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You're taking time out of your browsing of Fanfiction.net to view my profile? Well, I feel flattered, but there's really not that much to say about me. I'm an unremarkable rising college sophomore who's extremely adamant about pursuing something in theater.

Not that I've ever done anything professional, mind you...but I've performed in almost every show that I had the opportunity to get in, such as Urinetown at a summer theater program (which was incredibly fun) and a high school play, The Laramie Project (which was a smash hit). To me there isn't much that compares to the incredible sensation of being onstage and communicating, baring my soul, to hundreds of people. To paraphrase Zach Braff's character in Garden State, I only ever feel like myself when I'm onstage, acting - pretending to be someone else. Ironic, isn't it?

Theater's my first love, but my main hobby is video games, hence why all my stories are based on them. I highly doubt that I'll ever delve into another form of entertainment to write fanfiction, because it just doesn't seem right to me to mess with something that's set in stone. With video games, at least you can control what happens, you know? Just my personal reasons for never writing anything other than videogame stories - I'm not saying everyone should be like that, hell no, and I'll still read and enjoy fics that are based on books or movies or whatever. I just can't bring myself to actually write for those forms of media because of this silly mental block.

Story possibilities...that's really a good question. I still managed to find time for video games in my first year of college, but my rate of productivity was such that I didn't actually finish most of the new games I got. The only games I really played extensively were Super Smash Bros. Brawl (WHICH WAS AND STILL IS BLOODY AWESOME AND NO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE), Guitar Hero (...and I still can't play Expert), Mass Effect (the reason I got an Xbox 360, actually - of course, then they announced the PC version two months later...), and Grand Theft Auto IV (and even then, I waited until I finished my finals before I dove into Liberty City). And on the other hand, I can't see myself actually writing for any of these fandoms (although Guitar Hero would be slightly difficult to write for...). I don't know, maybe I feel less inspired. I may do a random oneshot or two for Brawl, the others not so much. The thing that has really been on my mind, especially since I've been trying to get back into it, is the possibility of a Pokémon original trainer story. I know - overdone to hell and back, but I'd much rather write something like that than some sort of weird, convoluted adventure about Ash and his Pokémon being chosen ones of an ancient prophecy or something. No offense to those who have done such a story and written it well, of course...but I'd much rather try an original trainer story because it would be an exercise in both fanfiction and original fiction, in a way, allowing me to stretch my muscles for creating original characters - whether in an already-established world or otherwise. Although I guess I've already been doing that with my City of Heroes oneshots...

I consider my first fics (everything before Camaraderie with the possible exception of Keeper of the Light) to be damaged beyond repair - if you enjoyed them, I'm sorry, but they're never going to receive any more updates. I want to look ahead and focus on new things. Still, they'll remain in case you want to look at them and see how far I've come - although I personally can't bear to do so. >.>

I think that's really all there is to say about me - I guess it was a little longer than I expected. Leave a review, drop a line if you want (seriously, talk to me. I'm a lonely little bastard.), all that jazz.

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