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Author has written 2 stories for Power Rangers, Naruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

name: simply call me kuma sama

age 19

gender: male I am firmly male

Quick description: I am a fun nerdy person likes to write play games of all kinds, read quality stories, watch anime, read manga and comics. honestly I can go on for days I am social in general if anyone actually wants to talk fandoms. questions about my work or even requests they want me to write feel free to shoot me a message.

about my work: my main goal is power rangers legends reborn as it is the story I have big plans for but I am a bit of a scatter brain so starting stories may come at random and if people like them they will be continued.

Copy onto your profile if your sick of character bashing:

Sasuke's an emo power obsessed jerk, Sakura is a useless fangirl, Kakashi is a favorites playing pervert, Hermione is an insufferable no it all. These are just a few of the things thar are said and used to take multi dimensional and human like characters and turn them into garbage just to be ridiculed in their own stories.

sakura: was made to be a normal like character. so yes she could be whiney, and yes she focused on the boy she liked, but there was more to her then that there was growth progress she tried to help her team get stronger, and truly be of use but when your team is watered down gods that is easier said then done. She held compassion for her team putting her life on the line to help them when they couldn't help themselves. she deserves respect.

Kakashi is much more than a chronically late porn reading pervert who plays favorites with his students. he is late because he is at the memorial stone grieving the loss of his team, mentor, and father. He reads make out paradise because his sensei was a huge fan of jiraiya's work. he makes those excuses because that is what obito used to do albeit his were real things happening. he trains his teamwork rather then jutsu because had his team worked better together they might still be alive. he trained Sasuke during the chuunin exams because he saw a lot of himself in Sasuke and without his help gaara would have slaughtered Sasuke in the first round (and side note gai sensei, and jiraiya "played favorites" if that's how you call it) Kakashi is a man in mourning trying to honor his team in his own way and protect his gennin squad when his help is needed. he deserves compassion

Sasuke, is much more then simply cold and dismissive. he truly bonded with his team but could not convey those emotions. Neither he nor his clan believed that because they where uchiha they where better then others in fact it was the reverse in their home you needed to be strong just to earn the family name. he never demanded power or walked with a sense of entitlement he trained worked hard and earned the spot of top student above his classmates, but he was never above acknowledging others strength. Yes he turned on his team but there was much more to it then that, first having the curse mark deteriorating his brain a side effect of it, then having his brother cruelly reminding of his need for hatred to avenge his family and showing him said horrific event. then being pushed forward by learning that the most brutal moment of his life was ordered by his village leader. Sasuke has done as much good as bad defeating multiple missing ninjas defeating danzo sacrificing his very life for naruto and offering to do it again against gaara, and sparring him during the valley of the end. he wants to restore his clan and is a character whos true intentions are never so simple, he deserves perspective and understanding

hermoine is so annoying I mean what a book worm and she is so worthless to her team. yes because it is so strange for a girl from an ordinary muggle family to be fascinated with wizards and magic right no normal kid in reality is a magic nerd and would flip if they found out they themselves are wizards. hermoine is a pinnacle character she brings the brain to her team and without her the guys would have been completely screwed way back in book one she is a loyal true friend. she deserves her credit.

even if you disagree with what I say about these four consistently bashed characters few can disagree that bashing characters bogs down good work it is pointless and stupid take the time you write to bring positivity to the fanfiction world make great plots and character development not be a glorified fictional bully please spread the word.

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