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Hey, I'm TCGgirl124, and I've been on fanfiction for a while now. I actually am updating my bio thing, for once. Most of it will be the same, but I did change alot, or I am, but whatever...

GO HERE PEOPLE: Let's bring music back to Fanfiction, alright?

Likes:YuGiOh, and Yugi/Yami.

Dislikes:Anyone who calls me strange for liking YuGiOh, missing an episode of YuGiOh,

Storys:I currently have two stories, and one poem. The Poem is Hikari no Yami, which I'm not sure if it's really related to YuGiOh, but it is Japanese and if you squint really hard you see the yugioh in it! Oh yeah, and for my two stories...

The first one is YuGiOh, Alexa added. It's about a girl (no, my name is NOT Alexa...) who stumbles into the world of YuGiOh. However, according to them (the cartoons) humans are "evil", so that causes everyone, except Yugi, to believe that she too is "evil". Alexa only has twenty four hours before she must return home, but theres a catch. If she returns home, she'll leave her newly found, but only, friend(s?). If she stays, human worlds time will stop... FOREVER!

Now the sequal to this story is The escape from Ancient Egypt. This one is about what happens when Yugi, Yami, and Alexa all get stuck in Ancient Egypt. Will Yami ever learn to trust Alexa, or will her suffering be in vain?

My third story, and my newest, is called The Curse of Tora Island. When all of the YuGiOh cast get's stuck on the cursed Tora Island, will they be able to get home before the curse gets hold of Yugi and Alexa, and possibly forcing them against there loved ones? And will Yami even get a chance to tell Alexa he trusts her? This is now my current story...

Another side-story I have is When Yugi and co. found out They were Cartoons. This is a humorous peice done by me and my friend. This ones a little slow, since we only do it when we are together, but it's still a hilarious read!

Now my final peice is my poem, Hikari no Yami. It's beautiful poem, (my mom honestly thought I didn't write it O.o) and I hope you read and review it!

I also have some random holiday stories. I highly reccamend the Christmas one, it's insanely funny!

Here are some of my favorite quotes!

"Pass the jam, cause these guys are toast!"
Joey Wheeler, Yugioh.

"I'm fighting the earge to shout Bingo."
"Go ahead, I'll laugh."
Tristan Taylor and Duke Develin, Yugioh.

"Don't lose focus, Yugi. Don't lose faith, concentrate!"
YamiYugi to Yugi Motou, Yugioh(I don't know why I like this one, but I am a strange person with a warped sense of humor, at least that's what my mom says :p)

"Some day, I'll fly, some day I'll soar. Some day I'll be so dam much more than my body gives me credit for."
Mike Myer's "Bigger than my Body"(I like this song because I am pretty short compared to most people)

"What you don't have you don't need it now. What you don't know you can fell somehow."
U2's "Beautiful Day"

"I walk up high, as I step to the edge, and I look at my world below. And I laugh to myself, as the tears roll down, Cause it's the world I've come to know,"
The band is Collective soul and the song is called "The world I've come to know"

"March of Flowers, march of Dimes. These are the prisons, these are the crimes. Sound of thunder, sound of gold. Sound of the devil breaking peril(richochet)"
I found out who this guy is too! (I didn't know the other one either)His name is David Bowie, and the song is "Richochet".

"Joey, I don't think you're supposed to cook the candy bars."
"Back off Yuge I know what I'm doin'" Yugi Mutou and Joey Wheeler, YuGiOh.

"I'm six inches tall, wearing a dress, and about to dual my giant friend!" Joey Wheeler, YuGiOh

"Can you tell me the story with the bunny?" Yugi Mutou, YuGiOh: The movie. (What? He just came-to!)

"That's it, that's the last time I drink White-wine spritzer before bedtime for me."
the next day
"Here's your red-wine spritzer sir." Pegasus and Crocket (Pegasus' butler) YuGiOh

"Yugi, Joey..."
"Crocket?" Crocket and Yugi Mutou, YuGiOh!

I like music, can't you tell? I listen to stuff that everyone either doesn't know, like, or care about. I mean don't get me wrong, I love hit music, but I like anything as long as I can dance to it(I dance pretty well if I say so my self). But as long as the lyrics are meaningful, I like it.

Winner Peoples: yamachanismyman (she is an awesome dude, er, dudette. I call everyone dudes _U)lime333 (thanks, lime333! I knew you'd enjoy the last chapter. BFF!) DevilDo1169(You're probably one of my best reviewers! You actually take the time to say things about it! Don't stop!) Yugis Lover Girl(Thanks for the info about Yugi! Like I've said, I'm not going to change my stories just because of a few details! But know we all know, right?)LoneWolfPrincess(I'm glad you enjoy my stories! Please feel free to borrow my idea, just say that you got it from me, ok?)Thank you all for being a great ppls!

And I know any good fans of my writing know Yugi, my little buddy! But, due to recent problems, I have had to not be able to add him. -_-;;; But, he's here!

Yugi- makes an angry face Fanfiction is mean! They deleted your story just cause of a script format!

TCG- I know, but lets be happy that I am still able to type!

Yugi- Ok!

TCG- Well, I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year! I have to go and work on my Fanfiction!

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