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You are about to embark on a tremendously dangerous mission. By scrolling down to the bottom of this page, you are risking the lives of any and all persons gathered around the computer. What you choose to read (you may or may not have many choices) could affect your life for a short or lengthy amount of time, depending on your attention span. I do not guarantee satisfaction, but fluffy, fluffy goodness can be sure to ensue. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

So that was my bit of fun.

Hullo, all. Jaymee Gudgeon here. Not much to say for the moment, but to prepare you for the stories that you may or may not decide to read. I'm about as big of an R/H shipper as you can come by, so I can promise that each story will have varying degrees of pleasant bickering and whatnot. I am also a bit new at this writing business, so be patient with me. My vocabulary is still expanding, along with my ideas. I try to be funny sometimes, so just humor me and laugh. Or don't, I don't really care. Just review, or else my horrible puns and cliches will keep rollin' in!

This is Jaymee Gudgeon, wishing you pumpkin juice wishes and chocolate frog dreams.


1/3/2005 -- Don't even talk to me about how long it's been. I took a break from writing, mainly because I had nothing to write about. But then I went around reading lots of other stories, and realized that no one else really had anything to write about, either. That's the meaning of fluff, I guess-- plotless nonsense. I can do plotless nonsense. So here you are, another story. I wrote it in the wee hours of the night, so bear with me. I'm also about a page into the Kiss Me Again sequel (from Hermione's point of view), but it's taking forever. I've decided that it's easier to be Ron than Hermione. She thinks too much. Either way, here's my first completed attempt. Hope you enjoy. Feedback is very much appreciated -- no doubt riddled with praise and lengthy reasons WHY you loved it loved it loved it. Flames are fine, too, but will merely be laughed at while enjoying a nice breakfast of smashed peas and ricotta cheese.

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I Know You reviews
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Interestingly enough, there is another ball to be held at Hogwarts - and Ron's attention keeps returning to a certain bushy haired know-it-all.
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