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Author has written 4 stories for Shakespeare, Sweeney Todd, Sweeney Todd, and A Bugs Life.

2/20/14: As usual, this is taking a lot longer than I expected, but I am still working on it, I promise.

11/4/13: I'm currently writing chapter 4 of my ABL2 sequel. Like I did with ABL2, I probably won't post any of its sequel until it's completely written out (easier to edit when I know how the whole story unfolds).

10/8/13: Well, next Tuesday's going to be the last chapter of ABL2! It's something extra I decided to write at the last second, and I think it will be more satisfying overall.

Although I wasn't planning on it, I also started writing a sequel to my sequel - it takes place about two years after ABL2, and focuses more on Ant Island and the canon cast. However, I don't have an estimated date for when it'll be done, yet. We'll see.

And now my offerings to you:

A Bug's Life 2: Out from Ant Island A Bug's Life Posted 8-20-13

Yes, many years later I post - something completely different! Don't ask why I went from Sweeney Todd to A Bug's Life. Actually, I rediscovered my love for this movie a few years ago, and ended up writing my own idea for a sequel. ABL2: Out from Ant Island takes place a bit more than 16 years after the first movie - in retrospect, the timeline's a little off, because rather than taking place present day as would make sense, ABL2 actually takes place in the future (unless you want to pretend A Bug's Life took place in '97 or earlier, in which case all's right with the world).

The basic idea for this fic was: what if Dot had been the protagonist of A Bug’s Life? Except this idea was transferred to the future generation. It’s no coincidence that Sinny has several Dot-ish traits, including being short for her age, having an Atta-like sister, and not being able to fly. However, instead of outgrowing her physical shortcomings, Sinny's lingered into her teen years (and eventually adulthood).

Midnight: Sweeney Todd Posted 12-26-07

I saw the movie, and some how the fanfic juices began to flow once more.

The Woman, Unrequited: Sweeney Todd Begun 3-06, complete and posted 9-22-06.

(A few notes about this story, as of 9/5/09: as you can tell from the date, this was written pre-movie, and is based solely on seeing a college version that was mimicking the original '79 Broadway production, as well as religiously listening to the 2005 Revival soundtrack. So the characterizations may fall some where in between, and the way the characters and settings physically look are more or less from my imagination. If the layout of the pie shop and barber shop makes no sense (and I'm pretty sure it doesn't), that's my fault. My version of Nellie is heavily influenced by Patti LuPone's performance, but not exclusively, and I can't say for sure if the rest of the characterizations are supposed to be very Revival-ish. I honestly don't remember.)

She wasn’t just going home to the pie shop and the poor, pathetic (if not dreadfully violent) mass of vengeance and improprieties that was her Mr. Todd. This was different, and she wasn’t prepared. For, post-vengeance, what was he now?

This fic received the best reviews I could ever hope for! I thank every single one of you a thousand times over.

"That was amazing. Heartbreaking, moving, shocking, and so very, very violent." Leia Solo

"You really upped the ante of passion, and drama, and horror, from what you'd done before... You definitely deserve a favorite, even as I'm still unsure whether I liked it. Your writing is just that powerful." sakuuya

Incident Behind the Curtain: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Complete and posted 9-28-04.

My first attempt at writing for the theatre, and a one-shot run amok. I guess I couldn’t resist having the first multi-chaptered RGaD fic.

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