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~About Me~

Hello! My name is Leo, I am 18 years old and I love writing. I will typically make anything I write gay and I write stories about every genre. I really love talking to my readers, so feel free to PM me! The most important thing to me write now is my one true love (10 - 18 - 17) and getting a job with a gay visual novel company.

Love, Leo~


Hello, readers! Here are the character slots and the form for my SYOC. This is specifically made to be a short story that will (hopefully) exceed 40K words. My story is a remake of Danganronpa with new characters that have the same titles as the old characters. New deaths, new plot twists, and more! I hope you submit and comment!


  1. All characters must be submitted through PMs. No other submissions will be giving a glance.
  2. No Mary or Gary Stus.
  3. I would like to have a couple in the council, but I will make it. TARO AND TSUBASA'S COUNTERPARTS DO NOT HAVE TO BETOGETHER!!!
  4. Last names/surnames do not have to match the original council member's name. However, they must have the talent I gave. (Bonus points if your character has something as an easter egg.)

Character/Talent Spots:

- Ultimate Animal Trainer (Aiko Umesawa): *Unknown* (PainX65)

- Ultimate Financial Adviser (Asukasei Hino):

- Ultimate Baker (Daiki Kubo):

- Ultimate Caretaker (Karen Kisaragi):

- Ultimate Hairstylist (Kiriko Nishizawa): *Unknown* (liammarklh88)

- Ultimate Lawyer (Kotomi Ikuta): *Unknown* (Protoman32x)

- Ultimate Doll/Plushy Maker (Ryota Someya):

- Ultimate Rock Star (Shoji Yoko): *Unknown* (TheRoseShadow21)

- Ultimate Student Council President (Soshun Murasame): Subo Murasame (Me)

- Ultimate Pyrotechnic (Sosuke Ichino): Kiharu Ochiho (7Xien)

- Ultimate Track-and-Field Athlete (Suzuko Kashiki):

- Ultimate Thespian (Taro Kurashiki): *Unknown* (AcapelTorien)

- Ultimate Pro Wrestler (Tomohiko Goryoku):

- Ultimate Poet (Tsubasa Kamii):


Name: (Doesn't have to share a last name.)

Age: (14-19)






Hope or Despair: (Do they go on a killing spree or do they focus on escaping?)

Favorite Weapon:

Romance?: (If yes, what is there type?)

My OCs Appearing In Stories


~Leo Ruby: "To Give Him The World" by me. (WARNING: Contains gay smut!)


~Astin Luxelle, "Ultimate Teen Idol": "Scrapyard of Talent" by PainX65 (First Appearance: Chapter 2)

~Luna, "Ultimate Luchadora":

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