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So, I'm back. It's been awhile, but here I am. Sorry about abandoning previous projects; stuff happened and something had to give... but I'm back anyway.

My two latest projects, and what I have to say about them that's not already in the summaries

MISSING IN ACTION - So I'm learning how to lead small teams of soldiers in my spare time. That does NOT make me an expert on the subject, but it sure seemed like a fun idea to apply it in a fan fiction... Que newb LT jokes in five.

At this stage, I am wondering whether this story was really such a great idea, because I totally see it turning into solid dialogue, only broken by a few seconds of hardcore, near-professional action here and there. I sort of suck with character development... no lie. Maybe I just need to invent a new villain or resurrect the Band of Seven, because that tank guy was Awesome.

The other night, I had a dream I was in the Feudal Era with Inuyasha & co, when my platoon (from real life) showed up in a 2.5-ton woodland-painted truck. It could have been epic... but I had to wake up, and all I remember now is unloading gear from the truck. :(

DUEL TO THE DEATH - Okay, so Inuyasha already has an ending. Well, guess what? I don't read manga; I just watch the show every now and then, and I'm a sucker for the episodes that happen in the modern era. Why? Because I think Inuyasha can kick the world's butt if he really wants to, and besides... he has no Rules of Engagement! What I wouldn't give to have such freedom from political correctness!

The emphasis here is on violence, slap-stick humor, anime-style humiliation and awkwardness... because those moments with the weird eyes, funny wallpaper, and hammer-type revenge make anime worth watching. Oh, and to hell with this "Main character's right to few scratches, no broken bones and periodic 'I'm-an-annoying-little-blankety-blank' moments" business, because I have a bone to pick with certain people.

You wanna read something crazy? There's a research park right up the road from my weekday housing... and it has a big sign that says BWTECS on one of the buildings. I think they stole that from me. What do you think?

Lastly, "BWTECS" stands for "Beyond What The Eye Can See" in my Star Trek/Inuyasha series. It got good reviews, so I might continue it... ish? If I regain interest, since I had a falling-out with Star Trek when they decided to make the "ENTERPRISE" soap opera series. Seriously... WTF happened to Picard and why is JJ Abrams not making a movie with Picard? Has no one learned from "ENTERPRISE" that retro = FAIL?

All Good Things...

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Missing In Action reviews
An infantry squad from the US Army is trapped in the Feudal World and must use the Bone Eater's Well to return home. The only way to find the well is to follow the Inuyasha characters on their journey in search of the Shikon Jewel shards.
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