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Author has written 6 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, and Invader Zim.


STORY STATUS - All updating - aside from that of Singularity, which will still be shaky - is on hiatus. Basically, I'm dead right now, guys. Sorry. I'll stop being dead after I stop having a bunch of ideas for the stories I might actually be able to make money off of. 8D;

Invader Zim

Short Drive to Insanity

COMPLETE - Subject to slight revision, however.

Fall to Ruin saga

Fall to Ruin: COMPLETE

Picking up the Pieces: Planning and development is complete, and the prologue is also complete and posted. Now that all thirty chapters have a basic outline, the actual writing process will begin. However, no finished chapters will be posted until I've done up to (or nearly) three.

Current progress on Chapter One - Approximately 8 percent

Sharing and Caring: Planned and mostly written. It is an in-between piece for PutP and FGZ, and is not necessarily canon to the storyline. It will not be posted on this site, however, as it is adult-oriented.

From Ground Zero: Vaguely planned.

Things Left Uncoded: Vaguely planned. Revolves mainly around a group of Irken OCs. (Meaning no one will read it. XD)


Prompt List One: COMPLETE

Prompt List Two: In progress (43/100 finished, with 74/100 planned)

Prompt List Three: Ready to begin once List Two is complete (That'll take a while...)

There are eight prompt lists altogether, with an added total of 600 topics. So, it's likely that Singularity will never actually be finished. Especially seeing as I write and post the prompts in order.

Special Delivery!

Currently in the development process. It will begin with a prologue setting the premise for the story, and one chapter to expand on the prologue somewhat, which will then be followed by short 'episodes' with no established continuity, similar to the series itself.

Prologue: COMPLETE

First Chapter: In progress

A New Order

Currently in the development process, and it won't be uploaded to this site. It will likely only be on or on my personal journal, as it contains very heavy ZADR and a lot of questionable themes. 8D; It was brought into horrid existence thanks to a contest on deviantART's ZADR club, revolving around the concept of a 'Tallest Dib', and I won with this piece of crazy, which was then followed up by this monstrosity. However, as the idea made absolutely NO sense and was originally done purely for the lulz, of course I had to go and try to explain it with logic. (This is where Krys rolls her eyes.) So, yes, it will contain much ZADR, unresolved sexual tension, and (eventually) probably a lot of awkward, embarrassing, and/or angry sex. Hooray.

Prologue: In progress (approximately 75 percent complete)



Another fic in the development process, and similar to 'Special Delivery', will consist mainly of episode-like chapters after the initial plot is set up. And, similar to 'Things Left Uncoded', it revolves around OCs, which means no one will read it or care about it. But here's a meme starring the main characters anyway! XD

First Chapter: In progress

Tokyo Mew Mew (Currently no longer writing for this fandom.)

The Seven Days of Valentine's: COMPLETE; I will not be posting an epilogue, as there was too much obnoxious whining about how I need to write it. :D

The Kish Mails: DEAD; don't even bother asking me to update.

Average Day on the Spaceship: Some slight reduxing in progress. Chapters two and three were nicely fixed up and posted, but I'm not sure about the fate of chapters beyond that. We'll just have to see.

I greatly appreciate constructive criticism, and I especially appreciate those who find my grammar and spelling errors, so don't be afraid to point them out. ;)

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Singularity reviews
A collection of prompt-based writings, all collapsed into a single super-dense mass. Focuses mainly on Zim and Dib, with a variety of genres. Constructive criticism and other such feedbacks are greatly appreciated.
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In order to blend in with the rest of humanity, Zim has to do what all the other children in his hi skool class have already done…get a driver's license. Too bad it doesn't go as planned.
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