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Author has written 3 stories for Kill Bill, V for Vendetta, and Edward Scissorhands.

Well, hello wandering fanfiction reader and writer! Accidentally click on my name, perhaps reliving some old fanfiction nostalgia (the sweetest taboo), or maybe interested in my works and goings on? If you scroll down, you can find the status of my stories and a funny poem. And if you would like to contact me, head over to my Deviantart account and shoot me a note! I respond to everyone! :D

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An Ode To Fanfiction:

I walked longingly across the hall

my destiny was set

I stumbled across an old computer

Bookmarked to

I shrugged and clicked on movies

And read fanfic left to right

And though I'm not one for sequels

Try as hard as I might

I sometimes wish, just sometimes

The story was not the end

That sad endings ended happier

That broken hearts could mend

I wished Nightcrawler was in x-men films

That characters lived instead of died

I wish for more chapters and more scenes

And longer episodes of Adventure Time

I dreamed of completing every tale

And doing originals justice

For who is Edward without Scissorhands?

Or aliens that don't walk among us?

So I made a vow that night

I would turn the wrong things right

I would write a fanfic

For movies comics and books

For when one has an idea

You should never overlook

The power that one word can have

Be they good, or be they bad

My destiny was changed one day

Changed forever, in just one way

So, for now I will write on here

But look out for my books this year

Now I better draw this to a close

I'm running out of words I knows

But remember this lesson that I tell you

Words retain the greatest value

So let your imagination fly

Never let creativeness die

Speak from your heart

As well as your mind

And I think that you will find

Writing can spread the greatest joy

To every girl and every boy

So sit on down

Follow this direction

Open your mind

And write some fanfiction!

Character Guides: Many of my fic's include original characters of mine. Here is where you can find their info if you ever get mixed up!

VertiCut Character Guide

Urchin Rowan: Main character/narrator. A short, dreadlocked street girl with a flying skate-board. She’s jaded and hot tempered, only ever opening up and showing her softer side to those close to her. Urchin is loyal to her friends she also harbors a fondness for robots, something she picked up from her father, a famed robotics scientist. Edward saved her life as a child, and years later, she's decided to return the favor. With a missing father and absent mother, Urchin's only family are her two closest friends, Beck and Tin-Tin, and now, Edward.

Beck: After a drug related train accident in the early spring, Beck's damaged body is coated with scars and filled with robotic prosthetics; his spine is severely augmented and scarred, and his voice sounds like a broken speaker. While he loves Urchin and Tin very much, he is a very jealous and temperamental person. Even quicker to anger than Urchin, he often does or says things he regrets later.

Tin-Tin: The youngest and sweetest of the group, Tin-Tin has grown into a strange sixteen year old. She loves clothes, fashion, hairstyling, and the color pink. She ALSO loves obscure movies/TV shows from the centuries of yesteryear, especially if they have action and gore. Despite her quirks, she’s kind hearted, trusting, and would do absolutely anything for her friends.

Addy: Beck met Addy at a robotics clinic in South Gate, and he quickly became his go to guy for makeshift/illegal biomechanical aids. A hacker, computer/robotics genius, and extreme weirdo, Addy lives in the abandoned theater The Sacrosanct, and is currently trying to figure out what Edward is.

Dwight: A Battle-bot Addy is restoring with some very unique programming. Dwight likes chewing on food for the flavor of it, but often spits it out when it 'stops tasting good'. Also enjoys when there is company, especially Urchin.

Angelo Rowan: Urchin’s father, a famed scientist/engineer. Disappeared when she was eight.

Asimov: Angelo Rowan's robotic assistant and Urchin's best and only friend when she was a child. Was taken away several months before her father disappeared.

Cherry Rowan: Urchin’s mother. Nurse at the hospital in South Gate, she rarely comes home or speaks to Urchin.

Lintu: One of Beck’s half sisters. Was best friends with Tin-Tin years prior to the story, but lost touch when she moved to South Gate to go to hairdressing school. Lintu is sweet and giddy, loves fashion and shopping.

Darla: Beck’s other half sister, used to work for Urchin’s father. It has been discovered that she currently deals Battle-Bots, something neither Beck nor Urchin have taken well.

Gina: Kim's granddaughter, who went up to the mansion and befriended Edward in her teen years in the 21st century. Although she has long been deceased, she had become a successful actress back in her time. Her memory lives on in her films as well as in Edward.

Imogen: The manager of the hair salon VertiCuts and Edward's new boss. Trendy, warm, flirtatious and friendly, not many people are aware she's one of the last licensed robots in the city. It is also revealed that she is owned by the Boggs family and was custom modeled after Gina.

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