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Hikari:...You know, I wonder if Bio stands for anything?

Yami: Who knows...Maybe something.

Yin: I know what it is! Bitchy Idiotic Offenders.

Yang: O.O...I don't think Bio stands for that.

Yami: How about, Bananaian Imbecile Onions.

Hikari: Ok...Your was weirder.

Yang: We may never know what it stands for.

Yin: But one day, we will find out!

Yami: Key word there, 'one day'.

Hikari: I know what were suppose to do in a Bio at least.

Yami: Then, we shall start our Bio.


History-Well, likes to read, write, type, and bother Yami. She is the orginal Hikari/light. Her mission in life...Bother the hell out of Yami.
Fav Anime-BB!Ygo, Z.
Fav Game-SSB, LoZ, KH, all Final Fantasy!
Fav Pairing-BBM/R! and K/T! Ygo S/Yy. Z R/V. SSB R/M, R/L, Yl/L. LoZ Dl/L, Dl/S, S/L. KH S/R! FF C/V, C/S, S/V.

History-Not much. Likes to read and write. Always annoyed at Hikari, but loves her anyway.
Favorites are the same as Hikari.

Yin: All you need to know about me is that I hate root beer.

Yang:Rolls eyes: Whatever.


Yin: Recently are internet access was down for a while, so we couldn't do anything.

Yang: We will try to update soon.

Hikari: You are aloud to blame Yami for thinking are computer was a cake and eating it.

Yami: O.O...You're the one who thought of it!

Hikari: Hehe.

Yin: And now a hurricane is hitting us...Woohoo! No school!

Yang: And just two weeks ago a hurricane also hit us.

Hikari: We are working on our fics as we speak.

Yami: Well...We're typing our Bio.

Yin: Speaking of Bio's, I know what it stands for.

Yang: What?

Yin: Bob Is Odd.

Hikari:...Now that's weird. Let me tell you what it stands for. It stands for :Trucks comes by: And that's what it stands for.

Yami: What did it stand for.

Yang: It stands for :Same truck comes by:

Yami: Oh, I see.

Yin:Confused: Uh...What?

Hikari: You people are so helpless.

Yin: I think it stands for Bacon In Ohio.

Yang:...That's weird. Hikari's is much better.

Yin:Cries: But a truck always comes by when you talk about it.

Yami: You cry over the stupidest things.

Hikari: Is stupidest a word?

Yang: Hm, I wonder if it is.

Yami: If it isn't, can I own it.

Yin: I want to own something!

Yang: O.O...Um...No?

Yin: But...:Cries:

Hikari: That's all for the update, seeing as how Yin is being a baby.

Yin: Am not. :Sniffles and throws a teddy bear out the window:

Hikari:Dramatic gasp: HOW DARE YOU! MR. TOOFOO:Runs after the bear:

Yami:Watches Hikari run out window: Uh, don't tell me I have to save her?

Yin: Well, you both do share lives.

Yami:Eyes widen: COME BACK:Runs out window:

Yang:Looks at Yin: You are such a liar.

Yin:Grins: I know.


Yin: Beware...We have grown secret identy names. Buahahahahahahahaha!

Yang: Yes, we have...We will post are names soon...

Hikari: But first...We have to explain about our storys.

Yami: Yes, we are very sorry that we haven't updated.

Yang: We are working on everything right now. We just got internet access back. Woot!

Yin: Yeah...We were alomst done updating, when our lap top got a viris...>.> Stupid viris

Hikari: But no worries!...We have internet back, and we'll be updating really fast.

Yami: Yes, most of our stories are updated..>.> We had to start over on several occasions.

Yin: But none the less!...We almost have our storys...Just need to add a couple of things...

Yang: And we promise you, it will not take this long again for us to update. Now that our lives are back in order, we will update probably every week or so, or even closer.

Hikari: We have come back from the ancient ages.

Yami: Please excuse our absence...We even wrote some other fics...Grins Very intresting other fics...

Yin: For our long wait, we give out moofins and plushies!

Yang: Hands out moofins and points to rack of plushies We have a Riku plushie, a Sora one, a Tyson one,a Kai one, a Max on, a Rei one, a Shuichi one, a Yuki one...And many others that I can't say at the moment. Thinks about other plushies

Yin: Grins And we even have kissable ones! Here are the pairs, TyKa, MaRe, SoRi, ShYu, and others.

Hikari: And they're free...For our long wait to update...

Yami: Have fun with your plushies and moofins.

~~Secret Identity Names~~

Yin: Its just me and Yang...>.> Yami and Hikari left us...Sighs

Yang: Yeah...Now for those names.



Hikari: Nice names...

Yami:..I guess...Ours are better.

Chiori-Chan: Don't you have some poor defenseless Sora to kidnap?

Shikara-Kun: Yeah!...Points to door It's the exit...Use it and leave us you traitors!

Hikari: Cries You hate us!

Chiori-Chan: Aw, sorry Kari-poo...How about this, we'll forgive you for leaving us if you can get a video of...Whispers something in Hikari's ear

Hikari: Grins evily Of course we can!..Now...Oh Sora, Riku...Drags Yami and looks for Sora and Riku and a closet, with camera in hand

Chiori-Chan:...Yay! Bounces in happiness

Shikara-Kun:...You are so easily amuse...

~~Another Update...within 10 minutes of our last one~~

Chiori-Chan: Oi, 'Ello...To all who's reading this. X3, but hello anyways...

Shikara-Kun: >.> You're boring the readers/reviewers.

Chiori-Chan: Oi, I'm sorry...I just wanted to point out that we both liked to roleplay...O.o Actually we're addicted. XD

Shikara-Kun: If you want to roleplay just email us...We do mostly Beyblade and Kingdom Hearts, weither it be yaoi or non yaoi. We play seme and uke...>.> Mostly seme cause everyone wants to be an uke..But thats ok. X3

Chiori-Chan: For Beyblade, the pairings we like are TyKai and MaRe..We really don't mind TyMa or ReKa or anyother pairings...We also love TaBr, Huggles Tala and Bryan plushies Like I said, we roleplay many pairings. X3

Shikara-Kun: For Kingdom Hearts...It's just plain SoRi. ...And of course ClLe or ClSe, or ClSeLe...O.o..Sorry, got carried away there for a second. X3

Chiori-Chan: If you want to do an Oc paired with a charrie, we are sort of good at that...We also play one or more orginals.

Shikara-Kun: Now for the charries we play...Well...We play all. X3..It depends on your choice of charrie. Example, you might like to roleplay as Riku, so we'll roleplay as Sora..Or, you might like to roleplay as Sora, so we'll roleplay as Riku. X3 Simple as that.

Chiori-Chan: You can always ask us if you want to roleplay something different, like Shaman King or Yugioh...If you have any questions or want to roleplay, you can email us.

Shikara-Kun: And here's our email. xo_Kamui_xo@Yahoo.com

Chiori-Chan: We also will post our art from a fic somewhere...But our scanners broken, so we'll post the site to see our picture later.

Shikara-Kun: Now that we're done rambling..At least I think we are, this is all for our updates..for today at least...I hope..

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