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Hello again...

Nothing but fluff, fluff and only the best fluff. Not a single thing to offend anyone...but...if you want the good stuff...visit the website...it's all archived there for your continued enjoyment.

Update 6/06/2013 - Just to let my loyal and encouraging fans know that I am now writing in the Beauty and the Beast(CW)2012 fandom, with my first story - The Distance - posted for your entertainment. I've started a new job which, for reasons unexplained, has fired up my writing muse and kept me busy any minute I can sit at the keyboard. The result is another epic in a new fandom, but this has all my usual hallmarks - lashings of romance, a dash on intrigue, a bucket load of action and adventure and the occasional laugh thrown in. It will ultimately be archived at my new website, but for now it is only available here. Cheers.

Update 16/04/2013 - Good news...sort of. I've finally given up on my old hosting service and found myself another. I am creating a fanfiction only website for everything I've written over the past ten years including ALL my Peter Pan (2003) fanfics, ALL my Primeval(2007) stabby fanfics, my one and only Follyfoot fanfic and some, if not all of my Land of the Giants fanfics.


copy and paste this link to be taken to my new site. It's under construction so some links are not active yet, but I'm working on that. The Peter Pan archive is mostly done, with a few stories to add, but there are the ones already archived here on FF.net. Thank you to all of you who have given feedback over the years and continue to enjoy my stories. You are the reason I write.

L x x

Update 11/03/2013 - No word yet on the fanfiction websites for Peter Pan, Primeval etc...and with a new job looming, it might have to take a back seat. In the meantime I am totally invested in the new Beauty and the Beast (2012) tv series - Jay Ryan I know from his work in Sea Patrol, and I've always thought Kristin Kreuk was one of the prettiest women on the small screen (loved her in the early seasons of Smallville)...anyway, if you haven't enjoyed the slow burn of B and the Beast, catch it online and enjoy the tension...wonderful. Cheers for now...L x x x

Update 7/02/2013 - Happy New Year everyone. Still no progress on my websites despite my previous hopes that I would be re-uploading and back online at the time of my last update. My server is still dragging their feet, which is a concern, and I will be sourcing a new server to host the websites in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime thank you for your continuing support and feedback and look forward to posting some more positive news soon. L x x x

Update 23/06/2012 - For readers who want to read more of my stories, there are more archived at my website, but thanks to an inconsiderate hacker, my website has been destroyed and taken offline. I am in the process of rebuilding, but that will take some time. Death to Hackers!!! Make sure you're virus software is up-to-date and surf safe!! L x x x

Update 8/01/2011:- The start of yet another new year, and the finishing of a story long over due. For those that have been asking, and there are many of you, I have finally posted the last chapter of my final Peter Pan (2003) story. This was the last of my epic adventures in Neverland, for the time being. I've loved each and every one of the feedbacks posted on my stories, and tried to reply wherever possible, making friends along the way. I'm working my way through another LOTG story, plus an overdue Primeval story at the moment, both of which will be posted at my website fanfiction archives. The homepage listed above has links to those pages if you're interested. Happy New year to you all and thank you for your encouraging feedback, it is treasured. Cheers...L x x x

Update 24/4/2010:- And here we are in a new year again. My writing has suffered in recent months, from moving house last year, to battling some health issues - in both body and soul. I still hope to get back into my poor stories waiting to be finished, but I can't put a time frame on when, at this stage. I appreciate those that send feedback, and try to reply promptly. I'm proud of the stories I've written to date and often read them for my own enjoyment. I hope to take up writing again soon, but I'm not pressing the issue - when my muse is ready to return she'll let me know. In the meantime, here's hoping the year is going well for you all. Cheers for now...L x x x

Update 19/6/2009: - goodness, how time flies. Still writing, still in the Primeval fandom, although that series has now been cancelled after only 23 episodes(?) or the equivalent of one US season - hell, even Follyfoot lasted longer than that!! They are talking about a movie - in the USA, no less - but we'll wait and see about that. Mind you, killing off most of the core characters might have had something to do with that...just saying!

I'm currently laboring over another epic set in Medieval times for a change, using the characters of Primeval, but setting them within the framework of a Historical Romantic Adventure - sort of the first episode, series one, but with chain mail, forsooth!! LOL It's an exercise and a fun past-time, all rolled up in one, and who wouldn't get a kick out of seeing your favourite characters all Medievalised (the abby_stephen Live Journal even has illustrations!)..anyway, it's useful in distracting me and improving my writing skills, all at the same time. What's not to love?

We're moving house soon, so that will cause chaos for a short time, but hopefully it will be the last move for several years to come. This time we'll have three cats, and probably a dog before too long, so a full house again and all back together. It's been an interesting year, with still more fun stuff to come.

Tootle pip for now. L x x x

Update 9/11/2008:- dear readers, you may have wondered if I will ever, ever, ever update my last Peter Pan story, The Care and Feeding of Flying Boys. The good news is that I have started on the next chapter...the bad news is that 'started' is all I've managed to achieve since my last update in July. My now 17yrold is still living with her now 33yrsold, and just this weekend she took part in the 'Boobs on Bikes' parade in Wellington heads desk...the only plus side was she didn't get her kit off along with the porn stars and hookers, topless on show!! The house is still on the market, we've just had a new government elected, we have rellies from the UK due to stay with us over the New Year, and the court case has stalled spectacularly...so my life is still one long soap opera that you'd never believe if you read about it!! I am eternally grateful to the readers who continue to review my stories, both old and new - your comments inspire to take hope that I will get back into writing, if only to justify you faith in my stories and reward you for your patience. In the meantime, as the year starts to wind down to Christmas, I wish you all a great holiday season to come, and don't give up on me yet...I'm sure my creative muse will return in time. L x x x

Update 7/7/2008:- sigh...if only life was as uncomplicated as we would wish. Instead I have more on my plate than sanity should allow - packing up ready to move house, preparing to spend a week up north to look for a rental, coping with my ex and the ongoing custody battle, nursing my youngest who has the bot, dealing with my eldest and her gammy leg and still shacked up with her 32 yr old, battling my health, gearing up for an MRI, juggling my family politics and praying my computer remains stable after mucking me about the last two weeks with the SP3 update messing up my settings BIG time. Writing has rather taken a back seat, as have many of my fandoms in the half year or so. Haven't read a book in months, haven't put a line down on paper/on screen in weeks and no where near to completing my outstanding writing projects or updating my websites. Ever get the feeling that things are just ever so slightly out of control? Yup...that's me. Chaotic as usual, lurching from one domestic drama to another while balancing chaos and calamity just inches from the precipice of a complete meltdown. Isn't life fun...heads desk...later my friends...and not a bloody word yet about the Murray baby!! gnashes teeth...oh and a huge thank you to those that continue to read and review my stories blows kisses

Update 16/4/2008:- yeah, well...sorry about that. Best laid plans. I've had some difficult stuff to work through in my personal life with my youngest and my ex over custody, and with my eldest and shacking up with an unsuitable partner...in all, the whole lot taking up a great deal of my time and energy over the past few months. Added to that the whole debacle of Primeval S2 and the fate of Stephen Hart - that was heartbreaking. It shunted my battered creative spark into writing fics for Primeval, rather than PP, and that's has continued despite my best efforts to finish Flying Boy. I've started on a new chapter for the story, but having difficulty jumping tracks and getting my head in the game. It will get finished...I just can't promise when...in the meantime I'm consoling myself with shameless comfort fics to keep Stephen alive, well and being loved and appreciated, despite the vendetta against him by the Tim and Adrian...he deserves no less. Now if I could only convince James Murray not to be so darn reclusive my life would be looking up a great deal more!! sigh...being a fangirl is sometimes so difficult.

Update 5/1/2008:- for all my PP fans. I am nearing the end of my Primeval fic, and will begin work on finishing my last PP story - The Care and Feeding of Flying Boys. I'm sorry it's taken far longer than I anticipated for this to be done, but rest assured, your pleas have not fallen on deaf ears - just slightly delayed ones.

Update 1/9/2007:-In addition to my Peter Pan fandom, I'm writing for the ITV series Primeval, which has just finished it's NZ run. I still have a final few chapters to write for my current PP story - The Care and Feeding of Flying Boys - but I've been in a slump and Primeval is providing a creative hiatus until my PP muse returns.

Special Request for My Readers:

On the odd occasion I visit here and re-read my own fiction. On my most recent visit (April 2007) I noticed that bits of text - sometimes just words, other times complete sentences, had been dropped out of chapters, making them - in places - incomprehensible, and making me look like a complete idiot incapable of editing my own work. I would ask that if you find any glaring errors in continuity, word drop-out or sentences that simply make no sense, please let me know. I know I make mistakes - often in using UK spelling instead of US, and my grammar sucks badly sometimes, but I do try and at least make the stories flow and appear understandable.

So please, as a favour, no matter how small you think the error - please email or PM me and I will correct it at once. All I need is the story title and chapter number and a general description of the problem and I'll find it.

Thank you...hugs

In the meantime...take care, and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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aka squeezynz

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