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Okay... what to write... I shall fill this in with some random facts about myself...

Today is November 9th, 2004 and I have just finished my first marking period of high school!! I'm fourteen and in my school's marching band (we are the all state champs this year!!! I'm soooooo happy!!! Unbelievably happy!!!! but enough about that). In the marching band I play the flute and eventually want to play the piccolo. Any way about marching band, it takes up a lot of my time. We practice on mondays for three hours, thursdays for three hours, and we have football games on fridays, and THEN we have a competiton on saturday or sunday. So if you expect frequent updates i am very very sorry. for example I have been writing this story and have about four chapters written and havent had time to post even one.

Well since I have revealed to all the weird people who are actually reading this that I am in the marching band,(you're not really weird I read some of the bio's) I have to say something about band camp. We are not perverted, horny, sexually active people that are completely out of control like in the movie American Pie. Band camp is a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Okay im done with that random rant!!! :)

Hmmm. what else to write... ummm..errr... well I have brown hair, and it highlights itself isnt that awesome!!! and I have blue eyes... and freckles... and i'm really pale ((irish people do not tan)).

I have to warn all of you that it is very hard for me to stick with one thing for a long time, so if i ever start a story and its been on a hiatus for about... well forever... just know that i will eventually get back to it.

I am in love with Harry Potter, so if you have a problem with that get in line with the many other people who think that I'm crazy. I have memorized all the sorting hat songs, and will recite them at random moments. I have also started memorizing the books, but that was put on hold because of school work.. who knew that three honors classes could be that much work...!


No Rest For the Weary-- COMING SOON!!! I started this story my freshmen year (( this year )) and I plan to finish it. It is being planned and will be put up soon. It will be a fic about Harry's 6th year!! If you want to email me any ideas please do so!! I'm always open for ideas.