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First Pikmin fanfic to reach 100 reviews

The following are notes for myself and for others to use freely in their own stories. If you like my ideas and want to use them, go right ahead. If you do take anything directly or partly from the ideas I have listed here or in my story, I would love to see what you've done with them.

I also apologize ahead of time if any of my colors/ideas are the same or similar to another writer's. To be honest, I rarely ever read other Pikmin fanfiction, except for Through Red Eyes, which is possibly the best Pikmin fanfiction ever written.

Fan Pikmin(Updated Feb 14 2010)

Pink Pikmin- they have clawed hands that look much like the talons of a bird with two main fingers and the third finger appearing to be like a thumb. Probably their most outstanding feature is their large blue almond-shaped eyes that have a protective coating. They are stronger than most others but like to avoid violence and can walk upright or on all fours. They are generally quite shy and don't like the idea of confrontation, but they hide a very bad temper and will attack viciously if cornered or provoked. They run faster when on all fours like a cat, and are known to be excellent climbers and normally dwell in trees. Their claws can be used to attack or to latch onto enemies and not be thrown off. This, combined with their strength, makes them a strong and useful bunch of Pikmin on the battlefield... when they feel like it.

Orange Pikmin- they have unusually thin limbs and bodies with large, flat spade-like feet. They appear quite fragile because of their thinner than normal frame. They are noted for their naturally short temper, but behind the aggressiveness they are surprisingly creative and imaginative. They often seem to enjoy fighting more than anything, but they also quite enjoy having a peaceful moment to themselves, often using their free time to exercise their artistic talent. They are highly sensitive and emotional, and are prone to extreme anger if their creations are ever stolen or vandalized. They can be confusing and difficult to understand because of their bad tempers because when something frustrates them they can become highly enraged and unreasonable, and yet they almost seem to be looking for a fight.

Green Pikmin- their stems are longer than usual and they can fly/glide. They are naturally friendly, non-violent, and helpful. Their size is also comparable to that of White Pikmin and it is very rare for a Green to reach a larger body size. Unusually large Greens are considered to be the leaders and protectors, but there can be only one leader. Thankfully, if a Green becomes larger than the current leader, the leader will simply step down from their position and become advisors to the new leader. Greens were once believed to have gone extinct, but it seems that some do remain. They are neither male nor female and have the ability to reproduce on their own. Green Pikmin are not normally good jumpers, but as said before, they can glide. Only in rare situations are they able to fly without the aid of a good gust of wind.

Brown Pikmin- small, can walk upright or on all fours, light, two long stems on head (like ears), very quick and agile, naturally grumpy and anti-social, have a strange tail-like appendage. They are known to be tree dwellers, jumping from branch to branch with ease. They have excellent balance and are hard to knock over, and are also resistant to wind and wind-based attacks as long as their tails have something to grasp onto. They normally live alone and are quite distrusting, even of their own kind. Their Onion/flower has never been seen before, so it is unknown as to where they actually come from. They prefer to watch a fight than to participate and almost seem to delight in Pikmin fighting fellow Pikmin, just to get them out of the way.

Grey Pikmin- covered in thick but soft fur, normally active at night, can withstand extreme cold with ease, naturally curious and hospitable. Their fur is full of a strange powdery substance that doesn't affect them one bit, but can be a powerful irritant to any other creature, causing their eyes to sting and even making it hard to breathe. Most creatures seem to have more extreme allergic reactions to the powder, making these peaceful Pikmin deadly to even be near. They hate fighting and confrontation.

Black Pikmin- round-ish body with little-to-no arms or legs but has hands and feet, extremely hard body almost incapable of being penetrated or broken, naturally clumsy and not-so-bright, often misshapen or lopsided stems. They have never been known to attack or show violence. Infact, they seem to be so unintelligent and oblivious that they can't tell the difference between friend or foe, and don't even seem to realize when they are being attacked. They waddle around clumsily, often falling over or tripping on things. Because of the shape of their bodies, it is often difficult for them to stand on their own after falling. Sometimes they'll simply roll away. It's no wonder why this type of Pikmin is rarely ever seen. They are best used as a distraction to enemies rather than being used as fighters. They're also not good at jumping, running, or carrying things.

Rainbow Pikmin- they are like Cyans in the way that they have no special body parts to set them apart from other colors, but they have the ability to change their color willingly, hence the title of "Rainbow Pikmin". When they are at rest and not trying to camouflage themselves, their skin can be semi-transparent. Even though they can change colors, this simply affects the color of their skin and does not actually give them the abilities of other Pikmin colors such as resistance to electricity or fire or being able to breathe underwater. This ability is, however, excellent for hiding in virtually any environment, allowing them to remain undetected by predators to sneak away or launch a surprise attack. Rainbow Pikmin are very sneaky and quiet, which comes in handy because they are kleptomaniacs. They have a sort of rivalry between Blue Pikmin because they often steal their pretty and precious items, causing Blues to commonly hide their treasures underwater or across a body of water so that no Rainbow may reach them.

Magenta Pikmin- much more plant-like, are like intelligent venus fly traps, incapable of moving because of lack of legs but can move rest of body, has no true arms or hands, also catches its own food (has two large "leaves" on either side, both used like hands, while a flower-like head structure actually serves as the mouth and "teeth"), and since it technically cannot chew, it traps prey firmly inside its "mouth" and slowly digests it (note: is an older form of Pikmin, more rare and basically dying out). They have not been known to communicate or show much intelligence, dedicating their lives to simply eating and reproducing when they can.

Tan Pikmin- "horned", they have hard and sharp (hollow) spikes on their body, mainly used to ward-off enemies and predators, but will fight viciously if there is no other choice, naturally aggressive and bad-tempered but prefer to avoid violence. They are highly territorial and show a lack of trust towards any other living being. They mainly live in underground burrows that they either dig out themselves or steal from others. Their bad tempers and attitudes are usually just for show.

Teal Pikmin- they have thorns on their body similar to Tan Pikmin, but they have more thorns and they are smaller. They are naturally cautious and tend to get things like grass and small flowers stuck to their thorns. Some consider it a constant nuisance, some use this feature as camouflage. The camouflaged Teal Pikmin are good at either sneaking up behind enemies or hiding from them to avoid conflict. Teal Pikmin who like to keep their thorns clean and free from debris commonly throw themselves at enemies to damage them with their thorns, but often get stuck to the enemy's body, eventually weighing them down and making them slow or less likely to attack.

Cyan Pikmin- strange and jittery, they are rather plain and dull-looking. They have no outstanding physical features except that their buds/flowers are a lovely blue color. They hate to fight and are only friendly to those that they get to know, but often it can be difficult to even gain a Cyan's trust. They are in an almost constant state of nervousness and distrust and explode when startled, instantly dying and damaging whatever is near them. More often than not they are far too afraid to fight off enemies or help their fellow Pikmin. They are also rather unintelligent, not even being capable of basic Pikmin speech. It is thought that their minds are so underdeveloped that they are unable to grasp speech, basic emotions or feelings other than fear, and can't even comprehend what is happening around them, which is why they are always so fearful. As a result, they have a low survival rate and are often used as nothing more than distractions, bait, or a quick easy solution to attack from an enemy. Some may even say that, "They're so stupid they don't even know they exist".

Official Pikmin

Red Pikmin- as everyone knows, they are stronger than most other colors and are immune to fire. They aren't the most imaginative creatures, but they are fiercely loyal and brave almost to a fault. They are protective over those that they have befriended and are always prepared for a battle. They are often portrayed as heroic and as great leaders, but because of their fighting spirit survival can sometimes be difficult, especially for young or unprepared Reds. They were going to be asked to join the gathering group of Yellows and the three other colors, but their truce dissolved into nothingness before they could be recruited as protectors.

Yellow Pikmin- once known for their high intelligence and radical ideas, they have become more violent and destructive than their ancestors. They once had an alliance with White, Pink and Green Pikmin, making them a force to be reckoned with. They had big plans to unite all Pikmin under certain rules and laws to make a peaceful super-race that could take on any enemy that dare oppose them. The Yellows were the first known color to develop a written language and alphabet. The most well-known Yellow at the time was a male known as Aech, who was one of four leaders along with a Pink named Rose, a White named Kaia, and a Green named Terran. Unfortunately, things began to go wrong. Kaia betrayed Aech and tried to harness all Yellow intelligence to make the Whites invincible. At almost the same time, Greens seemed to have gone extinct and the Pinks disappeared, believed to have been destroyed by the foolish actions of strange creatures who fell from the sky. Now under attack by their former allies, the Yellows discovered the power of bomb rocks and deserted their peaceful ways to go to war against Whites. Aech disappeared along with the "first generation" of Yellows, believed to have died at the hands of Kaia. (Note: despite the title of first generation, these Yellows weren't the first ever born, they are merely the first known Yellows to establish a more complicated way of life.)

Blue Pikmin- feeling at home in the water, the Blues are whimsical and peaceful. They adore pretty and shiny objects and care for the well-being of others. Whenever they see another Pikmin drowning, they instantly rush to the rescue, even if it means putting their own lives in danger. Blues are sometimes underestimated because of their generally non-violent lifestyle, but it's been shown that when they see other Pikmin in danger that they are stronger than they appear, even being able to lift Purple Pikmin to get them out of harm's way. They are considered quite brave and heroic, and because of this trait they are known to work quite well with Reds. Even though they were invited to join the "clan of colors" for their peaceful ways, they declined and stated that they preferred a more simple lifestyle. They don't tend to hold grudges, even against those who have antagonized them before, and are always ready and willing to help.

White Pikmin- the smallest known Pikmin and quick on their feet, the Whites tend to be somewhat reclusive and are commonly found in dark places. The most well-known Whites are the Lunas, a cult led by a White who has established certain rules to being a White Pikmin. A White's red eyes are said to be able to see the truth and are a gift from "Mother Moon". They, as it is implied, worship the moon high in the sky and believe that "she" is their loving creator, and believe that all Whites are destined to go to her when they are worthy. Unlike most other colors, Whites don't have any names as they say that they are all equal and don't need special titles. They claim to be all about peace and harmony, but their beliefs and religion are full of holes, such as the fact that to establish peace there has to be war and sacrifices. They do all that they can to convince other Pikmin to convert and become Whites themselves, which involves a ritual during a full moon to Mother Moon and throwing themselves into the Vessel of Metamorphosis, better known as the Ivory Candypop Bud. All Pikmin who want to convert have to first give up their name and swear loyalty to the clan, their leader, and the moon itself. They are not against forcing others to become Whites, having been known to take prisoners and forcefully sacrifice them to a Candypop Bud. Ever since the falling out between Yellows, Whites had the idea that if a Yellow won't willingly give up its knowledge, it will be converted into a White and then commanded to tell everything about the Yellow's knowledge, especially their alphabet and the ability to read it. Of course, because sacrificed Pikmin are merely food and not the original Pikmin, this has never worked as of yet.

Purple Pikmin- heavy, powerful, and slow. That's the quickest and best way to describe these powerhouses, which have the power and weight of ten Pikmin combined. Unfortunately, they don't have the speed of ten Pikmin. Because of their size some are quick to assume that they are gluttonous, but it's hard to be a glutton without much of a mouth or a complicated digestive system. Some would also assume that they are clumsy, when on the contrary they are steadier on their feet and harder to knock down. They tend to have a pleasant and helpful personality, always ready to lend their muscles and show off their sheer power to those in need. They often have shows of strength amongst themselves and are envious of those even stronger than they are. They can be competitive, but are not overly violent. Even though they share the darkness and are born from Candypop Buds like the Whites, they are almost nothing alike and believe in individuality.

Pikmin Naming Habits

Pikmin are known to name themselves, but a common practice among most Pikmin is naming eachother. Pikmin who name eachother are usually close friends and allies, or have a romantic interest in eachother. In rare occasions, Pikmin who are enemies or despise eachother will name eachother. Different types of names can be mixed into different colors when different colored Pikmin name eachother, such as a Yellow and Red giving eachother names.

Red Pikmin- they usually give eachother rather common or dull names. Afterall, they are known for their strength and immunity to fire rather than their smarts. Ex- Rex, Todd, Eddy

Yellow Pikmin- in older times, Yellows were highly intelligent and wise, so they would name eachother after letters or numbers. It is believed that they were the first and only Pikmin to develop a written language and alphabet, but of course if translated into our human language, their letters and numbers are the same as ours. After Yellows discovered bomb rocks and turned their attention more to war and power rather than furthering their knowledge, the smarter Yellows eventually began to die off or be destroyed. The "first generation" Yellows were named after a single letter or number and they are now very rare. Nowadays, the more violent Yellows are named after two or more letters or numbers stringed together. Ex- Elly (L-E), Sikstee (60 or 6-T), Tentu (10-2)

Blue Pikmin- they name eachother after common words or short phrases. They are more peaceful and elegant, so they try to name eachother after things that they consider pretty or nice. Ex- DewDrop, Petal, RainDancer

White Pikmin- the most well-known White Pikmin are a cult known as the Lunas. As a part of their culture, they don't name eachother at all and uphold the belief that all Whites are equal and don't need titles. When trying to convert another Pikmin to become a White, they force the outsider to abandon their name and sacrifice themselves to an Ivory Candypop Bud.

Purple Pikmin- it is common among Purples for them to name themselves rather than eachother at first. Their names tend to sound quite primitive, but once a Purple has become well-known for their strength and they become well established as brave warriors, they are renamed something more befitting their new status in the community. Their warrior titles tend to sound more cheesy or over-the-top than particularly threatening. Ex- Gar, Ugga, Tor- DarkSlayer, MeleeMasher, PainBringer

Pink Pikmin- they don't seem to have any set rules for naming eachother.

Orange Pikmin- innately more imaginative and creative than other Pikmin colors, their names are usually exotic or more uncommon words that can sound like names. Ex- Vendetta, Obsidian, Ayasha

Green Pikmin- like Whites, they don't always name eachother, but it isn't unheard of. Because they have no single gender their names tend to be ambiguous. Sometimes they are given names by other colors rather than fellow Greens.

Brown Pikmin- they only allow other Browns to name them, if anyone. They are vain and think they deserve only the very best or most fitting names and titles. They consider the social habit of naming between other colors to be rather stupid and pointless. For them, having a name is a high honor that only the best deserve, and of course, they consider themselves to be the best.

Grey Pikmin- Greys never name themselves. They are quite affectionate towards others and think that naming is a practice to be kept between two Pikmin that truly like and care for eachother. When two Greys name eachother, their names sound similar. This is meant to be a very special bond between the two. If one Grey were to die, the remaining Grey would take on both names in memory of their beloved one. Ex- Tudo-Ruto, Lika-Mika

Black Pikmin- they aren't very intelligent and don't speak very often. If raised only among other Blacks they have little-to-no speech ability. But if a Black has spent much time around other colors they may pick up words to call certain Pikmin in place of a name, such as "friend" or "other". They have a rather limited memory for names anyways and it may take a while to realize when they are being addressed.

Rainbow Pikmin- since they have never shown evidence of intelligence or complicated speech abilities, they never name themselves or others. Others may call them by a certain name or title, but the Rainbows themselves never seem to realize this.

Magenta Pikmin-

Tan Pikmin-

Teal Pikmin-

Cyan Pikmin- because of their lack of intelligence they are completely incapable of naming themselves or others. Any sounds that they make are usually chirps or squeals.

Our Fair Leader

I think some of my writing when I started this story wasn't very good, so I'm slowly trying to update all the chapters to better reflect my current writing style.

Hopefully my rewrite should offer more description when it comes to characters, environment, actions, etc. as well as make the chapters longer, easier on the eyes, and possibly explain a thing or two that didn't make quite as much sense at the time the chapters were originally posted. I'll be reading my own story over again a couple times to get a feel for the characters and storyline all over again, and here's hoping I can manage to make the story even better than it was before.

Don't be surprised if a thing or two change a little, but hopefully it'll be pretty much the same story you read the first time. It's probably been a while since anyone read the story from start to (current) finish anyways, I might make the original chapters available at a later time so you can compare the two and see the differences.

This slow rewrite will also explain any sudden changes in the story, like how the quality from one chapter is greatly different from the next.

Also, I absolutely adore getting reviews and suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment to lend me a hand! I'm always open for suggestions on how to make Our Fair Leader better.

Chapters updated so far

Chapters 1-2

Future stories that I'm planning to write after OFL is finished

1. Seed of Regret (takes place after Our Fair Leader)

2. Fame and Fortune (told from the perspective of Cory, AKA Green Leader)

3. Smile, Bound, Hero (the misadventures of a Blue, Yellow and Red struggling to coexist peacefully)

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