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Some answers...and more questions...

Someone wrote (For "My Notebook") : "wait is she some old woman who telling a story from her past, or some next-up girl who appeared in Tortall and is now writing a journal to clear her thought and stuff?"

Answer: Im not quite sure what you mean by "next-up", but this is her jurnal. Think of it this way. You found a diary and you started to read it. This is Gwens diary. Or you could think of it as her illistrating/narrating the story for you, but i like to think of it as finding a jurnal not intended for anyone inparticular, but still intreaged to read it.

And Pinky: Sacramento is a city in California. It is in northern cali and it is actually the capital of cali

And you guys are only confusing me more about the color of Nummies magic. Some are saying black w/ sparkles, others black w/ lightning, others just black, all of them saying they are possitive it is right...i dont know what to do. So, just to let u kno, im not trying to copy Nummies magic color, i just think it looks really cool in my mind so yeah...but i love nummie. and george if u couldnt tell.

uhh ok its summer and im working on it, but frist i have to re read otherwise im afraid ill forget something, and screw up. So stay posted, and if u want, and its recomended, re-read MY NOTE BOOK. i mean, if i forget what i wrote, im sure u will too. Im slowly but surly editing all of the chapters so it will all fit in together. And there will be less typing errors also. I HAVE FINNALLY LEARNED THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN " THERE" AND "THEIR" AND ALSO "WHERE" AND "WERE" idont kno how i screwed that one up but earlier i was trying to spell cute as "quite" so u never kno. But i passed english with an A so i got to be pretty good at least.

What i like:



The Immortals...TP realted...need i say more.

Renissance Faire: i love working there. Hope i can do it next year too. (umm update about faire...its not where it was last year. They moved it because something about violating every code they signed...w/e nothing serious, just fire hazards and safty and food hazards...really nothing too bad, but they moved it! How dare they! It has been at Glen Helen my whole life...literaly) Hey, i like the new place, kinda, and i have more friends this year, so happy happy. Yeah, my new friend is Alek and he's supper cool. Im trying to get him inlove with this story too, but he has never read to go about doing this.

The telephone: God knows what i would do if i didn't have the telephone to call Dana four or five times a day ( Not exaguating) (Can't spell)

Zelda: i really do love it.. on N64 at little baby link...i love u

The Marry Gentry Series: I recoment this book, but i warn you people who think the thought of kissing in a book is wrong not to read this. It does a lot more then kissing. you kind of people would be scarred... most likly for life. But for the rest of you mature and/or creepy people who get off on books... i recoment the first book called: A kiss of shadows. it's about the Fey. Very very good series. then read the rest of them.

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Great! Just peachie. I've been dropped into Tortall without a friend in the world. Thank Gods there is George,Elenni,Leo, and the rest of the gang, huh? And I have a question for you, Imaginary Friend, what's going on with all of these death threats?
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