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Author has written 3 stories for Beyblade.

Due to issues concerning my family, my education and all the other curveballs that life just so happens to throw at you, I havn't found the time to come on here for quite some time. I sincerely apologise to everyone who has waited for a very long time for me to update any stories. Recently I have found the time, inspiration and ideas that I will incorporate into my stories. Please note that these 3-4 years of inactivity, yes I know "what the hell have you been doing?!", have not been a waste of time. I have bought myself alot of books, studied at a very high level in English and researched some very good writers among things to mention, to better improve my own writing skills. I'm well aware that my writing style at 19 is going to to be completely different to the style I wrote in when I was 15-16, so with that in mind, I'm announcing to any old reviewers who visit my page that I'm going to take down MOST, if not ALL, of my stories and rewrite them. Hopefully to a better degree. Please understand, I've read over my old work and it makes me physically cringe to think I used to write like that. This revamping is for all readers and/or reviewers sakes, I will inform everyone which stories I'm taking down and when I'm planning on doing so.

Status Of Stories

Secondary School Sucks: This one will be the first to be taken down and re-written. This one won't change very much, but I'm aware that I rushed alot of things while I was writing. A mistake many make, I know. This time I'm going to pace things out and really use character development, since I lacked these from before. This will be re-named to All Part Of Growing Up.

Lifestyle Of The Famous Blader: I'm not so sure with this one. One of my reviewers really adores this story, so I'm led to believe that this is ok to keep as it is. I'm about to start writing the 11th Chapter quite soon.

That's Shocking!: I don't know if I should keep this one. I'll keep you posted.

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Secondary School Sucks! reviews
Basically the G Revolutions go to secondary school. Again. And they think that school life has nothing to teach them anymore. Two girls think differently. Other characters from the Beyblade series appear also. KaiXOC and RayXOC.
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