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About the Ties of Destiny!

Ok, I guess I should explain to wrap up some confusion some people may have. This story is going to be longer than Harry’s seven years at Hogwarts. This story so far is two parts long. Harry’s school years and then after. Voldemort, obviously will be back but won’t be trying as soon as he does in JK Rowlings story. Harry doesn’t have to fight anyone in his years at school (that could change, but most definitely not for his first four/five years). He is actually going to have some normal years at Hogwarts first, until his senior years at Hogwarts when things start to finally change.
Voldemort is not sticking out of the back of Quirrel’s head, but that will be explained why later during Harry’s first year. That is why I haven’t mentioned the third floor corridor or Quirrel’s stutter because the Philosophers stone is not at Hogwarts so he isn’t possessed. Let’s just say Quirrel didn’t travel this time so he never met Voldemort. You’ll understand it all by the time Harry’s first year is over.
As for Chamber of Secrets, it will still be opened but it’s going to be completely different because Harry won’t be able to get into the Chamber in this story since Voldemort hasn’t attacked him therefore he isn’t a parselmouth. It will be solved in a different way.

I’m still working out Third years plot at the moment, not sure what’s going to happen there yet. So far I’ve just thought of it as an easy going year for Harry. It likely won’t be as long as any of the other years. This could change because I keep getting new idea’s everyday for this story... that’s why I love it so much. It’s the first one I’ve actually had on my mind all the time and why it’s going up so fast.
Fourth year will still be Tri-wizard tournament with the exception of Harry not being entered. But it will still be fun and exciting and the best part? Cedric can’t die! I love that about it because I loved Cedric.
I’m still debating about fifth year and this is another part where your opinion can come in. So far, for the first four years Harry has had the same Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. The only difference is Quirrel isn’t possessed and Moody isn’t an imposter. I am thinking of still putting Umbridge in for a different reason (just because it’s funny having the students torment her) then the Ministry trying to keep Dumbledore and Harry from saying Voldemort is back.

I love Professor Slughorn, so he is still going to be there in Harry’s sixth year, so Professor Snape will likely end up as Defense teacher. And sixth year is likely the year when Voldemort is around, however it hasn’t been decided yet.. Although it’s going to be different from the Half-Blood Prince if he is back.
And for Harry’s seventh year, well Voldemort definitely will be back but Harry will be at school. I have not at the moment worked out seventh year.
That will be the end of part one.

Ok, so I'm sure you are all wondering where I got the Stone idea. I got it from here:

That is a very early draft from the Philosopher's Stone. I read that and got the idea to use Dumbledore telling the Potter's to keep it safe and then they use it, which they felt guilty about doing it.

Part two.
This is when the real war begins, when Harry is out of school. He will know about the Prophecy and the Horcruxes. He will be in danger. The second war is all going to be in the second part of The Ties of Destiny. Plot has not been fully shaped of what will happen yet since I am still working on the first part. But by this time everyone is going to be older and the war could end up lasting for years.

I might do a third part for what happens after the war... haven’t decided yet.

I also haven’t really decided who is going to die and who isn’t. There are some characters I have thought about already, but it isn’t confirmed yet. None of the main characters will die during Harry’s school years unless it is in sixth or seventh. (Although that could change. Right now it isn’t planned.)

That’s all I can say without actually revealing too much, but I didn’t want people going around with the wrong assumptions or have questions about why I haven’t mentioned something that was mentioned in the other books.

The Story of Darla Dursley.

Update, October 8 2007: I am going to finish this story and I am hoping to have the next chapter up soon. I moved when I was writing this story and had no idea where I put the notes that I had made up for this story. I have finally found them and so for the Darla fans, expect a chapter up soon.

Just to point out right away before anyone makes assumptions, Darla will not be a Mary-Sue. She will not be popular, she will not be more powerful than Harry and she also won't be beautiful or extremly smart.

This is a story about if Petunia had a boy and a girl, and it's from the girls point of view. Darla finds out she is a witch a year after her cousin Harry finds out that he is a wizard and is excited but terrified about what will happen with her parents since they aren't too pleased about Harry being a wizard (as you all know) They end up letting her go out of fear that the giant will return...

Just to also let you know, Darla will not be joing Harry on any of his adventures where he rescues people. Everything stays true to the books, except of course Harry had a girl cousin who turns out to be a witch.

The first chapter is the only one from when Darla is nine turning ten, the next will start off where Harry has just fnished a year of school.

Enjoy. I'll make a forum for any questions.

Added details: I want to do one for each year until Harry's sixth and then I don't what I'll do with that. I am hoping that by the time I get Darla's fifth year the last book will be out (if it is indeed coming out this July like everyone wants.) but if it doesn't I'll keep writing from Darla's POV anyway. I do know that Darla won't be joining Harry, so far I am hoping to do her sixth year thats why I'm hoping the book will be out so I'll know if Hogwarts does re-open.

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