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Hmmm... profile. Well... uhhhh... holy crap, I've got nothin. Does holy crap even make sense? Yeah, that's right- it doesn't. Seriously. Think about that one. Even just for a minute.

So... I guess I should tell you I've been writing fanfiction for about 5 years. I've been a nerd sinse like, day one. No joke.

I guess you wanna know some junk about me. Yeah, cuz you're all jerks like that. Wanting to know stuff you don't really care about, I mean. Well... I'm 17, and if the name didn't blatantly give it away, I'm a girl. I live in Neverland's feudal era. In case you're ignorant and don't know (I assume you are...) that's the time of the epic battles between Peter Pan and Micheal Jackson for ownership of the island. Seriously. Pete and the ol' codfish even like, joined forces. But why would I wanna live there? Well, it sure beats the hell out of the Dungeons of Mercury. I swear, you just wanna get a nice summerhome on a distant planet, and the next thing you know you're trespassing and wind up in an underground volcano torture chamber. Honestly.

Some other things... I have this terrible irrational fear of clocks. No kidding. I hate them. I can deal with them if I don't look at them too long. But why do I fear them? A few reasons. First of all, digital clocks with the blinking numbers get jumbled up in my head and after a while I start to see nasty things being directed towards me. Ya know, like death threats. I dunno why, but clocks are out to get me. Second, time consumes people. We're all brainwashed by clocks. Everyone has to plan out these crazy schedules and live by them, according to the clocks demands. Not me, I've wised up to them. Thirdly, time never comes back! Every second goes by, and you get older. I wanna be a Toy 'R Us kid forever... *cries* That, and my left leg is significantly shorter than my right leg for no explained reasoning behind it. I KNOW that crocodile ate a chunk of my leg. And if it's got a taste for Captain Hook, then it's gonna eat me, too! Then ticking is a sign of it coming... When I die, I'm probably not going to hell, but Adonis. That's the cryptic underworld of coffins ruled by clocks. I think I read too many comic books.

So much for a short bio, ne?

Well anyways... I hope to anger and confuse many more of you with... my ways and such. So I guess I'll keep writing. But expect me to ask you a "favor." I dunno what kind yet, but if I tell you to whack a guy, you damn well better do it- you owe me! Wahaha.

Yeah, so if you have any questions, or concerns or anything, give me a shout!

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