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I be Aoi as a reviewer here, aoi_tsuki1 on LJ and Aoi Tsuki on the Anipike forums...not that I prefer those names and am using this one because all acceptable incarnations of those were taken, as with AIM. Oh, no. In any case, I'm an Englishstudent, voracious reader, aspiring writer, and all that rot. I live in Texas but have no accent; I work on and off and have pawned my soul to Bank of America in exchange for higher education. Weep for me, for what am I? (Sorry. Sounded like a riddle there for a sec.)

Age: Late teens, early twenties, I forget

Likes: Horses, dragons, blue, humor, chocolate, Mountain Dew, sleep, randomness, language (so long as it's not too foul)

Dislikes: People who think all Texans ride horses, hypocrites, stupidity in general, lots of work for classes I hate coughalgebracough, involuntary sleep deprivation, poor spelling, long-winded lists

Wants to be when she grows up: A Japanese translator, ideally for a manga company, but any business or perhaps educational freelance work will do

Prefers to go by: Aoi. But my alternate handle works, too. :D (Especially Ik, Ikky or pretty much any variation thereof.)

Mildly Irritated Note: In order to comply with the Super-Secret Lurking Illegality of Teh Ebil Song Lyrics, I've axed song lyrics from Beast in seven chapters. In doing so, I've discovered that the weird bug with combo ? and ! not only ate the ? in said combinations, but killed them in their older forms, too, making most of the earlier chapters' "discussions" sound like Inuyasha and Kags have suddenly become very declarative with their angry questions. Argh.

Also, the random smushing of words is Not My Fault, and while I'm trying to combat it by copy/pasting fully edited text in, anything I have to do in QuickEdit (like fixing smushed words or changing ! to ? on earlier chapters en masse, which I will do later) will re-smush other words or randomly screw up italics, which sucks when one has one's characters think a lot. I am a lazy person, and having to hack back through these chapters in search of raped text is not my idea of a good time. While I appreciate having these bugs pointed out, I'm less enthused about being chastised for my spelling when these mistakes aren't my fault and make me want to chew through my monitor in the first place. Thank you, come again, preferably when I'm done wallowing in Self-Pit-E Lite.

May 8, 2007: ...Woooow. Um. Yeah. Time got away from me. I just needed to get sick multiple times, move, and get treated for depression. Now my groove seems to be slowly returning! I'm going to reread Beast and see about wrapping this sucka up. No ETA yet. (gestures of profuse apology)

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