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Author has written 9 stories for Wedding Peach, Chrono Cross, Kill Me Kiss Me, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Jade Empire, and King of Fighters.

/As of 11.28.05/

Setsuna: FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO READ MY DOA FIC, and you know you do, go to adultfanfiction.net, and click search. Type in 'TwilightAoi' the author, andthe fic iscalled 'Of Cherry Blossoms and Chocolate Cake.' I promise you, there is nothing really 'adult' about it. It's lime, waff, and Hitomi/Hayate (Ein). Ryu/Ayane near the end, but only the first chapter is up. Second will go on when I get reviews. Please?

/As of 10.21.05/

Aoi: Hey, YOU! Yeah, you, miss, "I'm so awesome because all my friends love my fanfiction!" YOU HAVE ABOUT FORTY UNFINISHED FANFICS, AND YOU'RE WRITING ANOTHER ONE!

Setsuna: -nods.- Uh huh... And I'm almost done. It's a KoF/ Virtua Fighter Crossover, taking place 20 years from now.

Aoi: If it's so great, then how come the main VF character, Setsuna, is such a slut?

Setsuna: So Garnet DOESN'T look like a slut.

Aoi: But... She doesn't...

Setsuna: See? IT WORKS.

Aoi: I don't get it.

Setsuna: It's like a soap opera, so some people won't get it. But it's fun to write. And... I'm also working on it's sequel!

Aoi: Wait. A Minute. Why are you working on this... WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE ONE FINISHED TMM FIC ON HERE!

Setsuna: -shrugs.- Random boredness. Like the VF Big Brother Fic I'm working on.

Aoi: -sweatdrop.- OMG. You are an idiot.

Setsuna: But! I like to write fics.

Aoi: And never finish them.

Setsuna: HEY! I finshed 'Content with Anyone' and 'Nothing's as it seems'.

Aoi: Which sucked, you only got one reviewer on it.

Setsuna: The .hack// one, yes, but the TMM one people loved.

Aoi:Kami-sama, you're concieted.

Setsuna: Shush. I'm a humble fanfic author.

Aoi: Yeah, right.

Setsuna: You're so mean lately.

Aoi: I :heart: you.

Setsuna: I :heart: you too.



Aoi: -sweatdrop.-Weird.

Setsuna:Uh huh. What would you thinkif I saidGohHinogami and AoiUmenokouji would have awesome babies?

Aoi: I would say... "You've been hanging out with Konoko-chan too much".

Setsuna: But... he's my best friend.

Aoi: So...he RP's Goh, and you RP Aoi, and now you want them to have babies? A little suggestive?

Setsuna: HEY! Aoi's name means blue, and Goh's hair is blue! Plus, I have recently discovered that Goh is waaaay hotter than Akira.

Aoi: Nice one.

Setsuna: And Hong Yunsung is fiiiiiine. Mina should go with him.

Aoi: But you're writing a fic about that one too?

Setsuna: -nods.- Uh huh. And one about AmySorel,who hates Isabella Valentine.

Aoi: She is pretty mean.

Setsuna: I read a fic where she poisoned Mina. Ivy, I mean, not Amy. Amy's too cute for that.

Aoi: Indeed.

Setsuna: Heeeeeey... Guess what else?

Aoi: -rolls eyes.- What?

Setsuna: Gaiaonline.com ROCKS!

Aoi: All the clothes are too expensive.

Setsuna: So? My character's so cute.

Aoi: Tell me her name.

Setsuna: Naiya-chi.

Aoi: Okay.

Setsuna: I'm questing a new outfit for her.

Aoi: I see. You likegreen?

Setsuna: Yes. That's why I should have another hikari, and name her 'Midori'.

Aoi: How about... No.

Setsuna: I like purple too. What about... 'Murasaki"?

Aoi: NO!

Setsuna: Kuro, black, then.

Aoi: I'm your hikari. -pouts.-

Setsuna: YAY! We can start a band! Setsuna and the Rainbow!

Aoi: Okay, you're high.

Setsuna: No... I'm in Computer Apps, but i gotta go now.

Aoi: And eat something. Try to delude the drugs in your bloodstream.

Setsuna: No drugs. Caffiene.

Aoi: Oh great. Worse.

Setsuna: BYE!

/As of 10.14.05/

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: You're posting in here AGAIN? It's not a livejournal, ya know.

Setsuna-Chan: Shush, and how come you always get to talk first now...? You're the hikari, I should start!

AoiHC: Okay, you abbreviated my name now, but I asked first!

Setsuna: Okay, I'm posting again to rant about how I cam search for a Sess/Kik fic, and get all the IY/Kik, Sess/Kag fics, which I hate! HELLO! She wants him DEAD! She does not love him anymore!

AoiHC: But... I thought... Like, half your friends are Sess/Kag fans...

Setsuna: So? I hate Kagome with a fiery passion! SHE SHOULD DIE!

AoiHC: Calm down. I see your point... They would be mad at you, maybe?

Setsuna: No, not really, but they would be annoyed with me writing a very short Kikyou/Sesshoumaru fic after I went on about Kikyou/Naraku...

AoiHC: Oh... Okay...

Setsuna: Okay, I have to go now, because it's the end of World History, and I shouldn't be on here anyways! JA MATTA!

/As of 10.13.05/

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: You haven't written in here in forever! And you haven't posted in a while either!

Setsuna-Chan: So...? It's called school, and I just took teh PSAT's yesterday. Damn tests. I probably scored the highest, and I'm gonna get all these letters and crap... And I don't even want to go to college...

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: Huh? Whatever, I don't think anyone really cares. Talk about fanfiction now.

Setsuna-Chan: Saa...? Er, okay, then. I guess I'll be posting soon, and I want to get my KoF Neo-Ikusha New-Fight fic up, and it's all the kids of the KoF'ers, 20 years from now. I have it almost done, and I need to type it.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: LAZY!

Setsuna-Chan: So...? You try going to school, and RPing, AND writing fanfiction! Do you know how hard it is to multi-task like that?

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: Well... maybe if you were paying attention in Algebra I instead of writing fanfiction in class, you wouldn't be taking it as a Sophomore.

Setsuna-Chan: Ouch, good one...

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: AND! You suck at life!

Setsuna-Chan: Waaaaaaah! Someone, love me! -trips, faceplants.-

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: Pathetic.

Setsuna-Chan: You know... -looks up, twitching.- I think my playing fighting games is having an effect on you...

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: MWAHAHAH! SOULS!

Setsuna-Chan: Uh-oh! Er... Don't treat me like a child! Or... Believe in yourself, Ta--Setsuna!

Note, all quotes from the last two lines are property of Namco, ex: Soul Calibur 2

/As of 6.23.05/

Setsuna-chan: Hm, Aoi-Hikari-Chan I should change my penname again.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: Why, and to what, this time? -eyebrow raises.-

Setsuna-chan: I have about FORTY, well, not that many maybe, Tokyo Mew Mew fics up. I should change it to a mew mew name.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: Um, you've done that once before. mint-loving-my-pie-kun, remember?

Setsuna-chan: SO! It's not going to be something stupid and fangirl-esque like that. Duh.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: So, what's it going to be?

Setsuna-chan: Mew Sekkai! -dances.- Sekkai Doku Aikuchi, up!

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: Tell the nice people what that means.

Setsuna-chan: Well, 'Sekkai' means 'Lime' and 'Sekkai Doku Aikuchi' means 'Sekkai Poison Daggers'. Hehehehe... She's got King Cobra.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: You should write a fic.

Setsuna-chan: I know I should, but there are so many OC fics up... Mine'll just look like a poser.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: How can a 'fic be a "poser"?

Setsuna-chan: It just can! Besides, my other snake-girl TMM fic crashed. It was so bad. A ncie idea, but I never followed through. I'm taking it down today. All discontinued like.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: That's nice. You should finish your other fics though.

Mew Kokoa: Am I going to be in the 'fic?

Setsuna-chan: Of course, Kokoa-chan!

Mew Kokoa: Woo hoo!


/As of 6.10.05/

Setsuna-Chan: Um... It seems like everyone's got a hikari but me now... I feel so left out...-cries.-

little voice from nowhere- DON'T CRY GODDAMN IT! I'm your hikari!

Setsuna-Chan: -spazzing out.- Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! THE LITTLE VOICES ARE COMING FOR ME!

Her Hikari: Ok, you want a hikari, and now YOU'RE SCARED OF ME! And, can you please give me a name?

Setsuna-Chan: -sniffles.- Well, ok. You're name is.. -thinks real hard.- Kish.

The REAL Kisshu: That's my name.

Setsuna-Chan: Oh, right. I always manage to make you mad at me. Hikari, your NEW name is... Pai

The REAL Pai: That happens to be my name.

Setsuna-Chan: FINE FINE! Go make out with Minto or something. My Hikari knows that I've got enough fics about that on here.

Minto: Pai!

Setsuna-Chan: -types them all away.-

Her Hikari: Have you picked out a nickname, yet, Setsuna-ChanSanChan?

Setsuna-Chan: You sound like Tohru f-ing Honda. I don't like her.


Setsuna-Chan: Your name is... -drum roll.- DUN DUN NA-NA! It's um... Ami?

Her Hikari: NO IT ISNT! My name is now Aoi. Got it A-oi.

Setsuna-Chan: Ok, Aoi-Hikari-Chan.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: That works too, Setsuna-ChanSanChan.

Setsuna-Chan...Chan: Hey, stfu.

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: You're so mean.

Setsuna-Chan: I love you, Aoi-Hikari-Chan.

K' Dash from King of Fighters APPEARS!

K': I thought you loved me...

Setsuna-Chan: No, I don't. I love myself, which is why this is so long. And my hikari. I LOVE AOI-HIKARI-CHAN!

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: I love you too, SETSUNA-CHAN-SAN-CHAN! -they hug.-

Setsuna-Chan: Oh, and I just happen to love my boyfriend, and Balmung from .hack//

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: Eh... O.o? -sweatdrop.-

Setsuna-Chan: You named yourself after Aoi Umenokouji from Virtua Fighter?

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: So? You named yourself after Sailor Pluto.

Setsuna-Chan: So? And would you stop calling me 'Setsuna-ChanSanChan?'

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: -snifflesnifflecrycrycry.- But... How about Setsuna-ChanChan?

Setsuna-Chan: Like Aisha Clan Clan?

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: We haven't seen that yet.

Setsuna-Chan: So?

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: So?

Setsuna-Chan: SO?@?

Aoi-Hikari-Chan: I 3 you.

Setsuna-Chan: I 3 you too.

Balmung APPEARS!

Setsuna-Chan: It's Balmung!

Balmung: Are you cheating on me!

Setsuna-Chan: -sweatdrop.- With my Hikari? How can I cheat on a fictional character? Geez, my boyfriend would kill me.

Ignore that next part. It's just me babbling.

Ok, this is my original idea. Please do not steal it. I'm going to write a Minto/Berii fic soon, after my Minto/Ryou fic is done. As far as I know, that pairing has not bee written about, and I'm going to do it. So, yeah. Me first, if you please.

hi. i like writing and reading fanfics.Obviously. QueMinXGhoonHahm or KikyoXKouga ones are my fave. But no one writes any decent ones. They're all like 'Kikyo's a ditz and Kouga hooks up with her cause Kagome-chan's taken!' if you like mine, read yoda the tenth's or WindYoukaiYumi's. hers are awesome, and i cannot say that enough! HI SADIE! if my fanfics have no N/A section thing, thats because i wrote it awhile ago, and just uploaded it. sry, but i do acknowledge your reviews. please review. all authors love it. mint and pai fics are currently what im stuck on. have no idea but there aren't a lot of mint or pai fics on this site...so YEAH! RR BTW, All you SeungMinaXKilik fans, Mina would marry Hwang even if her father had to force her to! j/k.
my former account was mint-loving-my-piekun and before that it was setsuna-sailor-pluto or Blinding Eclipse, or Natsumes-gotta-twinblade. Now it's kawaii plushiefetishjust FYI. and if you must email me. email sweet_setsuna_star_rockr14@yahoo.com dont email my other address. i never check it.


Name: Shinjite Setsuna. Setsuna-chan for shorts, or just 'Sets' if I like ya.

Age: What women tells? Just kidding, about 16.

Hair color: Blue black

Eyes: Violet, square glasses with dark blue frames.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: About 120...XP

Likes; Coconut Pocky, anything flavored Pineapple, Chocolate, Cherry Garcia Ben&Jerry's, writing, playing Keyboard, yaoi, yuri, any slash, hentai...Finding new ways to piss people off.

(Only the likes are real in this. And the hair...and height...and age. So, it's half true. I wish the other half was too.)

fave Anime: Tokyo MewMew, Gravitation, MagicKnightRayearth, Tsubasa, Tenipuri (Tennis no Ohjisama, or Prince of Tennis), Kill Me Kiss Me, Othello, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Alice 19th (I just started that one...), FAKE, Wedding Peach, Fruits Basket, Escaflowne, Mars, Oh! My Goddess!...

Fave Games: Any King of Fighters, Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Tekken.

Fave Pairings: MintXPai (TMM, I have about three or four fics about them in the works...)

Kishigo (They're always a minor pairing in my fics)

Keiichiro X Zakuro (Another minor TMM)

King X Person who isn't Ryo (KoF)


Iori/Kasumi (There is one fic on here with hints of that pairing. Delicious.)

Iori/Shingo (Way cute.)

Frei X Mayura (Alice 19th, yet to see this pairing)

Zelphie, Selvine (FF8)

Squinoa, Quifer (More FF8)

Garnet X Amarant (FF9, yet to see.)

Baralai X Paine X Gippal (FFx2)

Ryuichi X Tatsuha (Gravitation)

Misato X Kaji (EVA)

Que Min x Ghoon Hahm (K2)

Daisy X Pluie (WP, I am the only person with this pairing...That means I own it, right?)

Dream Pair (Eiji X Fuji- Tenipuri), Fuji X Tezuka,

I have more...Just bored...

I did nto know that you could actually have threesome pairings... I have thought about it though. My ideas.

Kisshu/Minto/Pai (TMM)

Fuji/Tezuka/Eiji (TeniPuri)


K/King/Rock (OMFG... Sooooooooooo hott.) (King of Fighters)


Hwang/Mina/ Yunsung (Hehehehehe...) (Soul Calibur)

Hwang/Mina/Kilik (SC Again.)

Kilik/Mina/Yunsung (If Hwang wasn't home.)

Keiichiro/Zakuro/Minto (Trying to teach Minto... SO FUNNY! It would be.) (TMM)

Ryou/Ichigo/Kisshu (MWAHA. Kill Masaya.) (TMM)

I am a sick twisted freak.

Favorite Quote: "If you keep on going round and round and round and round like that, you're going to go stupid." - Ryuichi Sakuma-Sama, Gravitation (Owned by Maki Murakami-Sama.)

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