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Author has written 11 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Rurouni Kenshin.
10/3/04: CURRENTLY ON SABBATICAL--which simply means I'm way too busy to write at the moment. Hopefully I'll update sometime before January, but it's the worse-case scenario...Thank you all for your support!


Tru here. Glad you've decided to look through my fics.

My second fanfic account is Amanogawa Tsuyu. It's a green account, so don't expect much from there yet...but I'll probably move little by little over to the account.

Literary Qualities:

-I'm a Megumi/Aoshi writer, although I do like Sanosuke/Megumi fics in small waffy quantities, and I delved into Seto/Mai fics in the past.

-I have a penchant for writing long, complex, lyrical sentences; wish I could write in concise, crisp but decriptive sentences; and still have yet to decide on and develop an unique writing style.

-main gripe: when people don't pay attention to their grammar and spelling, especially the names of characters (it's Megumi, NOT Megami, Kaoru NOT Koaru).

-obsessions: neat margins and tabbed paragraphs, which always manages to mess up during uploading.

-literary aspirations: to actually sit down and write a publishable novel sometime, but my muses have yet to hit me on the head with a good plot. I always get ideas, but never a good plot. :(

-literary inspirations:
British writers:
Oscar Wilde
Jane Austen
Douglas Adams
J.R.R. Tolkien
C.S. Lewis
Shakespeare (Hamlet's the best...)
Asian writers:
Julie Otsuka
Amy Tan (After all, I am Chinese)
Modern writers:
Ayn Rand.

-Anime/Fanfiction: In order of discovery
Dragonball Z/GT (pretty much abandoned)
Gundam Wing (highly superficial interest)
Yu-Gi-Oh (pretty much abandoned)
Rurouni Kenshin (*permanent dwelling* ^_^)
Inuyasha (semi-permanent dwelling)

Rurouni Kenshin is definitely my homebase. That's the mark of a great anime; even if you find other newer, interesting animes, you always go back to it.

-Anime Character Quality Favorites: I love deep, developed characters, and often these characters have hardships and angst that they have overcome in their past.

For this reason, Takani Megumi and Shinomori Aoshi are my favorite RK characters. They've got so many layers, and a wonderfully stormy background (which include each other). And in the same way, I enjoy watching/reading about Kagura, Sesshoumaru, and Kikyo.

-Anime Character Qualities I Dislike: I do not like flat characters like Misao and Kaoru, while interesting, are not as complex as the others. They don't change very much during the show. Perhaps they're too young, perhaps they're too happy and naive (or immature) for me. I don't know. But even in the "happy" stories, I find it extremely hard to write for them because they're so flat.

I can use them for slapstick, for humor, for those "hey, get happy despite the situation" parts, but not much else. Which is really strange, since I act more like Misao and Kaoru than Megumi. But I think it's because I think and feel more like Megumi.

Character pairings explanations:

On the other hand, I have no problem pairing Kenshin and Kaoru together. I guess I feel that Kenshin needs someone as naive and perpetually cheerful like Kaoru to bring him away from his past.

However, I can't stand Misao and Aoshi as a pairing. In my opinion, Misao is too chirpy and too immature and too young for Aoshi. He needs someone who understands suffering and has overcome it to bring him out of his isolation. Besides, in all the anime and manga, I feel that he feels that she is more of a sister, daughter even.

His main concern with her, I believe, is admitting that she has grown up, letting her go, and knowing that she can protect herself now; a more fatherly role, not, as many Misao/Aoshi fans believe, a romantic role, that is, admitting that she has grown up and falling in love with her.

I believe that Shinomori Aoshi needs someone as complex as he is, as mature, as deep, but someone who displays the fire and passion that he himself does not know how to show. That, my friends, would be Takani Megumi.

Plus, they're both beautiful, to boot. ;)

Aoshi/Megumi lovers, check out this awesome site!

10/3/04: CURRENTLY ON SABBATICAL--which simply means I'm way too busy to write at the moment. Hopefully I'll update sometime before January, but it's the worse-case scenario...Thank you all for your support!


Mostly Megumi/Aoshi inspired fics, though I may (keyword: MAY) throw in a Mai/Seto one shot in here or there. Probably not though.

*NEW* Carousel STATUS: Brainstorm, writing

Rurouni Kenshin in modern times, with a focus on Megumi and Aoshi. Will they get it right this time around? Or will history keep repeating itself?

*NEW* Dulce et Decorum Est STATUS: Brainstorm, writing

Megumi promised that she would never kill again. But one dark night and one flashing blade later, one man's blood is directly spilled by her hands. Now, not even Kenshin can save her from spiralling in her suicidal depression, and the only man who can save her is still trying to fight off demons of his own...Aoshi/Megumi

"Douwasure: To Forget": STATUS: Brainstorm, semi-onhold

Douwasure: lapse of memory
This fic focuses on Shinomori Aoshi, his shadowed childhood and youth, and that which made him what he is today.
Who were his parents? Where did he meet his four loyal Oniwabanshuu? How did he inspire such loyalty in them? Why did he take in Misao? And most importantly, what was his dealings with Takani Megumi?

Part of a two-part series: "To Forget" (the shadowed past)and "To Remember" (the healing future).

"Being Shinomori Aoshi": STATUS: Brainstorm

What would you do if you could see the world through Aoshi's eyes? Literally? When the Oniwabanshuu and the Kenshin-gumi find a secret trap hole in the Aoiya that leads to Aoshi's mind, all chaos erupts...

"Once Upon A Time In America": STATUS: Chapter 1 up, working on Chapter 2 and various other chapters

Inspired by Julie Otsuka's "When The Emperor Was Divine".

She is a Japanese woman, doctor, and wife to a Japanese American soldier.
He is a half-Japanese man struggling with his identity, forced to guard his own people
He is a white American, who found love with a Japanese woman.
He is a Japanese captain who served in WWI; his wife is dying.

They gave their all to America; America sent them to concentration camps. Yet they rose above their trials. This is their story.

Megumi/Aoshi, Kenshin/Kaoru, Saitou/Tokio

"In My Life": AU. STATUS: On hold.

The Kenshin-gumi are college students who are cast into University of Tokyo's production of Les Miserables. Each character's roles unwittingly brings out conflicts, turmoil, and emotions of each member of the cast. Things that have been kept hidden will suddenly come to light in the limelight of the musical.

Love Polygons: Kaoru/Kenshin/Megumi, Sano/Megumi/Aoshi/Misao/Soujirou (eventually Megumi/Aoshi, Misao/Soujirou)

"Fall of Rain": STATUS: On hold.

Sequel to "In My Life", "Fall of Rain" will deal mainly with Aoshi/Megumi, more so than "In My Life", and as the name implies, trouble is brewing for our new couple. I won't go into details (*cough*Sano*cough*drunkenKaoru*cough), but it'll be good. Hopefully.

"Her Touch": STATUS: On hold.

This fic focuses on Megumi, and the far-reaching touch that she has on the lives of nearly every character in RK. A/Meg.

"Intertwined Destinies": STATUS: On hold.

A Meiji era fic, also featuring Meg/Aoshi. Destiny foretold that Aoshi and Megumi are to meet again and again and again; their futures are intertwined. And they are yet to find how tightly Fate has tied them together.

"Icicle Lovin'": STATUS: Ch. 1, up. Parts of later chapters done.

Comedy. Cupid needs a break. Aoshi needs a lesson in love. So who better to fulfill both objectives than the Iceman himself. Cupid's handed his bows over, and it's now Aoshi's job to bring together several couples and to get some insight (and appreciation) into the mystery of love. And perhaps, what future Love has in store for him...

"Her Heart's Desire": STATUS: On hold.

AU. Megumi, Ms. Popular, is trying to snag her best friend Kenshin, who is clueless to her advances and head-over-heels for Kaoru, the new girl at school. So Megumi's trying another tactic: making Kenshin jealous. So she enlists the help of none other than her worst enemy, Icicle-Boy Shinomori Aoshi to play her new love. But what happens when she falls in love with her pretend boyfriend instead?

inspired by "It's Gonna Be Me", a Sailor Moon Fic by Firespirit.*

"Understanding": STATUS: Ch.1, half-way done.

An AU RK version of Pride and Prejudice, featuring Megumi in the role of the beautiful, witty Elizabeth and Aoshi as cold, indifferent Darcy.

"Even Through The Night": STATUS: Ch.3 done and up


"What Dreams May Come": STATUS: Ch.2, half-way done.

AU. I'm in the process on working on the second chapter. Don't worry, it will come soon!

Happy reading!


Writing Influences:

1) Julie Otsuka: my favorite writer of the moment. Her writing style is so crisp and concise, yet lyrical and enigmatic. The result is absolutely beautiful. A author worthy of imitation. Teach me, sensei!

2) Amy Tan: she's a great writer, and she's American-Chinese like me. She also has a wonderfully poetic style that I'm trying to learn from.

3) Jane Austen: She, Amy Tan, and Julie Otsuka are basically tied for first in my book. No pun intended. Jane Austen is the quintessential writer. Read Pride and Prejudice and Emma, and you'll know. She is witty and smart, a wonderful social commentator, and a wonderful writer. My sentences resemble hers in that they're long and linked, but her is long, linked, to the point, and wittily sarcastic. Jane Austen is just wonderful.

Other writers: J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings), Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead), Emily Bronte (Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre), Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul), Oscar Wilde (The Importance of Being Honest)

Favorite Characters:

*RUROUNI KENSHIN: Takani Megumi, Shinomori Aoshi, Saitou Tokio, Yukishiro Tomoe, Himura Kenshin, Saitou Hajime

Okay, I have to admit that I like Tomoe better than Kaoru. I feel there's more depth and maturity to her. However, before you try to kill me, I think that Kenshin and Kaoru are an excellent couple. It's just that Kaoru by herself is not that interesting to me. Maybe it's because she's so happy-go-lucky. Whatever. But when I write a couple, Kenshin will always be with Kaoru. Are you appeased? :P

*INUYASHA: Kagura, Sesshoumaru, Sango, Kikyo

I don't understand the obsession with Kagome. It's always Kagome, Kagome, Kagome. Kagome this, Kagome that, I'll pair Kagome with every single male Inuyasha character because I think she's all that. Enough said. No appeasement in this category. I think Kagome's okay with Inuyasha. No one else.

Favorite couples:

*RUROUNI KENSHIN: *Aoshi/Megumi* (by far...), Sano/Megumi/Aoshi, Kenshin/Kaoru, Saito/Tokio
*INUYASHA: Kagura/Sesshoumaru

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