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Author has written 12 stories for Pokémon.

Because "author has written xx stories for Pokemon" is not very descriptive:

I write mostly gameverse fanfics for generations III, IV (HGSS), and V, though I also have a few mangaverse fanfics (Pokemon Special Yellow arc). I am a retro gamer, and I like retro things.

All of my stories can also be found on AO3, under the same username.

Now I am going to ramble about why I like writing for the media and pairings I do, so if you just want to get to my stories, feel free to start scrolling now.

Writing about games:

If I ever branch out and write about anything other than Pokemon, it is most likely going to be some other video game. I find games to be extremely fertile grounds for fanfiction because by their nature they are usually (with the exception of visual novels) focused on the actual game mechanics. Good mechanics make a game very fun to play, but do not make much of an interesting story. Sure, RPGs have plots, but they are also full of a bunch of repetitive battles in between. Some of them might have very good plots, but at least in the retro games that I tend to play, the plot tends to be a little thin and not as well-developed as in, say, a novel. They usually have all sorts of loose ends, unfinished business, or simply character building that is not filled in. Take an RPG with a large character cast, speculate about how the different characters would interact with each other, and there are almost endless possibilities.

Pairings I like:

Lyra/Lance: To me, Lance is the quintessential "Champion who is also a super nice guy and helps out your character in various ways along the way." He is the first champion to do this, and he does it better than any of the others, coming to your aid when multiple Team Rocket members are about to gang up on you. What young girl wouldn't fall for the mysterious, dashing trainer who comes to her aid like that? It's classic, and that's why it works so well, but it also goes both ways, so there's a lot of mutuality. You help him. He helps you. He is kind and supportive. Perfect situation for a happy relationship grounded in mutual respect.

Silver/Clair: I won't say much about them here, since I explained my concept for this pairing at the end of "Grasping for the Moon," but with Silver's snarky personality, and Clair's tsundere personality, and the fact that they both have an inferiority complex to someone (Silver to Lyra, Clair to Lance), it seems like they would be able to understand each other.

Yellow/Lance (Pokemon Special): Some people might find it odd that I ship Lyra/Lance (gameverse), but I also ship Yellow/Lance (mangaverse). This is because I think of "gameverse Lance" and "mangaverse Lance" as two totally different people, given that their personalities and roles are completely different. (Lance in the games is a kind, supportive, and upright person serving as a role model for society. Lance in the manga is a villain who wants to wipe out humankind because he thinks that pokemon will be better off without any humans around destroying the environment.)

With that said, for the manga, I am really into the Yellow/Lance pairing. I can't speak to how it is in the English translation, but in Japanese, during her battle with him, Yellow calls out his name so many times it is really easy to interpret it as follows:

Even though Red is the person she admires and thinks she likes, she has a huge amount of mental energy going towards Lance (and of course, she really, from the bottom of her heart, only wants him to change his thinking). I could definitely imagine her feelings gradually shifting away from Red and towards Lance simply because he was so much on her mind. On the other hand, there's their very troubled history. (Lance did give her plenty of opportunities to run away, but when she provoked him by pointing out the contradiction in what he was doing, the mental pain of that cognitive dissonance made him lash out in anger; in my interpretation, that is the only reason he tried to kill her. It wasn't a cold-blooded thing, like he wanted to kill her, but it was the heat of the moment.) So, I really feel that it's important when writing these two to try to establish how they could overcome their past and come to be friends, first, before throwing them into a romantic relationship.

I have not read the HGSS arc of PokeSpe, but I have seen Lance's famous line in which he explains why a Team Rocket member disguised as Yellow was able to defeat him, and the word he uses in Japanese has an extremely broad and multifaceted array of meanings. The person who "throws me off balance," "shakes me up," "perturbs me," "makes me lose my composure" the most. Did the writers really intend "intimidates?" Maybe. But there are so many other ways you could interpret this line.

Colress/Rosa: Mainly I am just fascinated by Colress. (Spoilers ahead!) He says all these contradictory things: he hopes that the way to bring out the true potential of pokemon is through the bonds between them and their trainers (PWT). He doesn't care whether the method is cruelty or kindness, he just wants to know which method is most effective (frigate). Then in USUM he is a complete good guy who is helping out the protagonist and says that he despises Ghetsis. What makes this fascinating is that it's entirely possible to interpret these contradictions in a way that is psychologically realistic (people are, after all, full of contradictions). For example, in PWT he claims that he hopes that bonds with traners bring out the potential of pokemon the best . . . but this is just a facade, he is a completely amoral person who just doesn't care (this would contradict with the way he acts in USUM, however). Or, he is trying to pursue scientific objectivity and not be biased . . . but deep down inside, he really hopes that kindness is the best way to bring out the potential of pokemon, and he wants the protagonist to be the one to prove it. (This is the interpretation that I take.) Or, he started out as an amoral person who just wants to know the truth, even if it's cruel . . . but once your character proves that bonds of kindness and respect are the best way, he buys into that philosophy and changes for the better.

I see shipping Colress with Rosa as the logical sequel to shipping N with White/Hilda. After all, N and Colress are very similar characters who fall into very similar patterns. They're both involved with leading Team Plasma, but neither of them is really a bad person deep down inside, and they both leave/disband Team Plasma at the end of the game. So it's a shame there isn't more quality Moonringshipping out there.

Recommended Pokemon fics:

"Nascence" and "Routine," both by Satari-Raine, are by far the best Grantedshipping (Yellow/Lance) I have read, giving Yellow and Lance the time and space they need for a rapprochement and with a lot of very nice phrasing.

"Reciprocity" by Shinaka (on AO3) is another Yellow/Lance fic, which stands out for doing a really excellent job of portraying the lingering emotional issues that Lance has, with anger and rage he has still not let go of, and facing those head-on.

Probably anything by metallicgreen is fantastic, but my favorite by far is "Glassy-Eyed Barbie Doll Monster," a story set in the HGSS universe that plays with the idea of what the characters went through during the change from the GSC universe and their GSC selves to the HGSS universe and characters.

"Little God" by Negrek is just fantastically well-written with great characterization and world-building.

"found a boy in the castle" by orpheus-under-starlight is a really nice slow burn about the relationship between White and N.

"The Scientific Method" by hoenndawn (Dawn_Blossom) (on AO3) is the best Colress/Rosa fic out there. The author is extremely faithful to the actual way that Colress talks in-game, with all the video-game-dialogue-goofiness that entails, while still making the relationship work.

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