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Welcome to my page. I am Angel. I have been on here for ages and I love all types of stories, If I don't like something I just stop reading it. I don't like giving bad reviews unless they are constructive for example when someone has awful grammar in a story. If you don't have a beta get someone to read it for you before you publish it here so it then makes more sense. I make spelling errors too so don't worry to much about it as we're all only human at the end of the day! Most of all enjoy writing and reading things as that is where the fun is, much love and hugs Angel x

Fanfiction Pet Peeves

I have seen this on various peoples pages so I see the relevance of it hence why it's on my page now as well.

For me I can't stand people who read your story and then say if only you put X,Y and Z in it then I'd love it! What the hell? I've written it that way because for me it worked like that We don't always have to agree on things but leaving reviews like that is annoying.

If you don't like something say so but don't write reams on every single little thing in my story you didn't like. It's quite annoying.

I like constructive criticism so if I have a spelling or grammar error please tell me as I like getting it right. I am only one person and I miss things too so I do appreciate people telling me this.

Sometimes I write stories which are very different indeed but sometimes it's nice to do that. I then however hate guest reviews that tell me that I've obviously never read the Harry Potter books if I'm writing like this. Why does it not occur to you that actually I have read the books and loved those but this is my own spin on things. They don't always have to be the way you say they do. Also reviewing under a guest name is quite cowardly in my personal opinion.

Someone ordering me to change my pairings in the story or else they will either report me or not read the story is ridiculous. Repeat after me: IF I DO NOT LIKE IT I DO NOT HAVE TO READ IT! It is not rocket science people.

I don't like an usual pairing where the author has not accurately explained why they put X with Y in the first place. Some of these stories can be amazing but if they have not explained the pairing it sucks.

I can't stand people who read the entire story and then write a ream about how they hated it and wished they'd not read it all. No one told you that you had to continue reading it so it's a bit ridiculous to say that.

I don't like crossovers but that's just me

Fanfiction Favourites

I love unusual pairings I would never have thought would work out together especially when they do.

I am a personal fan of characters which annoy me being bashed and getting their just deserts then.

I love stories where someone becomes a reformed character and then makes the story.

I like Ron/Hermione pairings as long as they are not too cheesy and interesting enough to keep me interested.

I love Hermione/Draco pairings personally although I know some people don't like it but that's ok too.

I generally like Hermione being paired with anyone so long as it makes sense to me.

Harry I feel can be paired with anyone and I love these kinds of stories. Having said that I do find it difficult to get into a story where he's been paired with Ginny however that's only because I always thought he'd end up with Hermione and not Ginny which did disappoint me. Sorry to any die hard Harry/Ginny fans it's just not my thing.

I love stories that have surprises in them that you just don't see coming as this makes the story for me.

I seriously admire someone taking a writing risk even if they know it may not work out because that's very brave and gutsy and these people deserve recognition.

I also love it when people are so inspired by what they read here that it makes them want to join and then write there own stories. Well done to all these people.

My personal analysis of or thoughts on various Harry Potter Characters (These are my personal thoughts they don't have to be yours):

Harry: I personally feel that Harry was guilty of at times doing one thing and then saying another. For example in the fifth book he gave out that everyone was simply following everything the Ministry said without question which is ridiculous as he did the same thing with Dumbledore. He may have been annoyed that Dumbledore didn't always tell him everything but he did have a habit of believing everything he said because of who he was. Also I felt he was never really that bothered that he never once got a straight answer to a question he asked. Like in the stories it says he was annoyed about it but I feel he didn't make that much of a fuss about it when push came to shove.

I feel also that to his detriment he was far too trusting of anyone who showed him anything good. I know it was probably due to his years of hell at the Dursley residence but he should not have been so trusting of the Weasley family even if they were good people. He couldn't have been sure they were all good people (i.e. Percy). I don't feel he asked enough questions either. Like he never wondered why he didn't have his own bank key in the first book or why no one ever came for him. He just accepted it as something which just happened to happen to him. I realise that at age eleven he might not say why did no one come for me but I do feel a normal eleven year old might have asked Hagrid why haven't I seen you before now or who are you really? These are normal things. After growing up in that hell I found it personally very unrealistic that he went away with the first stranger who turned up offering him something better. How could he have known Hagrid would not do him harm. Hagrid saying he knew Harry's parents did not mean he was automatically trustworthy however Harry thought it did. I feel also having had nothing all of his life he should have been alarmed at how as soon as Ron found out who he was he kind of expected the sweets and the things on the train to be paid for, for him. Like he says oh you know my mum always forgets I hate corned beef oh dear! Harry then buys him the sweets as he feels sorry for him. I can't help but feel that this is what Ron wanted all along. in the train he also shows that he is willing to believe anything he hears about something new if someone who is part of this world tells him it is. He believes Ron when he says all Slytherin are scum however it later comes out that Peter Pettigrew and Gryffindor betrayed his parents to the dark lord. This should prove that not all Slytherin's are bad but he still seems to think so despite this discovery.

I loved his courage in standing up for what he believed in no matter the consequences as is shown when he refuses to back down in OOTP when questioned about why he lied about the Dark Lord returning. He is adamant he is right which of course he is and I feel this is why he takes Delores' treatment of him to prove that he won't back down. His ability to see what he wants in others is amazing. He sees Ginny's initial hysterics over him and while a normal person would be afraid of it he chooses to think nothing of it. He accepts things to often without questioning anything. He gets a sweater from his new friends mother that he just met once on the train platform and isn't at all nervous about taking it from someone who is essentially a stranger at this stage. I mean when he gets the cloak from someone who hasn't said who they are he immediately wears it not thinking at all that it may be dangerous as Ron has told him how rare they are. At this time common sense goes out the window. It would appear that so happy is he to be getting gifts of any kind he just accepts everything he's ever given without question. How does he know they are not poisoned or charmed? He doesn't. Also his ability to forgive is I think ridiculous. How many times did Ron let him down and he was a but annoyed but still forgave him anyway. Why? Because it was the "right" thing to do? When Ron abandons him during the hunt and then miraculously turns up to drag him from the pond it's like all is forgiven just like that. he was with Hermione all those weeks while she suffered because of Ron's absence and still he learns nothing forgiving him as soon as he returns I am assuming because he did return. I know Ron chose to return when he didn't have to but to forgive him almost immediately is very silly. Also in the fourth film when Ron didn't trust Harry at all which as his best friend he should have (due to petty jealousy) Harry forgave him when he apologised immediately. It was ridiculous. Even in the sixth film when Hermione stops talking to him for a while over the book from Severus he forgives her quite quickly as well. Why? I mean she has no right to get odd with him because he chooses to use a book she doesn't personally like or have. This should not affect how she feels about him but it does which is sad I think.

In the series of films and books Ginny isn't really seen as doing much of anything. She is a wonderful Quidditch player which we get to see and also she is very god at a reducto charm. We see in the second book that she's obsessed with Harry and he eventually saves her life in the chamber of secrets. From then until the sixth film not much is said about her as she is just kind of there. Then suddenly Harry is all over her like a rash which is unrealistic. I mean asides from giving out to him in sixth year about that book Hermione has always been at Harry's side supporting him no matter what. She never abandoned him when he needed her most. They had a much more compatible relationship and I seriously thought they'd end up together but JKR decided he should end up with a nobody obsessed with his status and she should end up with the guy who always bullied and fought with her about everything as well as leaving her when she needed him most.

Ron: Ron I think is a very confused little character. He's grown up having next to nothing and so I think when he meets Harry Potter he thinks that this is his way to owning something of his own for the first time. Initially all he can see is the Boy Who Lived and he can't see beyond that. He doesn't believe Harry when it appears or at least becomes obvious that Harry did not grow up in a good home. At Christmas time when Harry is dumbfounded by having gotten presents Ron thinks he's mental. he can't see that Harry finds this so emotional and shocking as he's never once had a Christmas present. He is often quick to suggest whatever comes straight to his mind without thinking about what he says and how it may affect others. He has shocking table manners and although Hermione tells him this he berates her for it and Harry never once tells him to stop it or that she is right. He doesn't want to study and have success and he tries to get Harry enroll in the more lax courses with him which Harry does because he says he should. His one outstanding achievement is his brilliant skill in playing Wizards Chess.

Ron sees nothing wrong with cutting his ties of communication in the fifth book simply because Dumbledore tells him to. He even says to Harry mate what was i supposed to do I mean it was Dumbledore who told us not to. He can't understand Harry's feelings and thinks it's ridiculous he's upset because he did something Dumbledore asked him. He idolizes Dumbledore and so his death I feel leaves Ron struggling to find his place in the world. He appears to never be certain where his loyalties lie. He backs Harry up when it suits him but then abandons him with the rest of his house when it doesn't suit him. Despite everything Malfoy has done Ron tells Harry in Deathly Hallows to leave him to die in the Room of Requirement. He can't understand why Harry needs to save him and Blaise. He fails to see that obviously because so many unnecessary people have died already that Harry doesn't want to be the reason more people die when they don't need to. Ron hates everything Slytherin and sadly is unable to see past that. I feel that some people in Slytherin are probably fine however jerks like Malfoy tarnish everyone with the same brush in his house so everyone who's not a Slytherin member will unfortunately think they are all like him. Ron accepts Harry a half blood but at times finds it difficult to accept Hermione. He allows his jealousy over the relationship that Harry and Hermione have to hurt them both when he storms out of the tent during the hunt. Hermione calls after him and even then he still leaves. He's not wearing the locket at this point so why then does he still go as it would no longer be influencing him or his actions? He has been Mollycoddled (pardon the pun) too much by his mother who forgives and will always forgive everything he ever does wrong so he can't then understand why this does not happen in the real world. He gets angry when he apolgises to Hermione and she won't forgive immediately as his mother would have. He sees Snape favouring all Slytherin's and although he knows it's wrong he's more pissed off the Minerva doesn't do it with her cubs. He at times acts very spoilt and brattish and fails to see that just because he has grown up with nothing does not mean he cannot achieve great things like everyone else in his family. He also has a habit of using Harry's name to get things which isn't great really.

Hermione: Hermione loves to learn and study and Harry finds meeting her to be a bit strange. He has grown up thinking that to be like this is wrong and here she is being like that all the time and although Ron bullies her for it no one ever gives out to her about it like the Dursley's did with him. She is so obsessed with getting it right and fitting in here like she never did at home that she becomes very overbearing thinking that study is the be all and end all of life when really it isn't. She only realises at the very end of her first year that friendship matters more. Ron doesn't apologize to Hermione for how he treats her but as he is with Harry in the toilets when he saves her she just forgives him like that. She is often often bossy telling everyone what they should be doing all the time and then wonders why she initially has no friends. Part of me often thinks is it any wonder you had no friends acting like that. Ron always puts her down and she always forgives him even when he never apologizes for how he behaves ever. It seems that sorry is the hardest word for Ron. Even after all he does including ruining her Yule Ball night she still forgives him and falls for him as well which is a bit unrealistic given all he's done to her. Then in her sixth year she feels like she should take the plunge and ask him out and all because Harry makes Ron think he's under a spell he goes out with Lavender Brown breaking her heart once again. I felt here that she should have been odd with both of them. Harry for making Ron think he was under a spell when he wasn't and Ron for breaking her heart.

She is a very strong willed feminine who stands up for what she believes which I love. I was shocked when in DH she forgave Ron eventually for abandoning her once again when she needed him the most. Just when I thought her and Harry were finally going to get it together as they should have Ron returns and her attitude is like yes I'm annoyed he's done that but he's back now so you know what I'll go and be with him. They can never stop arguing and are not at all suited to each other really. I personally don't believe she'd realistically do that as anyone would say you had your chance and you blew it so I'm going to Harry now. I mean if anyone deserves her knowledge and affection it would be Harry. After all he's been through he deserves his happy ending. I can't pretend I'm not annoyed he called his kids Albus Severus. It just shows that he blindly followed everything Albus said. Hermione did this too but I think eventually she really reluctantly realised that you know what he's not always right either. Not many others were able to see this. You could tell it broke her heart to come to this realization as she really did love him. I loved her as a character because she was relatable. We've all had our hearts broken at some point and while you seriously felt for her part of you also thought you should have known he wasn't worth it. This is just my opinion of her.

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When Vernon Screws up it affords Harry the opportunity for a better life before Hogwarts which is granted to him. Between inheriting new homes and family members nothing is ever the same for Harry again. Dumbledore/ select Weasley bashing.
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What happens one night when an alarm monitoring the usage of magic performed around muggles goes off in James Bond's office and how does this all impact Harry Potter? Read on to find out what happens as Dumbledore's best laid plans fall flat on their face. Boy will he be shocked when Harry comes to school in ten years time. Select Weasley and Dumbledore bashing.
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Dumbledore leaves Harry at the Dursley's expecting him to be awfully abused by the magic hating family. What did Lily secretly do before her death which changes everything for her son? Will Ron (Harry's friend for the moment) be able to steal from Harry as demanded of him by Dumbledore and Molly. Dumbledore/Ron/Molly bashing.
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Hermione has changed and then realised that everything around her is due to change as well. I really do suck at summaries. This might be a one shot or I might expand it if people wish me to. Let me know what you think of it. Thanks love angeldust889 x
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