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Likes :Anime, Yaoi/Shounen ai, reading books and fanfics, writing fanfics, asian dramas,movies,playing WOW

Dislikes : work,work and work!! Um, also having writers block (i wont ever finish my stories at this rate)

Favorite Anime :
~Beyblade ~Cowboy Bebop ~DBZ ~FLCL ~Fullmetal Alchemist ~GetBackers ~Gravitation ~GundamSeed ~Gundam Wing ~Inuyasha ~Rurouni Kenshin ~Trigun ~Witch Hunter Robin ~Wolfs Rain ~Yu Yu Hakusho ~Please Teacher ~Pretear ~Howls Moving Castle ~Spirited Away ~Princess Mononoke ~Whisper of the Heart ~My Neighbor Totoro ~The Cat Returns ~Naucicaa of the valley of the wind ~Laputa ~Only Yesterday ~Grave of the Fireflys (pretty much everything by hayao miyazaki and Ghibli Studio) ~Naruto, Naruto and more Naruto(My top favorite!) Ok I obviously have to many favorites haha. I cant even think of them all so i'll stop for now.

Fav Bishounen :
~Legato (Trigun)
~Gren (Cowboy Bebop)
~Trunks,Gohan, Vegeta(DBZ)
~Hiei, Kurama,Sakyo(YYH)
~Aoshi ,Saitou, Kenshin(Kenshin)
~Kai, Rei, Tala, Bryan(Beyblade)
~Heero Yuy, Chang Wufei,Duo Maxwell,Trowa Barton,Quatre Reberba Winner (Gundam Wing)
~Kira Yamato,Mu La Flaga, Athrun Zala, Yzak, Nicole(Gundam Seed)
~Tsume,Kiba,Hige,Toboe,(Wolfs Rain)
~Seto,Yami,Marik,Bakura (Yu-gi-oh)
~Shuichi,Yuki (Gravitaion)

~Gaara,Neji,Sasuke,Kiba,Kakashi,Itachi (Naruto)

Fav Pairings :
~Sess/Kag , Kouga/Kag, Nar/Kag, Mir/Kag, Mir/San (Inuyasha)
~Vash/Meryl, Wolfwood/Milly (Trigun)
~Vegeta/Bulma (DBZ)
~Hiei/Kurama , Yusuke/Keiko, Yukina/Kazuma (Sometimes Botan/Kurama depending on my mood)
~Kai/Rei, Kai/Rei/Tala, Tala/Bryan, Tyson/Max
~Amon/Robin, Michael/Robin (WHR)
~Tsume/Toboe,Hige/Kiba,Kiba/Cheza,Hige/Blue,Hub/Cher (Wolfs Rain)
~Shuichi,Yuki (Gravitaion)
~Yami/Yugi, Seto/Joey, Seto/Serenity, Tristan/Bakura, Joey/Mai,Bakura/Marik (Yu-gi-oh)

I also like to pair my fav bishounen with my own characters. I have several fics in progress like that.

Most Memorable Quotes :
"If you're cooperative, i'll turn you into something practical, like a toaster"
~Vegeta talking to Android 18
"SIT" "That's Right..Big Sit"
"So your a team player, a save the day hero...I hate people like you."
"So tell me, what's it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?"
~Hiei to Kuwabara
"What is that ridiculous apendage growing out of your head?"
~Hiei to Yusuke

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