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Author has written 10 stories for Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.

I'm currently 16 years old. I was born in South Korea, Seoul. The truth is... even if it's for little kids, I like Pokémon. My dream is to become an author of writing fiction and adventure stories.

Birthday: January 25th

I have brown eyes, black hair, and wear glasses. I like animes and mangas, like Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Hikaru No Go.

I've had ideas of writing stories by typing it up here. Right now, I'm deciding to make Pokémon stories. In all stories that are for Pokémon, I will include Ash Ketchum in the stories.

- Most of the OC characters I have right now are thanks to Revolutionary's Regicide, TGRickel, and XxWolfLord95xX.

Incoming Stories:

1. Pokémon Sinnoh Journey VOL. 2 (Giratina and the Sky Warrior) (to be created when Rise of Darkrai is finished)

- As Hikaru and his friends continue on with their journey, they meet a certain Mythical Pokémon named Shaymin, who fears of the Dragon living in the Reverse World: Giratina. While agreeing to return Shaymin to its Flower Garden, the group meets a new enemy who wants Shaymin and a scientist who is traveling in the Reverse World. But while the events go on, Hikaru hears a voice calling to him, similar to how Darkrai called him, which makes him question himself... Is Giratina truly an enemy of Shaymin, with him and his friends?

2. Pokémon Unova Journey VOL. 1 (Victini and Zekrom) (to be created when Unova Journey reaches up to Chapter 70)

- Takeru, Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Mana all arrive at Eindoak Town, where the Sword of the Vale is located! As they arrive there, both Takeru and Ash befriend a Mythical Pokémon named Victini, a Pokémon who's known to bring good luck and victories to all those who use its powers for battle! While in the town, they learn a legend about the two brothers with Zekrom and Reshiram from a family, along with a son who is tempted to resurrect the Sword of the Vale, using Victini in the process! With Zekrom calling to Takeru, the Child of Zekrom is about to leap into a legendary battle!

3. Pokémon Alola Journey VOL. 1 (I Choose You!) (to be created when the English Dub of the movie comes out)

- This happens on the same day when the Ketchum brothers start their journey... with Isamu starting with Eevee and Ash starting with Pikachu! As Ash and Pikachu bonds together, the two brothers meet Ho-Oh, as one of its feathers fall to the two. Promising each other to find Ho-Oh someday, they meet two other Trainers: Sorrel and Verity, as the Ketchum brothers hearing about Ho-Oh's legend. With their wish of meeting Ho-Oh coming up, Ash and Isamu are in for a great adventure as they travel with the two to find and battle the Legendary Ho-Oh just as they promised together on their first day.

4. Pokémon VS Lion Guard VOL. 1 (to be created soon...)

- On a peaceful day at the Kanto region, Isamu and Luna visits their home region to see how their friends and family were doing, until Isamu hears a voice calling to him. Once Isamu and Luna are both requested to save another world, they are transported to the world where they're surrounded by talking animals and a large land called... the Pride Lands! There, the two meets the Lion Guard and the Pridelanders, as the voice had requested them to aid the Lion Guard, for they might run into a problem that even they wouldn't be able to fix by themselves. But with Isamu and Luna being the two out of four humans in the Pride Lands, they will need to earn the Pridelanders' trust should they want to be able to help.

Pokémon: Sinnoh Journey

Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 32: The Strong Bond in the Grass

- As the group bonds with the lonely Snover, Grotle's jealousy for Leafeon giving Snover most of the attention grows as he discovers his ability to grow nuts and berries on his back. But when Leafeon and Snover gets captured by Team Rocket, the evolved Grass Type gains determination to save his friend and the female that he's in love with!

Chapter 33: To Hold the Evolution Down!

- Arriving at Sandalstraw Town for Dawn and Hikaru's next Contest, the group reunites with Kenny and Barry, as Kenny plans to attend the Contest, while Barry plans to attend the Ping Pong competition with Empoleon. When Piplup starts to act weird upon getting ready to evolve, Dawn soon realizes how rebellious Piplup is at the mention of evolution.

Chapter 34: A Match Against My True Self

- While saving Dawn and Piplup from the Ariados with Infernape, the Twinleaf couple recalls their last time of facing Ariados when Hikaru's Shadow returns, challenging Hikaru to a rematch! While Ash and the others deal with Team Rocket to save Prinplup and Empoleon, Hikaru struggles to match his power against his Shadow as the Shadow provokes Hikaru of being weaker than before.

Chapter 35: The Rivalry of the Twinleaf Trio!

- With the Sandalstraw Contest beginning, the Twinleaf Coordinators regain their rivalry against each other as Kenny for some reason is very determined to defeat both Dawn and Hikaru at the Contest, mostly Hikaru as he reveals his reason for having a huge rivalry against his male childhood friend, as the Pokémon Contest goes on.

Chapter 36: Kenny VS Dawn VS Hikaru!

- Soon, the Performance Stage ends, leaving the Battle Stage to occur with the three Twinleaf Coordinators making it in! With the rivalry between the three of them strong, it was going to be one heck of a battle for the three of them should they were to face each other. But with Kenny's improvement and determination to win, can either Dawn or Hikaru counter Kenny's show?

Chapter 37: A Ping Pong Ends with a Ball!

- After the Sandalstraw Contest, Ash, Hikaru, Barry, Dawn, and Hareta all enter the Ping Pong Tournament for fun and to match against the last year's Champion, O! But when the competition begins, Ash and Hareta struggle to achieve points, while Hikaru, Dawn, and Barry manages to make this easy for them. But for O, he seems to be interested in both Riolu and Ambipom!

Chapter 38: The Ping Pong Conclusion!

- As the tournament goes on, only Dawn and Hikaru are left to face O, as the semifinals reach to show that Dawn and Ambipom are the ones to face last year's Champion! When O and Shiftry makes their strategy and tricks to outmatch Dawn and Ambipom, the two realize that it's going to be tougher to win as each hit with the ping pong ball could change anything! But this only makes O even more interested...

Chapter 39: Cute and Small! Cherubi's Drama!

- As the group reaches town where it's near Snowpoint City, they meet a peculiar girl named Marilyn, who believes cute Pokémon are the best ones around! When she berates Piplup for not being cute, Dawn takes it very seriously as she is determined to get Marilyn back! But one thing's for sure, the Marilyn's Pokémon doesn't seem to take battling seriously, but act as if it's in danger!

Chapter 40: Cute Isn't Always Everything

- As the group ponders over about Marilyn's style of "cute" battling along with her Pokémon, both Hikaru and Brock refused to take her battling style as an appropriate thing as the Kanto breeder prepares to challenge her to a battle. But when Brock and Marilyn fights against each other, the Kanto breeder will need to show her on how cute isn't everything when it comes to Pokémon.

Chapter 41: It's Class Time! Teacher Candice!

- Finally arriving at Snowpoint City, the group reunites with Zoey, who introduces them to her "Miss Senior", who is also known as Candice, the Snowpoint City Gym Leader! As Candice is also a Teacher, she asks Hikaru, Ash, and Hareta to join her class. But in class time, this proves to be both of Ash and Hareta's weakness!

Chapter 42: Exhibition Match! Hareta's Chance!

- When the group and Trainers are given time to relax, Hareta is excited to challenge Candice as he challenges her to a simple Gym battle on the location they're in right now! But before a decision could be made, Team Rocket tries to steal the School's Pokémon, forcing Hikaru and the others to make a chase after them!

Chapter 43: Hikaru VS Candice! The Seventh!

- With Hikaru and Ash having the permission to battle Candice at the Snowpoint Gym, the Twinleaf boy gets the chance to battle first. But as soon as the seventh Gym battle begins, Hikaru soon realizes that despite the cheery personality Candice has, she has the will and heart of ice when it comes to serious battles, like Gym Battles. He will need to have the will of fire to burn through the ice that Candice has, alongside with his Pokémon.

Hikaru Platinum (Platinum Hikaru; プラチナヒカル)

A ten year old boy who wants to compete in the Sinnoh League and become the new Champion of the Sinnoh region. He has a scar over his right eye from getting his eye scratched by a wild Zangoose. He has sharp, spiky black hair, blue eyes, and wears a black sleeveless shirt, dark blue jeans, gray sneakers, and a gray vest. He is revealed to be an Aura Guardian, with his powers activating while his pupils becoming green and yellow. He travels with Ash, Dawn, and Brock around Sinnoh, getting rid of Team Rocket along the way. He is revealed to be in love with Dawn as his girlfriend, with Dawn having Hikaru as her boyfriend. Also, Hikaru seems to be the target from his enemies, like Hunter J and Team Galactic for unknown reasons. He finally confronts his father, Yamato, who is revealed to be the second in command of Team Galactic. His power linked to Infernape will be revealed as his new powers as well.


Hikaru is a person that has great care and love for his Pokémon, creating a bond with them. Should anyone or anything attempts to harm them or otherwise, he will oppose that being and take it down with no hesitation. He is a serious Trainer, who seems to have high knowledge of Pokémon moves, abilities, and even complicated things about battling, and the timing of how Trainers and Pokémon should go together in sync. Hikaru seeks to also have high knowledge of the Legendaries of the Sinnoh region. He is also a person who cares deeply for his friends, especially to Dawn, as they are now a couple together. When it comes to romance or detailed subjects needed, Hikaru can act mischievous a little, but supportive for those that needs it. But when faced with poachers or evil groups, Hikaru can get deeply aggressive, activating his powers in the process.

Voice: Hikaru has the same voice as Roxas (KH 2 English/Japanese)

Badges: 6

1. Coal Badge - VOL. 1 - Chapter 31: Hikaru VS Roark! The First!

2. Forest Badge - VOL. 1 - Chapter 73: Hikaru VS Gardenia! The Second!

3. Cobble Badge - VOL. 2 - Chapter 31: Hikaru VS Maylene! The Third!

4. Fen Badge - VOL. 2 - Chapter 61: Hikaru VS Crasher! The Fourth!

5. Relic Badge - VOL. 2 - Chapter 82: Hikaru VS Fantina! The Fifth!

6. Mine Badge - VOL. 3 - Chapter 7: Hikaru VS Byron! The Sixth!

Ribbons: 3

1. Jublife Ribbon - VOL. 1 - Chapter 24: The Battle Rounds! Pt. 2

2. Hearthome Ribbon - VOL. 1 - Chapter 96: The Hearthome Contest! Pt. 2

3. Solaceon Ribbon - VOL. 2 - Chapter 18: Hikaru VS Kenny! Dratini's Debut!

Powers and Abilities:

Hikaru is known to be acrobatic, as he's able to dodge most of the attacks that's coming to him, and he's able to run faster than his friends at a certain situation. He can also be stronger than he looks as he's able to knock out some people he punches, like when he punched Brock for his lovey dovey mode, and Barry for his boasting and arrogant bragging.

Aura: At a certain point in a serious situation, Hikaru's eyes can glow yellow and green, which determines if he is determined to win a battle, or furious to crush his enemies, like Pokémon poachers, Team Galactic, and Team Rocket. Another time can be when he is about to lose a battle, his eyes are mysteriously known to give his Pokémon some fighting spirit, allowing them to become much more stronger, allowing him to win a tough battle. This is revealed to be Aura, which Riley and Lucario points out. With the power of Aura, Hikaru is able to understand what Pokémon are saying. He also can contain objects with an Aura barrier, while also sensing other people's aura, knowing if they're friends or enemies. There will be more power to Aura that Hikaru will be able to access on his journey.

Aura Guardian Mode: A form given to him by Sir Aaron, who reveals that Hikaru has the same amount of power of Aura like with the Aura Prince, despite being a bit more inexperienced. With this form, Hikaru is able to have his Aura powers stronger than he expects, along with an appearance change. His green and yellow eye pupils remain with light-blue marks under his eyes. He wears a dark-blue trench coat with shoulder guards while also having a high collar shirt. There are also gray pants, golden wristbands, dark-blue combat boots, along with black finger-less gloves that have symbols that are the same as the one from Sir Aaron's hat. A black eye mask is added having the shape of the "mask" of a Riolu.

Aura Blade: While being known as a young Aura Guardian, Hikaru was given a dagger that was known to be called the Aura Blade, a weapon that chooses a worthy Aura Guardian to fight and to protect the world. With the Aura Blade, Hikaru is able to perform skills that is given to him or when it is unlocked:

- Aura Ascension Slash: A 12-hit combo that can use the power of Aura to deal some critical damage for the one that opposes the user with the Aura Blade.

Synchronization: When both Hikaru and Infernape's feelings are in sync, and when they have the same determination to win a battle, Infernape is able to transform into his powerful, and mysterious form, while having Hikaru's Glowing Eyes. At that, Hikaru is able to see what Infernape is seeing, making the battle much more easier for the two. But, when Infernape takes a hit during the time in that form, Hikaru feels the pain as well.

Dimensional Scream: On certain occasions, Hikaru is able to trigger the Dimensional Scream when he touches something, as the vision shows him either the past of he future. This is revealed by Kellyn, who explains about the a Dimensional Scream to the group. To Hikaru, he himself believes that the Dimensional Scream can warn him about the future consequences that might come to his way.

Hikaru's Current Pokémon in Rotation:


Hikaru's best friend and number one partner. Hikaru met Infernape as his Chimchar when the escape accident occurred. Infernape took an instant liking to Hikaru, already creating a "brotherly" bond between the two of them. Infernape helped Hikaru in a few Contests, including Gym Battles. His bond and love for his human brother is growing stronger and stronger, looking unbreakable everyday. Infernape bonds with Ash's Chimchar, as the two consider each other as brothers. His bond with Hikaru proves him the strongest Pokémon on Hikaru's team, caring for him very much, disliking it when Hikaru gets injured. Infernape is revealed to have some sort of hidden power that makes him similar to Hikaru. His attacks grow much stronger, with increased speed as he changes into a different form, while his appearance is different, as his eyes on his second form is the same as Hikaru's. Infernape is revealed to have hated Hikaru getting hurt by his brave, but reckless actions, causing him to get upset as he revealed and confessed his true feelings to Hikaru as a human brother. But in his current form, he can be quite mischievous and mature at the same time when he scolded Piplup for his reckless actions. His mischievous side shows when he teases his human brother for his love for Dawn, but he supports him at the same time.


Hikaru's first caught Sinnoh Pokémon. Luxray as a Shinx evolved, during the time when she and Ash's Staravia were saving the bird Pokémon from Team Rocket for their freedom. Luxio looks up to Hikaru as her older brother, creating a sibling bond between them. When Hikaru grooms and cares about her, she feels loved, and loves her trainer back. She has a big interests in Contests, when she competed in a few. She is also powerful, by defeating her evolved forms twice, battling a Luxray from Sho, and a Luxray from Marble. When trying to defeat Team Rocket to save Cresselia along with Dawn's Swinub, they both ended up evolving after gaining some serious injuries. However, it seems as though Luxray doesn't recognize Hikaru anymore as her human brother. That was soon revealed as Luxray was afraid of Hikaru and his eyes, making her believe that he wasn't like himself. But as Hikaru confesses and truthfully tells Luxray of his true feelings of her and how he loved her, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon slowly returns back to her old self like she used to be.


Leafeon was an Eevee who is in love with Ash's Grotle. She loves Hikaru as an older brother, creating a third sibling bond between them. Leafeon, as an Eevee used to be a cold Pokémon, believing that friends mean nothing. It came to her belief that she would eventually be betrayed from those that she would call friends, causing her to be isolated from other Pokémon. This was mainly due to the fact that she believed her parents had died in a wild battle, causing her to be alone. However, this all changed when she met Clara and Grotle as a Turtwig. After meeting the two, Eevee became more open to other Pokémon, but remained cautious of them. Leafeon prefers to be beautiful and clean, while being fierce in a battle as well. She performs well in Contests, while being hard to beat in battles as well. She has a little rivalry with Luxio, determining to see who Hikaru loves the most. Leafeon performed well during a Gym battle against Crasher Wake by battling hard in order to defeat Quagsire, despite the heavy damage she took from the attacks. That proves on how much she is determined for her victory. She is also revealed to be afraid of dark and confined places, along with ghost stories, like when a Rotom frightened her along with Hikaru and Monferno.


Buizel is a shy Pokémon, who is a younger brother of Ash's Buizel. Buizel has a great care for other Pokémon, especially his older brother, who he loves the most. When he and Hikaru met, another sibling bond was starting to be made when Hikaru and Monferno began to help him with his Ice Beam move. He was recruited by Hikaru, wanting to stay with his older Sea Weasel Pokémon brother forever. He had helped a lot during Hikaru's fourth Gym battle against Crasher Wake and his Floatzel, staying equal to it before winning and earning Hikaru his fourth Sinnoh Gym Badge. After battling Floatzel, Buizel was seen training hard in case of another Gym battle coming as he also refuses to evolve, wanting to be equal with his older brother. Buizel looked to be stronger as he defeated Steelix despite of getting hit hard, and being nearly suffocated by Steelix's Bind attack. However, he lost to Bastiodon, due to the previous damage he took from Steelix's attacks.


Hikaru met Dratini at the abandoned Pokémon Center, where it was abandoned from his previous trainer. Dratini took a shine to Hikaru after the Twinleaf boy took a little care for it, and playing with it for a while. After the fight against Team Rocket for Happiny, Dratini began to make a bond with Hikaru, wanting to go with him on his Sinnoh journey. Dragonair had evolved when battling Kenny and his Prinplup, managing to defeat Prinplup, before time ran out, earning Hikaru his third Contest Ribbon. He can be very powerful in battle like when he defeated Maylene's Machoke, and having a tie with Paul's Torterra. Dragonair fought against Fantina's Drifloon and Duskull, only to be overpowered by Duskull, despite of the power he had, causing him to be defeated. He also fought against Byron's Bastiodon, as he was able to deal some serious damage, but was easily defeated with Bastiodon's Flash Cannon and Flamethrower combo.


Kirlia was the first Pokémon friend that Hikaru made in his past life. When Kirlia disappeared, Hikaru thought that Kirlia didn't like him anymore, until Gardevoir came back, as a Kirlia, saving everyone from Team Rocket. She explained the reason why she didn't come, with Hikaru forgiving her. Gardevoir proved to be an elegant battler, along with a big helper during Pokémon Contests, as she showed determination and beauty in her moves. She is revealed to have evolved when she was battling Paul's Honchkrow, as Hikaru was at first reluctant to attack.


Hikaru had met Togepi when he and the others were in Mr. Backlot's mansion, being known as a shy little Pokémon. Despite that, she can be a bit tough and tricky when battling opponents, like when she uses AncientPower for a direct attack, and using Attract to charm the male opponents. She joined Hikaru immediately right when the Twinleaf boy made his request, creating another bond between the two. She first evolved into Togetic when she tried to stop Luxray from rampaging around, and evolved again, thanks to the Shiny Stone Hikaru had found secretly, when she was placed in the PokéRinger competition against Minako and Staraptor. After she had evolved, her battling style remains unchanged, but the way she moves becomes even more graceful.


This Pokémon hatched from an Egg given from Riley. He looks up to Hikaru and Infernape as his older brother as he is aware of Riley's Lucario being his father. He can get frightened easily by loud people or objects, while also being curious for new people and Pokémon. Whenever someone gets hurt or injured, the young Fighting Type will always worry and care for that person or Pokémon, especially to Hikaru as he looks up to the Twinleaf boy as the elder brother. Riolu will be shown to be quite a feisty battler as the story goes on.

Pokémon Competitions:

- Twinleaf Little Tournament: Winner

Other Pokémon Contests:
- Unofficial Contest: Winner
- Floaroma Contest: Runner-up
- Lake Valor Wallace Cup: Top 4
- Celestic Contest: Top 4

- Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition: Runner-up
- Hearthome Collection: Winner; with Dawn
- Pokémon Summer Academy Triathlon: Winner

- Squallville PokéRinger: Winner


Ash: A trainer from the Kanto region who is wishing to become a Pokémon Master. He traveled to Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn to achieve his dream, only to fail in the three, and target Sinnoh as his achievement for his dream. Like Hikaru, he cares for his Pokémon, training them hard when needed to win Gym Battles and to win the Sinnoh League. His attitude seems a bit arrogant and determined.
Pokémon: Pikachu, Staraptor, Grotle, Chimchar, Buizel, Gliscor
Badges: 6

Dawn: A Coordinator girl who wishes to become a Top Coordinator like her mother, Johanna. She can be a bit panicky when it comes to her clothes and appearance, wanting to look best when in the news, or when preparing for morning. She entered some Contests, taking a few losses, hoping to redeem it enough to enter the Sinnoh Grand Festival. She is revealed to be in love with Hikaru, who became her boyfriend.
Pokémon: Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Ambipom, Mamoswine
Ribbons: 4

Brock: A friend of Ash, also from the Kanto region. He used to be the Pewter City Gym Leader in Kanto, but wanted to become a Breeder as he gave the position to his first younger brother. He traveled with Ash in the other three regions, too. He can be a great and serious friend when things are in serious hands, also being a great cook. But... he can be a bit of a fool when he's in front of older girls, being in love with them.
Pokémon: Sudowoodo, Croagunk, Happiny

Hareta: Hareta is a young boy, who is the adopted grandson of Professor Rowan, and an energetic boy who lived with Pokémon, treating them as his friends and family. He is a young trainer who loves Pokémon and battles, and is a very hard opponent to defeat, especially when he nearly defeated Hikaru and Dragonair when the wild boy challenged the Twinleaf boy. He is revealed to be an energetic trainer who is skilled with Pokémon, but is unfamiliar with technology. He is revealed to have been scared of himself for hurting people as he tried to defend Pokémon from abusing trainers, only for him to be scared of his angry self. He now travels with Hikaru and the others, having the desire to travel with human friends, and for him to get along with society.
Pokémon: Empoleon, Mismagius, Luxio, Onix, Kangaskhan, Lucario
Voice: Selim (FMA/English), Ken (Persona 3/Japanese)


Paul: A trainer from Veilstone City, who also traveled in the three other regions, hoping to win any of the leagues, but lost in all of them. Like Ash, he is hoping to win the Sinnoh League and to defeat Cynthia, who is the Champion of the Sinnoh region. He can be sort of cold and a little cruel to Pokémon. Especially to other trainers if he thinks that they're weak, and not worthy opponents to battle against. He aims for strong Pokémon, training them hard, and he gives both Hikaru and Ash a hard time.
Pokémon: Torterra, Electabuzz, Weaville, Honchkrow, Magmar, Ursaring

Lucas: An old friend of Hikaru and Dawn, as he is also from Twinleaf Town. He is a trainer who seemed similar to Ash, only that they're in different regions. Regardless, he can be strategic, a bit smarter than Ash as he seemed to have barely lost in battles as well. He debuted during the Hearthome Tag Battle Tournament to train his Pokémon. His former companions were to be Kendra and Taylor. His goal is to also conquer the Sinnoh League, but he has plans to take down the Sinnoh Battle Frontier to become a Frontier Brain there. Lucas first challenged Hikaru once to a full battle while Ash was battling Fantina, but ended up losing to Hikaru.
Pokémon: Grotle, Gabite, Magmar, Swablu, Raichu, Gallade
Voice: Mikey (Digimon Fusion/English), Trey (ZeXal/Japanese)

Zoey: A fellow Coordinator who is revealed to be from Snowpoint City, and a skilled one, managing to defeat Kenny for her first Contest Ribbon. She can be serious in Contests, disliking the ones who take both Gym battles and Contests, thinking that they're just not taking their journey seriously. She became a rival to both Hikaru and Dawn, after losing to Hikaru twice in two Contests.
Pokémon: Glameow, Shellos, Finneon, Misdreavus

Kenny: A childhood friend of Hikaru and Dawn, who likes to tease about Hikaru and Dawn, thinking that they're a couple, more likely to tease Dawn about her hairdo, calling her Dee-Dee and stuff like that. He is also a skilled Coordinator, but never managed to defeat Hikaru at all, making him a strong Contest opponent and rival. He gets along with both Ash and Brock, telling them about Dawn and Hikaru about the past, much to their complaints.
Pokémon: Prinplup, Breloom, Alakazam

Nando: A calm Coordinator and Trainer who loves to play music with his beautiful harp, soothing anyone's souls. He is a tough opponent to face in Contests, though he lost to Hikaru in the Hearthome Contest. He is revealed to be serious and graceful in battles as well, as he proved to be a worthy opponent to Gardenia for his first Gym Badge.
Pokémon: Roselia, Sunflora, Kricketune

Barry: Barry is a Trainer from Twinleaf Town, a trainer that Hikaru doesn't know at first, considering he has never met him when he was in town. Barry is known to be hot-headed, being impatient for everything. When he does something wrong, he blames it on the person who was involved in his conflict, demanding a fine from them, while threatening them to stay out of his way. To Hikaru, Barry seems to be an amateur, despite of the tough talk that he makes. Barry is also revealed to think Paul as his 'idol'.
Pokémon: Empoleon, Roserade, Staraptor, Heracross

Ursula: An unfriendly and arrogant Coordinator who believed Dawn had won the Wallace Cup by accident. She is shown to have a little charm or crush on Hikaru as she made a bet to decide if Hikaru would be going on a date with her if either Dawn or Hikaru were to lose to her in the Chocovine Contest. Nevertheless, she is also a Coordinator that cares deeply for her Pokémon, as she doesn't like it when they're "soiled".
Pokémon: Gabite, Wormadam

Cheveyo Maddox: A masked and hooded boy that looked ballistic is known to be called, the Specter, who has two pistols and looks like a military boy, making him look suspicious and dark. The Specter is known to love Dark Type Pokémon as he bonds with them as family, like Hikaru does. He is revealed to have a grudge against Team Galactic and Yamato for an unknown reason. But deep down, he is known to care deeply for innocent people and comrades as his actions are secretly known for justice. After discovering Hikaru to be Yamato's son, the Specter searches around for the people that are close to Hikaru to find some answers to see whether Hikaru is a part of the light or the dark.
Pokémon: Absol (Winter), Houndoom (Cerberus)
Voice: Izaya Orihara (Durarara)

Other People and Trainers:

Taylor: A Water Type trainer who loves to battle with Water Types. He is entering both Gym battles and Pokémon Contests for now, being a former companion of Lucas. He has bit of a rivalry with Zoey.
Pokémon: Prinplup, Shellos, Vaporeon
Voice: Caswell (ZeXal/English), Bronk (ZeXal/Japanese)

Minako: A Coordinator who seems to be a fan of Zoey, and is from Jublife City, hoping to become a Top Coordinator. She is revealed to have seen a silhouette image of Azelf with Ash during the night of the Wallace Cup.
Pokémon: Grotle, Staraptor, Vespiquen
Voice: Hinata (Naruto/English), Rio (ZeXal/Japanese)

Kendra: A former female companion of Lucas, and is cool in battles. She takes battling serious at most. She is revealed to be an older sister of Angie as she sometimes criticize her for her childishness.
Pokémon: Delcatty, Chimchar, Cherrim
Voice: Makoto (Persona 5)

Johanna: Dawn's mother and a Top Coordinator. She is best friends with Hinata and Lila, as they were all once Coordinators, until Lila has decided to become a PokéStylist.
Pokémon: Glameow

Angie: Angie is a girl who had a bit of a rivalry with Ash at the beginning of the Pokémon Summer Academy. However, as the days passed, she started to get along with Ash, Hikaru, and the others. She is also the younger sister of Kendra, as her personality is similar with Ash.
Pokémon: Shinx

Hinata: Hikaru's mother and a Top Coordinator, who seems to support his son a lot in Contests. Hinata is revealed to have lied to her own son many times about his father, Yamato, in order to protect Hikaru. She will also reveal something to show to her son when he returns to Twinleaf Town for the Twinleaf Festival.
Pokémon: Espeon
Voice: Nala (English), Akiza (5D's/Japanese)

Sora: Nothing is known about this character...

Reggie: Reggie is the older brother of Paul and a Pokémon Breeder. Unlike Paul, he is a nice man who not just supports his younger brother, but his friends like Ash and Hikaru. He's also the type of Trainer and Breeder that loves Pokémon, as he had stopped battling when he lost against Brandon, the Battle Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid. He is a helper of Maylene, especially since they live near each other.


Team Rocket (Jessie, James, Meowth): Jessie, James, and Meowth are criminals from the Kanto region, as they always followed after Ash and Pikachu in their travels in order to steal Pikachu and other rare and new Pokémon at their case. They refuse to give up their jobs, as they are loyal to their bosses. However, when it comes to stealing Pokémon, they always fail, resulting in defeat for them.
Jessie's Pokémon: Seviper, Wobbuffet, Yanmega
James' Pokémon: Carnivine, Mime Jr.

Hunter J: Hunter J is a cruel woman is known to be a Pokémon Hunter. She tracks and hunts down wild Pokémon or Trainers' Pokémon to steal and capture them to sell them for her clients. She gets very angry if people like Hikaru and Ash gets in her way, or when the clients break her contract and deal, forcing her to give up on the chase. She seems to have no concern on Pokémon, as she will do anything to capture them, even if it means to destroy her enemies.
Pokémon: Salamence, Drapion, Ariados

Team Galactic: Team Galactic is an organization that tends to look over and plan to steal objects that has had to do with the legends of Sinnoh. They have no concern of Pokémon's lives, but there's hints that they care a little for their own. Their commanders are powerful opponents for trainers to face. They are Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Yamato, following with another Commander in the organization, and the leader.
Pokémon: Golbat
Mars' Pokémon: Purugly, Bronzor
Saturn's Pokémon: Toxicroak, Bronzor
Jupiter's Pokémon: Skuntank

Yamato: Yamato is the second in command member of Team Galactic and the father of Hikaru, and the husband of Hinata. However, when Hikaru was born, Yamato grew disgusted for having a child, forcing him to leave Hinata and his newborn son. He is revealed to be quite murderous and darkly calm, while acting like a complete maniac. He is known to be very loyal to Team Galactic as he secretly plans to eliminate his son. But, another secret is on his sleeve as he is soon about to reveal sometime.
Pokémon: Dusknoir, Tangrowth
Voice: Leo Akaba (Arc-V/English), Dr. Fudo (5D's/Japanese)

Fuyuki: A young Team Galactic Executive that will appear soon...

Daichi: A young Team Galactic Executive that will appear soon...

Kaoru: A young Team Galactic Executive that will appear soon...

Pokémon: The Unova Journey

Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 52: Shock Your Way Out of This, Emolga!

- Cornered by Swoobats that chased after them, Iris and Rosa decides to work together to get themselves out of this situation as they bond with Emolga together. For Takeru and the others, they struggle to find Iris and Rosa, as Bianca constantly attacks other wild Pokémon that she believes to be Emolga!

Chapter 53: No Volt Switch! Emolga's Lazy!?

- Wanting to train her new Emolga, Iris sends it out to battle both Bianca and Rosa, only for Emolga to use Volt Switch, as she didn't want to take part in the battle! And it starts to get worse as Emolga's trickery causes conflicts and arguments between Ash and Takeru's Pokémon, as Takeru figures who the culprit of this madness is with Narri and Snivy.

Chapter 54: The Rage of Simisear! Tacky Tricks!?

- When the group takes a nap, Emolga sneakily leaves with Axew, Oshawott, and Narri figuring her leave as they follow her to see that Emolga was causing trouble for a Watchog trio and an enraged Simisear, fooling Oshawott and Axew in the process as Narri takes it himself to defend the others, until Snivy comes to help him for assistance

Chapter 55: A Litwick to Drain Your Life!?

- Stopping at mansion to shelter themselves from the rain, the group finds themselves for a wild adventure as they are tormented by the mansion's furniture and objects as they confront a Litwick that's been causing havoc with the other three Litwick. Seeing a Litwick causes Takeru and Narri to cringe in fear as they have a bit of animosity and tremendous fear against this Pokémon.

Chapter 56: The Scare of the Confrontation

- Noticing that Narri, Pikachu, and Axew were missing, the group attempts to find them as Takeru explains the reason for his fear of Ghost Type Pokémon and haunted houses as he explains it was all because of a Litwick nearly draining his life energy and Narri's dry as they work with Team Rocket to defeat the Litwick and a Lampent to escape!

Chapter 57: The Dragon Master Determination!

- As the group are attacked by a rampaging Druddigon, Iris notices that something's off as they meet a trainer named Emmy as Iris teaches Emmy on how to control and train with her Pokémon better. With all the advice she is giving, Takeru soon understands what her dream is as he thinks of his dream and desires in his life.

Chapter 58: Deino and Axew! Fight to Escape!

- When Team Rocket captures Narri, Deino, Axew, and Druddigon, the group chases after them to retrieve their Pokémon as Narri and Druddigon works together to escape, causing Deino and Axew to help with their combined attacks as they make their escape from Team Rocket with their efforts together!

Chapter 59: A Serious Rival Named Hugh!

- Meeting up with a determined Trainer named Stephan, Ash is challenged to a battle as he uses Oshawott until the Water Type loses his scalchop, causing him to search around and find it. Takeru on the other hand meets another Trainer from Aspertia Town named Hugh, who challenges him to a battle with a serious look.

Chapter 60: The Scalchop to Train For!

- As the group attempts to find Oshawott's scalchop, Hugh assists them with their search as Oshawott decides to find a way to battle without it as he and Ash train together to face Stephan and his Blitzle once more, as Hugh suddenly demands answers to know where Team Plasma has went from Takeru!

Chapter 61: Fight for Love! Go, Cottonee!

- When the group meets a Cottonee who is looking for a partner for romance, Ash and Takeru decides to help it train for the battles it might have to face in order to prove itself to show that it was worthy for the female Cottonee's love. But Cottonee proves to be difficult at learning when it easily gets intimidated by the things it thinks as scary!

Chapter 62: A Challenge from a Strong Sword!

- As the group allows Cottonee to try and test his skills to prove his worth to the female Cottonee, their plan is interfered by Team Rocket, as they tried to steal all the Cottonee and their Pokémon! That is, until a certain Pokémon interferes, before he challenges Takeru to a match to show his strength and resolve.

Chapter 63: Mana and Elgyem! A Hope for UFO!

- When Takeru and the others hear about a rumor of a UFO despite of Cilan's insistence of a scientific explanation, the group heads there, only to reunite with Mana, and meet Professor Icarus at the same time! When everyone receives a vision of the lab being destroyed, the group soon meets a Pokémon that warned them several times!

Takeru Yamada (Yamada Takeru; 山田タケル)

A boy who lives in Nuvema Town alone, knowing how to take care of himself. It's unknown of where his parents are at the moment. Takeru is sometimes a quiet, caring person who loves Pokémon. Rescuing Riolu, is one of the example that he cares. He has dark brown eyes, black hair with yellow bangs, and black wristbands. He wears for his journey a black shirt, white jacket, red sneakers, dark blue jeans, and an Xtransceiver. He is revealed to have some sort of bond between him and Ash, being helpful sometimes. He is also revealed to be scared of Ghost Type Pokémon. Takeru is on a journey to not just attend the Unova League, but to find his father, Hibiki Yamada, who had gone missing two years ago. His mother is also unknown as she was believed to have been recovering after an incident of some sort.


- Takeru is a mature boy who seems to have high knowledge of Pokémon, similar to Isamu and Hikaru. However, when it comes to making Pokémon combinations like for a Contest Battle, Takeru can be clueless of that sort of battling. He takes battling seriously and will not hesitate to strike his opponents down, whether they be friends or enemies. To his Pokémon, Takeru is very caring to them and will not hesitate to protect them, even if it means his own death. When he is with Narri, Takeru acts like a big brother to Narri, showing how strong their bond is together. When someone also compares him with someone that is weak, Takeru can get annoyed and snap back at that person to keep their arrogant opinions to themselves. For his fears, he fears Ghost Type Pokémon and ghost stories as he can easily be freaked out by any kinds of occult-related subjects.

Voice: Takeru has the same voice as Kirito (English and Japanese)

Badges: 3

1. Trio Badge - VOL. 1 - Chapter 9: The Striaton Gym Battle! Pt. 1

2. Basic Badge - VOL. 1 - Chapter 30: The Nacrene Gym Battle! Pt. 2

3. Insect Badge - VOL. 1 - Chapter 47: Aura VS Art! Takeru's Promise!

Powers and Abilities:

Takeru is revealed to have trained his body in the Accumula Town Battle Club, along with the other Battle Clubs. He shows that his stamina is high as he's able to withstand the multiple attacks he takes, the first starting from Jessie's Woobat. He is revealed to be acrobatic, as he's able to jump on tree branches, much faster than Iris. He is also able to dodge multiple incoming attacks, coming from enemies like poachers and hostile Pokémon.

Aura: Takeru is able to sense presence by using Aura, but he doesn't reveal it to his friends as he remains silent about his powers. But, with the power to use Aura, he is able to communicate with all the Riolu and Lucario around him, which could possibly make him an Aura Guardian.

Tao Form: Takeru is able to access through the powers Zekrom gave him: Tao Form. Takeru's ability and appearance changes as he's able to do some of the Pokémon moves. His hair gets completely black, causing his yellow bangs to disappear. One of his dark brown eyes becomes sky-blue on the left, with his right eye having the same color as his original eye color. He has a black line tattoo under his left eye, showing the design of the head of the black dragon.

- His hands has black fingerless gloves, both showing the Yin-Yang sign symbol on it. His black-white necklace's string becomes a chain, with the necklace having three sections now, showing the yin, yang, and wuji symbol.

- His red sneakers became black combat boots, with his white jacket becoming black as well as having both of his wristbands black. His jeans became black as well, while his body kept glowing a little with sky-blue light, which seemed to look like a shield for him. His reason for activating his powers is to support his friends and to protect the ones he love. Takeru's speed is similar to a race car's speed, allowing him to dodge multiple attacks from enemies or enemy Pokémon. He is also able to use blue electricity to attack his enemies when he needs to defend himself.

Sword of Yin: A weapon given by Zekrom as it is designed similarly like its body. When Takeru wields it, his blue electric powers increase when he uses his sword. The blade can glow with electricity if there is enough power inside of it. The sword's true powers will soon be revealed as the story goes on. (Takeru can also use sword skill combos such as these):

- Thunder Blade Stream: A combo allowing the user to attack his enemies multiple times, fast enough to stun them.

Takeru's Current Pokémon in Rotation:

Riolu (Narri):

Riolu is Takeru's #1 partner. For Riolu, Takeru is like an older brother to him. He knows some special moves, that was learned from the Battle Club, as he wanted to become stronger, not for himself but for the ones that he loved, such as his human brother. Riolu is shown to never give up, and can be a very sweet and kind Pokémon. He is revealed to be scared of ghost stories or Ghost Type Pokémon, having the same fear as his human brother. To everyone's surprise, Riolu is revealed to be able to use Aura Sphere despite in his current form. His real name given by his father is now revealed to be Narri.
Voice: Hart (ZeXal/English), Rally (5D's/Japanese)


Takeru's first caught Pokémon. Joltik was challenged by Riolu and Takeru, which he lost in ease. Despite of losing, however, Joltik was starting to get along with the two, creating a bond between him and the Nuvema boy. Joltik proved to be clever and strong when it defeated Cilan's Pansage with ease, earning Takeru his first Unova Gym Badge. Joltik is known to be quite clever and mischievous as it will soon be revealed why.


Tranquill challenged Riolu and Takeru to a battle as a Pidove, to which he lost quickly. Pidove is shown to be a strong battler, like managing to withstand Scolipede while trying to save Iris' Axew. And it's known to be a great watcher like Ash's Pidove, when it followed the two Darumakas, leading the group to a clock tower where the two were hiding. He had evolved when battling Trip's Frillish in Takeru and Trip's first rival battle, also dealing a lot of damage on Timburr. Tranquill takes pride in battling and will refuse to run away unless it's ordered to.


Tepig had suddenly appeared when the group was having a struggle against an angry Scolipede when Axew was being held by the Megapede Pokémon, being shown to be very caring and a tough fighter, seeing concerned for Takeru, and showing it was strong by defeating the wild Scolipede with a Flamethrower attack. Tepig will have a reason to why it fights to increase its strength as the story goes on.


Zorua is a Pokémon that formed from an Egg, being a newborn to Takeru's team, as well as a fourth member of his team. Zorua dislikes Pokémon battles as she hates to intentionally hurt other Pokémon, but will fight if she has no choice, like when fighting off against the enemy. She can be quite tricky, while affectionate at the same time,max she views Takeru as a parent and a friend.


Petilil is a Pokémon from Pinwheel Forest, and a believer of the Guardian of the Forest, which is revealed to be Virizion. Petilil is a caring Pokémon who loves to talk with another Pokémon and make friends with them. She can sometimes be shy when she meets new people and Pokémon, like she did when meeting Takeru and Riolu the first time. When Takeru saved her from a poacher, she felt touched, seeing that one human cared about her. She now requests to join Takeru's party, which the Nuvema boy agrees. When she is to be offended, she feels hurt and attacks when it goes too far.


Deino is a Pokémon who is known to be easily annoyed while gluttonous only a few times. Deino appeared, believing Takeru is a fruit, as he starts to create a new bond with him, as the Nuvema boy helps him with retrieving the berries back from the Ducklett trio as well as retrieving the other things that the Ducklett trio stole. Deino also proves to be a strong battler with lots of stamina as he pushed Riolu into a corner until he was defeated by Riolu's new learnt Aura Sphere attack.


Darmanitan is a fun loving and helpful Pokémon who loves to battle and help other people or Pokémon at the same time. He was first trapped under the town's old clock tower bell, keeping him weakened as his Darumaka friends helped him by giving him the food that they stole from the town. After Takeru and the others saved him and the bell, he had secretly followed the group, feeling interested in the Nuvema boy, as he believed that he could be even stronger with Takeru at his side.


A rough-headed Prototurtle Pokémon, who's known to hate other Water Types, because he was being made fun of by the other Water Types as he was partially a Rock Type Pokémon. Tirtouga is known to be quite determined and easily be ticked off as he hates losing, such as when he challenged Takeru and Narri to a rematch ever since he lost to them. He is unfazed when something new happens, such as when Takeru transforms into his Tao Form self. Tirtouga will prove himself to be worthy of Takeru's team as the story goes on...


Ash: A Trainer from Pallet Town of the Kanto region. He has known to have traveled in the four previous regions, hoping to win the regional leagues, but failed to win any of them. He is now in Unova, entering the Unova League. He can be pretty serious about battling and when it comes to Pokémon, but can have an arrogant attitude with other subjects, like when he is arguing with Iris.
Badges: 3
Pikachu, Tranquill, Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy, Scraggy, Swadloon

Iris: A girl who is most interested in Dragon Type Pokémon. She came from the village where people raise Dragon Types. She is known to be wild, since she swings on vines and climbing on trees. She cares deeply for her first Pokémon, Axew, and cares about her companion and friends as well. She sometimes tease Ash about being such a kid when she acts like one herself, arguing with both Ash and Takeru at the same time, comparing the two. Still, she is known to be caring and has an unknown wish as her three friends said their dreams.
Pokémon: Axew, Excadrill

Cilan: One of the Striaton City Gym Leaders and an A ranked Pokémon Connoisseur as well. He is known to have many knowledge of Pokémon and on what they are. He sometimes makes evaluations between Trainers and Pokémon, like when he did with Ash and Takeru, only for it to be flaw. He is most interested with the two boys and is currently traveling with them and Iris. He is soon to be a great chef for the four trainers as he is also helpful when it comes to helping out friends.
Pokémon: Pansage, Dwebble


Trip: A childhood friend and rival of Takeru's and is a Trainer from Nuvema Town. He usually takes pictures when something interests him, as he claims that he is chronicling his journey. He can shown to be tough and arrogant, seeing that he easily beat Ash twice, and when he claims that the Kanto region is full of boonies, he believes that Ash is one of the boonies, despite of Takeru defending Ash. Despite of the attitude, he is known to be a good friend to Takeru.
Pokémon: Servine, Tranquill, Frillish, Timburr

Bianca: Bianca is a new rival of Ash and Takeru. She is revealed to be a bit clumsy when it comes to many things, like when catching a Pokémon, or when she accidentally trips herself when in a rush. However, she is revealed to be a powerful opponent when it comes to Pokémon battles.
Pokémon: Pignite, Minccino

Shade Noctis: This boy appeared when Takeru activated his Tao Form for the first time. He is soon revealed to be a skilled trainer called the Shadow Demon, as he defeats his opponents with so much power, that it was enough for him to defeat Trip so easily. He is also known to be the leader of the Dire Wolves, an organization that supports the people and Pokémon in the Unova region. He can use the power of Aura, while also being able to manipulate shadows at the same time. He can be serious and calm in tough situations, while furious when he sees people abusing Pokémon.
Pokémon: Riolu (Ryuu), Zorua (Chikage)
Voice: Dante (Devil May Cry/English), Kaito (ZeXal/Japanese)

Nate: Takeru's childhood friend, who returned when Takeru was watching Ash have his battle against Burgh. Nate had called Takeru out of the blue to challenge him to a battle, which was when Takeru remembered his childhood friend as the two battled on to see who was stronger first. As the battle went on, Nate delivered many surprises, until he received a surprise from Takeru and Narri with their power together. With promising each other to battle again someday, the two childhood friends part to meet someday again.
Pokémon: Lucario, Archen, Simisage
Voice: Jaden (GX/English), Yuma (ZeXal/Japanese)

Other People and Trainers (thanks to Revolutionary's Regicide):

Mana Yamada: A nine year old girl and a younger sister of Takeru, who is young, but is skilled with Pokémon activities. She is a girl who loves to sing with her beautiful voice, while she also loves to play her snowflake design picture flute, which could also be used secretly as a weapon: the flute can split into two daggers, and it can also extend as a staff, too. She loves Pokémon dearly and will do anything to make friends with them. She doesn't like to fight and hates it when there are people or Pokémon upset in their situations. Like her older brother would, she would do anything to support them until they are successful. She is the youngest member of the Dire Wolves, and is known to be best friends with Shade. She wears a half-face mask that looks to represent winter, as there are a few snowflake pictures on the mask.
Pokémon: Riolu (Mika), Gothorita (Marie), Munna (Hina)
Voice: Silica (SAO/English), Yuna (SAO/Japanese)

Sarah: Sarah is one of the Dire Wolves members, and she is very serious in her position. She looks as if she will do anything to complete her mission, even if it means her life. She doesn't own any Pokémon, but she is a tough fighter during in physical combat. She uses dual sais for weapons, and wears a half-face mask with a jagged claw mark design on it.
Voice: Dextra (ZeXal)

Pierce: Pierce is one of the Dire Wolves members, and a close friend to Mana, Shade, and Sarah. He can be lax in his position, but is very serious on a mission. He sometimes comforts Mana with her problems when Shade isn't around. Like Sarah, he doesn't own any Pokémon, but is a tough fighter instead. He uses a Glock 19 gun and a combat knife for weapons, while having a plain half-face mask.
Voice: Kovu (English), Hibiki (Devil Survivor 2/Japanese)


Team Rocket (Jessie, James, Meowth): Jessie, James, and Meowth are criminals from the Kanto region, as they always followed after Ash and Pikachu in their travels in order to steal Pikachu and other rare and new Pokémon at their case. They refuse to give up their jobs, as they are loyal to their bosses. In the Unova region, they act more seriously as they are assigned to discover the secrets of Unova.
Jessie's Pokémon: Woobat
James' Pokémon: Yamask

Pokémon: The Kalos Journey

Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 51: Battle Against Aura! Hikaru's Power!

- When the group, accompanied by Hikaru arrives at a park where Pokémon battles are popular, Ash requests Hikaru for a battle, until Sama arrives to challenge his "hero" to battle. When Hikaru shows his true strength to Yuki, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie... the four of them see what the Sinnoh Champion is really made of.

Chapter 52: Ash VS Hikaru! Memories to Share!

- Agreeing to use his Sinnoh Pokémon for their Full Battle while his Kalos Pokémon watched, Ash challenges Hikaru again as the two battle again together to remind themselves of a very close battle they had while they were in the Sinnoh League. As the two battle each other out, Yuki gains a new determination of some sort in order to become even stronger.

Chapter 53: The Energetic Gym Leader, Korrina!

- While heading for Shalour City, the group meets Korrina, who Hikaru knows of from her grandfather as she challenges both Ash and Yuki to a battle as she is aiming to make a 100-win streak victory as Hikaru notices the flaws in her personality and her bond with Lucario when she battles Ash and Yuki separately.

Chapter 54: The Battle to Prove the Determination!

- As Team Rocket captures Infernape, Hawlucha, Pikachu, and Lucario, Hikaru and Korrina uses their senses in their Pokémon's bond to find their Pokémon as Hikaru doesn't believe Korrina to be a serious Gym Leader, due to her lack of synchronization with Lucario as Korrina challenges Hikaru to prove him wrong.

Chapter 55: The Search for the Lucarionite

- Arriving at Geosenge Town, the group and Korrina searches for the Lucarionite for Korrina's Lucario to Mega Evolve as they search the whole town for it, until a photographer named McGinty explains about a Mega Stone hidden around the stone walls as he takes a picture of them so that the group would treasure their memories together.

Chapter 56: The Test to Achieve Mega Power!

- Discovering a cave, the group heads down to see a Lucarionite up ahead until Korrina and Lucario were challenged by a Blaziken to test their worth as Korrina fights, only to be cornered until she and Lucario uses their determination and bond together to win as they are congratulated by Korrina's grandfather, Gurkinn, as he gives her granddaughter the Lucarionite.

Chapter 57: Mega Problem to Mega Conflict!

- When Korrina wanted to test out Lucario's abilities with Mega Evolution, things don't go smoothly as she thought when Lucario starts to go berserk while battling against both Pikachu and Hawlucha! With Hikaru and Gurkinn having the same thoughts, Korrina is in for another trial to overcome.

Chapter 58: The Truth to the Berserk Aura

- When Korrina wishes to test her powers of bond with Lucario and herself from the encouragement of Ash and Yuki, she challenges Gurkinn to a battle. However, seeing her inability to see the truth of her recent mistake, Gurkinn refuses the challenge and asks Hikaru to battle instead, resulting in the two to clash together, until the same result comes out in their Mega Lucario battle.

Chapter 59: The Separation to Realize

- As the group heads for Pomace Mountain to meet Gurkinn's mentor, the group gets separated by some wild Noibats, resulting in Korrina and Lucario separating from each other! While the two groups prepare to reunite together at morning, Hikaru, Lucario, and Infernape comforts Lucario, while Yuki and Clemont comforts Korrina at the same time.

Chapter 60: Mega Machine VS Mega Pokémon!

- When Yuki, Clement, and Korrina are confronted by Team Rocket with their newly amplified Mega gadgets to power up their Pokémon, the three gets cornered even as Hikaru and the others arrive! Seeing the selfish and snobby looks on how Team Rocket is planning to fight, both Lucario and Yuki are about to do something that they can't take back!

Chapter 61: The Mega Flower Gathering

- As the group and Korrina all arrive at Pomace Mountain, they meet a Mega Evolution user named Mable, who asks the group to gather flowers after she and Korrina battles. When the Shalour Gym Leader gets confused by this method instead of training, Yuki starts to feel uneasy as he feels something stirring inside him as he begins to remember the times when he blacks out.

Chapter 62: The Darkness In My Heart

- As everyone starts to feel uneasy of the many days of flower picking, Mable reveals that this was the training that was supposed to happen, as Yuki is graded by having the lack of trust and bond with his Pokémon, much to his surprise. But when Team Rocket suddenly attacks to steal Mawile, Pikachu, Hawlucha, and Lucario... Mable's words were about to suddenly come true...

Yuki Muramoto (Muramoto Yuki; 村本ゆき)

An orphan who dreams of becoming the best trainer of all in Kalos, planning to enter the Kalos League. He has dark brown hair, black eyes, and a bandaged nose. He wears a gray sleeveless shirt, black shorts, maroon sneakers, and a dark blue jacket. He lives with his Hawlucha in their training place, near in Aquacorde Town, in Aquacorde Forest. Yuki trains with Hawlucha to be tough, but gets along with citizens, being called the Hawlucha Boy. He is revealed to travel with Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie on his journey together. Since he had trained with Hawlucha in Aquacorde Forest for two years, he is unfamiliar with the video technology, like PokéVision. He is also somehow connected to the darkness he has, whenever something stings him to gain the power of darkness, turning him in some kind of Shadow. Yuki has no memories of his parents, and no one talks about them for some reason. As Yuki soon starts to travel with one of Ash's friends, Hikaru, together with the others, he soon starts to become more aware of his dark self as he unknowingly distances himself from his Pokémon, severing his bonds with them little by little.


- Yuki is a boy who loves Pokémon, just like Ash and the others. He even trains with them by combating with them when he needs to as he believes that his Pokémon can't be strong alone as a trainer needs to be strong for their Pokémon as well. He is also a boy who can get easily annoyed when something provokes him, such as his name and title, or when someone insults his Pokémon. When he is possessed by his darkness, Yuki acts malicious to the people that harmed innocent Pokémon and will stop at nothing to take them down until they beg for mercy. When he is free from the darkness however, Yuki has no memory or it, and will feel worried, believing that the others won't tell him of what they saw in him.

Voice: Yuki has the same voice as Ventus (English/Birth by Sleep) and Johan (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX/Japanese)

Badges: 2

1. Bug Badge - VOL. 1 - Chapter 2: Yuki VS Viola! The Santalune Gym!

2. Cliff Badge - VOL. 1 - Chapter 43: Climb the Wall! Yuki VS Grant!

Powers and Abilities:

Yuki is known to be a martial artists, as he's been trained under Hawlucha just like he trained him. With that said, Yuki is able to defend himself from suspicious people or some other Pokémon who challenged him to a spar in the past. He can also detect suspicious people or things, which sometimes protects his friends from a certain incident, as he's able to discover the suspicion about Team Rocket's disguise and fake works.

Darkness (Yuki's Shadow): On a certain critical situation, when he sees Pokémon being tortured or severely injured by selfish people, Yuki snaps, creating a dark aura around him. With that, he becomes ballistic, determined to destroy everything in his way: enemies, poachers, Team Rocket, and all those who hurt Pokémon. However, on an unknown reason, he doesn't harm his friends, but gets hostile with his Pokémon, for those who gets hesitant on his orders. They can be stopped, possibly due to his strong bond with his friends, Pokémon, and Hawlucha.

Yuki's Current Pokémon in Rotation:


Yuki met Hawlucha at Aquacorde Forest, two years ago, where Yuki saved Hawlucha from his near death. Hawlucha trains near a waterfall where he and Yuki now trains to become the best. He trusts and likes Yuki as a training partner and as a best friend. Hawlucha has an unbreakable bond between him and Yuki. If Yuki were to be in danger or more, Hawlucha would be there to protect Yuki. Hawlucha was a great battler against Viola's Vivillon, earning Yuki the Bug Badge, and defeating all of Ash's Pokémon before tying against Pikachu, earning Yuki another win. He can be deeply concerned about the Hawlucha Boy, especially when he's taken over by the darkness.


Yuki and Hawlucha met Heracross while they were on their way to head to Santalune City. Heracross challenged Hawlucha to a battle, but quickly lost, due to Hawlucha's incredible strength and speed. He was used against a trainer's Fletchinder and was insulted for the type advantage, but he was defended by Yuki, causing Heracross to grow all affectionate on him, creating a new bond. He battled against Viola's Surskit, defeating it, helping Yuki earn his Bug Badge!


Not much is known about Litleo. Litleo is a female, who can be tricky and stubborn against other people, especially when it comes to battles. She had battled Yuki and Hawlucha twice, but lost in those battles. Litleo got used to her loss and began to create a little bond with Yuki. As Litleo traveled with Yuki, she is known to have a desire to become stronger as she trains herself and learns some new moves and tricks while she was at Prof. Sycamore's Lab.


Bulbasaur is a shy female Grass Type, who was lent to Prof. Sycamore from Prof. Oak of the Kanto region. Despite of being sent, she has never been chosen from a new trainer. When Yuki chose her to come with him, a bond already began to form of the two. She is shown to be a tough battler, as she shoots her attacks nicely, while resisting her enemy attacks at the same time. As time passes by, Bulbasaur began to have her confidence go better as she is trained by Yuki more and more.


Tyrunt is a tough, but timid Pokémon. He is first shown to be acting wild when he was restored, when he thrashed inside the lab, until Yuki calmed him down, causing the Royal Heir Pokémon to give him his affection. He can be brave, but reckless at the same time as he quickly followed Yuki and the others to save Amaura with Aurorus. He is shown to be interested with strong Pokémon as he inspected Grant's Tyrunt during its battle against Yuki in his Gym battle.


Amaura is a playful and naïve Pokémon, who loves to play with people and other Pokémon, which makes her sometimes oblivious that some people are her enemies. While being playful, she can resist her weakness, strong enough to survive without passing out as she managed to survive the heat Team Rocket set on her on the truck. When she also spots someone in danger, like any of her friend, she will try to do anything to save that person or Pokémon.


A mischievous, but strong Sea Weasel Pokémon that has been following Yuki and the others ever since Buizel first met Yuki near the Ambrette Aquarium. Taking an interest in the Hawlucha Boy, Buizel followed the group until he reunited with them near the sunken Cussler, where Yuki supported Buizel and Skrelp along with Ash and Serena to stop Team Rocket, as the way Yuki resolved to save his home made Buizel make his decision of wanting to go with Yuki so he could see the whole region of Kalos, with his father's permission. With Buizel in the team along with his crafty tricks, the Hawlucha Boy will be sure to have an easy time in his journey

Pokémon Competitions:

- PokéPuff Contest: Winner


Ash: A Trainer from the Kanto region who had travelled in the five previous regions. He is traveling in Kalos to become a Pokémon Master and to become the best Trainer of all in Kalos. He can be a bit arrogant in rivalry, but can be very kind and helpful to other people and trainers, especially with Pokémon if they really need it.
Badges: 2
Pokémon: Pikachu, Froakie, Fletchling

Serena: A girl from Vaniville Town in the Kalos region. She knew Ash in her childhood life, only for Ash not to remember her. Serena doesn't have a dream just yet, but is traveling to see if she could find a dream that she could achieve for her accomplishment. She will soon start to have many arguments with Yuki as the story continues on. She is the first to meet Haruna, a girl who looks just like Yuki, but as a girl.
Pokémon: Fennekin

Clemont: An inventor of Lumiose City and the Lumiose Gym Leader of the Kalos region. He is very smart with science and Pokémon, seeing their abilities and on what they're capable of. He is currently on a journey to see what he can be capable of, after seeing Ash's determination when it comes to problems. He gets annoyed and embarrassed by his little sister, Bonnie, who always asks woman to take care of him.
Pokémon: Bunnelby, Chespin

Bonnie: A little girl who is the younger sister of Clemont. She can act pretty sometimes, but annoys Clemont a little by asking many girls to help and take care of her brother. Bonnie loves Electric Types, like Pikachu and Dedenne, for example. But, she finds many Pokémon cute, even though it looks tough and scary.
Pokémon: Dedenne


Sama: A shy Pokémon Trainer who came from the Sinnoh region to enter the Kalos League. He looks to be shy, but can't be underestimated just by his personality. He had challenged Yuki to a battle at the Battle Chateau, only for him to lose easily, despite of his valiant effort for victory. He is revealed to have traveled to Shalour City for his second Gym battle, but couldn't battle the Gym Leader since the Leader was currently off somewhere traveling.
Voice: Masamune (B-Metal Masters)
Pokémon: Chimchar, Pancham

Haruna: A friendly, but impatient girl who seems to be a trainer. She is the twin sister of Ryuto, having the same face as him, but more in a feminine way. She is revealed to be Yuki's younger sister, as the youngest child of the Muramoto family. She longs to reunite with her dear oldest brother, who she thought have died two years ago. Haruna is revealed to be a girl that is impatient to achieve things, despite of those obstacles being difficult to pass through, such as getting Yuki to remember Ryuto and herself, along with their parents
Voice: Anna (ZeXal/English), Tori (ZeXal/Japanese)
Pokémon: Braixen, Carbink, Vaporeon

Ryuto: A serious, but shy boy who seems to be a trainer. He is the twin brother of Haruna, having the same face as her, bit more in a boy's way. He is revealed to be Yuki's younger brother, but older than Haruna. He longs to reunite with his brother, as Ryuto is somehow very close to Yuki. Ryuto is revealed to take things a bit seriously, and has quite sensitive feelings when something bothers him or when something hurts him emotionally. He was known to be a bit of a crybaby in the past.
Voice: Trey (ZeXal/English), Edward (FMA/Japanese)
Pokémon: Quilladin, Flareon, Clauncher

Toby: An experienced trainer that had challenged Yuki to a full six on six battle, where the battle was close to an end, with each side having one Pokémon. As Yuki was ready, Toby shows a surprise: He's a Trainer who possesses one of the Legendary Pokémon in the world named Celebi! Toby is revealed to be involved with something or somewhat of a group as he challenged Yuki to see what kind of person he is and what of power he had in him.
Voice: Kite (ZeXal/English), Shark (ZeXal/Japanese)
Pokemon: Lucario, Combusken, Ivysaur, Tyrunt, Charmeleon, Celebi

Miette: A girl who is one of the experts on creating PokéPuffs. She at first made an unfriendly rivalry with Serena when the Vaniville girl believed her to be insulting her basic PokéPuffs, causing the two girls to settle their skills at the PokéPuff competition with Yuki. But when the competition was over, with Yuki coming out on top, the two girls became friends, until Miette teased Serena to tell either Ash or Yuki about her feelings to them, much to the Vaniville girl's embarrassment.
Pokémon: Slurpuff

Rylan: A younger brother of Zorian and an alternative version of AzzyFox's character

Zorian: An experienced Trainer who is the older brother of Rylan and an alternative version of AzzyFox's character

Lucia: Nothing is known or revealed about this character...


Team Rocket (Jessie, James, Meowth): Jessie, James, and Meowth are criminals from the Kanto region, as they always followed after Ash and Pikachu in their travels in order to steal Pikachu and other rare and new Pokémon at their case. They refuse to give up their jobs, as they are loyal to their bosses. However, when it comes to stealing Pokémon, they always fail, resulting in defeat for them.
Jessie's Pokémon: Pumpkaboo, Wobbuffet
James' Pokémon: Inkay

Pokémon: The Hoenn Journey

Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 28: The Lonely Bird, Tsubasa Tendo!

- When May and Franklin searches for Wurmple, they are confronted by a mysterious boy named Tsubasa Tendo, who is thought to be an expert on Flying Types as he challenges both May and Franklin to a battle. When the battle is over, Tsubasa assists them to find Wurmple, while confronting Team Rocket along the way.

Chapter 29: Class Starts at Roxanne's Time!

- Arriving at Rustboro City, the group meets Roxanne and her students in the Pokémon School, where she reveals herself as the Rustboro Gym Leader. Max on the other hand is confronted by an arrogant boy named Tommy, who strikes a rivalry to them as Minato watches to see how Pokémon are used for battles and breeding.

Chapter 30: The Brawn Kid VS The Smart Kid!

- With the rivalry sparking between Max and Tommy, the two settle this with the school's Pokémon as they battle it out with Tommy having the advantage. But then, the Pokéballs are taken by Team Rocket as Minato and Korra work together to defeat the giant robot, with the help of Max, Tommy, and Kenny!

Chapter 31: The Nosepass to Track and Hit!

- Prepared for his Gym battle, Ash challenges Roxanne to his first Hoenn Gym battle, as the two battle it out with Minato watching in interest. As he watches on how Ash and Pikachu battles together with their strong bond and teamwork, Minato's Pokémon all persuade the former lonely boy to take part in the Gym battle too, much to his reluctance.

Chapter 32: Minato's Decision! A Rocky Gym Battle!

- With his decision to grant his Pokémon's wishes, Minato challenges Roxanne as he soon realizes that the battle is much tougher than the other battles he experienced as he makes his skilled battling in use with Treecko and Torchic as he manages to get through all of Roxanne's field advantage to make his first Gym battle a memorable one.

Chapter 33: The PokéNav to Fix and Explore!

- When Max accidentally breaks his PokéNav, Minato accompanies him to meet with the Devon Corporation President, who takes them on the tour of his company. Korra on the other hand, bonds with Ash, May, and Brock as he explains his past of how she cared for Pokémon and on how she felt about them.

Chapter 34: The Aqua Spy Confrontation!

- Hearing about an infiltration in the Devon Corporation, Minato, Max, and Mr. Stone follows a suspicious scientist who reveals himself as a Team Aqua member, enraging Minato as he ruthlessly attacks the grunt as the others arrive as Minato turns back into his cold self, having the desire to crush anyone from Team Aqua.

Chapter 35: The Boat and Old Man Confusion

- When the group misses another boat, May and Korra search around to find one as they meet Mr. Briney, who makes a deal to the two, as they call for the boys to follow them. But when they return, Mr. Briney shows to be more aggressive as he angrily denies the deal, as Minato starts to grow suspicious with the old man as he is determined to find out what the problem is.

Chapter 36: A Battle to Chase the Spy!

- When the group discovers Mr. Briney and his Wingull, Peeko held captive, they rush to the scene to see that it was the same Team Aqua member from the Devon Corporation! Ignoring his friend's concern, the former lonely boy angrily attacks the Team Aqua member, until he once again escapes with the submarine, much to Minato's frustration.

Chapter 37: The Assault from Scary Sharpedo!

- With the help from Mr. Briney's boat, the group heads for Dewford Island when they reach an island to have some time to relax! Unfortunately, their relaxation has come to a halt when a school of Sharpedo attacks May, Max, and Korra! Reaching the island to safety, the group plans to find a way to leave without the Sharpedo getting to them. But it may not be easy...

Chapter 38: Cure the Poison! Save Sharpedo!

- With the plan settled to escape, the group finds the leader of the Sharpedo as they trap it inside for Brock and Lotad to battle against! However, when the Sharpedo seems to be mysteriously poisoned, Brock takes it as his responsibility to heal Sharpedo, with Minato wanting to help as he knew that despite the savage personality... Deep down, Sharpedo is a caring Pokémon that cares for his comrades.

Chapter 39: Ride the Waves, Dude! The Dewford Gym!

- Finally arriving in Dewford City, Ash gets excited to meet and challenge the Leader of the Dewford Gym, only to see that the Gym Leader named Brawly wasn't exactly the kind of Gym Leader to accept challenges that easily when it comes to the beach waves! As Minato hopes to battle first, an uneasy feeling comes up to the former lonely boy as he is about to face a tough wave to overcome.

Minato Yukimura (Yukimura Makoto; 幸村マコト)

A ten year old boy who had formerly had no trust with other people and especially Pokémon. He has black eyes and hair. He wears a black sweatshirt, with a white shirt underneath the sweatshirt. He even wore black shorts. He wears nearly everything black, as he is mournful for his parents' death. He even possess golden tear stain marks, that becomes permanent to his face. Minato plans to find and take down the organization, also meaning to kill the leader for vengeance. Ever since the terrible incident, he had no care for Pokémon or any other people, refusing to trust them. However, as time passed, seeing that Ash and the others and his Pokémon cared for him deeply for his sadness, Minato started to reveal his true and happy self, to Torchic and his other Pokémon's joy, but he kept his guard up when meeting adults and so.


- Minato, as a young boy used to be cheerful and happy with his family and Pokémon most of the time until Team Aqua interfered with their lives, scarring Minato emotionally forever, making him bitter and extremely cold to everyone that were to come near him. His life for Pokémon nearly vanished until he met Ash and the others as he became cold to them as well, believing them to be nuisances on his task to eliminate Team Aqua. But in truth, Minato didn't want his companions to be involved, as he believed they would be caught up on his mess. But as time passed by, Minato began to open up to his friends, showing his true personality to his friends: care, patient, and love for his Pokémon.

Voice: Minato has the same voice as Makoto (Persona 3 English/Japanese)

Badges: 0

Ribbons: 1

1. Rustboro Ribbon - VOL. 1 - Chapter 26: Pokémon Contest! Minato's Debut! Pt. 2

Minato's Current Pokémon:


Torchic is Minato's starting Pokémon, yet he hardly knew or cared about the Fire Type. Torchic can be, at the same time tough and serious, while being affectionate at the same time to his trainer. Torchic secretly trains hard, with his trainer barely seeing him, as it for some reason wants to become very strong, so that it can be an unbeatable Pokémon. He stays out of his Pokéball, similar with Ash's Pikachu. When Torchic failed to protect Minato from Jessie's Seviper, Torchic resolved to become stronger, so it could protect Minato and become the strongest Pokémon in the world.


Poochyena was accidentally caught by Minato when he and May were trying to save Prof. Birch from him and his two friends. He is a nice, and playful Pokémon, and serious at the same time. There is yet to know about Poochyena as more of him will be revealed.


Minato's second caught Pokémon. Minato was showing May on how to catch a Pokémon, causing him to battle the human and Torchic. Zigzagoon was a strong fighter, but still lost, despite its cool moves and power. Zigzagoon proved to be a powerful Pokémon, seeing that he defeated Brock's Forretress despite of taking some damage. His personality is a bot serious and a little arrogant, while shocked to see his attacks were to be blocked.


Minato's third caught Pokémon. Treecko is a hyperactive Wood Gecko Pokémon, who was always ready for battle and action, rather than doing work that he's assigned to do. However, he did deeply care for his friends, such as Ash's Treecko and his dying home. When his old home was destroyed, he resolved to get stronger, after challenging Minato and Torchic to a rematch after he had lost on their first battle. Minato gave Treecko a test whether he believed Treecko was worthy to take his path or not. In the end, Treecko managed to resist, impressing Minato a bit, as he caught the Grass Type as his new comrade. Treecko soon became frustrated for not being used as Minato's sword, but as a broken shield who failed to defend his human friend safely. With his cool Treecko friend and Torchic, Treecko trained hard to become stronger, which succeeded in the end as he defeated Seviper in a rematch, with Ash's Treecko and Minato's Torchic.


A cheerful Flying Type Pokémon that Minato obtained from Janet during the Rustboro Contest. Swablu is known to be a friendly Pokémon, who likes to keep things clean, such as her wings and Minato's cheeks, despite not knowing that Minato's golden tear stains are permanent now. Swablu is also known to be a playful Pokémon as she likes to perform in Pokémon Contests to show the audience her beauty and skills as a Contest Pokémon. She will be able to show her true performance later on as Minato continues on as a Coordinator.


Ash: A trainer from Pallet Town of the Kanto region. Ash is an experienced trainer who competed in the Indigo and the Silver Conference League, only for him to lose in both Leagues. Ash is currently trying hard to win the Hoenn League by earning Hoenn Gym Badges and to compete in the tournament. He is a bit arrogant, but at the same time, friendly to other people and friendly Pokémon. As Minato started to reveal his true happy self, Ash grew happy to see that his former cold-hearted friend was opening up.
Badges: 0
Pokémon: Pikachu, Taillow, Treecko

May: A beginner trainer from Petalburg City, which is revealed that she is the daughter of the Petalburg Gym Leader, Norman. May is very inexperienced with Pokémon. She also currently doesn't even like Pokémon. Her main reason for traveling was to see the world, rather than competing in Gym battles and to attend the Hoenn League. She currently has a little dislike on Minato, due to his former cold attitude and for him insulting her for being weak and for whining too much. She lightens up as Minato opens up to his friends.
Pokémon: Torchic

Max: Max is a little brother of May and the son of Norman, the Petalburg Gym Leader. Max is still young to be a Trainer yet, so he doesn't have a Pokémon yet. However, he knows mostly everything about them, as he plans battling strategies, while criticizing Ash at the same time for his performance at the Silver Conference. Nevertheless, he is to be friendly and a good companion for the others. He is revealed to care for Minato as he was concerned for him while separated from him with Ash.

Brock: Brock is an old friend of Ash, as he had traveled with him during his journey in the Kanto and the Johto region. Brock is revealed to be a great cook and is dreaming to become a Pokémon Breeder. But, when it comes to ladies, he is always swooning over on them, much to Ash's embarrassment.
Pokémon: Forretress

Korra: Korra is a girl who is known to be an old friend of May and Max. She is a sweet and caring girl who loves Pokémon as she helps Katrina take care of the Pokémon Preserve Center. She is a girl who hates poachers and for thieves that uses Pokémon only for money. She will be known to be Minato's love interest, somehow...
Pokémon: Houndour, Poochyena
Voice: Zuzu (Arc-V)


Brendan: Brendan is a Trainer and the son of Prof. Birch. He was informed of Minato and the others from his Dad, as Brendan believes that the group can be a bit noisy at times, but a helpful group at the same time. He becomes Minato's rival as the two meets eyes together, both hoping to defeat each other someday as he comments that he wishes to battle Minato anyday when they meet again.
Pokémon: Marshtomp
Voice: Yosuke (Persona 4/English), Ryuji (Persona 5/Japanese)

Tsubasa Tendo: This Trainer will be one of Minato's main rivals.


Team Rocket (Jessie, James, Meowth): Jessie, James, and Meowth are criminals from the Kanto region, as they always followed after Ash and Pikachu in their travels in order to steal Pikachu and other rare and new Pokémon at their case. They refuse to give up their jobs, as they are loyal to their bosses. However, when it comes to stealing Pokémon, they always fail, resulting in defeat for them.
Jessie's Pokémon: Seviper, Wobbuffet
James' Pokémon: Cacnea

Pokémon: The Kanto Journey

Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 14: A Wet Water Battle Chaos!

- Wanting to prove herself better than her older sisters, Misty recklessly challenges Isamu to a battle first, as Isamu discovers her true nature as a Pokémon Trainer, despite of him overpowering her easily. When Ash steps up to battle her next, Luna requests a challenge as she aims to enter the Pokémon League as well... until Team Rocket breaks the Gym to interfere!

Chapter 15: The No-Loss Gym Trainer, AJ!

- After hearing of an unofficial Gym belonging to a powerful Trainer named AJ, the group heads there to see AJ making some serious training programs for his Pokémon as Ash recklessly battles AJ, only to end in his loss as Isamu has had enough with the arrogant boy making fun of his friends and his little brother.

Chapter 16: The Severe Training and Bond!?

- After the battle with AJ, AJ shows the group to how he "bonds" with his Pokémon by using a whip and some training equipments to train his Pokémon, which was something that both Luna and Yellow does not approve in as Isamu and AJ start to bicker over whether if this training method is right or not, until Team Rocket comes in to crash the party again...

Chapter 17: The Rich Pokémon Tech School!

- Preparing to have lunch, Ash and Isamu confronts some arrogant school kids and a timid student named Joe, who explains about the school he attends in: Pokémon Tech, which is a school for Trainers wanting to enter the Pokémon League without having to win any of the Gym Badges Trainers get in their journey.

Chapter 18: The Proof of the Trainer's Skills!

- Hearing about the girl mostly in charge of her classmates, Misty stomps in the school to see that Pokémon battles are determined by simulation, causing Isamu to step in and berate the Pokémon Tech's ways of defeating opponents in a battle until the girl named Giselle reveals herself to be quite arrogant and besure of herself, as Isamu challenges her to a battle to make her change her ways of battling.

Chapter 19: To the Hidden Village! Wait, Traps!?

- Lost while taking a shortcut, Misty spots an Oddish she wanted to catch until she is intercepted by a hostile Bulbasaur! Seeing how hostile Bulbasaur looked, Yellow desires to befriend Bulbasaur and learn of its hostility, only for her and the others to get caught up into multiple traps that separates the group from Brock!

Chapter 20: The Guardian of Grass, Bulbasaur!

- Arriving at the Hidden Village, Ash and Isamu confronts the same Bulbasaur that had attacked them earlier. Wanting to befriend all the Pokémon in the village, Yellow uses her own methods to befriend all the Pokémon as she shows her abilities that shocks her friends in the process!

Chapter 21: The Stray Charmander! Pt. 1

- Once again lost after leaving the Hidden Village, the six trainers meets a Charmander who seems to be waiting for its trainer to come. But when they discover that the promise the trainer makes to Charmander was a lie, they take it into their own hands to care for Charmander and his weak flame!

Chapter 22: The Stray Charmander! Pt. 2

- When the group discovers that Charmander has escaped despite the caring they did to it, Isamu suspects that they may have changed Charmander's heart a little, as that hypothesis is tested out when they confront Team Rocket! And not only that, Charmander's uncaring trainer comes back to take the Fire Type by force! What will Charmander's choice be?

Chapter 23: The Two Conflicts to Resolute!

- While continuing for Vermillion City, the group gets pranked by a group of Squirtles called the Squirtle Squad! As Ash, Misty, and Brock goes to settle with the Squad to figure out their problems, Isamu, Luna, and Yellow are confronted by two Eevees as they were on the run from some poachers, as both Yellow and Luna makes it their "duty" to protect the two Evolution Pokémon from harm...

Chapter 24: The New Bonds to Forge

- As Isamu, Yellow, and Luna manage to escape from the poachers, both Yellow and Luna began to bond with the two Eevees, reassuring to the two that they’ll be alright. But it proves to be difficult for them, as the two Eevees (brother and sister) were a bit distrustful on humans. That is, until Isamu proves to the duo that some humans can be trusted by fighting off the poachers!

Chapter 25: The Mysterious Lighthouse and Bill!

- As Ash becomes determined to prove that he’s better than what the others think, he tries to capture a Pokémon. As he does so, it gets transported to Prof. Oak. As the group finds a lighthouse to stay for the night, they meet a man named Bill, who seemed to be acquainted with Professor Oak.

Isamu Ketchum (Ketchum Isamu; ケッチャムイサム)

An eleven year old boy who is the twin older brother of Ash. He has black hair, but less messier than Ash. He has the same zigzag lines on his cheeks as his younger brother, while having brown eyes along. He wears on his journey a black shirt, a gray, thin jacket over it, blue fingerless gloves, and black outdoor shorts. While being serious and intelligent most of the time, he truly cares and loves his younger brother, willing to protect him if anything tries to harm him or Eevee. Isamu has no sense of humor, but has it if only comes from Ash. Isamu intentionally held himself back a month even if he was old enough to go on a journey, since he kept the promise he has made with Ash two years ago, the same time when the two brothers have met Eevee, who had taken quite a shine to the older brother.


- Isamu is a kind-hearted boy who loves his younger brother and his family very much. He is a Trainer who takes dangerous situations seriously as he detests the ones that thinks of the situations as something to play around with. He is also a Trainer who cares deeply for his Pokémon and the ones that are innocent. When something comes to harm him, his Pokémon, or his brother, he will do anything to protect them. When he believes someone had done something stupid or reckless in his eyes, he will criticize them, depending on how reckless they were. The reason for his criticizing personality is unknown as he has a past that he didn't want to remember.

Voice: Isamu has the same voice as Sasuke (English/Naruto) and Yuto (Arc-V/Japanese)

Badges: 1

1. Boulder Badge - VOL. 1 - Chapter 10: Isamu VS Brock! Brock's Wish!

Isamu's Current Pokémon:

Eevee: Eevee is Isamu's starter Pokémon, despite at first being a pet to the Ketchum family and the Ketchum brothers. Eevee was at first scared of humans for an unknown reason, but then bonded with the two boys, after Isamu and Ash asked her to be their friend. She seemed to have opened up to Isamu more as she had chosen him to be her partner. She is very affectionate to the older brother, while very tough in a battle as she is shown to never give up even when cornered.

Pidgey: Pidgey is Isamu's first caught Pokémon. Pidgey is revealed to have been a unique Pidgey, as it was always looking for a battle, like it had accepted Isamu and Eevee's challenge, and when Pidgey fought against the Spearows that were chasing the elder Ketchum brother with Eevee.

Nidoran: Nidoran is Isamu's second caught Pokémon, as he is shown to be very feisty and tough, as he never gave up on a battle against Eevee or when he fought against the Beedrills to protect Yellow and Chuchu. Nidoran will be known to play a key role as part of Isamu's team.

Vulpix: Isamu’s third caught Pokémon and the daughter of Arcanine and Ninetales, the ones Luna made as partners. Vulpix is a Pokémon that can get easily excited of new events and new people, as she was excited to meet her new human sister's friends, despite of her parents' skeptism. When Isamu and Eevee saves her from Cassidy and Butch from Team Rocket, Vulpix was awed by how "amazing" the two looked as she requested to join Isamu, much to both of Isamu and Luna's surprise.


Ash: A younger twin brother of Isamu. For Ash, he has dreamed of becoming the world's famous Pokémon Master, wanting to win the Pokémon Master title for being the best. He loves his older brother, Isamu, but can get a little annoyed as his older brother is a bit too protective. Nevertheless, the two have an unbreakable bond with each other. Ash can be a bit reckless, but will prove to be a kind-hearted trainer to Pokémon as he travels with his brother.
Badges: 1
Pokémon: Pikachu, Butterfree, Pidgeotto

Misty: A tomboyish girl who had her bike stolen by Ash, only for it to be destroyed when Pikachu shocked the Spearows with Thundershock. Now angry at the younger brother, she trails after the Ketchum brothers until they get her a new bike. She can have quite a temper, and get scared of Bug Type Pokémon, but will show to be a good friend later on in the story.
Pokémon: Goldeen

Yellow: A young girl who was seen wandering around the Viridian Forest with her female Pikachu, Chuchu at her side. The two were attacked by a swarm of Beedrill, until they were saved by Isamu and his three Pokémon. She is known to dream of becoming a Pokémon Nurse, so that she can help out all the Pokémon that needs help when they are injured or wounded.
Pokémon: Pikachu (Chuchu)
Voice: Io Nitta (Devil Survivor 2/English), Saki (Go-Onger)

Luna: This girl is known to be Brock's younger sister, who was revealed by Flint that she was rumored to have been abused by her parents, resulting in Brock taking her in as his younger sister. She reveals her past to the others when she is reunited with an old friend of hers, which is soon revealed to be Arcanine, who desires to be her protector once again.
Pokémon Arcanine, Ninetales
Voice: Xion (Kingdom Hearts/English), Kotoha (Shinkenger)

Brock: A former Pewter City Gym Leader who truly wishes to become a Breeder. When he fights against Isamu and Ash in their Gym battle, their battling and love for Pokémon changes Brock's sight on them as he desires to travel with them to achieve his dreams. When he is not battling, he can be a very caring person to all people that he cares about, such as his siblings or the people that he befriends.
Pokémon: Geodude, Onix, Zubat

Pokémon Alola Journey

Upcoming Chapters:

Chapter 13: The Sneaky Cat Thief, Litten!

- When Kaito's friend, Litten asks for some food from the Alola boy, Kaito realizes that the food is for Litten's old friend, Stoutland as he secretly gives most of his lunch to Litten as days passes by. But when he realizes that Litten is being harassed by a Pokémon he hates so much, Persian, Kaito goes extreme measures by revealing his powers to Litten.

Chapter 14: The Night Battle Against Persian!

- With Ash helping Kaito help Litten recover from his injuries against Persian, Litten escapes from the two, while urging Kaito to help as the Alola boy and Buizel follows Litten to reunite with Stoutland until Ash comes by, with Persian seeking revenge for the Fire Type and the Alola boy! With the advice he gained from Stoutland, Litten fights with his blazing attacks.

Chapter 15: To Care an Egg! Kaito's Decision!

- As Principal Oak reveals the two Eggs he gained, one from Ash's mother, and the other from Mt. Lanakila, Lillie is assigned to take care of the Egg from Mt. Lanakila as Kaito requests to take care of the Egg sent from the Kanto region. Remembering his father's words about care and responsibility, the Alola boy plans to put those advice to the test, by testing himself of his abilities.

Chapter 16: Responsibility to Protect and Save

- When Lana visits to help Kaito care for the Egg, the Egg gets suddenly snatched away by a group of wild Alola Grimer! Chasing after the Poison Types, both Kaito and Lana gets attacked by their leader, Muk, who wants to keep the Egg for itself, causing Kaito to be crushed as his least favorite Type was the one stealing his Egg! That was until something saves the Egg from the Alola Poison Types!

Chapter 17: The Chaos Involving a Raticate!

- As Kaito visits Ash again, the Kanto trainer desires to use a Z-Move again after his Electrium-Z shattered when using it against Tapu Koko. Remembering the promise he made with Ash, Kaito agrees to find the Island Kahuna as he only goes to find out why his Waterium-Z stayed when he didn't complete any trials. Their answers were soon to come when Alola Rattata and Raticate began to overthrow the whole island!

Chapter 18: Gumshoos and Yungoos to Bash!

- With Hala's suggestion to partake the trial in Verdant Cavern, the two boys find themselves battling against a Yungoos and a Gumshoos, followed by the Totem Pokémon, Gumshoos! With their efforts to fight and win in their trial, both Kaito and Ash succeed together, so that Gumshoos can defeat the Raticate and Rattata alongside with its small comrades.

Chapter 19: The Grand Trial! Kaito VS Hala!

- With Kaito and Ash being certificated for their help yesterday, they are invited to join Kahuna Hala with their now Grand Trial. As Kaito requests to go first in a battle against Hala, Kaito realizes that he can no longer fear battling anymore as he knows that he has to fight to his limit, as Buizel and Rockruff plans to fight hard as well. But would their bond and teamwork be enough to win?

Chapter 20: The Malasada and Fun Lover, Hau!

- When Kaito and Buizel are requested by Kahuna Hala to bond with his grandson named Hau, Kaito immediately bonds with the boy as Hau reveals his free-spirited personality to the Alola boy as Hau then challenges Kaito to a Pokémon battle! Knowing how fun a battle could be, Hau asks Kaito to fight hard as he will too, resulting Kaito to have a fun and serious battle.

Chapter 21: Akala Island! A Mysterious Girl!?

- When Ash and Kaito meets up with Kiawe, the Kanto trainer asks to help Kiawe with his jobs, dragging the Alola boy into the mess as well. But as they arrive in Akala Island where Kiawe lives in, Kaito feels an unfamiliar sensation from someone, until he meets a girl who acts mysterious around him and the others!

Chapter 22: Queen of the Waves! A Water Match!

- As Kaito discovers the girl's name and her being related to Liana Summers, who is her mother, Kaito tries to talk to the girl, who seemed to be reserved, despite of her knowing Kiawe a little. But when Kaito challenges her to a battle, the mysterious girl accepts as she reveals her true self to him, Ash, and Kiawe!

Chapter 23: The Poison of True Feelings!

- When Kaito and the others were given time to relax at the beach, the others tries to befriend Camilla, who transferred to the Pokémon School after Kaito and Ash met her for the first time. But when Camilla struggles to socialize due to her reserved personality, the girls take it for themselves to befriend the "Queen of the Waves".

Chapter 24: Bitter Waves Comes Through

- As the Pokémon School students continue to spend their time at the beach, Kaito realizes that Camilla is hiding something from him and the others, as he tries to find out what it is, until he is confronted by some wild Water Types, causing him and Buizel to fight them off and see who Camilla truly is.

Kaito Shirogane (Shirogane Kaito; 白金カイト)

An eleven year old who loves the beach and Water Type Pokémon. He is a Trainer who doesn't like to have Pokémon battles that often, but will fight when he is forced to or when requested by a grown-up or a friend. Kaito is a also a student of the Pokémon School, where he studies and learn more about the Alola region Pokémon. Kaito has black medium, and layered hair, with his bangs being silver. He wears a bandage on his nose for an unknown reason. He has ocean-blue eyes and has parallel black line marks on his cheeks, making his face look similar to a Buizel. For his original outdoor attire, Kaito wears black shorts, a white t-shirt with an orange Pokéball sign on it, and a thin blue vest. He also wears orange fingerless gloves. He even wears a Z-Ring with the Waterium-Z Crystal, which was given to him and Ash by Tapu Koko.


Kaito is the type of Trainer who doesn't like Pokémon battling for an unknown reason as he only battles when he is asked or forced to when something strange happens to his friends or to his family. He is also a Trainer who hates troublemakers of the Alola region, such as Team Skull or Team Rocket, making blunt insults to the troublemakers if he finds it necessary. When someone or something insults his family, Kaito will show a dangerous side, showing no mercy to that someone that mocks his siblings or his mother and father. He is also someone who adores the ocean and the sea, which could be due to his forgotten powers and memories of being the lost Prince of the Alolan Sea.

Voice: Kaito has the same voice as Kion (Lion Guard/English) and Nate (Yo-Kai Watch/Japanese)

Trials Completed: 0

Powers and Abilities:

- Kaito for some reason is able to attract many Water Type Pokémon, especially the Pokémon from the sea or the ocean. People call him the Water Charmer for his reason, which is soon revealed to be him being a Prince of the Alolan Sea, as a merchild. He is also known to be quite athletic as he is a skilled swimmer, due to him hanging out in the ocean with Buizel in most of his free times, and possibly due to Buizel teaching him the quickest way to swim faster than how a normal human could swim in.

Healing: Kaito is able to heal people or Pokémon, such as Buizel with the power from the ocean, although this makes him exhausted in the process. In order to stop the exhaustion, Kaito needs to stand in the sea to regain his strength and stamina to keep on moving as the day goes on.

Aquakinesis: Kaito is now able to control the waves of the Alolan Sea, allowing them to be suspended high in the air, before letting them drop to their original state. Kaito can use this power to control the waves and use them to save anyone that can get stuck or be stranded in the middle of the sea or the ocean.

Sea Gauntlet: It is unknown of what the Sea Gauntlet can do, but it’s been said that whoever wears the Gauntlet will be able to gain tremendous power, involving the sea.

Kaito's Current Pokémon:


Buizel is Kaito's best friend and Pokémon brother. The two have an unbreakable bond with each other. Buizel is deeply loyal and affectionate to his human brother, as he would always fight for Kaito, no matter how hard the task or battle it might be for him. He is also very similar to Kaito, as their personalities are quite the same. Like Kaito, Buizel hates troublemakers of Alola, and Pokémon that causes trouble for younger or innocent ones. He can filled with determination and justice, enough for him to win against his enemies and opponents.


Rockruff is Kaito's first caught Pokémon with a scar over his left eye. Rockruff is a strong battler, considering that he came from a pack that had many strong Rockruff and Lycanroc. Wanting to prove to his father, the leader that he would be strong enough to handle himself, Rockruff challenged many Pokémon, including Kaito and Buizel, only for their battle to end in a stalemate twice as his father kept calling him out of worry. Because of that, Rockruff can be known to be frustrated should his battle be interrupted or when he loses. However, he is known to have a shy and sweet side to other young living beings, such as Kaito's two siblings.


Ash: A skilled Trainer who comes from the Kanto region. Ash is a Trainer who is always excited to meet new Pokémon, especially the ones that he had never seen in Alola. He is kind and caring to others when they need help with something. He is also a Trainer who loves Pokémon, and will protect them, no matter how serious the consequences can be for his actions.
Pokémon: Pikachu, Rowlet
Trials Completed: 0

Lana: A girl who is a classmate and a closest friend to Kaito at the Pokémon School. Like Kaito, she is a Trainer who loves Water Type Pokémon and will do anything to help them. She is known to be soft, shy, and kind. But when something threatens her friends and Pokémon, she can act quite silent and cold for those who are responsible for the Pokémon's current danger.
Pokémon: Popplio

Mallow: A girl who is another classmate of Kaito. She is a girl who can jump into conclusions, often causing her to get wrong results or be criticized by others. Other than that, she is a friendly Trainer who is caring and the one who gets attached to Grass Type Pokémon. She is also known to be a good cook of Alolan dishes, too.
Pokémon: Bounsweet

Kiawe: A Trainer who is a classmate and a rival of Kaito. He can act tough when necessary, and harsh to those who gets in his way or for those that tries to interfere in his battles. He is a Trainer who is quite attached to Fire Type Pokémon and one of the Trainers and students who possess a Z-Ring, which he received from the Grand Trial from the Akala Kahuna.
Pokémon: Charizard, Turtonator
Trials Completed: 1

Sophocles: A boy who is into inventions and electrical programs. He is a classmate of Kaito and a Trainer who gets along very well with Electric Type Pokémon. When he meets another invention or device, he will try to do anything to program them to see what they are made of. He is also a Trainer who is the slowest when running as he struggles to climb up high obstacles that gets in his way. He is also a person who can be afraid of the dark.
Pokémon: Togedemaru

Lillie: A girl who is the smartest in her class, but someone who is scared of Pokémon. She claims to love them and should be able to touch them theoretically, which Kaito doesn't believe as he teases her for her cowardice of Pokémon. She is kind and caring to her friends as she worries about them when they're in a tough situation.

Camilla: A mysterious girl that will seem to be quite similar to Kaito...

Other People and Trainers:

Shizuka: Kaito's mother who can be very overprotective of her children, especially from Team Skull. She is a kind and caring mother who loves it when her children experiences something new or when they make new friends with other people and Pokémon. Shizuka is soon revealed to be the Queen of the Alolan Sea, truly a mermaid and a wife of King Kaisuke.
Voice: Kawakami (Persona 5/English), Sae (Persona 5/Japanese)

Shiho: Kaito's little sister and youngest sibling. Shiho is the one who is the closest to her big brother, as she is always gentle and caring to Kaito. Whenever Kaito asks her or Seita to do something, she immediately complies without hesitation.
Voice: Luna (5D's)

Seita: Kaito's little brother and sibling. Seita is a roughneck who can be quite mischievous around his big brother. But, despite of his carefree behavior, Seita loves his older brother and Shiho, as he on the inside is known to be quite soft.
Voice: Leo (5D's)

Kazuma: Kaito's temporary father, who has gone missing for two years after he had left to take care of something in the Alolan sea. He is known to be a strict, but caring father who feels responsible for his family's safety, and believes that his eldest son must be serious about caring for his younger siblings as well. Kazuma soon meets his old friend, who is the King of the Alolan Sea and the true father of Kaito.
Voice: Hohenheim (FMA/English), Kazuma (ZeXal/Japanese)

Liana Summers: A marine biologist who works at the Melemele Aquarium. She is an acquaintance of Kazuma Shirogane, while being friends with Shizuka. She is the mother of Camilla, and a strong Water Type Trainer. She is a kind woman that cares for others, such as the young Trainers from the Pokémon School, along with other younger people. She is most curious on the story of the lost Prince of the Alolan Sea, as she constantly researches about it, as she hopes to learn more about it the more she spends time at the Aquarium.
Voice: Hana (Wolf Children)

King Kaisuke: The merman who is the King of the Alolan Sea and the true father of Kaito, Shiho, and Seita. He is a King who rules over the sea of the Alola region and will do anything to protect his kind and the kingdom. Kaisuke is known to love his family dearly, doing anything to protect them, even turning them into humans temporarily when an unknown group of enemies tries to kidnap his son and use his powers as their own. King Kaisuke has the power to control the entire Alolan seas and ocean, while also be able to erase some people's memories temporarily when it's also necessary as well.
Voice: King Triton (LM/English/Japanese)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Upcoming Chapters:

Duel 40: The Soul of an Entertainment Duelist

- When Hiroto realizes his dueling is hurting Sora and frightening the others around him, he focuses on his first Synchro monsters to finish the duel in an entertaining way, as Sora counters his attacks as he knows of Hiroto's duel strategies due to him seeing him duel against other opponents in his previous duels.

Duel 41: A Child to Protect Named Reira

- Hearing Yuya was facing Gongenzaka, Hiroto heads for the Gongenzaka Dojo to cheer Yuya on as this was his 50th duel, until he finds Sawatari and his gang chasing a young girl named Reira, who seemed terrified as Hiroto defends the child by fighting against Sawatari until Reiji comes by to clear all the confusion.

Duel 42: The Rematch from the Rebellion

- Determined to become stronger to face Academia someday, Hiroto calls for Yuto and challenges him to a rematch to see whether he is ready to face Academia or not. Using his own deck, Hiroto fights Yuto, who reveals his new skills and tactics to use his monsters and his Spells and Traps to allow Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to evolve.

VOL. 2

Duel 43: Enter the Arc League Championships!

- With Hiro, Zuzu, Yuya, and Sora all having their winning conditions fulfilled, the You Show Duel School enters the Arc League Championships, when Yuya suddenly goes missing! Not only that, there are surprises from LID as Shay enters the tournament as well, much to Hiro and the others' surprise. Chaos and Conan are entered as well, under the surveillance of Declan.

Duel 44: Riley VS Allie! The Aqua Field!

- With Frederick winning his match, Hiro receives a surprise from his young friend, Riley, who is paired up with Allie in the second match of the Youth division. With pressure coming from Henrietta and Declan, Riley struggles to stand up against Allie until Hiro encourages the young girl to fight on.

Duel 45: The Brutal Dueling Path

- The next match reveals as Hiro is paired up with a terrorizing Duelist named Tobias Jones, who is the brother of the bully that terrorized both Yuya and Gong; Grizzlepike Jones! Wanting to prove to Tobias that brutality isn't the answer for all, Hiro attempts to show his Dueltaining until he realizes that Tobias isn't the type of Duelist who likes smiles or fun.

Duel 46: Gem VS Melody! A Fusion Battle!

- With Hiro's match coming to an end, Zuzu is to face Julia again, as she is prepared to face the LID Fusion user, after her loss against her the first time they fought. With her teachings from Sora, Zuzu battles against Julia with her Melodious Fusion Monsters. But when Julia reveals that the match has just begun, the Melodious Duelist is soon in for a big surprise.

Duel 47: Gong VS Grizzlepike! A Hard Match!

- With the Arc League Championship going wild, Gong is called for his match as he is to face his obnoxious and dirty rival, Grizzlepike Jones! As Grizzlepike reveals that Yuya is in danger during their duel, Gong becomes pressured whether to save his best friend and rival, or to continue on the match to ignore Yuya's call!

Duel 48: The Dueltaining Match! Pendulum Clash!

- Yuya is to face his opponent next, which is revealed to be Sylvio Sawatari. As the Action Duel begins, Sylvio reveals to have gained a new Deck along with some Yosenju Pendulum Cards! The match becomes elevated to a Dueltaining show, as Yuya needs to overcome Sylvio's strategies in order to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Duel 49: The Wolf Shadows the Butterfly!

- As the Arc League Championships continue on, Hiro and Keith discovers another duelist who looks just like them, which was known to be Conan! As Conan faces off the Butterspy Duelist, Gina, the one Hiro faced before, the Fusion user proves himself to be more than strong enough to win as he counters every move Gina makes while pretending to be bad at the Duel!

Duel 50: The Truth Revealed in Battle

- Sora's match against Shay is next, as the two faces off each other, with Shay remaining cold to the Fusion users. But as the duel goes on, Sora starts to become more malicious, fusing more of his Fusion Monsters while taunting Shay that he and his friends couldn’t stand up to his "friends"! As the You Show watches in shock, Hiro and Keith soon confirms that Sora is truly their enemy.

Duel 51: The Confrontation of Xyz and Fusion

- As Sora is admitted to the hospital, there are news that he escaped as Hiro reunites wth Yuto, only to be challenged by Sora as the Fusion user comes to realize that Hiro has sided with the Xyz Dimension. But as Yuya arrives to see both Hiro and Sora fighting, he comes to realize that the two of them are not what he really thought of, as friends.

Hiroto Sakamoto: Hiroto is a duelist from Maiami City in the Standard Dimension. He is a serious duelist who wants to believe that Dueling can be fun. He is mostly inspired by Sakaki Yusho, the Professional Entertainment Duelist, which made him want to become an Entertainment Duelist until Yusho disappeared. He is right now teaming up with Yuto, after hearing the truth about the Four Dimensions and about the dimensional war the Fusion Dimension was giving to the Xyz Dimension.

English Name: Hiro Sakamoto

Voice: Hiroto has the same voice as Sora (Kingdom Hearts 2/English) and Satoshi Mochida (Japanese)

Appearance: He has brown eyes, with dark brown hair. Several bangs nearly covers his eyes at the time. Hiroto wears black and white clothings, supposedly to represent his Light and Darkness Deck. He wears a black vest over his white shirt, and navy shorts and white sneakers on him as well. Hiroto also wears a silver pendant around his neck, while having black wristbands on his wrists.

Personality: Hiroto is a serious, but a fun-loving boy at the same time. In his duels, he gets very serious, not wanting to hold back especially if he is to face his friends and others. In his young age, he idolized Sakaki Yusho, Yuya's father because of his Entertainment Dueling. He was left shocked and speechless when he discovered that Yusho had disappeared three years ago. He barely has any time to spend with his parents since they always have business trips, leaving him to survive in his home alone. Because of that, Hiroto smiles lesser, but cares for others deeply, as he tried to support Yuya in his duel against Sawatari. Hiroto is revealed to have a huge dislike on Fusion Monsters and Duelists, as he is reminded of the nightmares and visions he gets from Kazuto's fear, seeing Heartland in Xyz Dimension being destroyed.

Etymology: From Japanese 大 (hiro) meaning "big, great" or 博 (hiro) meaning "command, esteem" combined with 翔 (to) meaning "soar, glide" or 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation

Ace Monsters:

- Light End Dragon

- Dark End Dragon

- Twilight End Xyz Dragon

Monster Type User:

- Synchro Monsters

- Xyz Monsters

- Pendulum Monsters

Deck: Hiroto uses a Light and Darkness Deck, which consists of Light End and Dark End Monsters. There were also some Twilight End monsters, which meant the mixture half of light and darkness together. His monsters have useful effects for him when he needs to Synchro Summon of when he needs the right card to win the duel. His Spells and Traps are useful for when he needs to stop his opponent's attack or when he needs to defend himself. His cards are also used for a strategic trick, leaving his opponents dazed. Hiroto is also able to speak to Duel Monster spirits, making a strong bond with his Duel Monster cards. Hiroto also gains some Pendulum Monsters, which allows him to Pendulum Summon, while using their Pendulum Effects to make it tricky for his opponents. And now that he gains the ability to Xyz Summon, Kaito uses the Twilight End monsters and his Synchro Monsters to use them to Xyz Summon his Twilight End Xyz Dragon or Kazuto's Scar Lion Xyz Dragon.

Effect Monsters:

- Dark End Soldier / DARK / Warrior / LV 4 / ATK: 1400 DEF: 0800

- Dark End Little Wolf / DARK / Beast / LV 1 / Tuner / ATK: 0300 DEF: 0200

- Dark End Lonely Child / DARK / Fairy / LV 3 / ATK: 0800 DEF: 0800

- Dark End Tricky Magician / DARK / Spellcaster / LV 3 / ATK: 1200 DEF: 1200

- Dark End Catapult / DARK / Machine / LV 5 / ATK: 1300 DEF: 2100

- Dark End Knight / DARK / Warrior / LV 4 / ATK: 1900 DEF: 1600

- Dark End Spirit / DARK / Fiend / LV 1 / Tuner / ATK: 0000 DEF: 0000

- Dark End Silent Guard / DARK / Warrior / LV 3 / Tuner / ATK: 500 DEF: 1800

- Light End Shield / LIGHT / Warrior / LV 4 / Tuner / ATK: 0000 DEF: 2000

- Light End Apprentice Swordsman / LIGHT / Warrior / LV 2 / ATK: 1000 DEF: 0500

- Light End Wyvern / LIGHT / Dragon / LV 4 / ATK: 1800 DEF: 1200

- Light End Tuning Magician / LIGHT / Spellcaster / LV 2 / Tuner / ATK: 0800 DEF: 0600

- Light End Wild Lion / LIGHT / Beast / LV 4 / ATK: 1600 DEF: 1200

- Light End Change Lizard / LIGHT / Reptile / LV 3 / Tuner / ATK: 1000 DEF: 1500

- Light End Panther Guardian / LIGHT / Beast-Warrior / LV 6 / ATK: 2000 DEF: 2000

- Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning / LIGHT / Warrior / LV 8 / ATK: 3000 DEF: 2500

- Twilight End Monk / LIGHT / Spellcaster / LV 1 / ATK: 0200 DEF: 0200

- Twilight End Raptor / LIGHT / Winged-Beast / LV 4 / ATK: 1400 DEF: 1600

- Twilight End Mage / DARK / Spellcaster / LV 3 / ATK: 1000 DEF: 1800

- Twilight End Lancer / DARK / Warrior / LV 4 / ATK: 1800 DEF: 1000

- Twilight End Guardna / LIGHT / Warrior / LV 5 / ATK: 0000 DEF: 2200

Pendulum Monsters:

- Dark End Chidori Beast / DARK / Thunder / LV 7 / ATK: 2500 DEF: 1500 / Scale: 3

- Dark End Archer / DARK / Warrior / LV 4 / ATK: 1400 DEF: 1200 / Scale: 2

- Light End Cheer Elf / LIGHT / Fairy / LV 4 / ATK: 1300 DEF: 1500 / Scale: 5

- Light End Angel / LIGHT / Fairy / LV 4 / ATK: 1500 DEF: 1000 / Scale: 7

- Twilight End Pendulum Mammoth / LIGHT / Beast / LV 7 / ATK: 2400 DEF: 1800 / Scale: 1

- Twilight End Galaxy Wing / LIGHT / Machine / LV 4 / ATK: 1400 DEF: 1200 / Scale: 9

Spell Cards:

- The Start to the Dark End / Continuous

- Card of Sanctity / Normal

- The Start to the Light End / Continuous

- Call from the Dark Void / Normal

- Dark End Vengeance / Normal

- Pot of Greed / Normal

- Allure of Darkness / Normal

- Cards from the Sky / Normal

- Mystical Space Typhoon / Quick-Play

- Emergency Provisions / Quick-Play

- Star Changer / Quick-Play

- Smile World / Normal

- Light and Dark Sacrifice / Continuous

- Monster Reborn / Normal

- Rank-Up-Magic: Twilight Force / Normal

Trap Cards:

- Dark Bribe / Counter

- Negate Attack / Counter

- Impenetrable Attack / Normal

- Synchro Ejection / Normal

- Synchro Strike / Normal

- Dark Chanting / Normal

- Shadow Spell / Continuous

- Fiendish Chain / Continuous

- Light End Guard / Normal

- Shield of Twilight / Normal

- Twilight End Sacrifice / Normal

- Nutrient Z / Normal

- Eye of Truth / Continuous

- Escape from Dark End / Continuous

Extra Deck:


- Light End Dragon / LIGHT / Dragon / LV 8 / Synchro / ATK: 2600 DEF: 2100

- Dark End Dragon / DARK / Dragon / LV 8 / Synchro / ATK: 2600 DEF: 2100

- Avenging Knight Parshath / LIGHT / Fairy / LV 8 / Synchro / ATK: 2600 DEF: 2100

- Void Ogre Dragon / DARK / Dragon / LV 8 / Synchro / ATK: 3000 DEF: 3000

- Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons / DARK / Dragon / LV 8 / Synchro / ATK: 3000 DEF: 3000

- Ancient Sacred Wyvern / LIGHT / Dragon / LV 7 / Synchro / ATK: 2100 DEF: 2000

- Star Eater / LIGHT / Dragon / LV 11 / Synchro / ATK: 3200 DEF: 2800

- Dark Strike Fighter / DARK / Machine / LV 7 / Synchro / ATK: 2600 DEF: 1800


- Twilight End Xyz Dragon / LIGHT / Dragon / RK 8 / Xyz / ATK: 3000 DEF: 2500

- Scar Lion Xyz Dragon / DARK / Dragon / RK 4 / Xyz / ATK: 2500 DEF: 2000

- Dawn End Xyz Dragon / LIGHT / Dragon / RK 9 / Xyz / ATK: 4000 DEF: 2500

Duels / Chapter / Outcome:

1. Yusho Sakaki - Duel 07, 30 - Lose (flashback)

2. Shingo Sawatari - Duel 01 to 03 - Win (with Yuya)

3. Sora Shiun'in - Duel 04 - Win

4. Yaiba Todo - Duel 05 to 08 - Win

5. Masumi Kotsu - Duel 09 to 10 - Win

6. Keiko Shiraishi - Duel 14 to 16 - Win (with Kazuto)

7. Reiji Akaba - Duel 17 to 18 - Win (with Kazuto)

8. Yuya Sakaki - Duel 19 to 20 - Win

9. Yuzu Hiragi - Duel 21 - Win

10. Yūto - Duel 22 to 23 - Win (with Kazuto)

11. Masumi Kotsu - Duel 25 - Win

12. Shijima Hokuto - Duel 26 - Win

13. Shun Kurosaki - Duel 27 to 28 - Draw (with Kazuto)

14. Shun Kurosaki - Duel 33 to 34 - Win (with Kazuto)

15. Yugo - Duel 35 to 36 - Win

16. Sora Shiun'in - Duel 39 to 40 - TBA

17. Sawatari Shingo - Duel 41 - TBA

18. Yuto - Duel 42 - TBA

VOL. 2

1. Tobias Jones - Duel 45 - TBA

2. Sora Perse / Yuya Sakaki - Duel 51 to 52 - TBA (with Keith)

3. Yugo / Yuto - Duel 53 to 54 - TBA (with Keith)

4. Snow Shadow - Duel 55 - TBA

5. Barrett - Duel 57 - TBA (with Keith)

6. Celina - Duel 58 - TBA

7. Yuya Sakaki - Duel 59 - TBA

8. Nagi / Taka - Duel 59 to 60 - TBA (with Yuya and Dennis)

9. Obelisk Force - Duel 61 to 62 - TBA (with Keith)

10. Conan - Duel 63 to 64 - TBA (with Keith)

Kazuto Kurosaki: Kazuto is a duelist from the Xyz Dimension in Heartland City. He is also an Xyz Counterpart of Hiroto, who is his Standard Counterpart. He is a playful duelist who likes to duel for fun, but puts all that aside when his people and family gets threatened. He is known to be the youngest brother of Shun and Ruri, being the youngest of the Kurosaki family. He is currently inside Hiroto's body, as a part of his soul, due to Scar Lion Xyz Dragon's wish to save his master from his enemies.

English Name: Keith Obsidian

Voice: Kazuto has the same voice as Alphonse (Fullmetal Alchemist/English & Japanese)

Appearance: He has blue eyes and black hair, with blue bangs on them edge of his hair. In his battle for his dimension, his clothes are a bit torn and ripped off, as he wears navy ripped jeans, a black sleeveless shirt, and a torn maroon jacket. His face looks very innocent, making him feel like he's a victim in most situations. His eyes are known to be full with a fire that's very fierce, like a lion's eyes.

Personality: Being the youngest of his family, Kazuto is really playful and a bit naive, but can get serious when he's in a middle of a duel. But sometimes, during in a duel, Kazuto can smile, believing that he's having fun against an opponent who have fun with him. But, when something threats his family or his people, Kazuto can get very agitated, and refuses to back down from an opponent he needs to face. He loves his older siblings dearly, vowing to protect them from everything that can be a threat to them. He can be hot-headed sometimes if someone insults his cards, making his face and expression look similar to a roaring or an angry lion.


Ace Monster:

- Scar Lion Xyz Dragon

Monster Type User:

- Xyz Monsters

Deck: Kazuto uses a "Scar Lion Deck", which consists of "Scar Lion" Monsters. His monsters are lions that have scars, as proof that they've experienced tough times in the wild. Like Hiroto, he is able to speak with Duel Monster spirits, which allows him to make a strong bond with his Deck as he loves lions for animals. He uses the monster cards fiercely, using their effects in a fierce way, like a lion does. He gives this Deck to Hiroto, since he can't duel right now.

Effect Monsters:

- Scar Lion Apprentice / EARTH / Beast-Warrior / LV 4 / ATK: 1300 DEF: 0800

- Scar Lion Swordsman / EARTH / Beast-Warrior / LV 3 / ATK: 1400 DEF: 1400

- Scar Lion - Ni / EARTH / Beast / LV 4 / ATK: 1700 DEF: 1000

- Scar Lion - Kula / EARTH / Beast / LV 3 / ATK: 1200 DEF: 1300

- Scar Lion - Kovu / EARTH / Beast / LV 7 / ATK: 2400 DEF: 2000

- Scar Lion - Nuka / EARTH / Beast / LV 4 / ATK: 1900 DEF: 1000

- Scar Lion - Vitani / EARTH / Beast / LV 4 / ATK: 1500 DEF: 1600

- Scar Lion Defender / EARTH / Beast-Warrior / LV 3 / ATK: 0400 DEF: 1800

- Scar Lion - Kopa / EARTH / Beast / LV 5 / ATK: 1800 DEF: 1500

- Scar Lion - Nala / EARTH / Beast / LV 6 / ATK: 2400 DEF: 1500

- Scar Lion - Sarabi / EARTH / Beast / LV 7 / ATK: 2300 DEF: 1800

- Scar Lion - Zira / EARTH / Beast / LV 7 / ATK: 2300 DEF: 2100

Spell Cards:

- Scar Lion Tribe Force / Continuous

- Card of Sanctity / Normal

- Mystical Space Typhoon / Quick-Play

- Scar Lion Resurrection / Normal

- Star Changer / Quick-Play

- Overlay Regen / Normal

- Scar Lion Healing / Quick-Play

- Rank-Up-Magic: Limitover Force / Quick-Play

- The Gift of the Lions / Normal

- Scar Lion Hope Armor / Equip

- Rank-Up-Magic: Pride Force / Quick-Play

- Pacifist Supreme Wings / Equip

Trap Cards:

- Half Unbreak / Normal

- Damage Diet / Normal

- Scar Lion Trap Destructor / Counter

- Scar Lion Helping Hand / Normal

- Scar Lion Avenge / Normal

- Scar Lion Pride Shield / Continuous

- Scar Lion Barrier / Continuous

- Scar Lion Backup / Continuous

- Scar Lion Last Resort / Normal

- Scar Lion Reborn / Normal

- Pride Sacrifice / Normal

Extra Deck:


Scar Lion Xyz Dragon / DARK / Dragon / RK 4 / Xyz / ATK: 2500 DEF: 2000

Scar Lion Chaos Xyz Dragon / DARK / Dragon / RK 5 / Xyz / ATK: 3000 DEF: 2500

Scar Lion - Kojishi / EARTH / Beast / RK 3 / Xyz / ATK: 2000 DEF: 2000

Scaf Lion - Simba / EARTH / Beast / RK 5 / Xyz / ATK: 2700 DEF: 2000

Duels / Chapter / Outcome:

1. Yuri - Duel 08 - Lose (flashback)

2. Keiko Shiraishi - Duel 14 to 16 - Win (with Hiroto)

3. Reiji Akaba - Duel 17 to 18 - Win (with Hiroto)

4. Yuto - Duel 22 to 23 - Win (with Hiroto)

5. Yuto - Duel 24 - Lose (flashback)

6. Shun Kurosaki - Duel 27 to 28 - Draw (with Hiroto)

7. Ruri & Shun - Duel 29 - Lose (flashback)

8. Shun Kurosaki - Duel 33 to 34 - Win (with Hiroto)

VOL. 2

1. Sora Perse / Yuya Sakaki - Duel 51 to 52 - TBA (with Hiro)

2. Yugo / Yuto - Duel 53 to 54 - TBA (with Keith)

3. Barrett - Duel 57 - TBA (with Hiro)

4. Obelisk Force - Duel 61 to 62 - TBA (with Hiro)

5. Conan - Duel 63 to 64 - TBA (with Hiro)

Chiaki Katsumoto: Chiaki is a duelist from Duel Academia in the Fusion Dimension. He is also a Fusion Counterpart of Hiroto, who is his Standard Counterpart. He is a serious Duelist who betrayed Academia with his close friend, Chaos Minazuki. Discovering the horrible things his former comrades have done to the Xyz Dimension, Chiaki joins the Resistance, though some are reluctant to let him and Chaos be one of their allies. Wishing to gain the trust of his new comrades, Chiaki fights against the elite Fusion Duelists that discovered their betrayal with Chaos. Now he is in the Standard Dimension to find some comrades to fight against Academia.

English Name: Conan

Voice: Chiaki has the same voice as Ame (older) (Wolf Children/English) and Ash (Pokémon/Japanese)

Personality: Chiaki was an energetic Duelist when he was young and when he was with his wolf family, but changed as he grew older. He was taken by Akaba Leo, causing him to be more serious about Dueling until he realized from a certain person that Dueling is about fun. After discovering the horrible things Academia has done to the Xyz Dimension, Chiaki becomes serious when facing Academia, planning to make them repent for their actions, with making the Professor repent as well for his decisions. He can behave like a wolf, howling like one and having the senses of a wolf.

Appearance: He has sharp brown eyes, that turn into wolf-like pupils, making him see things sharper. He's able to see many things in the dark, like a wolf. He has small fangs like what a wolf pup would have, while most of his teeth are human. He wears a red bandanna on his left wrist, showing that he's part of the Resistance. He wears a Slifer Red uniform with the sleeves torn off to make him look like a feral child. He has black pants and black sleeveless shirt, while wearing black combat boots. He also wears a moon crest pendant, a gift from his wolf family.

Ace Monster:

- Moon Wolf Fusion Dragon

Monster Type User:

- Fusion Monsters

Deck: Chiaki uses the Moon Wolf Deck that was given to him by his wolf parents. He bonds with his cards as he is able to speak to his monsters, similar to the powers Kazuto and Hiroto has. He protects his monsters with his combos like the pack of the wolves protecting the younger ones and the vulnerable ones. He cherishes his cards like he does with his wolf pack.

Effect Monsters:

- Moon Wolf Mage / LIGHT / Spellcaster / LV 3 / ATK: 1000 DEF: 1000

- Moon Wolf Dark Dancer / DARK / Spellcaster / LV 3 / ATK: 800 DEF: 1200

- Moon Wolf Golem / LIGHT / Rock / LV 6 / ATK: 2200 DEF: 2200

- Moon Wolf Kid / LIGHT / Beast-Warrior / LV 2 / ATK: 800 DEF: 800

- Moon Wolf Kid / LIGHT / Beast-Warrior / LV 2 / ATK: 800 DEF: 800

- Moon Wolf Kid / LIGHT / Beast-Warrior / LV 2 / ATK: 800 DEF: 800

- Moon Wolf Sorcerer / LIGHT / Spellcaster / LV 7 / ATK: 2500 DEF: 1700

- Moon Wolf Totem / DARK / Rock / LV 3 / ATK: 1000 DEF: 1000

- Moon Wolf Wish Shield / LIGHT / Beast-Warrior / LV 3 / ATK: 100 DEF: 2100

- Moon Wolf Pup Duo / LIGHT / Beast / LV 1 / ATK: 100 DEF: 100

- Moon Wolf Peace Spirit / LIGHT / Beast / LV 1 / ATK: 0 DEF: 0

Spell Cards:

- Polymerization / Normal

- Polymerization / Normal

- Fusion Recovery / Normal

- Pacifist Supreme Blade / Equip

- Full Moon Fusion / Normal

- Full Moon Draw / Normal

- Howling Cyclone / Quick-Play

- Pot of Greed / Normal

- Monster Reborn / Normal

- Howling Nightmare / Continuous

- Moon Gathering / Normal

Trap Cards:

- Moon Wolf Mother Barrier / Continuous

- Moon Wolf's Tears / Normal

- Moon Blessing / Continuous

- Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light / Continuous

- Draining Shield / Normal

Extra Deck:

Fusion Monsters:

- Moon Wolf Fusion Dragon / DARK / Dragon / LV 7 / Fusion / ATK: 2500 DEF: 2000

- Moon Wolf Savage Blader / DARK / Beast-Warrior / LV 6 / Fusion / ATK: 2400 DEF: 1600

- Moon Wolf Wild Golem / DARK / Rock / LV 7 / Fusion / ATK: 2100 DEF: 3000

- Crescent Wolf Fusion Dragon / LIGHT / Dragon / LV 9 / Fusion / ATK: 3200 DEF: 2800

Duels / Chapter / Outcome:

1. Obelisk Force - Duel 31 - Win

2. Yuto - Duel 31 to 32 - Win

3. Shun Kurosaki - Duel 37 to 38 - Win

4. Obelisk Force - Duel 37 - Win (flashback; with Chaos and Resistance)

5. Kaito Tenjo - Duel 38 - No Result (flashback)

VOL. 2

1. Gina Blake - Duel 49 - TBA

2. Dipper O'rion - Duel 56 - TBA

3. Celina - Duel 62 - TBA

4. Hiro / Keith - Duel 63 to 64 - TBA

5. Dennis McField - Duel 65 to 66 - TBA

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