: Blue (like Touya’s)

Skin: White as snow -Eyes: pupil-less ice blue

Height: the same height as Touya

Race: Ice Demon

Powers: Ice

Weapons: Ice

Personality: Calm, collected, kind, used to be joyful when younger until she was captured.

Sibling(s): Touya’s twin sister in “The Past”

Other: When captured she was experimented on and given different powers. They wiped her memory and trained her to be a weapon to take over the world, which ends up back firing and she is united with her brother.

Name: Nedylena (Hiei’s kitten in “Trip to Hogwarts!”)


Race: The Delphins

Live: In the forest in the village of Delphis.

People: They are the tree people. They are like elves put do not fight. They are one with the trees.

Description: Hair brown as the bark with skin about the same color maybe a little light. (Depends what kind of trees they live by to know what color skin they have) Their eyes change color with the leaves during the seasons. Green during spring and summer, if you were a male you had red eyes in the autumn, of you were female your eyes were yellow/gold, but if you were 15 or younger in human years your eyes were orange in the autumn. (when they turn 16 is when their eyes will change showing they are now an adult). During the winter all their eyes are grey since there are no leaves on the trees.

Personalities and Other: They are quiet people who don’t get involved with the outside world. They love the trees and all of nature. Time passes slowly for them, they are not immortal but they do live for a long time. It is said they live as long as the trees. If they are killed or die their tree will die with them and vise versa. So the best way to get rid of them quickly is to burn the forest down. Even though the Delphins don’t fight you don’t want to threaten them or lets just say you better start saying your goodbyes or something because you will no longer be apart of the world.


"Trip to Hogwarts!" YYH/HP crossover COMPLETE

"The Past" YYH In Progress/Paused


"Poem for Raistlin Majere" DragonLance COMPLETE


"Trip to Middle Earth!" YYH/LOTR crossover

"The WorldIsSoCold"(Title bound tochange) Beyblade

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