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5/6/04: Hello, world!! ^_^ This is NOT serenapadfoot; this is her buddy, Thalia Poet, also known as Lyn-chan!! Since Serena hasn't written herself a biography yet, I took it upon myself to share her life story with you curious fans.

Serena is a blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty. She loves anime and Harry Potter (that's a given!!) and is active in our high school's band, art club, and anime club. She will also be the president of next year's Diversity/Multicultural club. Though she doesn't admit it, she's a born leader.

Of course, we love her to death. She's adorable, funny, and intelligent, and she's a fantastic writer (again, something she won't admit). Her passion is evident in the way she writes...especially her poetry, which I've only had the honor to read a couple of times, but was absolutely b-e-a-utiful!! ^_^

I hope that you guys drop her reviews. I myself have trouble remembering to review stories, just because it's such a hassle, but keep in mind that reviews brighten a person's day. Serena is a fantastic addition to, and once she posts something up, I know you'll agree.

Much love,

P.S.: Hey, Padfoot, it took me all of four tries to guess your password!! *bows deeply* Ahthank you!!

8/12/04: Ok so know I will finally come out of my little box and acually say somethimg. Aduuuu. Anyway hope you like my story. I'm not that good of a typer as you can see but, I have lots of good ideas. Hey lyn-chan, you know me to well...If you guys like my stories, see my favorite authors and read there stories. There so much better than I am, trust me...

P.S.:drop in a reveiw and tell me if I should continue my stories or not...^^

8/21/4: O.o...I guess my stories suck...oh well...Two new digidestine is very bad and I am sorry. I'll try to make it better...

10/2/04:wow, I haven't been on for a while sorry it took me so long to get up the other story but now i think i'll work on THE BAND...sorry about having two different typing styles on the story for new digidestine...i'm not very good with computers i guess. Thanks for reveiws and don't skip out on my friends fanfic stories there way better ^^.

10/28/04: thank you so much for correcting my errors...i did not now that about digidestineD, i feel like a nerd. Thankyou ^_^

10/30/04: once again thank you for all the reviews and i wants tos thanks my friend Thaliapoet for helping me write two new digidestined and thanks for the spelling mistake^_^

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