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Author has written 10 stories for Total Drama series.

Total Drama Fans vs Favorites progress: Sadly, I've reached a standstill with the current chapter. On hiatus until further notice.

About my username: my nickname is Joji, and "MC" are my middle and last name initials.

About myself: I aspire to be a writer, though I enjoy editing other writers' work too. I love Total Drama- my favorite season's got to be TDI, but TDWT comes in a close second. I also like Gravity Falls, Danganronpa, Stephen Universe, Danny Phantom, Akame ga Kill, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, The Hunger Games, Once Upon a Time, and The Mortal Instruments. Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, and singing.

To the guest reviewer who wrote this on my remake:

"Wow. You are an extremely talented writer and I very much enjoyed reading this. I like how you went deep into the plots of the characters who originally got eliminated early, like Dawn. Never give up writing"

I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I want to thank you for your review because it completely made my day. Not only that, it made me feel better about writing on here and about my abilities. Truthfully, I had been losing faith in both and was even believing that I was better-suited for editing than for writing. Reviewers like you make me feel as though I'm meant to be a writer, on here and otherwise, and that my efforts aren't wasted. I'm so glad you enjoyed the development of characters in my story, my favorite part of writing- exploring characters and having people like you enjoy it is so rewarding for me. To end this reply, I just want to thank you again for putting in the time to state your thoughts about my writing- your review is proof that sometimes the best things come in small packages.

Favorite TD couples (fanon and canon, in no particular order):

Dawron Brella (BrickxElla- I made this one up) Evning (LightningxEva- another one of my creations) NoJo (credit goes to WishStarAllie for coming up with this) Nidgette Nozzy Ozzy Duncney Gwent Tysay Aleheather Geo (JoxGeoff, bwahaha) Scarlody

Random fact: My favorite snack is popcorn that I pop in a pot with olive oil. I will SERVE it three times a day, and I will EAT it three times a day.

If you want me to edit any of your stories, PM me, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. My greatest strengths are in grammar and spelling, and I will also give advice on plot and characters if requested. All I ask for in return is credit.

I am now taking requests to read other people's stories. I will probably read your story if you ask. And if I read it, I will likely review it, too.

To-Do List:

Post rankings of all the Total Drama contestants (Hey, at least I started.) Post Top 10 Favorite Stories (Someday, when I think I have a competent amount of experience.) Write Total Drama Fans vs Favorites (I've finished the first five competition episodes and a special pre-competition episode.) Write a Total Drama All-Stars remake (This will take a long time to get to.) Write a Total Drama Pahkitew Island remake (This will take an even longer time to get to.)

Reading List:

(There are about a million stories I want to read on here, but the ones I'm listing are my current priorities. Of course, "priorities" doesn't translate into "things I'm going to read right away", because writing and AP classes take up about 90% of my time. But these are stories I have great interest in reading and that I have heard are good. Also, they are in no particular order except in whether I have started reading them or not.)

Bold= currently reading

Total Shuffled Island The Legend of Total Drama Island That Girl The Lives of Four Redheads Total Drama Chaos Total Drama Recall

I discovered a very special friend in a forum: Applauze. I had no idea I would become this close to someone in this short amount of time, nor did I expect that he would blow me away by having the same level of interest in subjects that I love. We can have casual, musical, religious, and philosophical conversations; we can talk about anything for hours on end and never get bored. It's a unique friendship that I thought I would never have, but always desired. And now I have it. He's sweet, caring, and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. At the same time, he has an astounding amount of wisdom that he lives out every day and shares with me in my struggles, as I have done for him. He has helped me through countless storms while supporting my faith that connects us to each other and keeps us strong. I've seen so many sides to him that not everybody gets to see, and I love them all. Our friendship always keeps growing, and I believe it's something that will last a long time. We may have started out only knowing each other as acquaintances, but since the day we discovered just how much we have in common, the rest has been history. As is our saying, he is the king and I'm the queen of disaster, disaster... If you get the opportunity to talk to him, hopefully you've read his writing so you can praise him for his amazing creativity, but you'll also get a taste of the amazing person that he is and should be appreciated for. And I can personally say that it is an honor to be his friend and confidant in more ways than our shared craft of writing.

Another friend who I have had the pleasure of making is Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II. Now, where do I even begin with this guy? First of all, he's amazing. And spontaneous. And highly enthusiastic. He was there for my more recent lows when we started talking, which surprised me, as we didn't talk very much at the time. That just shows his compassionate nature that I don't think he quite realizes, but is a treasure in my eyes. He is the Cram King/Rebel/Gangster of Oprah, and you never know what to expect from him, whether it's a joke or a soul train or an emoticon fest. If you've had the honor of hearing his voice, you are a very lucky person. His cheerfulness is something that I look forward to seeing each day, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I've gotten to get to know him better- it's always fun to joke around with him and discuss topics across the board. His sense of humor is out of this world. I'm honored that he has opened up to me in more ways than that, though, and I have made it my interest to support him in whatever way I can, because the person deep inside is someone who deserves a thousand hugs. He has a big heart, an open mind, and a strong spirit that make up the great person he is.

A third person I should mention who I consider a friend and an awesome writer is Foreseer44. This guy knows TD and Survivor like the back of his hand, and he utilizes his knowledge in his writing in the best way. I can always count on him for a fun discussion about shows, movies, etc. and everything in them., not to mention he's great for a conversation about life in general. I try to talk to him whenever he comes on the WAYDRN thread, and he's like a go-to person for the latest news on TD (especially RR these days). I was lucky to be able to snag him as my beta-reader for my TDROTI remake, as he did a great job, and I'm probably one of the most enthusiastic whenever he posts a new story or chapter. xD Seriously, he's really talented, and he writes a killer Noah. If you want to read the work of a creative writer with excellent ideas, portrayals, and stories of all lengths, he's the person to check out. And if there are two stories I'd recommend the most from him and consider must-reads, they are Time to Get... Sugared? and World Tour Round Trip. The peak of short stories and comp fics respectively.

One of the most talented writers I've ever seen on this site and in general is TheToxicInterest. READ HER ONE-SHOTS. SERIOUSLY. I'm way too thrilled whenever she posts a new story, but that's how much I love her writing. And she's a lovely person, too! I've loved talking to her about TD inside-out and its characters, and her theories and imagination are truly something to behold; getting to know her in general has been a blast. And although she has been inactive on the forum lately, the day I see her there again is the day I'll celebrate, because she's hilarious and a joy to talk to.

This is the person I go to read Aleheather and who I consider the queen of writing that ship: signelchan. Seriously, if you haven't read love's all a game to {her, him, them}, you are missing out on the best Aleheather fic on the website, as far as I'm concerned. Her writing is tragically underrated, which is why I recommend you check it out right now if you're a fan of TD or FE. She's also a really fun person to talk to and full of brightness and wit. Her smarts and amazing work ethic shouldn't be ignored, and I sure admire them and her as a person in general, as she is an inspiration to be able to carry on well amidst all that she goes through in her life. And if you meet her, you should also talk to kamikaze2007. He's another amazing writer and one of the funniest people you'll ever meet.


(The criteria for my rankings: potential, canon portrayal, and character development. And a bit of bias for the kinds of personalities I like, of course. I will be touching on interactions a little, but my rankings are more centered around personality than anything else.)

Characters I love:

1. Heather

Ah, Heather... she's loaded with potential. And the writers have fulfilled most of it. And she has so many characteristics: snarkiness, cruelty, coldness, intelligence, determination, bossiness, ambition, selfishness, irascibility, and obstinance. She's even shown her vulnerability once in a while. She's had so many conflicts throughout her time on the show, yet they were all interesting. I won't deny that there have been missed opportunities, like genuine friendships with a few people, but she's still the most-developed character on the show if you ask me.

2. Geoff

Geoff was AMAZING on TDI. He was cheerful, outgoing, kind, fun-loving, a peacemaker, and even a leader at times. He was friends with so many people, even TDI Gwen, and had a laid-back attitude mixed with lively energy. His bullying of Harold was questionable and could've used more explanation, due to contrasting with his typical behavior so much. (Not to mention he had been nice to Harold before.) But he had many more good interactions, including with DJ and Bridgette. Then, his personality became warped in TDA with little explanation. An unfortunate occurrence it was, but the way he was brought back to his old self was excellently played, and he went back to being nice once more. And finally, TDWT. His conflict with Bridgette was written well (if not a bit rushed), and his other conflict with Blaineley revealed some of his dark side left over from TDA. However, it was given much more justification that time and gave him interesting and believable development, making me like him even more. It's a shame that his former glory from TDI has never fully returned, mainly due to being pushed to the sidelines for the competition, but I will always remember him as one of the best characters in that season, if not THE best.

3. Leshawna

I feel like almost everyone has forgotten how awesome Leshawna was on TDI, in which she played the most major role compared to other seasons. She was a team player, a strong player, and the best competitor in the game without a doubt. She managed to get along with everyone except Heather and Eva (both conflicts which were fun to watch), had a hilarious temper, and possessed a level of sass like no other. She was a loyal friend, a compassionate person, and a fierce competitor, while having some realistic flaws as well. (Did I say her temper was hilarious?) In TDA, she got off to a great start, but was suddenly made OOC when she fake-cried to win a prize. But she did manage to get back on track in the end, until TDWT messed her up AGAIN. It seems that the writers forget how to write her until she's out of the competition. But still, she was such a powerful force and likable character in TDI that it will take the most extreme derailment for her to fall from my favor.

4. Owen

Yet another character who I feel is underrated and underappreciated. Owen is the nicest person in the whole show, barring Lindsay. He holds an astounding amount of optimism and likes to think the best of people, both of which I find admirable. He doesn't hold a true grudge against anyone, either. His interactions with other people across the board have been great (including the famous friendship between him and Noah), and his personality is hilarious to me. Like the other characters above him, he has his fair share of character flaws that help flesh him out. Although his fart jokes have gotten old, his return to TDA was pretty darn pointless and derailed him a fair bit, and not as many of his interactions have been substantial like the others' before him, he still has an infectious personality that appeals to me greatly.

5. Harold

As you may have noticed, I'm writing more for the characters who I feel are underrated. Harold is not one of them. Like Owen, you either love Harold's personality, or you get annoyed by it. He is pure comic relief, peculiarity, and determination all rolled into one blatantly nerdy package, and the cast tends to be split into either liking him, or dismissing him as weird. He was a magnificent underdog in TDI, just as good in TDA, and a bit of a brat in TDWT, but he quickly recovered to make tons of awesome appearances post the competition. He has had a really, really good run and is a complex character with great interactions like the other four above him.

6. Tyler

Okay, Tyler REALLY amuses me. Probably the only character who makes me laugh more than I do for him is Lightning, but I feel that Tyler is the better character overall. His voice actor has a way with making him sound hysterical, even more so than his pain magnetism. I can conjure a bunch of my favorite lines from Tyler on the spot. But enough about the humor- his personality is really what brings his character around full-circle. He is a brave, friendly, and fiercely determined jock who holds impenetrable loyalty for the people he loves (a.k.a., Lindsay). At the same time, his mental slowness and lack of tact in his speech add great humor to the mix, and his clumsiness is the finishing touch. His relationships with various contestants were entertaining, though they could've been further explored than they were. Nonetheless, his personality and humor are what make him a winner to me.

7. Lightning

Lightning is comic relief GOLD. He makes me laugh hard about every two lines (again, thanks to a talented voice actor). Though I don't believe humor can ever truly replace characterization, Lightning is funny enough to get all the way up to this spot. And the thing is, his personality is flat as a pancake. He had close to zero development throughout TDROTI and his run on TDAS. His relationships with other contestants are mainly based on annoyance. And yet, he still gets this spot. (My favorite line from him: "Shababababababa-BAM!")

8. Lindsay

I didn't initially like Lindsay too much. But then, I realized just how unique her character is. She is a dumb blonde, but she is not a mean or conceited one. In fact, her kindness on the show is unparalleled. Her perkiness, innocence, naivety, and occasional bouts of determination also make her highly likable, and her humor is also well-written. She has gotten along with everyone except Courtney and Heather (who aren't easy to get along with anyway), and she possesses a golden heart that I wish was explored in more detail. She has been consistently good, with her best portrayal being in TDA and her worst in TDAS.

9. Sierra

Ah, Sierra. The fandom seems very much polarized when it comes to her. Sure, a real stalker is someone to take seriously, but a teenage cartoon one? Hilarious. And not only that, but she demonstrated a startling amount of wit, smarts, and resourcefulness in TDWT. Her temper and enthusiasm also make her a distinct character, and she was incorporated very well into the first-generation cast. I kind of wish she and Cody arrived to the point of friendship earlier, but hey, at least they arrived. However, I was not a fan of the Cam-Cody plot in TDAS: not only was it a rehash of the original Cody plot, all other interactions were thrown out the window for it. It would be great for her to branch out from Cody and concentrate fully on the competition. So, although she has an astounding amount of potential, it hasn't been fully utilized to her advantage.

10. Scarlett

Scarlett reminds me of myself the most, next to Courtney. Her quiet, manipulative nature intrigued me from the start, as most manipulative characters I've seen are social, charismatic types like Alejandro. It would have been nice to see more interactions with her involved, but her alliance with Max sufficed. It's really her personality that shines: there is a monster bubbling under the surface of her awkward cleverness. If it had been exposed in a less conspicuous way than in "Scarlett Fever", she probably would have ranked higher. I feel that that episode ruined her intrigue, not to mention caused her to be booted too early.

11. Shawn

Shawn has a certain way of speaking and acting that fascinates me. He can be witty and sarcastic, but also bashful and awkward. He can be frank and realistic, but also talkative and illogical. While he tends to be calm and collected, he is given to bouts of panic and paranoia. His pessimism about zombies is balanced out by his optimistic nature. In all these ways, he is a paradox to the extreme. That's the main reason why I personally enjoy him, and I suspect that's why other people like him too. His interactions were great, and he was given considerable development throughout TDPI. His one major flaw was that he was an annoyance in the beginning of the season, being defined by his zombie paranoia. If he hadn't been like that for almost half the season, he'd probably be way higher. The fact that he took the zombie apocalypse more seriously than even a die-hard believer in real life was kinda sad.

12. Noah

As far as I've seen, Noah is in just about everyone's Top 10. I also love him as a character, but I'm not as willing to overlook his flaws as most people. But I'll start with his perks. First, he has more golden lines of wit than any other character. Like Tyler, I can come up with a plethora of his lines from the top of my head. He burns other characters in the best ways possible, and his snarky remarks are as well-timed and well-written as can be. Second, he is a cynic whose speech and behavior tend to contrast with other contestants', thanks to his skeptical viewpoint on everything. Misfits are some of the most interesting characters in entertainment mediums. Third, his interactions were well-chosen. His personality and stature are hilariously different from Owen's, Izzy's, and Eva's, which made his relationships with them work. But here are the problems with him. One, his main purpose was to dish out golden lines. That's it. The only time he played a significant role in any plot was in "I See London...". and he got eliminated before he could really make a splash. He was shown to have enormous potential, but it was even less fulfilled than Sierra's. This leads to my second point: his friendships with Owen, Izzy, and Eva weren't based on any substantial storyline. How did Noah's interactions with Izzy and Eva affect the competition? They didn't, and they weren't even connected to any character's development. They were just there. Noah's and Owen's friendship was only marginally more substantial due to them working together a few times. In essence, Noah has been a minor character in the game, and has really played no important role as of right now. I still enjoy him immensely for his humor and other things, though- just not as much as Lightning (who was more significant in his respective season anyway).

Rankings to come:

Like: Eva, Alejandro, Amy, Blaineley, Bridgette, DJ, Gwen, Izzy, Sam, Jasmine

Meh: Anne Maria, B, Beth, Cody, Courtney, Dakota, Dawn, Duncan, Ella, Jo, Justin, Samey

Dislike: Beardo, Brick, Dave, Mike, Rodney, Staci, Zoey

Hate: Cameron, Ezekiel, Katie, Leonard, Max, Sadie, Scott, Sky, Sugar, Topher, Trent

Feel free to PM me about my rankings and try to convince me of a character's merit/failure; I'm always open to discussion.

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