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Name: Olii

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Location: England, North East of.



Labyrinth II: The Second Try - Basically about another person who wishes her baby sister away. The baby is wished away by the main characters little step sister and the main character retrieves her. Its a Jareth/OC ship.

Unfamiliarity - This is a Jack/Elizabeth oneshot. It starts at the end of DMC and basically a very short version of AWE.


Labyrinth III: Not always happily ever after - This is the sequel to LII: TST. Sarah is making a reappearance here and trying to break up our lovely couple.

I'm actually going to do a longer version of Unfamiliarity, or something like it. Have a full blown version of AWE, my way. Well, its an idea at the minute but I'm not sure if it's going to get done or not.

I have an X-Men fic in the works too. Its gonna be based on the films but with twists. Its going to start before the films and end after them.

I have a Star Trek: Voyager fic in the works too. This girl comes from the 21st century and enters in the 4th season and pretty much stays with the crew until they get home and beyond that.

After watching St Trinian's 2007, I've had yet another idea with an OC in the Trinian's universe. I seem to specialise in OC's I;ve noticed. But they are not based on me so I suppose its not too bad. Basically, the OC is going to come in before The Heist in the movie and then continues after that. We'll see the reaction of Annabelle's father to the knock off painting and other things that will give an insight to how I think St Trinian's is. There's also a hockey rematch between St Trinian's and Cheltenham Ladies College which is proving difficult to write. To be honest, I'm not all that sure if I'm going to post it. I might just keep it to myself, but if there are other people wanting St Trinian's fan fiction as much as I do then that woud just be mean. Message me if you like the idea of me posting it.

I also have a Kelly/Annabelle idea. Haven't got a clue on the plot yet, but I from all the cheeky glances and stuff in the film there was obviously something behind that. So yea, not sure when its gonna get written or posted yet.

Well, thats all the ideas I have at the minute. I'll update if I get more.



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A look into Elizabeth’s thoughts after DMC to reuniting with Jack. JxE all the way. Oneshot.
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