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Updated 1/1/18 A.K.A. The First Day Of The Year 2018!!!

Greetings, one and all! First of all, thank you so much for visiting and checking out my stories. If you've been going through them and saying to yourself "This cat doesn't know how to write!" well...you'd be sort of right. See, between the time I've posted these stories and now, I like to think I've gotten better in terms of writing. That being the case, I plan on going through these stories and revising them to fit my current standards of writing. I've no idea when that will be but that is the plan.


The Completely Pointess Plotless Fanfic Ever: Chapter after chapter of weird gags, countless guest stars, and just plain Random Random-ness! Now with even more torture! And now UP! Based on the Manuscript written way back in late 2003 & 2004, this is a completely revamped version of the story with new chapters and a more structured plot...Wait, what plot? - Now Playing

Anchorman: The dnegeL of Ron Burgundy: This is what happens when you rewrite the first installment of Ron Burgundy's adventure and just do...whatever. My favorite movie now MY way! Heheheheh... - Coming Soon

Anchorman: Wake up, Ron Burgundy or Anchorman 1/2: The bonus movie redone: what SHOULD'VE happened! This is a provisional title; It might change once the story is released...if it comes here... - Coming Soon

The Last of the Summer Whine: Everyone's favourite Elderly trio as you've never seen them before. Expect constant appearances from emoticons and the dulcet tones of your's truly. - Now Playing. This production is currently on Hiatus. It may be reworked in the future

The Last of the Dumber Wine: Another story in which I rewrite episodes of the show much to the dismay of the cast. But it seems the true creator knows what I'm up to. Will Mr. Roy Clarke wind up finding out?! - Coming Soon

Random Daze: Random stuff and things I wrote for the heck. Prepare for nonsense, nonsense, and more nonsense! - Coming Soon

Jay & Sobbing Bob: It was a typical day in from of the Quick Stop when Silent Bob expresses an emotion one rarely sees from him. - Now Playing

A News Years Eve Party: Random Style 2007: Yours truly is hosting a New Years Eve Party. Yay! During the preparations for this party, I have sent out invitations to random people. In whose hands have these invitations landed in? Find out in my latest story! - Now Playing

Pokemon Commentaries: Join Ash, Misty, Brock and other cast members of the long running series as they reminisce about the going's on behind the scenes of Pocket Monsters. They will share interesting fact and anecdotes such as an amusing story of Ash's audition and their experiences of filming the show including the infamous Porygon episode. You'll find why Gary was almost fired from the show and Misty will share the true story of her departure. I will attempt to put as much thought into this as I can in order to make it sound convincing. Think of these as written DVD Commentaries. - Coming Soon

Adventures at WNYX!: Have you ever wanted to see Mr. James just go nuts or Matthew suddenly having a temper? Well, you can. In my latest feature, you can see all that and more. - Now Playing

What If Crystal Ball Series: A new series that takes scenes from various Television programs and movies, putting a whole new spin on things! Currently, NewsRadio is the first of many in this series of stories - Now Playing

In-Depth Look: Pokémon- This is the "ultimate" behind the scenes look at Pokémon, not as an anime but as a real TV production. -Now Playing

The Horrible (Working Title): Just still in the planning stages, this is a horror story that takes place in the universe of the X-Files. Several strange entities have begun to appear; if you were to take one peek at it, it would mean instant death. Once again, it is still in the planning stages so things may change in the final version. - Coming Soon

Two Years Eve: Cozy on their balcony overlooking the fireworks, two friends reflect on the year 2008. That's basically what happens. Sorry if it seems rushed. I was trying to post it up in time for New Years 2009. - Now Playing

Crane, Poole, and Schimdt Go On A Field Trip To The Doctor's Office: OK, that's not the title but that's an idea. Basically, everyone is required to go on a trip to get some sort of shot. I can imagine Jerry aping Jiffy Pop when he sees the needle. I can also (thanks to my cousin) see Denny crying after his shot and Alan comforting him. Yeah, it's one of my crazy ideas.

New Year's Eve 2010: The Coming Of The Quad Four!: Once again, after quite a while, I throw a party. Of course, random people are going to show up and of course, random things happen during the party. Enjoy the account of my New Year's Eve Party 2010! - Now Playing

In Which We Discover The Barna-Bunny...: So, lemme tell you a story. So, I come across this giant egg outside my bedroom door, right? And I'm sure it's not a giant chicken or anything. I dunno. So, I knock it downstairs and then...something comes out of it... - Now Playing

Those are the stories that are in the works, those with plans to be put up, and those that are already up. I hope you enjoy the stories I do have up!


1/1/18 A.K.A. The First Day Of The Year 2018!!!

Like freshly driven snow, here is a new year for all of us! Let us enter this new year in peace, and let us hope that we will be able to end this new year in peace and not in pieces. if it's Reese's Pieces, send some this way!

12/31/17 A.K.A. The Last Day Of The Year 2017!!!

You know, it has been around ten years since I've started actively posting stories on this ol' site of ours. And as for the new president...well, let's see what's going to happen. Now, there weren't that many celeb deaths, at least not in the frequency of last year, but I am pretty there are some of them who may wish they were dead, given all they are going through. I wish everyone involved the best of luck! See ya next year!

1/1/17 A.K.A. The First Day Of A New Year!!!

We've made it! 2017!! This year marks the 30th anniversary of all thing 1987, the 20th of 1997, and the 10th of 2007! Let's hope this year will be more peaceful and whatever we do...let's not panic! _

12/31/16 A.K.A. The Last Day Of The Year!!!

On the dark side, we've lost many people this year, it's crazy who we lost and how we lost them! And then the new president...well, let's just see what happens. On the plus side, we'll be looking forward to more adventures in the Wizarding World for years to come! With that said, see you next year!

1/1/16 A.K.A. The First Day Of A New Year!!!

And, thus, a fresh new year starts for all! It's an especially good year for all things 1986, 1996, and 2006! Let's have fun and peace for all!

12/31/15 A.K.A. The Last Day Of The Year 2015!!!

With 2016 nearly ten minutes away, I'd have to admit...this year could have been much better in terms of certain events. However, we did get to see a new Star Wars movie, the first on to hit the pictures in nearly ten years! Hopefully, with this new year will come better times! Speaking of time, it's nearly here so I'll say until next year!

1/1/15 A.K.A. The First Day Of A New Year!!!

Behold! 2015! The year of the Hoverboard and the Self-Lace Shoelace. May this year be wonderful for all!

12/31/14 A.K.A. The Last Day Of The Year 2014!!!

Well, well, well. We've made it back here once again. This year saw several shocking deaths, one of which being that of Robin Williams. On lighter news, this year marked the 25th anniversary of all things 1989, the 20th anniversary of all things 1994, and the 10th anniversary of all things 2004, especially that of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy! I still remember when it came out that July 9th and being really excited to get the DVD when it came out that December. Also, there are still stupid things going on with guns. With that, I'll see ya in 2015!

1/1/14 A.K.A. The First Day Of A New Year!!!

Coming up next: 2014. Here's hoping for a great year for everyone!

12/31/13 A.K.A. The Last Day Of The Year 2013!!!

(Sings) "Oh my god! We're back again!" Yes, once again, as we have been for the past six years, we are here on the last day of another year! This is year's been interesting, namely with the return of Ron Burgundy to theaters. Yes. The sequel has finally been made! We can finally sleep happily under our Burgundy bed sheets. Also, we should still do something about all those guns. Either way, see ya next year!

1/1/13 A.K.A. The First Day Of A New Year!!!

And now 2013. You know, some say that the number 13 is unlucky. I say that this year will be very lucky. I wish everyone a wonderful year full of new adventures and surprises!

12/31/12 A.K.A. The Last Day Of The Year 2012!!!

"Oh! Look who it is! Where's HE been?"...Yeah, I'm still here. Just haven't been doing anything on here lately. However, I just thought I would keep up this little tradition that I started a few years ago. As you can see, we are still here. The End didn't happen, despite all of the worrying and the predictions and whatnot. I guess now you'll HAVE to pay those bills now. heh. Anyway, now that we are all still here and that we may be here for quite a while, I just hope that next year will be a bit more calmer than this year. I am really hoping against hope that they decide to ban guns soon because too many people are getting their hands on them. Seriously. It's gotta stop. With that said, let's also think of the good things this year has brought us, one being that President Obama has been given another term in office. All in all, I will see you all next year!

1/1/12 A.K.A. The First Of A New Year!!!

We have finally reached 2012. The year in which several people believes that the end of the world of we know it will happen on December 24. I would like to say that I don't think the world is going to end and I urge you readers not to worry your pretty little heads off over nothing. I have a feeling that we're going to be here for a long time after that. That being said, let's all hope for a more peaceful year.

12/31/11 A.K.A The Last Day Of The Year 2011!!!

WELP?! Here we are again. We all stand on the verge of the beginning of a New Year and, quite possibly, the start of a year of speculation and rumor. Could this very well be the last year of life as we know it? Either way, this year had some...rather rough times. Of course, there were the good times (Deathly Hallows: Part 2 coming out) and the sad times (Deathly Hallows: Part 2 coming out). Let hope that this New Year would have more positive events and...hopefully, it wouldn't be our last...Just kidding. :) See ya next year!


At this time, I'd like to wish everyone here a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!...What, you want me to say something funny?...But it's Christmas! Can't you at just least let me leave THIS update on that?...Oh, fine. "Something funny". There! Are you happy?...You're not? Ok, will a nice hot coal down your back make ya happy?. (Gets coal bag and walks offscreen)


Happy Sex-One (No, it's NOT that kind of day! It's actually Veterens Day.)!


Happy Binary Day! I was going to post up a feature to go along with today but I never really got back to it in time. I may release it sometime in the future, though.


Happy Quin-One! So far, nothing has happened. Oh well, at least we have Sex-One...oh, just stop it.


Happy Halloween! I've posted up a story and those who does not exactly care for Necco Wafers may like this on. Also, Quin-One is almost here.


Four important (To me, anyway) days are coming up: 10-31-11, 11-1-11, 11-10-11, and 11-11-11. I find those days significant due to the first day being Halloween, the second and fouth being all ones, and the third seeing as it represents binary code. I will dub these days (Well, except Halloween since that's already been dubbed...the original Japanese was always better though...) "Quin One", "Binary One", and "Sex One"...oh what the heck. And Halloween will be known as "PumCandin".


On 7-15-11, The Final Installment of the Harry Potter Franchise was released to theaters. I was able to enjoy this wonderful movie on that day and I have to say, it was a satisfying end to The Boy Who Lived's Story. At this point, I must thank all the Cast and Crew who worked so hard to bring this lovely Book series to the big screen. Of course, as I've mentioned the Books, I must gave a hung Thank You to J.K. Rowling, the Author of these books and also the newest site, Pottermore. This proves that Harry Potter has not ended at all. It's just beginning...

4/24/11 (Easter)

Hello everyone. When last we met, it was New Year's. Now, it's Easter and I bring you a story. Just consider it part of an Easter basket with things like a Midsomer Murders Coloring Book (You'll need lots of Red for it).

1/1/11 AKA The First Day Of The Year 2011 (The Quad One)!!

Well, the banging has began so that must mean the News Year has finally started! Stay tuned for my New Years Eve story, coming up soon. Let's all live through this year with hopes that our dreams will come true! Or something cheesy like that...

12/31/10 AKA The Last Day Of The Year 2010!!

Well? Here he are, once again at the last day of the old year, getting ready to ring in the new year. I am currently working on a New Years Eve fanfiction (not done since 2007) and hopeflly I can post it up before Quad One gets here. If not, I can just post it then. Anyway, this year had it good and it's bad. The Good being that Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 finally came out, They finally got rid of that stupid ban that hindered Homosexuals from joining the military, and most of all: It was the First Year Of A New Decade! The bad, of course being the Oil Spill and Former President Bush releasing his Book "Decision Points" (Just kidding...or AM I?). Of course, the bittersweet being the Harry Potter films finally coming to a wrap after a whole decade. I just hope this year is going to be much better. We have a lot to look foward to (HP 7 Part 2, anyone?). See ya next hour!


Hey There! Hi There! Hoo There! Merry Freakin' Christmas! That's right! It's X-Mas '10! So, I maybe thought about making a Christmas Story for this day but as of now, I don't really feel up to it. Maybe later. Maybe I might do another New Year's Eve Story. I dunno. In any case, may we all have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


Well Folks? It's that time again. Ya know, that time when kids (and some adults) dress up as their favorite characters (Something tells me there's going to be a lot of Scantily clad Pop Singers going around...) and go from house to house, hoping to fill their bags up with different colored sweets. That's right! Halla'ween! So, Happy Halla'ween from me to you! That is all...I said that is all...I have NO Candy for you...Yeah, I ate it all...


Hey, Everyone. I just want to let you know I am still here. Now, I just want to say that I have finally got my own computer...with Internet! That's good but the fact is, it's a Mac so it doesn't have a floppy disc drive, which is how I upload my chapters. The latest chapter of CPPFE is still on the computer where I typed up most of the other stories and once that's done, I need to put it on a Floppy so I upload it. I might know a place so once I DO upload it, I'll start writing stories on the Mac. I haven't left but I've just been doing other things so...yeah. You'll see me again...


Hello everyone! I hath returnth! So, guess what? No, really! Guess what?! NO REALLY!! GUESS WHAT...ever...Anyway, I've posted up (after a long time) two new chapters to CPPFE! Yay! Anyway, I've also found out that I've posted the 20th chapter of the story. The 20th according to the site. I won't celebrate right now. When I post up the 20th chapter of the story, maaan, we are gonna...NO! I'm not gonna tell you just yet. You'll have to wait and see. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy!

1/1/10 AKA The First Day of The First Month of The First Year of The First Decade of The 2010's!

(Hums and sees you) Oh hello. It's about an hour into the New Year/Decade and people everywhere are still celebrating. And I hope you are celebrating this new period, as well. This may be a year of big changes, hopefully not too big. Anyway, let's enjoy ourselves!

12/31/09 AKA The Last Day of The Last Month of The Last Year of The Last Decade of The 2000's!

Ok folks. Here we are. It's once again New Years Eve but this time, it's different. You can call it "New Decade's Eve" 'cause this is actually the last year of the last Decade of the 2000's. Ya know, over the past 10 years, there's been a whole heckofa lotta things goin' on. The 2001 attacks, Michael Jackson's acquittal and Death, and Obama entering the Oval Office are just a few of the things that happened in the 2000's. Not to mention the loooong awaited release of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince last year. The 2010's are coming up and hopefully, this would be a more calmer Decade. The one where we finally find peace and stop all this crazy fighting. I, for one, am glad to have made it to this new decade and I hope you are, too. That mushy stuff said, I may or may not write a New Year's Eve story this year. I'll have to see. In the mean time, I hope I'm around with ya'll when the New Year/Decade rolls around. May we all have a good New Year!

Well, it seems there will not be a New Years Eve story this year. Oh well, maybe later. However, we are just a few minutes till 2010. Meet ya there!


You'll have to excuse my long absence. I guess since I couldn't really post up stories as often as I had liked, that gave me an excuse not to come on here. Well, I had decided that I should let you chaps know that I am indeed still alive. Another thing I should mention is the fact that I have been around my cousins laptop for a long while now and have made no attempt what so ever to post something up. I am working on some Law and Order thing but It's in script format. I guess I could post it up seeing as they don't really seem to giving that much of a care about it anymore. And that's good. Anyway, During the large gap of time, I have seen HBP two more times, have been to the exhibit (which was bloody brilliant), and lots of other stuff. So, while I'm not promising anything, I may post something up. We'll just have to see. 'Til the next!


So...can ya guess what I've just seen?!...No?...Well, only the latest movie about a boy wizard that was overdue for about a year now. That's right! I saw Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince! Except for that fact that nearly the whole book had been lopped out due to time, It was still one of the best ones ever made. I recommand it! I order it! Now. It's time to start waiting for the first part of Deathly Hollows. Let's hope it comes out on time this...time.


On June 25, 2009, Famous Pop Singer Michael Jackson passed away due to cardiac arrest. This is really a blow to the music industry and to huge fans of Michael as a singer and as a person. I give my deepest thoughts and respects to Michael and his family. And too bad it was so close to his series of farewell concerts.

R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson



Hello all. I see we haven't spoke since the new year. I just wanted to say that I have updated one of the chapters of the CPPFE. I could do that for now until I can actually post new stuff up. Oh yeah. I saw "Watchmen" a week ago. It pretty good. Not for the sqeamish, that's for sure. They have a darn good reason of rating it R.

1/1/09 - AKA The First Day Of 2009

Let us countdown!! 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...


We have made it to another year full of big events! May we all make it through this one and many more! And now go read the first story of this year...that I have posted up! Enjoy!

12/31/08 - AKA The Last Day Of 2008!!

Well, folks. Here we are. About to head off into another year. In just 10 more minutes, the ball will drop and WHAMO! 2009!! A lot has happened during the year but the most important of all is, of course, Barack Obama's gain of the Oval Office. In a few minutes, I will post up the first story of the year. See ya until then.


Hello, everyone. GLhere. I am deeply sorry about the long gap in updates. Part of this reason is the mighty powerful foe of laziness. The other reason is that I no longer have access to a computer witha floppy disc drive to upload the stories. The place of resource suddenly decided to ditch Floppy disc drives altogether and stick with USB drives only. The main problem here is that the computer I type the stories on is an older model and it does not have any USB ports on it. Add to the fact that I currently am not in the procession of any Jump Drives so... Luckily, my cousin has accuiredhimself a laptop with internet so hopefully I would be able to have up a New Years Party '09 up for you soon. Well, 'til the next!


If are you already tired of school already, I've put up another chapter of Pokémon In-Depth to calm your nerves.


Been a while, hasn't it? I've posted another chapter of "Adventures of WNYX!". In the future, I plan on going back to stories with errors and the like and fix them up, as well as add stuff to them as well. 'Till the next!


I have posted up another chapter of the Interesting story with the rather drab name. Hope you like.


S'me again. I have posted up another story. If you've ever wondered what it would be like if Pokémon was made as a real life production, this story is for you.


My fellow readers. Prepare yourself for the most uninterest chapter in you life. It was so bad, I spanked myself for writing such an abomination. If you want to see how bad it is, read it for yourself. You hath been warned.


Hello folks. Today, I have posted up a special episode of CCPFE. It is a lost episode. Well, actually, not really lost but it should've been posted up a long time ago. Like, last year. For more information, read the chapter. Long story short, there were disc problems and I was just not feeling like typing out the whole stupid thing. Oh well, it is up now, fully retyped. Enjoy!!


Hello. I have posted two more chapters of "The What if Crystal Ball Series #1". Saw Speed Racer last night. It was just awesome and darned pleasing to the eyes.


Today, I have posted up another chapter of CPPFE and Adventures at WNYX! I've also removed the poll, seeing as it's been up long enough.


Hello everyone! I'm back after a long time and I'm back with a NEW story! This is a new series that I'm going to start. It's called the What If Crystal Ball. It's basically what the title is; a bunch of what if stories based on scenes from assorted Tv shows/ Movies/ etc. I have posted up the first in the series based on the overlooked but really hilarious tv sitcom NewsRadio. I will also give you the chance to give me your favorite scene and I'll rewrite it in the best of my knowledge. Well, enjoy! By the way, the poll I have up for the story "Adventures at WNYX" will close soon and I will go ahead and write the chapter. Just letting you know. See ya!


Hello all. I've posted another chapter of CPPFE! By the way, I've noticed that the hits to the features that I've posted up are large in numbers. Now, I know that I do go onto the stories to check them and see if I need to change anything so some of those hits could be mine. I am glad that some people are reading these stories and I appreciate it but I would also like to get at least some reviews so that people can tell me what they think. I actually don't care if I do get reviews...Well, maybe some request ideas but as long as there are people enjoying the stories, that's fine. In the mean time, I've come up witha compromise: If the poll doesn't get any votes by the end of the month or by some time into the next, I will close it and will have the girl take the item of my choice. 'Till the next!


I have posted up another chapter of "Adventures at WNYX!". This one is more or less an interactive chapter where you readers will be able to choose what happens in the next chapter. The information is in the latest chapter. Have fun!


Hello, everyone. I have posted up another chapter of CPPFE. And I've also posted up...a NEW STORY! If you are a fan of the show NewsRadio, you'll really like this story.


Greetings! I have posted three more chapters of the interesting story with the very generic title! Look out for an appearance of a special character...Yeah, I'm not all that special. Anyway, It's been a while since...the beginning of this year! Oh yeah, and if ya'll want, ya'll can check out my first poll that's up there. Enjoy the story.

1/1/08, The First Day Of The Year!

Well? Here we are. The First Day of 2008! Just about a couple of minutes from the Countdown. Here's hoping we have a grand year! From your's truly, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!

12/31/07, The Last Day Of The Year!

Well, here we are. The last day of the year. This year had to have been an eventful one indeed. The Fifth Harry Potter Movie came out as did the final book of the series. The Simpsons finally had their movie. And let's not forget the releases of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Of course, this year was pretty eventful to the movie stars but I'm sure you are already aware of that. Another event (for me, anyway) is that I have posted my last fic...of the year. Yeah, like I'm going to be stopping anytime soon. Anyway, I've posted a story about a crazy New Years Eve party involving random characters, a spiked punch bowl and lots of Pizzas. I'm also introducing a new original character. Who is it? Well, read it to find out if you like being subjected to randomness. Enjoy. In the meantime, let's savor the last moments of 2007 before we go into a new year.


Hello everyone. Just thought I drop in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Why am I just doing it now a day after? I have just completely forgot.


Hello. I have come to say that I've posted up my very first One-Shot, "Jay and Sobbing Bob". Check it out.


Konichiwa! Not only have I made edits to the first six chapters, I have uploaded two more chapters for your reading enjoyment. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Arrie-chan, who's liked my stupid little story so much, she has decided to add me to her Favorite stories list.


Allright, everyone. You can now head over to the CPPFE to view the long due 7th chapter. Now, it's not the same that I typed before. No, I didn't recover the other chapter yet but I mightretype it. In the mean time, I hope you and the Chapter's requesters (who I will acknowledge in the chapter) will enjoy it!


I have some unfortunate news for everyone.Today, I was hoping to post up the latest chapter of CPPFE but as luck would have it, the disk that the chapter is on is corrupted! As of now, I'm trying my best to recover the files on the disk so until I do, you will just have to wait a little longer, I'm afraid. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey everyone. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy (and rather late) Thanksgiving. I hope to upload the next CPPFE chapter soon. No promises, though.


Yeah, just checking in. I haven't forgot about the story, it's just that laziness can be a powerful foe. Now here I am, on the computer and I haven't typed word one of the latest chapter. Oh yeah, I've got my first request chapter. I will show you what it's about when I finally type the chapter.


I've posted Chapters 3, 3a, and 4 of "CPPFE". I know you're reading it. (coughhitscough)

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