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I am new to fanfiction, but i really want to improve my writing abilities, especially in english, as it is not my first language. Any constructive critisism is welcome, and you would do me a big favor by telling me if I could phrase something better, or I have mispelled a word.

Personal data... Well, I are the species human, of the male varriant. Okay, seriously, 14-17 years old, male, enjoys: Writing, gaming, helping, fairs and markets, improving oneself, personality. Physical traits: Blonde hair (Though its getting darker and darker as the years go on... guess I will have black hair when i become a grown man), slender build, birthmark above left wrist, right eye slightly larger than left eye (Which makes every photo of me look damn stupid...) and finally... uhh, large ears i guess? Dislikes: I generally don't enjoy reading in books, as I feel games are just more entertaining all around. Violence in general, at least in the real world I would avoid it if possible. Wasps (Swatted one on my neck as a child, thought it was a fly). Jellyfish (Bastards all around. No, 100% sewwious, i hate those guys). Bullies (No, I have never really been bullied, even though there was this one kid that harrased me a bit. He never punched me though, which I did fear he would do over the three years i was stuck with him. Wierd thing was, he was a pretty cool dude outside of school.) Feeling obligated to drink alcohol. (Figures I live in the country that pretty much parties every day of the week) People who use others to get what they want. People that see their girlfriend as just a spouse; here in high shcool it seems like people just pair up to become more popular, in stead of doing it because they really do care for each other. I don't know, I don't want to have a girlfriend just so I can tell others I have a girlfriend, I would want a girlfriend because I would want someone that cared for my wellbeing and accepted my strangeness, and I would really want to show how much someone like that means to me. That would also help me become stronger. I would never go for the hot girl of the class, because she would not see me that way. I would just be someone to please her own needs, and she would break up when some new guy appears. That is just satisfying your lust, not a romance. Well, people who are hot can also have hearts, but if the girl has perfect hair, skin, makeup and such, she is probaly very materialistic. When I am in a relationship, I want to focus on what my partner feels, and not put my own feelings first. Anyway, enough about romance. People who bash others but give no constructive critism, by doing that, you just waste time. Snobby people with low empathy; Some snobby people are not that bad, because you can see they really care for their position and actually put in alot of work, its the spoiled people I dislike.

DREAMS! Being stuck in a void of nothing but video games and the internet gets really tireing. But I do want to move beyond that. I may be on my own for now, but I am older and a lot stronger than I was as a kid. Or at least smarter... But it will be a while before I trust somebody fully again. But for now, I will do my own thing. There has been such a long period of my life where I have had no dreams. Well, i could not pinpoint what I wanted to do with my life, the only thing I knew was that i want to make other people happy. But I came by a question the other day. "What are your most pridefilled moments in your life?" I did not know what my answer was going to be, but then i remembered something. A little asignment, where we each got a random classmates name and had to write their best qualities down so they could read it. I remember I got a rather petite girl with a pony tail. I wrote what I thought, and am hour later my teacher told me how good a job I had done writing about her, and how good my little letter was. That is the most proud i have ever been in my life. My writing cheered someone up and made her very hapy. And in turn, getting that recognition made me happier than I believe I have ever been. I want to become a writer, so I can countinoue to make people happy. I want to write about my thoughts, my beliefs and life lessons I've learned so I can help other people. It may not sound like the most glorious of dreams, but this is the only time in my life where I truly felt like I know what to do with it, and that makes it worth following for me.

I guess my favorite game of all time is... uhhhhh... actually, I can't really say, so here are 4 games i think escpecially high of:

Mass Effect 2
The first game in the series is pretty good, but you need the right mindset and mood to play it. You also need to put faith in the fact that using cover can be incredibly awkward anf finnicky. While the third entry makes combat alot more deep, it misses a lot of opportunities with the characters and character interactions, and its ending is not at all satisfying. Scratch that, its completly unacceptable, even with indoctrination thory. Did you realise that all the new characters you got from Mass Effect 2 are not sqaudmates in the game? Did you ever think about that there are only two squadmates in the series where you get their full stories and the chance to have them in your squad through the trioligy without the need for dlc? And one of them, Tali, was not even planned to be a sqaudmate for the final game. Anyway, Mass Effect 2 is my favorite because everything is so well structured. Every location, every character, the humor and the action. The ending is my absolute favorite part, but I wont say anymore than that. It's one of two games where I decided to play it all the way through it again after I finished it, and I was determined to do it right the second time around.

Tales of Symphonia (PS3)
Hands down my favorite action-RPG. Engaging story, fantastic main characters and good gameplay? Sold! I find that this game has very few major problems. Most of them unfourtunatly spawing from my favorite thing about the game, the affection system. For those unaware, you can make a lot of the game's dialouge change depending on your actions in your playthough. Chosing dialouge options for the main character makes it so that some party members like you more than others, and the one that likes you the most plays a bit bigger part in the story. Basically, you get to choose what charecter gets focused, which is great. Heck, you might end up with a slightly different party than one of your friends, depending on your relationship with a certain readhead, and no, you won't know who that is, as there are two of them in the game. However, one character has an inherently higher affection for the main character than others, which is a pretty stupid design choice... If you had no idea the affection system existed while going through the beginning of the game, you were most likely so nice to this character, making it so you are pretty much stuck with her as the one with highest affection. This also kind of annoys me because its like the developers are saying the right choice to make is choosing this character, when there really is no right choice, and it is up to each player themselves on who they devote their interest to. Something else, if you do know the affection system exists, you will most likely be forced to be a complete bosh'teht to her if you want someone else to be your BFF or love interest. I know there is one point where you can just reject her completly, but still, I feel like a complete douche when I need to do that. I would have liked it much better if I was not forced to reject her affection by either being mean to her through most of the game or completly say I am not interested in spending time alone with her. But i guess thats just how you need to shut down a girl thats obsessed with you that does not interest you. I... guess... I don't claim to be an expert, but you should probaly just say that you are not interested in that way, instead of putting it off so she still has hope for later. Once again, no expert on women, I dont have any personel experience yet. Anyway, this system where your chocies actually matter in the grand scheme of things completly screw over any chance that a sequel to the game could follow up properly from how the game ends, as every playthough can be different, and you would need alternate dialouge for all variations. Not only would you need something compatible with the system (Could be you played on a Gamecube, and sequel was anounced for Wii U with no memory card support) The Mass Effect series carries most choices over between games (all PC games, so it works fine with compatibility. It's a bit of a pain to do it though, as you have to manually put your save file from ME1 to your ME2 folder and then- anyway, this is not Mass Effect, it's Tales) The series does this well, but they do literally have over ten thousand ways your playthorugh differs from others when you reach the third game. Probaly another reason why the squad is so little in that game, as just one squad mate can litterally change a thousand different events slightly. One last note on Symphonia: Shelloyd FTW. Well, thats my preference anyway, you can have the other if you want, thats not up for me to decide. You are awesome if you are like me though.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Have you noticed a pattern? Every game on my list so far has massive amounts of character in them. What can I say, that is what i enjoy most about entertainment media in generel: character. How somebody reacts, how they live their life, what I can learn from them so I myself can apply these traits I find admirable to my own lifestyle, or help me to understand other's. Fire Emblem Awakening is so fantastic when it comes to its characters. I can swear these are real people half of the time, and it makes me all the more motivated to not get them killed in this relentless game. Its war, and people can, and will die if you don't pay attention. People who might have had a wife or husband, or a daughter or son. Its one of those game where i literally twinge in fear when one of my weaker units gets flanked because of a reckless choice. Will she dodge it? please live, live, LIVE. OH N- THANK YOU FOR SAVING HER, WAIT, ANOTHER ONE IS ATTACKING!? I get more absorbed into this game than any other honestly. However, there are a few flaws. You can very easily abuse this game's way of leveling, and make your characters into demi-gods. Sometimes this happens without you even wanting it too, because the only one you know will not die because of that characters strenght will of course be the one you use to fight the most fierce enemies, resulting in your strong character becoming even stronger. Nothing will ever hit Lon'qu, nothing will ever seriously hurt Nowi, nothing could possibly kill Kayle (one of my own characters, wrecks everything), and so on. This removes most strategy and danger from the game, which is something you could never acheive in other Fire Emblem titles. Well you could achieve it to some degree, but you could never go one man army on the enemy. It's not really demi-goding (yes, its a verb now) thats the only problem though, its the fact that techniques like these are so encouraged. Abusing the game will make it so less characters die, simple as that. Thats something everbody can say is good, both the people that see their characters only as their tools, their perfect soldier with just the right stats, and the ones who see these as people as someone you really care for their survival. I am very much one that want to get my guys out alive because I care, and if I have to break the game for that, I will do it. This can quikly lead to your emotional investment in battle diminishing, as you can't lose. I usually avoid this by doing what I did my first playthrough, split off my characters that work very well together and then pair them up with somebody else, where they have to build teamwork up from the beginner level. Be aware though, this makes it so your characters are very vournarable for the most part, making it feel like a traditional Fire emblem game. One other problem is enemy reinforcements. "Hey you guys! Reinforcements are going to come in a few turns, and I will not say where they will appear and what type of enemy they are! Whats that? A wywern rider that can move eight spaces appeared and instantly got to move, permenantly killing of one of your beloved units? Better restart the chapter and wait fifteen minutes to get to the point where you were before!" It really sucks when that happens. Before I end this, I have to say I love this Fire Emblem for putting so much focus on marriage this time around. This is also great because you can make your own character in this game, and you can get him/her married! :D Also, I will recommend not marrying before you have seen the majority of the characters. I married very early in my first playthrough, and wound up sorta regretting it as there is a character that showed up that I liked more than my wife. Dont marry to early kids! See the world and try dating more than one woman before deciding she has to be the one! Well, thats what I am going to do anyway, when I get around to it.

Kid Icarus Uprising

Breaking the pattern slightly with this one, as your actions in this game does not really change alot about the characters and their dialouge. But thats not really needed all the time, I'm just saying i tend to gravitate to those kind of games more than others. Enough about that, Uprising. Uprising has a very good sense of humor (understatement) with incredible gameplay variation. The game itself is very enjoyable to play, but what is truly astounding is the sheer variety of weapons and customization present here. Not only do you have all these types, claws, bows, cannons, staffs and so much more, but they all have stats too! Almost every single weapon is unique, and they are all divided into types, but different weapons also play different roles. It's kinda like Pokémon. You even trade these weapons with others to get the ones you want. Huh. While i focused a lot on the characters in the last game, and talked so much about how much I liked how my decisions changed the characters' outcomes, its hard to argue that this approach to show character is also fantastic. I have no large impact on them, but they interract so well and in such a comedic way that all I have to do is kick back and laugh. Kid Icarus is very much a roller coaster ride; fast action and a very profound feeling of fun, but can also be intense at points. And badass, but somehow lame too, like you know its just a rollercoaster, and the theme of the rollercoaster is way to dramatic considering what is really to us, but you know it's done on purpose. Is it worth getting a 3DS if this game was the only thing on it? Heck yeah it would, but thats not the case as there is also Fire Emblem, Mario and Luigi, and even a port of Tales of the Abyss on there as well. And thats really just the surface of good games for the system.

I will be gone for a while. I will be working on my next project while I am out, which will be taking place in a world of an anime i used to watch. I don't really know how big I will make it, but it won't be a one shot this time around. I will try to make really good stand alone characters. I am going to give it my all!

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