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Why am I here: Eeehhh, the reason why I'm here is that I love to write but I sometimes have massive writers block so... :I

Age: 14

Grade: 9 (freshman baby)

Languages: English, Cantonese, French, Mandarin, Japanese

Strengths: Drawing with references, thinking up incredible stuff that confuses people

Weaknesses: Drawing with NO references, doing romanji for other languages (I usually just type out what I think would be the easiest to say for pronunciation), vocabulary

What people think of me: They tend to think that when I grow up, I'll be a terrorist or a murderer. -_- They think I'm too kind and say that I should be more of a rebel. They think that I'm TOO Asian. They think I'm crazy when I do the knife game and they think I would fail when I obviously don't. They are wary with me and scissors.

Have I ever been bullied? Yes. I can honestly say that I've been bullied for more than half my life at elementary school. I moved to a new elementary school when I was 7 and was a huge crybaby. A guy would always bully me and then came grade 3 when my marks started to drop because of the taunting and teasing. Grade 4, he moved.

I was overjoy and over the years after that, my grades started to rise once again but then came grade 7 and I tried to defend a person I knew quite well from a group of 'popular' guys who were laughing and pointing at her, giving her scoffs and looks. Of course, I couldn't stand seeing someone being bullied since I was bullied before and I stood up to them and told them to back off.

A few days later was a basketball intramural and those guys were on the opposing team. They would gang up on me and target only me. At the end when we're supposed to shake hands with each other, they would shake hands with everyone EXCEPT for me. I gave them a glare at that and they laughed, saying 'What? Are you going to swear?' Back then, I didn't like to swear so I hardly did and I wanted to but I was afraid I would be caught by the teacher. After school, they slammed me into the lockers. Until the end of grade 8, they stopped. And the only reason they stopped was because I moved. Hopefully they didn't bounce back to target that person.

So yep, that's A PART of my crazy life.

Confessions: When I was little, I would steal things. Not little things but what I mean was that I stole from stores and never got caught doing so. Thankfully I didn't because now I can see how stupid I was.

I'm broke. Not broke as in I wasted all my money in the weekend for bubble tea. Broke as in no money to spend at all. It's been over 7 months and I haven't spent a nickel (5 cents). Though, I did GIVE money away, but that was for charity and I didn't have enough money to buy one of the cupcakes they were selling to raise money so I just gave away what I had for free.

I liked a boy since grade 4 but realized that we could never be anything more than friends in grade 6 when I got to know him a bit better so I stopped liking him by early February. On the last day on school on that same year, he confessed to me that he likes me. I asked one my friends when he started to like me and they said LATE February. Things were awkward and things got a lot more dramatic which could be an entirely different story there.

Hope you enjoy what I write.

Most of my fanfics I write I post them here but there are some rules that I don't want to violate and get caught... so you can also find me on Quotev. Quotev is the main site where you can find all my works. I really do enjoy Quotev and it gives you a bit more freedom and it doesn't lag the way that Wattpad does with the fact that it has all the function Wattpad has with a lot more.

My Quotev page: http:///KatieHorror

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Yo.Welcome to this crazy world where I call 'my life'.If it wasn't bad enough that I had to attend Saotome Academy with a huge secret,it seems there's also something that I don't know myself. Secrets and secrets keep piling up on one another and it will surely one day fall. At this rate,will I be able to get my debut as an idol?And.. MY 5 CHILDHOOD FRIENDS ARE HERE TOO? OCxSTARISH
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