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This is the HeroicStrikeCobra! I'm back and I'm going to coming in swinging. My bio is still the same. I’m a guy, I’m Christian and love God, I’m a fun loving, am willing to get down and dirty to get my FanFiction job done. I have a lot of new crazy ideas that will totally be exciting to show off and let everyone see. Over the past year, I've been building up alot of ideas that will form a big FanFiction universe. I'm willing to get any help on my fan fiction if anyone would like to help by beta reading or just spreading word on my fan fiction.

I’m not good with summaries at times, but this is how my FFU (FanFiction Universe) is going to be set up as. DC and Marvel and fused together, and a lot of anime universes exist in the current one as well. Darkseid is going to be teaming up with some incredible powerful allies, like Vlad Pladmus, The Church of Natural Divine Light, Vilgax and many more powerful allies. After activing a spell that gets rid of all the adults from the planet, a team of ragtag heroes are drawn together to save the world that consist of, Superboy “Connor Kent” (Smallville) Ben Tennyson, Moka Akashiya (Rosario Vampire), Satellizer L. Bridget (Freezing), Takumi Nishigou (Chaos Head), Spiderman “Peter Parker” (Ultimate Spiderman TV series), and Static “Virgil Hawkins” (Static Shock) (They’re the Teen Titans [although they are kinda like the Avengers uncensored, and they are going to be a team that’ll never have been seen before). The team brings back all the adults, however, almost every last adult superhero, including the Avengers, Justice League, Fantastic Four, and many others, have disappeared without a trace. The villains start to run wild, and many teenage and kid heroes will have to step up and protect a universe that they don’t completely understand. Oh, and that’s just on Earth. Wait until the intergalactic war between the Empire and Apokolips, who are fighting for mystical objects from many different anime, cartoon, and TV series (discount Infinity Stones), which brings together characters like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Blue Beetle, Fabia Sheen (Bakugan, look it up), Riddick, a Predator, Simon the Digger, and many more space-based characters together, and they will all rub shoulders once and a while.

Below is a list of Shows, Anime, Comics, and Movies that will be involved in this huge universe.

List of Anime, TV shows, Movies, and Comics in possible FanFiction universe (Changing every minute):

Ben 10 (Original-Ultimate Alien, probably won't go into Omniverse)

Rosario Vampire (Moka is going to be the main character showing up. Moka isn't going to be at the academy anymore, she's going to be living with her father until everything changes)

Smallville (Superboy, the clone of Lex Luther and Clark, is going to be showing up as a key character in the FFU, and he is literally the Superman of the FFU)

Static Shock (Virgil Hawkins is showing up, along with Rubber band Man, and I'm mixing his character in the cartoon series and also the comic series, mixing Virgil's clever wits and scientific mind together. Virgil is going to be a bit like the Amadeus Cho of this universe)

Freezing (Anime, not the temperature, it's cold as Sub Zero's balls outside!!!)

Ultimate Spiderman (TV show, not comic series, and Peter Parker will be like the Tony Stark of the FFU, in more ways than one)

Chaos Head (Anime, I edited a few things in my version of Chaos Head, because the series is going to be incredibly confusing to some readers if things aren't changed around for people who haven't watched the show)

High school DxD (Issei isn’t going to be as big of a part as he is in the DxD series. Akeno and Xenovia, however, will be main characters and will help influence many characters in the FFU, Akeno with Ben Tennyson, and Xenovia with a character being pulled out of the Next Avengers Movie)

Next Avengers (The movie with the little bratty Avengers' children, I'm stealing one of the characters and making them a canon character in the comics, for reasons, so don't judge me)

Arrow (One or two things are going to be changed, Roy Harper will be mainly focused on, however, Diggle, Felicity, Laurel, and even Thea will show up, and Roy Harper may be assembling a little team of Outlaws…Starfire is going to show up, and she may just be his love interest, maybe…maybe)

Heaven's Lost Property (A few characters will show up, but not as the characters they are in the show)

Generator Rex (Just Rex is showing up. He is going to still be in an alternate dimension, like in Heroes United)

Ben 10 Generator Rex, Heroes United (Alpha is showing up once or twice)

Sekirei (Just wait and see)

High school of the Dead (A character is being pulled out of this universe, into the current FFU)

Heroes (Just Heroes, not Heroes Reborn, I can't follow that series...at all!)

Fairy Tail (Think of the Fairy Tail world as this FanFiction world's Asgard. Fairy Tail's world will be the strange and exciting, and a key critical point in the FFU/FanFiction Universe)

Sword Art Online (Not really Kirito and his gang, though they will show up once or twice, but I'll be having a lot of NerveGear references and turning points due to the NerveGear)

Danny Phantom (Starting off, Danny isn't going to have his powers just yet. Think of Danny as the FFU's Antman, kinda. Danny is going to pave his way through the FFU and then he's going to be a big part in helping out several characters in many of the shows that are in this list)

Young Justice (Probably most of the characters showing up will be characters from Invasion, but a few original Team members will be show up...*cough cough* Wally isn't dead...*cough cough* alternate universe)

Dexter's Laboratory (Dexter's back, and he's going to be the FFU's Hank Pym. He's going to be focused mainly on his work and helping other characters in the FFU, however, when huge conflicts arise between different characters, he'll be mostly a fence sitter, not taking any sides, unless he's pushed to having no choices at all)

Jimmy Neutron (Jimmy is going to be the main character showing up in the FFU, and he is going to be very similar to Reed Richards in many ways. He's smart, and he'll be telling everyone how smart he is)

Code Geass (Lelouch VI Britannia is coming in, and he's going to be an adviser to Spiderman in many ways, as close friends with him, as a scientist adviser, and also, when the time calls for it, Partners in a Battle)

Family Guy (Just Brian and Stewie, just these two, I swear)

Johnny Test (Just a few crossover, although Mary Test will be a close friend to Peter Parker)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Just Dr. Eggman)

Dr. Doom (The character Dr. Doom will show up, mainly because he's a great character to develop and have around. He's going to play an important role in the FFU)

The Devil's a Part-Timer (A few characters will show up from the series, and they will be great additions to the FFU)

Deadman's Wonderland (Wait and see)

The Dark Knight Rises (Just Detective Blake, he may just take up the cowl...maybe)

Bakugan (Gundalien Invaders, just one character... only one as a main character... I promise)

Predator (Like Predator, Predator 2, Alien vs Predator, Alien vs Predator "The one that sucks Ass", and Predators. I'm having a Predator as a main character in one of the series that will show up eventually, and it'll be great. I’m going to try to show everyone that a Predator can be incredibly funny)

Tenchi Muyo

Totally Spies (Better than Kim Possible)

Gurren Laggan

Samurai Flamenco (If you don’t know this show, go watch it. Great show, if you’re into Underdog Superhero shows, although it’s kinda a big parody. Take a look at it sometime)

Kill la Kill (Alternate Universe, kinda thing)

Riddick (Just Riddick from the Riddick Series, nothing else probably)

Star Wars (This is going to be a buttload of fun to do. Star Wars has always been such a big sector of my nerd universe. I’m going to be focusing on the Originals, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Luke, Han, and Chewy are going to be a great addition to their addition, and they will influence a lot of many characters and help them on their path to becoming heroes, and they themselves will grow into the heroes we all know they are. Sadly the Force Awakens won’t be included, although I’d love to have Finn [the only Black guy in Star Wars now…besides Nick Fury…I mean Mace Windu]. I’m only including the Originals)

Evil Dead (Ashley is showing up, and he’s going to be great with his boom stick, mechanical arm, and chainsaw hand. It’ll be fun to make and watch him encounter characters like Spiderman, Danny Phantom, and even rub shoulders with a few Titans…speaking of which)

Attack on Titan (Another alternate universe, but the conflicts that will be around may take place with some main characters from the show…a villain maybe…really, no more hints)

Campione (Anime, just go watch it. It’s Ecchi and it’s great)

Many more comic characters, and many more animes may just be around, so get ready.

Main stories I intend on working with, for the time being:

“Teen Titans, The Heroes of Tomorrow”: This follows the story of Spiderman, as he leads a team of rag tag heroes, as they try to live up to the positions of where the Avengers and Justice League were, before all the heroes disappeared. This story will begin will just the characters Ben Tennyson, Spiderman, Moka Akashiya, Superboy, Takumi Nishigou, Satellizer L. Bridget, and Static, working as a team/unit that oversee and protect the entire planet from native and alien threats, taking the place of the Avengers and Justice League. More will join the Titans sooner or later, and these other joining characters will consist of, Roy Harper, Saeko Busujima, Mirajane Strauss, Azari, and many more teenage heroes.

That’s all I have for so far. I hope all of you have a nice day.

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