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Author has written 2 stories for Fallout, and Elder Scroll series.

I'm a post-graduate Forensic Psychology Student. I'm 27 years old.

I'm also the guy in the pink shirt on the picture.

Hopefully going to write a few fan-fic's! Mostly on fallout, dragon age, Elder Scrolls and other RPG games.

My first story is Fallout: Shades of Steel.

The second is an Elder Scrolls one named Sanguinem Draconis

Please read and review! Positive and Negative comments welcome, if its constructive of course. I can't make it better if no one gives me feedback!

Fallout: Shades of Steel Facts.

All information is as of 4th July 2294.

The Capitol Republic



Largest Community:

Rivet City

National Language:

Wastelandic English (Common speak or Districtman speak.)


Federal Semi-Presidential Representative Republic

Head of State: Steel Chairman Christopher Lancaster (since 2284)

Head of Government: Premier Representative Ernest Roe (since 2289)

Previous head of Government: Representative Seagrave Holmes (2284-2289, now Representing Rivet Anacostia Ward.)


Capitol Council Congress

Head of Legislature: Premier Representative Ernest Roe (since 2289)

Council Speaker: Hannibal Hamlin (since 2284)

Government & Legislature:

The executive and legislature is controlled by the representatives of the Capitol Council congress; the voice and power behind this is the Premier Representative who is voted in by all other Representatives.

The Steel Chairman's permission and say so must be granted for any defensive or foreign policy and be agreed with by the Premier Representative unless deemed as an "emergency" (No law has been put into place to stem this... quite obvious potential usage and potential abuse of power). The steel Chairman can not bill a motion or second an act put forward by a Representative. They can only advise representatives. The Steel Chairman also delegates and mediates compromise if there's an argument or a deadlock in negotiations. Advising amendments to acts and bills. When foreign or defense policy isn't being the discussed and the Steel Chairman is not in attendance the Vice-Chairman who is also the Council Speaker will be the voice of reason on the Capitol council.

Before each council session Bills or potential acts are passed to the Council Speaker from any representative that has a motion. The speakers duty is to read out each of them accordingly. When these are read out. Discussion begins in earnest. The Speaker also assists the Steel Chairman in keeping order in the Council.


As of 2294 there are no 'official' political parties. However there is talk amongst some of the more smaller communities to make an official 'Peoples' Party. The Mercantile minded representatives of Canterbury Commons have also toyed with the idea of a 'Traders unionist' party of like minded trade post and community settlements. This is supported by Premier Roe.

Major population centres like Megaton and Rivet City feel that their own contribution into the Republic is more so than their small counterparts who generally bloc vote. This issue has caused tension already in Congress between communities with few residents and larger settlements like Rivet City.

One cause of concern is the "Water Protection Tax." The tax is per settlement by head of population therefore Rivet City has to pay an amount of Cap's monthly even though they are surrounded by water which is free. One cap for one person. Settlement's far from the Potomac benefit most whilst communities bordering the river now have to essentially pay for water.

There's also the friction between Vault 101 (Vault town to outsiders) and other member communities considering their greater share of respresentative's even though their communities population should only allow one.


Established 2284

District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia trade accord 2284

Representation act 2284

Defensibility act 2285

Bill of Steel Sovereignty 2286

Steel Community act & Regulator alliance accord 2286

Water Protection Act & Water System's and transportation Bill 2286

Economy Bill of 2294 (Brought about the Capitol Dollar. Cap's are still the primary hard currency, however.)


Bottle cap (2284-Present)

Capitol Dollar (2294-Present)

Exchange rate 3:1.


Commander in Chief: Christopher Lancaster

General of the North: Arthur Donovan

General of the South: Charon

CR formation of battle. The ratio is 1 Brigade 3 Battalions 8 Platoons, 14 soldiers in each Platoon.

Three Platoons are a company. Three companies in each Battalion. The remaining two Platoons are the "command" Section Company, guarding the ranking officers of the Battalion. They are also a tactical reserve.

Three Brigades signify One division. So the Capitol Republic on paper has three divisions and one Brigade or more accurately ten brigades. (numbers of men & women at arms does not include officers of Captain or above)

1st Little Lampers Brigade (One full Battalion, one half strength one consisting of four Platoons) 168.

2nd Megaton Brigade (Two full Battalions and third at half strength one. Four Platoons) 280.

3rd Central Brigade (Two full Battalions, recruitment for third ongoing) 224.

4th Arch-Common's Brigade (Two full Battalions, third near full strength at seven Platoons) 322.

5th Herndon's Resters Brigade (Two Battalions, one three quarter strength at six Platoons) 308.

6th Arlingers Brigade (One full Battalions, second battalions at minimum strength, consisting of two Platoons) 140.

7th Libertyville 'Unionists' Brigade (One full battalions, Second battalions at five Platoons) 182.

8th Eisendrian Brigade (One full battalions, recruitment for second ongoing) 112.

9th Dales Ridge Brigade (Near full strength Battalions seven Platoons) 96.

10th Riveters Brigade (Three full Battalions.) 336.

There are 2168 soldiers of the Capitol Republic security and armed forces. (Rank of below Captain)

There are other attachments to the Capitol Republic military however they do not fall into the Brigade system:

Rivet Naval Watch: (Commanded by Colonel Harkness)

Patrols the Potomac and guards the coastal settlements and shipping trade routes.

Capital Republic 1st Ranger 'Reilly's 1st Rangers': (Commanded by Major Alaine Reilly-Donovan wife of General Arthur Donovan)

Scout and recon, Map areas out before military is sent in. Communicates with BoS Vertibird Air wing's for greater area information coordination. Giving more accurate ground bombardment and air strikes.

Vaultsec: unofficially 'the Fighting One Oh One'. Officially '101st Company': (Commanded by Chief officer Gomez. Formally 'Major' under the Capitol Republic ranking system.)

Never used in combat. One of the opt out's of the representation act which Vault 101/Vault town used, allowed restricted residency in 101. Its better than a zero-tolerance policy on no residency/immigration. However their security force could now be called on at anytime however and is officially part of the CR military.

Member communities of the Capital Republic

Rivet City, Megaton (upon Springvale), Vault 101, Big Town, Libertyville (The Mall Union)

founding members. 1st March 2284.

Canterbury Commons

Joined March 14th, 2284 two weeks after the first accord 1st March 2284.

Arlingtown & New Grayditch.

Joined April 28th 2284

Anacostia Heights

Joined May 17th 2284 (merged with Rivet city in 2286)

Doves walk, Arefu, Meresti, Ancourage Isle, Andale.

Joined 7th January 2285.

Stewards Corner, Chevy's place (GNR already officially a part of the Capitol Republic)

Joined 1st February 2285.

The Rest, Eisendria.

Joined 4th April 2285.

The Centre.

Joined 27th July 2285. After the destruction of the Slaver base in the 'centre' of post war Centreville in 2278. Newly freed slaves as well as the cowed and serf-like residents in small communities around the slaver hub banded together to form a new settlement, becoming rather populous. Its point on the western side of the Capitol Republic has brought a great deal of trade wealth and a significant population increase.

Philips Tower, formerly Tenpenny (Now Lyons tower)

Annexed 6th April 2286. Joined 5th December 2286. Controller of the tower Roy Philips and his company of ghouls, began harassing and then attacking trade and water caravans going from the Rest to the Centre. Sentinel Christopher Lancaster along with the newly dubbed General Charon and the 7th Unionists 2nd "Underworld" company, along with a contingent of Knights stormed the ghoul fortification killing all those that didn't surrender. Including Roy Philips. Those that did there granted amnesty in the Mall Union. Only five surrendered. Re-populated by Rivet City and Megaton settlers.

Madiera Primary, Angler's Village, Greater Falls.

Joined 25th February 2287.

(Verdant) Sentinel.

Honorary status given on 3th March 2287. Not yet a full member. This community was made outside of Oasis to stop unwanted and unwelcome visitors from approaching the Hollowed Harold. It is guarded also by a small squadron of Brotherhood Knights, alongside Oasis guardians. Haroldism and the subsequent Church of Harold started here.

The Ricts Heights, Cora's Hill

Joined 22nd October 2289.

Mitchville, Ardmor.

Joined 18th November 2290.


Annexed 2nd December 2290. Joined 10th February 2291. Tribal unit raiding the communities of Mitchville and Ardmor. Now populated by residents of those townships as well as from settlers of Canterbury Commons.

Dales Ridge, Woodsley, Davisway.

Joined June 27th 2292. All three communities amalgamated into one, now known as Dale. (Residents of Dale still identify themselves with their past settlements, for example a citizen of Woodsley is a Woodsman first and a Daler second.)

Crofton, Eesbor.

Joined 11th May 2293.

Annesplace & surrounding communities inc Towne, Riva, Selbay.

Joined 4th July 2294.

There are 30 settlements currently represented fully in the Capitol Republic (list below Annesplace et al aren't included yet). There is one Honorary member.


Settlements with between fifty and four hundred residents are given one representative (with the exception of Vault 101 because of its founding member status).

Settlements with between four hundred and one residents to two thousand are given two representatives.

Settlements with over two thousand residents are given three representatives.

1. Rivet City 3 (inc Anacostia ward)

2. Megaton 2

3. Vault 101 2

4. Big Town 2

5. Libertyville 2 (Speaker is chosen by Libertyville residents also)

6. Canterbury Commons 2

7. Arlingtown 2

8. New Grayditch 1

9. Doves walk 1

10. Arefu 1

11. Meresti 1

12. Anchorage Isle 1

13. Andale 1

14. Stewards corner 2

15.Chevy's Place 1

16. The rest 2

17. Eisendria 2

18. The Centre 2

19. Lyons tower 1

20. Madeira primary 1

21. Angler's village 1

22. Greater falls 2

23. The Rict's Heights 1

24. Cora's Hill 1

25. Mitchville 1

26. Ardmor 2

27. Lanham 1

28. Dale 3

29. Crofton 1

30. Eesbor 2

Annesplace, Towne, Riva & Selbay have not yet been given their Representative allocation. However they will be given 1 Representative each though Annesplace's population has exceeded the 3 representative threshold. The reason being that Annesplace controls the other three communities in post-war Annapolis. Having six representatives would give the newly joined Annesplace far more political capital than is both necessary and...wise.

With increasing population growth from both births and immigration dwarfing the death rate, there will be a need in future to reshuffle and re-organise the representation system. Indeed the whole system may have to be re-organised.

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With Alduin now banished to the realm of his father, the World-eaters Doom has past. Yet now, the machinations of another, far more insidious power will make it's play. The downfall and domination of all mankind. Lest those with the blood of Akatosh stop them first. '... Her armies will march. The death of the Mede's bloodline has changed nothing. The Dragonborn comes. Signed E.'
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