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I can't wait until May I need to start writing again immediately. So, either Miracles Destroy Us or Last Eclipse will be updated by the end of this week. I'm writing it right now... the next chapter for Last Eclipse. The following week I probably won't do anything more than revise the two stories, especially Last Eclipse. That story is a grammatical mess with about twelve possible plot holes. After I edit it, I will feel better about spending time on updating it.

Miracles Destroy Us... I can't wait to write the next chapter... I planned it out, but it will be updated after May 3... which is going to be a terrifying day for me.

And my NEW pet. With HP Set Aside... lots of fun things to do with that one. But it will wait till May 10 or so.

I am in a place where I am finally excited about writing again. Sheesh. It only took me three years... That's what happens when you do not respond to traumatic events in the proper way. And when you are in denial. And when you lose faith in yourself and get major trust issues after being betrayed. Too much random information. Let me move on.

Something cool: The show Most Evil. You should definitely check it out, I think it comes on National Geographic. I have so many of those episodes TIVOed. :)

B4 the 4/08

Ooh... I have been completely gone from lately. Okay. I have to type this in order to fully process my thoughts. Okay. Here it goes.

So, Last Eclipse is definitely my most popular fanfic. It still gets reviews even though I have not updated in years. The world may have ended and been created during that time. We possibly could have been destroyed in a number of fun, bizarre ways: stray asteroid would do it well enough, but that is too quick for our tastes. Slow death and destruction is more like us, so let's embrace global warming with open arms and open hearts.

I have felt icked about finishing the fic. First of all, I would need to do some editing. However, I have been avoiding finishing it simply because I feel that I am incapable of doing so...I have changed over time, and so has my writing. When deciding to end my hiatus, I became full of doubts: what if I update and the chapters of the fic do not seamlessly fit? What if my creative writing is no longer adequate? Procrastination ensued... However, I need a hobby to take my mind off of things that can not be changed. So, onward ho! Expect a chapter this month. I can not promise much for updates this month, simply because I have two huge tests coming up, but after the first week of May, expect more regular updates. Or I will quit this thing all together.

El fin

P.S. I am possibly overdramatic. That's why you love me.

Ah. About this new story, Harry Potter Set Aside... Have faith. I have thought this all out over time and things that are begging for explanation have been taken into consideration and will be explained as the story progresses. Just get ready for the ride. I'm excited about this. So, it is not just a meaningless excuse to have a living Tom. But I can't reveal it now because there would be no reason to do so; at this point in the story, Harry Potter is very confused. But I can promise that there is pretty damn good explanation for Tom's existence, as good as it can get in an AU. Muhahaha. Well, this story should have more regular updates than my poor Last Eclipse. Probably... once a week or every two weeks after the HELL passes in May. Chapters will generally be longer than the first one.

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