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What should I tell you lot?

NEWS! (August. 2017) Updates may be delayed due to issues on the home front. Hopefully things will be back to normal by September.

(May.11th.2017) I now have a Pa--tr--eon Account. Shouldn't be too hard to find, but its at P a treon dot com slash RhysThornbery.

Male, 25 as of 2016-2017, resident of Calgary Canada

I seem to end up writing Main Character/Multi stories a lot, even though I don't mean to. I don't know what that says about me? It's particularly odd, because I generally don't believe such things are sustainable in real life...

Whew! Now that's done. Challenges

Challenge 1: The Most Dangerous Game

Ship(s): Up to the Author

Secondary Ships possible: Any

Rating: M (For violence primarily, though I suppose for sex if you have a pairing?)

Genre: Survival Horror.

Plot Requirements:

In the Episode ‘Padwan Lost’ of the Clone Wars TV Show, Ahsoka Tano is abducted as part of a mission to Felucia. From there she is taken to a hunting preserve for Trandoshan hunters. She found a number of other padawans who had been abducted as well and managed to fight her way free. What if those events never happened however?

What if the Trandoshans had found another worse outlet for their need to hunt? The Arena.

The premise for this story is relatively simply, and basically just expounds on the premise of Padawan lost. What if when Ahsoka was abducted, she was instead thrown into the arena. A vast hunting preserve built to emulate a specific environment and that was filled with other ‘prey’ as well as dangerous animals, roving bands of survivalists and hunters of various stripes? This spectacle would then be distributed all throughout Hutt space for the amusement of gamblers and the like. Basically the only other requirement is that Ahsoka survive the ordeal.

From here the story is basically up to the Author. Did someone with her get kidnapped for the arena as well? Who are the others being hunted? How does she survive and escape? Do Anakin and the Jedi learn she’s been entered into the arena and search for her? Does she get to keep her lightsabers or is she forced to use other weapons?

Antagonist(bad guys): Just about anyone you wish. Bounty Hunters, Trandoshans, various psychopaths? Sith?

From here: Do whatever you want so that it meets those criteria.

Lemons: Don’t feel they’re terribly relevant to the story, however if you want her to develop a relationship with one of the others feel free. Try to keep the Lemons tasteful as opposed to pornographic okay?

Otherwise all I ask is that you tell me if you decide to take up the challenge.

Challenge 2: (General Tip) Avoid the Fae at all costs.

Ship(s): Harry/Hermione or Harry/Hermione/Luna

Secondary Ships possible: If not including Luna in the main pairing, Luna/Neville

Rating: M (For violence primarily, though I suppose for sex if you have a pairing?)

Genre: Survival Horror, Adventure, Time-Travel

Plot Requirements:

Okay short version, it’s several years after seventh year of Hogwarts. Whether or not the war is ongoing is up to you, but the result is the same. The magical world is a mess. You can go with whatever setup you want for Harry’s family situation however be aware that later in the story Harry will at least be involved with Hermione and maybe Luna as well. More pressingly however is this. The Fae are pissed, whether because they’re endangered now or outright nearing extinction, or just because things didn’t go their way.

They have a solution. Send back a champion to change the timeline. Yes I’m aware this is sorta similar to Champions of Lilith and all that, but it is going to be much different trust me. Though I definitely recommend checking out that challenge in Paladeus’ forums as it may give you ideas.

In order to ensure that their chosen champion (Harry) is worthy they kidnap him and enter him (and possibly his wife/wives if it’s Hermione and/or Luna) into the ‘Wild Hunt’. Which is basically dumping them in a magical forest somewhere in the dead of winter and running them down like deer during hunting season and trying to kill them.

The only way to escape and be judged worthy of carrying out the mission is to kill all the hunters. Who will be a combination of very scary (not at all for children) Fae of various varieties.

He/They survive the hunt though it is horrifically traumatizing and are brought before the Faery Queen. Who can be whomever and whatever you like just about. Try to keep to the darker grittier vision of the Fae however.

The Queen explains what all of this is about and basically informs them, ‘congratulations you’re our champion, we’re sending you back in time now to fix things so they don’t suck as bad.’ and having no choice in the matter he/they are sent back.

From there you can basically guess the plot I’m sure. Finish off Voldemort and his Death Eaters early, dodge Dumbledore’s machinations etc etc…However I’d recommend a fair degree of tension with the Fae.

Optional Plot Point 1:

In addition to the traditional Fae hunters you can enter Goblin and Dwarven warriors as their contributions to the trials ensuring they’re worthy of being champions. This will be explained as these species having suffered as a result of the war as well.

Optional (Recommended) Plot Point 2:

If you drop him/them into 4th year, which I recommend, change the tasks a bit.

Optional Plot Point 3:

Boons. The Fae quite often grant boons to those who agree to do their bidding as I recall. And Fae magic is much different from human varieties, meaning just about anything is on the table. Stray Idea? If they agree to go back for the Fae without being difficult about it? Maybe have Luna’s mother alive and well? Otherwise go wild dreaming up boons for them.

Antagonist(bad guys): Voldemort and the Death Eaters, Dumbledore and his meddling ways, and to a lesser degree the Fae themselves.

From here: Do whatever you want so that it meets those criteria.

Lemons: Don’t feel they’re terribly relevant to the story, however if you want to develop a relationship into the story. Try to keep the Lemons tasteful as opposed to pornographic okay?

Otherwise all I ask is that you tell me if you decide to take up the challenge.

Challenge 3: Fallout ‘The Gulf’ (AKA Fallout with Bioshock elements)

Ship(s): Any

Secondary Ships possible: Any

Rating: M (For violence primarily, though I suppose for sex if you have a pairing?)

Genre: Any (Within Reason)

Backstory Requirements:

In the years prior to the great war the ‘geniuses’ who later brought you a worldwide Atomic Apocalypse got together and built ‘the city of the future!’ on the ocean floor of the Gulf of Mexico somewhere off the coast of Louisiana.

The City was intended to be a sort of capitalist utopia. A place where science could occur unhindered and man could benefit from their own labour without ‘the man’ stealing all his money. Except surprise surprise having a city run by a board of corporate CEOs of the sort who helped engineer the great war, wasn’t such a great idea after all. The city was falling into chaos even before the bombs fell.

When the apocalypse came the city entered full scale civil war. With the citizens rising up against their overlords and the scientists who were running amok. The battle nearly shattered the city and left much of it as flood ruins.

However with time, and a lot of effort from the few survivors the city was gradually repaired and a new government formed, one which actually oversaw and restricted the activities of the corporations. Scavenging missions to the mainland brought in heaps of material, food and salvaged robots to help the city.

For a time the City (whatever you call it in this story) thrived perhaps the only city to truly do so in the post apocalypse for some time…

Canon for the in-game events are up to you of course.

Story Plot Line:

All is not well in current times however, the gulf states are in chaos, Louisiana and Florida are all but consumed by a strange supernatural fog haunted by strange creatures. Texas is a barren and violent wasteland ruled by ever vying warlords.

The city for it’s part has finally ventured to take in visitors from the outside world, however this may not be a good thing.

Traders and smugglers from far off lands try to take advantage of the cities people. Raiders/pirates and slavers hear of the treasure trove beneath the waves. And just who are these ‘Enclave refugees’? Who have recently arrived and taken up with the folk in the Vault Tec offices?

Spies from afar sneak into the city under false identities. NCR, the Brotherhood, and even Communists from China invaded the city in secret.

Disquiet grows among the populace and the city’s central authority is hard pressed to keep the peace. The City is a power keg and is ready to blow.

Your character, whether a returning character from the games or an OC will in some way find themselves in this city beneath the waves. A place where wonders of science make magic seem a reality, and where the apocalypse seems to hold no hold. Who they side with, how it affects the city whether they venture to the gulf states or beyond? It’s all up to you. Just remember. War, War never changes.

Antagonist(bad guys): Depends entirely upon who your character sides with.

From here: Do whatever you want so that it meets those criteria.

Lemons: Don’t feel they’re terribly relevant to the story, however if you want them to develop a relationship with one of the others in your story feel free. Try to keep the Lemons tasteful as opposed to pornographic okay?

Otherwise all I ask is that you tell me if you decide to take up the challenge.

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Crossover - Stargate: SG-1 & Battlestar Galactica: 2003 - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 33 - Words: 305,326 - Reviews: 995 - Favs: 1,000 - Follows: 1,197 - Updated: 7/3/2021 - Published: 5/21/2013 - Complete
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