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Author has written 10 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Harry Potter.

STATUS: Still alive, PMs are open, and the target for the next chapter of KotK's release is September. Thank you so much for your patience!

Hiya guys!

Welcome to my profile.

I'm awkward at these kinds of things...let's see, basic facts? That's a step in the right direction.

Currently aged 24. Living somewhere you'll never find me. Love to read and travel.

Pen name? My OC's are my babies, and two in particular have a special place in my heart - Sachi (who probably won't appear on this site, but there's tons of pics of her on my dA!) and Amaya, who's in basically all my works. Sachi means bliss, and Amaya means night rain, and thus: BlissfulNightRain!

Would sell my soul to Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy series. Not really. Well, maybe. Basically I like that stuff a lot. And it's all I'm probably gonna write about on this site so...

I'm very welcoming of good constructive criticism so I can improve. Love a good compliment here and there ;) Flames are cool, too, though. Like how they're all red and orange and yellow and blue all at once and stuff.

If you ever wanna ask me to read something of yours, or ever just chat me up, feel free to hit me up through PM! I love making interwebz friendz.

My (Obviously Very Important) Opinions on Stuff


I write mainly for Kingdom Hearts, so:

Sora x Kairi (OTP)

Terra x Aqua

Roxas x Naminé (I will sink with this ship)

Riku x Amaya (fite me)

Vanitas x Xion (a guilty pleasure crack-pairing)

Tbh I'm pretty chill with shipping overall


I love these things haha. I feel like they can be a really cool tool, when properly developed, to explore interesting points of lore or offer a different perspective on a series that you enjoy! I know that they get a pretty bad rep, since it might feel like they invade the fandom when introduced, but I've found a fair few that I've really enjoyed! If you find a fic that seems interesting but are skeptical of the presence of an OC in it, I'd say give it a chance and read at least the first couple of chapters - you might be surprised!

Obviously I'm a fan of these things so I have a couple:

Amaya is my main OC. If she's not one of the main characters of a fic, I usually try to incorporate her as a cameo. She's kind, smart, a little neurotic, and has mastered the art of subtly calling people out on shit (or not-so-subtly; depends on your relationship with her). In a canonical setting, she is also Sora's older sister. Pictured in my avatar, as well as the cover photo for A Date with my Best Friend's Sister(s) and Keeper of the Keywielders.

Fics by other authors Amaya has made an appearance in:

-Rags to Riches by Painted with a Palette! (It's an awesomely written SoKai AU fic, which I made the cover art for, too!)

-Out of Sight by my baes Painted with a Palette and SoraxKairi7 (RokuNami and SoKai AU!)

-Breaking Even by SoraxKairi7 (A SoKai AU - Amaya hasn't physically appeared, but her babies with a certain someone do ;) )

-Memories of You by Painted with a Palette (A RokuNami AU - Amaya only has had a brief mention in a certain someone's past, but I love this fic and wanted to feature it anyway~!)

Haru I usually plan on using her as Sora's little sister, and she will usually appear in my more light-hearted fics. The most accurate characterization for her is probably the younger, female version of her older brother. Pictured on the cover photo for A Date with my Best Friend's Sister(s), although she's a teenager in Sex Ed.

Mary Sue Bad girl, bad girl, whatcha gonna do? Her theme song is One-Winged Angel and she's the sexiest thing to ever exist with dat overdone make-up and saggy skin.

Secret OC You'll just have to keep up with my fic Keeper of the Keywielders to find out about this one ;)

Stories in Progress

Taboo: Aqua is diggin' an older man; problem is, there's quite an age gap! How will this pan out for her?

Chapter 4 Progress: 5%

Sex Ed , a collab with the wonderful SoraxKairi7! We got the idea after watching Haley Joel Osment's new movie, although this fic is totally way better ;) Go check it out and leave a review! :D

Chapter 8 progress - 15%

Playlist can be found here

Toxic: "Is Roxas a shitty friend, or am I just a huge pushover?"

Chapter 3 progress: 35% (On hold)

Playlist can be found here

Keeper of the Keywielders: Probably the most important fic to me on this site. I plan on this being my headcanon version of the KH series through the eyes of my OC, Amaya. Don't worry - it won't be a straight retelling. There are lots of instances where I feel like the KH series in general has glossed over important lore, and characters that have not been fully explored; the whole point of this story is to explore those things, as well as add some new plot points when I can.

I've actually been planning this fic since 2014, and the original prologue to the story was published in 2017 (about two years ago). However, my ideas have continued to evolve and with the release of KH3, I finally figured out a storyline and plot points that I was satisfied with writing.

This fic largely focuses on bonds of friendship and family, but if you've read literally anything else I've ever written, you know I love to slide in my romance when I can! This fic won't be heavy with it for sure, buuuuut not saying there won't be none at all either. Since we're following canon here, though, don't expect some angsty dramatic declarations of love or romcom-type stuff, though - that's what AU's are for.

Chapter 7 progress: 40%; it's coming along, so sorry for the wait! Hoping to get something out by the end of this month. (11/23/19)

Nautical Miles: It originally started out as one one-shot, but with tons of new Kairi-centric ideas, I decided to expand it into a one-shot series. Updates not as regular on this one. Serious/angsty tone for the most part.

The Old Hat Upon the Shelf: My first Harry Potter series, revolving around the Sorting Hat and the...interesting things its probably seen over the centuries in the Headmasters' office. Humorous (at least I try to be).

For both one-shot series, I am open to requests, however I will only pick and choose to do them at my discretion. Basically, if you have an idea you'd like to see me do, feel free to suggest it through a review or PM, and IF I have the time and like the idea, I'll go through with it and give you credit for it :)

Complete Fics

The Most Beautiful Sunset: Just some SoKai fluff hehe I think the summary says it all. It's rather short (I may rearrange it into a one-shot format at some point) and it's done, so you should totally go read it right now! (and leave feedback cause im a feedback whore hehe)

A Date With My Best Friend's Sister(s): Yes it's a Canon X OC fic, and most of those...leave much to be desired, but this is my attempt at making one that doesn't so hey, totally give it a read and decide for yourself! The full version of the cover photo is on my dA account - see below for deets if you're interested!

If anything, this was really an experimental fic to test out writing my character Amaya. Aside from the epilogue, the fic was written in 2014 when I was just getting started on the site, so there's tons of stuff I'd probably change about it now, but I hope you guys can still appreciate it for what it is.

Playlist can be found here

Feedback gives me life guyz. I'm a pretty open book, so whether you offer me some concrit or just want to chat, consider leaving me reviews or dropping me a PM! :)

Artwork: My profile pic as well as all of my cover photos that aren't official Kingdom Hearts screenshots or artwork are hand drawn by me! Unfortunately, FF likes to shrink them down so you can't really see all the detail, but if you're curious to see them in their full glory and/or just want other ways to connect with me, find me here:

DeviantArt: www (dot) deviantart (dot) com / blissfulnightrain

Tumblr: blissfulnightrain (dot) tumblr (dot) com (artwork under the hashtag "blissfulnightrainart")

Twitter: @BlissyNightRain

Discord: PM me if you'd like to add me

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Memories of You by Painted With a Palette reviews
She was ridden with severe anxiety after a traumatic experience in her youth. He felt pressured to become a Keyblade wielder in the aftermath of his father's death. At times, they felt alone. But they found each other.
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Hikaru comes from a world of forgotten legends and ancient gods, but when the Heartless attack, her world falls apart—literally. Torn from her family, she joins Sora and the others on his quest to find his missing friends in hopes of finding her own… But fate has a funny way of working, and Hikaru may soon discover that some family secrets are better left in the dark. KH1.
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"Vanitas, please, please, pleeease read this book!" Vanitas sighed, taking the book from her. She was so annoying when it came to literature but it's not like he could kick her out of the shop… or his life. "Fine, I'll read your stupid book" Vanitas grumbled. Little did he know the message hidden deep inside that would change his life.
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Deer kairi who do yoo like betur me or riku chek yes or no' The problem, besides the spelling, was that it wasn't a yes or no question. Kairi wasn't quite sure how to answer...preKH.postKH2...sokai fluff.oneshot
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A Reason to Believe reviews
As Sora returns to Hollow Bastion to close its keyhole and save Riku, Kairi is left alone in Traverse Town to reflect on their journey thus far. There had to be more that she could have done...but what? Perhaps the "stranger" she meets might have answers about the strength she so desires. Canon. KH1. Written for "Step Forward: A Kairi Fanzine."
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,197 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/25/2020 - Kairi, Kairi's Grandmother - Complete
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After Roxas returns to Sora, she is not more than a nuisance, he is a former Organization member gone rogue, and both are left with memories of unrequited promises to a boy who did not deserve the fate the cards had dealt him. KH2. Canon compliant. One shot.
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,061 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2/23/2020 - Naminé, Axel, Roxas - Complete
Keeper of the Keywielders reviews
Amaya was just being logical when she told her brother and friends that their raft idea was a bad one. Of course, none of that matters when the Islands disappear. Separated from friends and family, she must overcome her fears and control her awakened abilities on her journey to reunite with her loved ones, and uncover Kairi's mysterious past along the way. Current arc: KH1
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 48,520 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 33 - Updated: 6/21/2019 - Published: 4/21/2017 - Sora, Kairi, Riku, OC
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"Am I teaching Sex Ed or how to be a porn star? Because you don't seem to know the difference." This was not what Sora signed up for. SoKai. Collab fic with SoraxKairi7 and Painted With a Palette.
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Taboo reviews
"Is it a boy?" she prods. Kairi's been waiting for the day I answer yes to this question. Today, however, is not that day. "Nope," I repeat once again. Technically, I'm not lying. Because I, Aqua, am totally enamored with an older MAN named Terra. AU.
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 4 - Words: 15,747 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 28 - Updated: 2/15/2019 - Published: 3/28/2015 - [Aqua, Terra]
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 316 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 4 - Published: 5/30/2016 - Sorting Hat
Toxic reviews
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A collection of nonconsecutive one-shots featuring Kairi. Summaries included inside with each story. Prompts/requests welcome! Latest chapter: "I really do regret not training or sparring with Riku and his friends. If I was stronger, maybe I could have saved him." Kairi can't stop worrying about her best friend who has disappeared.
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: K - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,966 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 10/8/2014 - Published: 8/9/2014 - Kairi
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"...and the three of us sat, right here on this tree, and watched the sun go down. And, I'd seen the colors of the sky during the sunset and all before, but never had I seen it like that…I thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen." Kairi challenges Sora to remember every detail leading up to watching their first sunset together. Post-KH2. SoKai.
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: K - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,726 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 8/21/2014 - Published: 8/12/2014 - [Sora, Kairi] Riku - Complete