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I have finally posted Already Taken, my first ever Sess/Kag fic! It was actually supposed to be a one-shot but I realized it was way to long to be a one-shot and just decided to break it up into two parts. Anyway, let me know what you think and tell me if it’s worth being continued.

I got a lot of positive feedback for Simple and now I want to write another Haru/Tohru one-shot! I was surprise by how many people liked it and am grateful for the reviews everyone has left me. Now, I know how to spell “oniguri” lol, thanks so much Adaire!

That's all for now!

Emerald Dreams

All About Me!

Real Name: Let's just say everyone calls me Sam...

Hair Color: dark brown

Eye Color: hazel

Height: 5 ft 3.5 inches ( I'm short and proud of it!)

Weight: 115 lbs

Favorite Color/s: pink, blue, lavender

Sex: Female

Sign: Scorpio

Skin Tone: I'm dark complected since I'm Hawaiin (In your face you dumb blondes! I have an all year round tan!)

Personality: Hmm...well generally I'm a nice person. As long as you make me laugh and have a good sense of humor than we'll get along great. I'm stubborn, ambitious, opinionated, and nice. Oh, and I tend to be shy around people I don't know because I never know how to act around them. I'm a girly girl too, and I absolutely love shopping! Aeropostle rocks!

Funniest Memory: One time my friend Jamie and i got into a fight. We'd never gotten into a fight before so I wasn't sure how to go about apologizing to her. So, I baked some strawberry cupcakes because Krysta had told me they were her absolute fave.Then i walked up to the street, and knocked on her door, a big smile on my face when she opened it. She grabbed the cupcakes before i could say anything and slammed the door. Then, she threw them out her living room window! Lol. It's funny now that i think about it but at the time I was really angry...

Favorite Music: I absolutely hate country! My friend Katie is obsessed with Tim McGraw and it drives me insane! I like rock, but not that hard metal stuff some bands and singers i like are: My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Nickelback, and Ashlee Simpson. Currently, I'm obsessed with "Ghost of You", "Helena", and "Becasue of You". When people from my school see me listen to such...dark and emotional stuff they raise their eyesbrow and kinda give a wtf kinda look. Lol. I like rap and hip hop too. I love Black Eyed Peas, they're like awesome! Michelle Branch's "I'm Feelin You," is another one of my faves, and of course I can't forget about "Gold Digger"!

Dislikes: sexist pigs, poachers, hypocrites, spinach, bullies, snobby people, and really weird/stalker type guys (cough Nick Flowers! cough)

Likes: candy, nice people, animals, cute boys, and all my friends

Loves: cute boys that are actually nice, and not full of themselves (believe me, I've met way too many arrogant er-boys in my life...)

Favorite Female Characters: Misao, Keiko, Anzu, Kagome, Sango, Kikyo (yep, I'm still a fan), Kagura (FB), Tohru, and Yukina

Favorite Male Characters: (bring on the bishies...) Aoshi, Kenshin, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Saitou, Shuichi Minamino, and Youko Kurama

Favorite Pairings: Inu/San, Sess/San, Kur/Kei, Yus/Kei, Inu/Kag, Sai/Mis, Aos/Mis, Ken/Mis, and Sess/Kag (mostly alternate pairings...)

Qoutes I Like (or atleast think are funny)

"If you can not find a measure of happiness in being loved it is not the fault of the one who loves you." -idk

"Money is the root of all evil." -Dr.Phil (I love that guy!)

"I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am perfect."- Krysta, my bestest friend ever!

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."-Andre Gide, author (so true!)

“Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”-“The Salutation Of The Dawn,” a Sanskrit prayer (an you say inspirational? lol.)

“If the only prayer you say in your whole life is “Thank You,” that would suffice.”-Meister Eckhart, theologian

Here’s a section in my bio I’ve decided to dedicate to my opinions about different characters and animes. No flames please.

My Opinion On: Yui Hongo

Yui Hongo is a bitter, selfish, conniving ~$#@&! Yes, I understand she was under the influence of Nakago, whom mislead her to believe that she was raped, and I’m sure it was a difficult time for her; really at first I pitied her. But when I saw her lure Miaka into the shrine of Seiryu, with full intent on hurting her I just couldn’t believe it. Come on! She’s been friends with Miaka since kindergarten! How could she choose to believe the words of a stranger over her long time best friend? That just shows how much she valued their friendship.

Also, I know Yui is a very smart girl. She knew Tamahome and Miaka loved each other and yet she still continued in her blind hatred for Miaka to pursue him. Heck, she even forced herself on poor Tamahome and gave him a potion to make him love her. But she was so foolish to believe the spell would be permanent; after all, true love conquers all. She of course wouldn’t know that. And what Miaka and Tamahome had was definitely true love. Yui needs to move on and get over it!

In conclusion, since this is America and I do have freedom of speech, which means I can express my opinions. I’ll laugh at anyone who tries to flame me. But for you who agree with me, go figure.

My Opinion On: Kagura Souma

A lot of people hate her guts...how do I know? Because when I typed in her name and was looking for a good story with her as the main character, in everyone of the ones I found she was being bashed. Big time. Like in one of them she was forcing Kyou to marry her and then she got beat up by Haru who whisked him off. (shivers) Very creepy.

Kagura, just like Kikyou is very much misunderstood in my opinion. In case you haven't seen the last two episodes than ofcourse you wouldn't know what a great character she really is! She practically stated to Yuki that she would always love Kyou and she understood he needed someone else. She was practically throwing in the towel and saying she understood Kyou needed Tohru, and not her. You see when a person is truly in love they put that special someone's needs above their own no matter what. That was what Kagura was doing.

Yes, maybe she should go somewhere to you know control her anger but other than that she's really a great person. Kagura doesn't deserve to be bashed is basically what I'm trying to say.

Anyway, if anyone disagrees with me and just plain out proclaims "Kagura's the biggest ~$#@& ever!" then they need to take a look in the mirror. Obviously, they must be a ~$#@& themself for saying that in my opinion. Overall, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so whatever.

My Opinion On: Kagome Higurashi

What can I say? I've had mixed feelings for this character for a long time. I remember the first time I watched "Inuyasha" and I swear Kagome was my absolute favorite character of all time. Then, I went into a stage of hating her guts. I began to like Kikyou more and more and like Kagome less and less. Then, finally I realized I was ridiculous for hating such a couragous character and returned to the light! I do admit I still like Kikyou because I can see her side and all and I absolutly admire Sango for her courage. But Kagome...is just so Kagome!

She's selfless, even if you hate her you have to give her that. I'm not sure what episode it was but I remember clearly how she had been saying something like "Even if you don't love me I still want to be by your side and be your friend." I don't remember her exact words but I think it was something like that. Again, when you love someone you put their happiness and needs above your own. This is what she was doing.

Moreover, she's a great friend. When she first met Sango Kagome had comforted her and lent her a shoulder to cry on. She's totally compassionate and sympathetic. In my opinion, she and Sango are the best, most couragous female characters in the "Inuyasha" show period.

Once again, these are my opinions so don't go flamin me! I'm an American...besides I like Kikyou too I just like Kagome better!

Upcoming New Fics! (not necessarily in that order...)

Already Taken

Sometimes the knight in shining armor doesn’t always get the girl. Angst. Unrequited love. One-shot. One-sided Sess/Kag.

In His Arms

After the love of her life dies, the distraught miko runs into the arms of the least expected. Sequel to Already Taken. Contains romance and angst. One-shot.

A Rose's Revelation

She was lonely. All it took was one glance to know that, and Kurama found himself wanting to see her smile… The kitsune could feel that she was the light to the world’s darkness…and, call him selfish; he wanted to bask in her glory. One-shot. Inu/YuYu crossover.

What Autumn Brings

She should’ve felt guilty. She was supposed to start her life over and remain loyal to her wonderful handsome prince. But, the girl couldn't help the flood of memories the beginning of autumn seemingly brought with its arrival… Oneshot. Slight angst. FB.

Hope you enjoyed reading my bio page! Now you know your absolutely favorite authoress a little bit more! Haha j/k! Anyway, I'm off and away! Read my new fic Harsh Realizations please, I really need some feed back. And if your a crazed Sess/Kag fan then be on the look out for my upcoming new fics!

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