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Hey everyone, I'm surprised anyone comes here. But since you did; welcome to my profile. I'm Lass, trying to write stories for you to enjoy. I'm still working on my skill, so don't be angry when you hate (one of)my stories; tell me what's wrong, and I'll work on it.

Hidden Truth - A Yu-Gi-Oh story -At home, Serenity is abused by her father. She doesn't want anyone to know, so she tells no one. The same story goes for her crush on a certain Seto Kaiba, who thinks of her as only the sister off the 'mutt'. Over time, his outlook on things change, and he finds out aboutSerenity's home situation. This, however, does not happen before her father manages to hurt her, worse than most times. - FINISHED

Clash for Love - A Yu-Gi-Oh story -This time, the DuelMonsters themselves are the most important. Dark MagicianGirl, or Mystery, is the apprentice ofDark Magician. She finds out just how important he is when she uncovers aplot to kill him, in which his girlfriend is involved. With him being her Master, and the one she secretly loves, she sets to save him. But that's hard, concidering he'drather believe his girlfriend than his apprentice.- INCOMPLETE

Love is Blind - A Yu-Gi-Oh story -While slowly turning blind, Serenity joins her brother Joey when he entersa tournament he later realizes he'd better have passed. Captured in a giant hotel bysomemysterious menthat call themselves the Big 5, she has to find out a way to free everyone before the tournament begins and people will fall prey to these madmen.To do so, she will need all the help she can get, including that of the arrogant Marik Ishtar, who at first thinks she is nothing special. He slowly finds out first impressions aren't always the rightones, especially not when it concerns Serenity Wheeler.And when did the Millennium Itemsbecome so important?- INCOMPLETE

Washing Away The Pretence - AnInuyasha story -Kagome sits in the rain, pondering over everything that has happened to her. While she is there, she is joined by someone she's been getting closer to over time. The young Miko and Sesshoumaru are now friends, although they both secretly love one another. Will they both let go of the masks they show the world and allow the other to see what they're reallylike, or will they find themselves unable to? And when reality slowly fadesaway underneath the pouring rain, willthey finally confess their love?- ONESHOT, FINISHED

Forgiven not Forgotten - AnInuyasha story -When Inuyasha sees his girlfriend, Kagome,hugging his best friend, Miroku, he gets angry. Not knowing, and not wanting to know, the real story, he leaves for a new life, somewhere else. But he returns eventually, where he runs into a past friend, Sango. She wasMiroku's girlfriend when 'it' happened, and he is surprised to find she still is. Through her, he gets in contact with Miroku and, eventually, Kagome. This time he listens, and he finds that the story isn't as simple as he thought it to be. An illness he didn'tnotice and a son he didn't know of make his visit a special one.- ONESHOT, FINISHED

I'm currently working on8 unpublished stories, with equally unfinished names. Since I get stuck on stories, like with Clash for Love and Love is Blind, I want to finish them first before starting to publish. That way, I will be able to update regularly, and they might actually look like they're going somewhere I want them to instead of having plot changes even I can't predict.


"Some people are like they are
because they are like they are
and if they hadn't been like they are
they wouldn't have been like they are"

"If you only pull a face like you meant to do something you did,
even if you didn't mean to, it'll all be okay"

"Over the years, many people'll walk in and out of your heart
but only real friends'll leave footprints"

"I don't know what the Third World War will be fought with,
but the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones"

"You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone"

"If you believe everything you read
better not read"

(More will follow)

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