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Hm, I guess it might be time to start using this account again. I really haven't used it seriously in years and my interests have really changed a lot over the years. I still really enjoy playing and jrpgs continue to be my favorite type of game to play. The Tales of series is probably my favorite rpg series at the moment and I've attempted on numerous occasions to write a Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Vesperia fanfic. My second favorite rpg series is probably Persona, but I've never really attempted to write a fanfic for any of the games. Beyond those two series there are many more rpg series that I follow like Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Ar tonelico, etc. I also play some non rpg series like Assassin's Creed, God of War, Infamous and Portal.

While I still play a lot of video games, my main hobby recently has been watching anime. While I watched some anime back in high school, I only started to really watch lots of anime once I started college and I started to follow anime as it is released weekly in Japan. So yeah I pretty much just follow fansubs every week and I talk with my friends about shows as they air. With older shows I usually just marathon my way through them, but I spend most of my time watching new shows as they come out.

I've watched and enjoyed far to many anime series to list them all here. I guess I'll only talk about the ones that I have a interest in writing fanfiction about.

Angel Beats is just one of those series that I can't help but think up ideas for fanfiction about. I currently have two stories I've started writing for this series, with only one that is going to be finished any time soon. Both of them are planed to be one-shots, but they also both open ended enough to warrant a few chapters. I also have another really good story idea that would only work as a one-shot, so that will probably get written eventually as well. Be warned all of my stories will focus on Otonashi and Kanade.

Dog Days is another series I could see writing a fanfic for in the near future. Sadly most of my ideas for a Dog Days fanfic are smut so I probably wouldn't post it on this site. I would probably post it on another site and just leave a link here in my profile.

To Aru Majutsu no Index: Now this is a pretty fun series for fanfiction. Any stories I write for this series would probably be Touma centric and I would probably avoid the Touma/Misaka pairiing only because it seems to be only pairing anyone writes in the fandom. I would probably use a Touma/Index pairing, but I would have to re tweak her character back to how she was presented in the first novel rather than the rather one dimensional characterization she gets later on.

The World God Only Knows seems like it would be a pretty awesome series to write fanfiction for. Sadly the main two ideas I have for fanfiction in this series have probably already been done before (Making Haqua Keima's partner instead of Elsie or Keima having to actually sleep with the girls in order to get rid of the loose soul).

While not anime I also kind of want to write a Trinity Universe story, if only because I don't feel the original characters in the game get enough love.

Well time to get back to working on one of my Angel Beats stories, I think I'm going to post it on a forum I go to first to get it critiqued before posting it on here though.

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