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Author has written 2 stories for Spider-Man, and Mario.

Myrrddin: (Formerly Bakudon)

Current aliases: Myrrddin

D.O.B: 11/28/1990

About me: I pinch...

I am currently in the process of revising the early chapters of OCF. If any major changes are made to actually affect the story, I will postthem in bold below:

-Changing the amount of time Kalliel has been dormant: 1500 years is almost superflouous for upcoming details. Time since the destruction of the Priory is being changed to around 500 years.

Currently I'm working on Omnia Causa Fiunt, which is in fact a Mario story. I honestly should say Luigi, since Mario's only has a minor role. In this story, Luigi discovers an old secret that was buried and carefully hidden for almost half of a millenium.The secret pertains to a Knighthood known as the Priory of Eidolon. This Priory held sway over all ethereal beings and were said to be descended from the very Star Spirits themselves. Anyway, Luigi ends up becoming the first knight in over 500 years and, using a sword special to the knights, he teams up with the survivors who continued to carry the secrets of the Priory in order to destroy an evil as aincient and as powerful as the Stars themselves.

Since a lot of people on and offline have been curious about my influences, I'm happy to reveal. My biggest influence with my writing is Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series, and to a lesser extent, Garth Nix of the Sabriel and Keys to the Kingdom series. I am in love with Jacques' descriptions and his fight scenes are absolutely stunning. Same, too with Nix! Plus, having an over-active imagination helps, too :)

Characters involved: (WARNING, SPOILERS)
-Luigi Mario: Mario's younger brother, the main character of the story. Easy-going, somewhat ghost-paranoid, and a little on edge because of coming to terms with his responsibilities.
-Professor Elvin Gadd: the tiny, near-sighted professor from Luigi's mansion returns as the sort of 'wise-ass old man' for the story.
-Kalliel Drago (OC): The last knight of Eidolon is also Luigi's very distant relative, is also the spirit incarnate of water. Killed in battle by Kamek before he could find an heir for his title, so lay dormant for 1500 years until Luigi opened the book of Eidolon (Ancient handbook for the knights)
-Breaker and Hammer Mucavele (OC): Twin Hammer bros. from Luigi's soccer team, Breaker is naive and immature, Hammer's slightly more reserved, yet just as mischevious.
-Marius Slater (OC): The third member of Luigi's team, close friend and sidekick. Very mature, somewhat distant and can't seem to remember much about himself before he was 12 or so.
-Magnus Windbag (Semi-OC): The king of Iceland from the SMB3 cartoon 'Life's Ruff' though, I have tweaked him a little. He's the hot-headed, stout-hearted King of Iceland and is revealed to be a disciple of Eidolon. Has a connection to Luigi that is unkown at the present.
-Pyewacket (OC): Exhiled prince of the Isla Tortuga yoshi clan. Huge, white-winged and dark-blue-skinned. Sheltered, yet strong individual.
-Maverick (OC): A boo that Luigi finds and raises. Cannot speak. Has shown odd abilities against certain enemies.
-Sigurd (OC): A large Wolf-being that serves King Windbag and seems to be closely connected to Maverick. Cannot speak and bears a star-mark on his forehead.
-Kamek: Revealed to be Evil Incarnate. Main enemy of the story.
-Grym (OC): Eldest of the three manticores, Kamek's personal assistants formed of evil and shadow. Cares deeply for his youngest brother, though doesn't openly show it. Harbors several secrets and has great disdain for his middle brother, Judges, and somewhat for Kamek for reasons not yet disclosed in the story. He is the most cunning and sly, of a thin, flowing build and fluffy mane.
-Judges (OC): Middle of the three manticores. Power-hungry and very easily angered. Holds a great deal of hatred for prey that manages to escape (which doesn't happen very often) and is slowly developing more and more of a strong sense of hatred for Luigi. Is actually formed from two manticores who were currently known as the 'Judges Noctem' Hence why he adopted the name 'Judges.' His original name was Requym. He is the strongest with a powerful, muscular body and shaggy mane and is much, much bigger than his brothers.
-Loky (OC): Youngest of the three, he is naive and often times foolish. He often messes things up because of his over-earger attitude, by sometimes blurting out the wrong thing at the wrong time, or making foolish mistakes. He often rushes things and tends to not think his actions fully through which gets him into trouble more often than it should. He gets on Judges' nerves constantly. He's thin and lithe and is the fastest of the three.
-The Fourth Manticore (OC): Has not been introduced yet in the story.

Story so far...
Act I:
Luigi manages to release the aincient spirit of one Kalliel Drago, a mysterious man who reveals to him that he is from on old line of knights that had existed over 1500 years ago. Luigi at firsts dismisses the ideas that he is the successor to this bizzare, mysterious order that Kalliel speaks of, but accepts it when he recieves a cry (intended for Mario, who at the time was not present) for help from the Tortuga Islands in the South Seas. En route to the islands, Marius, Breaker, and Hammer (Luigi's sidekicks), having stowed away on the ship, prove to be invaluable to him as they encounter a multitude of various obstacles, such as hostile pirates, a deranged, power-mad yoshi shaman, and three shady Manticores, Loky, Judges, and Grym, set upon the island to prevent Luigi from locating the Sword of Lazarus the Bright (Founder of the order, patron star of ghosts) which was rumored to be on the island. Ambushed by the Manticores, Luigi befriends the exhiled prince Pyewacket in time to realize that he must free the yoshi village from the shaman, now possessed by darkness. The shaman, having transformed into an undead dragon, lays waste to the area and a fierce battle ensues and in the midst of it, Luigi manages to summon the water spirit, a magnificent blue water dragon, who is none other than Kalliel himself.
Act II: Luigi returns home to the Mushroom Kingdom to find that his place has been ransacked by the manticores. Gadd discovers that several of the ghost portraits are missing, namely Vincent Van Gore, Bogmire, and King Boo. While Kamek has been revealed to be the main antagonist for the story, his motives behind the thefts of the paintings are unknown. Throuought this time, the entire kingdom is in a positive uproar over the construction of a new sports arena and the advent of the Winter Ball. During the preparations for the Winter Ball in the mushroom kingdom, an official goes missing while Loky attempts to sway King Windbag of Iceland's attention away from the increasing activity in the neighboring kingdom of Darkland. Meanwhile, Luigi is faced with the pressure of having to play a political role in the Winter council, held before the ball each year, now that the Order of Eidolon in making a comeback. Kalliel is granted with a three-day mortality deal and thus accompanies Luigi in his buisiness. The council is not without fireworks and Luigi finds himself with new allies, even after everything is said and done. The ball, goes even worse than the meeting, as the wonderful party is crashed when Bowser, now possessed by Kamek launches a full-scale invasion. Luigi and the gang barely escape with their lives as Kalliel destroys the castle. Luigi realizes that he is not alone, and thus sets out for Iceland with Gadd, Maverick, Marius, Pyewacket and Kalliel, where allies and a safe haven awaits. On the way, the Manticores deliver a cryptic warning for him. It is now that Luigi comes to full grips with his destiny.
Act III: In Progress.

I write epics, by the way. I can't really write one-shots.

Thanks for checking this page,


My Deviantart account is finally up and running :)

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