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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Okay it has been an eternity since I have last updated Beautiful Stranger, and my full apologies are in the latest chapter, which guess what? I HAVE UPLOADED:-).

Hey whoever you are,

I'm just a girl who just loves X-Men, whether it be the comic, TV show or movie, and who probably has an unhealthy obsession with it, lol. I normally write angst stories, though I do make exceptions. I've also written a trilogy of Lizzie McGuire stories, which I did not write because of my undying love for the show lol, but that it had a pretty good basis for an angst story. So, if you have a problem, query or whatever about my work, just email or review or message me. Anyway I have no idea how you stumbled upon my profile, and Idon't care, but I hope you'd take the time to read my work :-)

So, yeah, simple: review my work. I really love reviews. Even more than Gambit... wait did I write that?

~ Crimson Lipstick ~

I'm considering a clean up of my work. I wasn't too happy that my Lizzie McGuire work , turned into a trilogy, and perhaps I should have included them all together in one piece. But I'm not going to delete them. I may, however, delete, Waiting and perhaps In the End.Just a thought. I don't like them much anymore, and you can see that they are not well written. I feel my angst stories, are my best anyway, and that my romances tend to become too cliche. Even Red, one of my personal favs, I think I may have been able to do better. That's also to mean, that Beautiful Strangert hough whole one of my most successful stories, is not the best I could have done. I'mconsidering a new story soon, but I know I'll have to be better at updating soon, unlike my other works. Well, yeah, that's it. I'll keep you posted when I know, when Chapter 12 of Beautiful Stranger will be up.

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