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"This isn't a reboot, this is a Marvel Rebirth!"

The next chapter of the Marvel Universe starts here! After the events of Secret Wars, our heroes have been replaced with all-new, all-different super heroes! While some have been altered more than others, it is safe to assume that nobody has been spared by the hands of Doom! This isn't a reboot, this is a Marvel Rebirth!

Based on the current direction of DC Comics, I have decided to create my own version of a Marvel Rebirth! With brand-new situation for our favorite characters, and bringing in fan-favorites from alternate timelines! While this new continuity will be filled with comic book references for comic book fans, I will be trying my best to make these fan-fic accessible to new fans as well... I'll also be taking this series one book at a time, so you guys won't have to worry about keeping up with convoluted continuity. I may eventually start working on two at a time, but only if people really want me to.


Rules for the Marvel Rebirth Continuity:

1. All books must be set in the Earth-616 Universe, but other franchises may be allowed to crossover, but once they crossover, they are a part of the universe forever!

2. There a five different types of book that will be posted. Volumes, One-Shots, Mini-Series, Main-Events, and Crossovers. Volumes will be the ones you see the most. Consisting of 10-15 chapters, this is the one you want to read if you want to see a regular sized story. One-Shots will only be one chapter, but will have the most amount of words in a chapter. Mini-Series will be stories that last 4-8 chapters. Main-Events will be the huge books that last about 15-20 chapters. Crossovers will almost never happen, unless I'm hit with a huge amount of inspiration. They will last the same as Mini-Series.

3. Characters are not allowed to be resurrected. The only exception to this rule is for characters who have died before Secret Wars, as I didn't have any control over those deaths.

4. After every Avengers book is the end of a "Phase", but that doesn't mean that after every 'New Avengers' or 'Mighty Avengers' book is the end of a Phase. This allows me to be able to write for new characters who I don't want to have a solo book for, and also allows me to keep the main Avengers away from the smaller Avengers teams.

5. Older versions of these characters are not allowed to come back. Once again, just to be clear, this does take place in the main Secret Wars Universe. While a lot of your favorite characters haven't been touched, a lot of the big players have been switched by alternate versions of themselves, or have been put in new and unique situations that some people have not seen before. While some of the character choices I make may seem weird, one of the rules of this universe is that older versions of these character are not allowed to come back. This will challenge me to make my own characters and my own path for Marvel Rebirth.

6. While I don't want to recreate old stories for the sake of originality, I will be recreating the Civil War II event with Tony Stark and Carol Danvers. While I am doing this as a way to rewrite a story that I feel like I could do a little bit better, it's also to signify that this is an alternate version of the current Marvel Comics Universe.

7. The only characters that have memories of Secret Wars and how the changes came to be are the people who survived The Incursion of Earth-616 and Earth-1610. These character include: Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Molecule Man, Peter Parker: Spider-Man, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Jane Foster: Thor, Reed Richards, Star Lord, Black Panther, Cyclops, Thanos, Black Swan, Terrax, Namor, Proxima Midnight, Maxima. Corvus Glaive, and The Maker.

8. LMDs and clones that don't already exist are not allowed.

A few Continuity things you should know:

1. Just because this is set in Post-Secret Wars Earth-616, that doesn't mean that everything that has happened in that version of this universe has happened in this version. While you may want to assume that everything is still canon, (which is totally fine) it might be better to assume that everything isn't canon until proven canon.

2. The Thor Corps has been spared in this universe. Why? I think the concept is cool... Jane Foster may eventually get a solo book, but I don't really have plans for that at the moment.

3. Along with Miles Morales: Spider-Man has been spared from Battleworld, I have made the decision to also bring Spider-Gwen and Superior Spider-Man into the Marvel Universe.

4. Space and Magic exist in this continuity, but they probably won't show up until Phase 2. I want to create the atmosphere and continuity of Earth before we move to alternate dimensions and space.

5. S.H.I.E.L.D. is now run by Phil Coulson. Nobody on Earth knows where Nick Fury is, and Maria Hill works for Pepper Potts at The Potts Corporation.

6. The main Earth-616 Thor is still not worthy. The Thor in 'The Thor Corps' is from an alternate universe. The real Thor's name is Odinson.

Thanks for reading! If you have anyother questions about Marvel Rebirth, don't hesitate to PM me and I'll be more than happy to answer your question!

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