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Two Writers by the Pen-Names of SnowBaby and OGMonkeyMan who wanted to start posting stories, so that's exactly what they did

About Us

(Oh, by the way if it's Bold it is OGMonkeyMan and if it's Italic then it's me, SnowBaby)

So, you guys are reading this little "About me" section then?


Please try not to scare off the readers with your... Rudeness, please?.

I do whatever I want, to scaring off readers to kicking Hitler in the balls, repeatedly. I can do that, you know; I'm a writer, I can do ANYTHING!

Really now? Let's just get this started then.

Your disappointment in me is palpable...

Name (We are going to go off a list of what we think are your main questions, by the way)

Since this is the internet we are, of course, not going to say our full names, though we will compromise by only revealing our first names. My first name is Emily, though many people shorten it to Emmy or something of the like.

And mine is Ian, though I don't know why you really want to know that, unless you plan to take our identities and TAKE OVER WORLD?!

I can already tell this is going to be an interesting experience...

I'm always interesting, you know that. You ESPECIALLY should know that. Remember the trip to Ohio?

Oh god... Don't remind me of that place, it could literally freeze the fires of hell!

You had to literally put on 5 sweaters... then you went under the blankets.

We watched some good movies though, right?

If you consider overly sweet Disney 'I'm a princess and I have so many problems- Oh god! Screw my country and everything else. I'm in love god damn it' cookie cutter plots good, then yeah we had some AMAZING movie nights!

Then I made you go outside for insulting my childhood movie and you mooned everyone just so you could get back in by way of embarrassing me into submission. Yes, I remember.

Hey, it worked didn't it? I got inside and next to the delicious warmth, meanwhile bystanders got an amazing front seat row to the show that is my ass.

Is every paragraph going to end in you saying some ludicrous comment?

You betcha, sweet cheeks! Wait! I just got what sweet cheeks is referring to! It's butt!

Nice deduction skills Sherlock! I stand in awe of your talent!

Wow, I could FEEL your sarcasm on that one.


Old enough to know better! There is no way in hell we are going to tell the domain of Pedophiles and Perverts (Read as; The Internet) our age!

That's one thing we can agree on, but nevertheless, what I meant for this answer is that we are both over 18 so some of the stories will contain gore, swearing, smut, etc.

Oh, that's what you were talking about. Never mind. But yeah, we're going to have all the fun things and no way are we going to censor, so most stories are going to be Rated M or something like that. So don't worry, you guys will still get your fix of gore, murder, darkness, swearing, and last but most definitely not least, you guys will still get some sexy time in the stories!

How we are going to write the stories themselves

We are going to be alternating on who leads on plot and who writes, for example if one of us is going to be figuring out the events and what happens in general the other is going to get those notes and flesh them out to the actual story and once we're done we both are going to beta read the story. And I should warn you, our taste in literature is miles apart.

So far apart you could fit the whole solar system inside the gap. Serious. Super Sirius. (Get it? *Wink Wink*)

Really? You're going to make a Sirius Black joke? Whatever, let's get to the task at hand. While I prefer mystery, romance, or drama. OG prefers Humor, and horror and those types of things.

No... That was an astronomy joke, you know, Sirius... Like the star? Oh come on, I even talked about the solar system there!

Oh, well then, now I feel like an idiot.

Anyway, getting back on track, REALLY don't get how you like those fluffy love stories by the way.

Be quiet. I'm a girl. I'm allowed to like those things. Which brings us to the next question


I think you can guess what gender we are just by looking at our Pen-Names AND our first names which we revealed earlier.

Most likely. Though some people might just need that extra boost, for the particularly slow people, OG is a male and I'm female.

What she means to say is that for the people who are too stupid to realize all the clues, Snow's a chick and I'm a dude.

How we are arguing when we're writing

Simple, the wonders of Google Docs, we're actually at our own apartments about a couple miles away from each other writing in a document, which we then copy and paste into and proof read in a supported writing program, which we then import onto

All the benefits of talking without actually having to see the person... Or having to walk all the way over. If the internet was a person, I'd most likely end up being the little girl yelling "Notice me, Senpai!"

As he so eloquently put it yes, we love the internet.

I'd make a snide remark to that but it's true, we adore the internet.

(From now on, these topics will be questions asked by other individuals)

Question 1, How do you make it so that your writing looks professional.

Well for one, you need to learn what the hell spell checker is and how to take your hand off of shift and/or take caps lock is...

That was... Obscenely Rude! It's just the first question and you're already being incredibly offensive!

I'm just saying, it was rather annoying to figure what he or she actually said. Should we show them the original writing of the question?

No... But... Why must you be like this?!

Because it's ridiculously fun making you all flustered!You start acting your age instead of some nerdy wordsmith. Hey! That's your new nickname!

Oh god, kill me now!

Hey Nerdy Wordsmith! What are you doing?

Can we get back on track? Please?

Okay, Nerdy Wordsmith!

You're insane...

Just regular insane? Or in the membrane-insane?

Is there a difference?

Yes, one is a mental illness and the other is an amazingly weird 90's song.

One way to make your writing look a little bit more professional is to make sure you have all your paragraph's in a nice and neat order while also checking for any grammar and/or misplaced words or sentences.

Wow... I've just been completely ignored...

Any more thoughts to add to this topic?

Hmm? Oh, yeah. I do!


Use semi colons; they're for smart people! (They really are [Or these little things to, to add a little flavor to your notes!] Those things are for cool people!) Never mix them together though, they could result in a Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey accident!

Why don't you guys suggest more things to ask us? Within reason of course.

I can already see all the questions I'm going to ask with various accounts I've created. So watch out for questions like "What is 36 divided by 0?" or "Why is OGMonkeyMan so much cooler than SnowBaby?" or even "How do you use a tampo-"

e;fownqergu342ipgn29wepiurohenfdoq8wieupgbfh, NOPE! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! SHUT UP!

Wow... That's the first time I've seen you freak out, like literally flip shit up. I think THAT is what you get when you divide 36 by 0. I deserve an award.

I hate you so much.

You know you love me!

You suck.

Ouch, you wound me with your words!


Well, anyway...

Since SnowBaby just left her computer I'm going to be the responsible one (It surprises even myself!) and say goodbye to you all!

Good Bye, and don't forget to suggest questions!

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