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Wow...I havent been to the site in ages O.o Im surprised they kept all of my old stuff and my profile...anyway, my name is Chison, I have finshed my epic Kingdom Hearts fan fic of epic proportions! And now the sequel is in the works, already with chappies! My next grand idea is comming on the horizon, and it will involves SSBM. Dont worry! It wont just be about characters beating the crap out of each other...there will be a epic love story too! And yes epic fight scenes too...which will take me forever to write, but they will (hopefully) be good, and I have not forgotten about the small number of people who like The Boy. Mostly work has taken over my life with College raining down second, and I dont really play FFXI that much anymore...since I have to work to play it XD I have made a proclimation on my blog about all my writing. It deals with lots of my fanficiton and The Boy and all that other good stuff! If you want (semi)daily updates from me, visit:

OKIE DOKIE! I figured it was time to update y'all on what I have been thinking of writing!

Hellsing: I have an idea for a story involving our favorite police girl, and a new member of the Hellsing orginization

Another Kingdom Hearts story: UPDATE! This story is now UP! Its called Kingdom Hearts Forever!(I know Im crazy) but Ive been having this idea formulate in my head for the longest time...and will travel to lots of made up worlds, and some taken from video games...

Finale to War for the Heart: Yep. It will come to a close, and Ive been working on the ending for quite some time now to make it perfect. Dont worry, it will be a happy I cant say the same for Friends in my Heart...

Hm...I guess thats all I have planned right now...if I get lots more ideas, I will place them here or on my livejournal thingy.

UPDATION: As many of you notice, this page has not been updated in years, and the livejournal has not been updated in forever as well. I do not know if I will continue to write fanfiction. If your opinion differs and I should be writing fanfiction, then do not hesitate to drop me a line either here or via Email. As for updates from me, disregard the LiveJournal; I do not update that anymore. My blog page is currently here: Actually disregard this as well. It doesnt get updated either.

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