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Poll: Now I'm not promising anything, but if I were to write a new fanfic, what are you most interested in? Please see my profile for more details on each idea. Vote Now!
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Author has written 3 stories for Pride and Prejudice, and Kingdom Hearts.

Random Tidbits

Name: You can call me Trixie... it may or may not be my name, but that's what ya get

Gender: female (flirt away, guys ;P )

Age: Old enough to drink legally

For those of you looking for that Chopsticks Youtube I mentioned in chapter 16 of ItOYLtH, look no further! Click here.

What's next?

So I recently completed I'm the One You Love to Hate, my Pride & Prejudice fanfic. I'm sure some of you are wondering what's next? Well, that's actually not really a simple question, because there is so much I want to do and I can't decide! Now you may be asking, what are the things I want to do? Well:

1. I had always toyed with the idea of making a short, followup story to I'm the One You Love to Hate. Not a prologue, I never was a big fan of prologues, so I'm not going to write one. But since the story is in Liz's point of view, I've had a few requests to see the story from Will's point of view as well. So this second story would NOT be a complete re-hash of the first story, but just kind of a few key points from Will's point of view. I think it would be interesting. However, I've already spent over 4 years on the main story, I'm a little reluctant to spend more time on this followup story. On the other hand, it would probably be fairly short, so I wouldn't end up spending too much time on it. So I'm torn.

2. As I progressed through the story, I got several ideas for other Pride and Prejudice fanfics I wanted to write. I never started any because I just wanted to focus on my current story to make sure it got done, instead of working on multiple stories and maybe abandoning one for the other. So I've just been storing the ideas in the back of my head. I have at least four that have stuck with me.

-One I wrote about a long time ago in one of my author's notes in ItOYLtH, I didn't give away any details, just that I was really excited about it and that it was really weird. I'm still excited about it, and I'm sure people would still find it weird, especially since I've skimmed through the other stories in the Pride and Prejudice fanfic section often and have yet to find a story idea close to it. I still don't want to write a summary of my idea, because I would like it to be a surprise if I ever did write it. Besides, I could never accurately sum it up into a few sentences, its better to surprise you then to confuse you with a vague description.

-But like I said, I had three other ideas for modern PP fanfics, not nearly as weird, but still a lot of fun and I have no problem of giving a one sentence description of each. One was where Liz joined a finishing school run by Carolyn and Miss De Bourgh - not that Liz is the finishing school type of girl, which would lead to lots of fun and mayhem. It would also be kind of a story about Liz discovering who she is as a person... I don't know, maybe it sounds a little lame, but trust me, I have such plans for that story that it would be a LOT of fun, and I've only given you a taste of what I have in store for it, you don't know the half of it yet.

-The other two ideas I had I am less excited about than my first two but I still like them, and they would just be purely goofy, but that's me, I'm just a little goofy. One would be me cramming the entire Pride n' Prejudice story into one, high school prom night. I got the idea from another PP fic I was reading while ago. When I started reading this other fic, I thought that's what they were trying to do - cram the entire story into one party, which I thought was going to be a cool idea. But then it ended up not doing that, so I wanted to do it :D

-And the final idea was... you know how in a lot of fanfics, Liz is reading PP while experiencing the story herself, but just doesn't seem to realize the similarities between the story and her own life? Heck, I'm guilty of that in my own story. Well, I was toying with the idea of writing a fanfic where she was reading the novel, and she was aware of how closely it reflected her life currently. So much so, that she would be convinced it was a magical book that was telling the future. I know, its silly, but again I think it would be a fun idea.

So those are some of my ideas, I don't know, maybe I'll put up a poll to see what you guys are most interested in. Though it may not be totally fair, because there is still my mystery idea that you guys know nothing about, but may be the best option of the bunch! Hm, guess we'll see.

3. You may have noticed while looking at my profile, I have another fanfic that I worked on a really long time ago, but never finished. A Kingdom Hearts fanfic. I still have pretty much the entire story planned out, so I might finally get around to finishing it. However, while I will always love Kingdom Hearts, I'm just not really feeling writing a fanfic for it at this time. Maybe thats more something to keep in mind for the future.

4. I have my own ideas for my own stories too, not just fanfics. It would be nice to get started on those and maybe see if one day I could get published. I've always wondered a bit if I could get ItOYLtH published, since there are so many other stories out their published based on PP, or modern movies based on The Taming of the Shrew and Emma, and you know, similar ideas. But I wouldn't know where to begin with getting something based on PP published, and I'm not even sure if ItOYLtH is good enough to be published. Don't get me wrong, I'll forever have a a special place in my heart for it, but I did start it a really long time ago, and my writing has improved since then. But anyway, that was a tangent, back to the main point, I would really like to get started on my own stories and ideas, not just keep working off of other people's ideas. I would love to keep working on my fanfics, especially the ones I described above, but it would delay me working on my own stories as well. Once again, I am torn.

Sooooooo, yah, that covers most of the stuff I want to devote my time to now. I'm still undecided as to what I will finally do. Maybe I'll work on a little bit of everything, but it would be nice to just select one thing and get a lot of it done, instead of getting a little progress done on everything. I don't know... like i said, I might put up that poll, and I'll keep an eye on my reviews to see if anyone sways me ;) But hopefully I'll figure it out soon!

P.S. - Okay, so I have decided I will definitely be writing again, and you may see another pp fanfic, its just a question of when - you know me and my slow writing. I have put up a poll now, you can find it at the top of my profile. If you have any opinion, please feel free to let me know :) However, fair warning, I think I've already decided which one I want to go for, so unless I see overwhelming request for another one, its probably been decided. Hugs and kisses to you all!


I'm the One You Love to Hate: Modern Pride and Prejudice fanfic. 28 chapters posted. COMPLETE!

Nowhere Land : Kingdom Hearts fanfic AxelxAlice. 5 chapters complete. Estimating a length of about 20 chapters. On Hold Indefinitely.

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