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Hey all...A quick note.. i was thinking of changing my pen name? what do you guys think... from Lucky Lena to Keda name..what do you all think? let me know ok?


Unexpected Expectations: Finsihed this story after a while, i may change the ending a bit, but im not sure, unfortunately, i have held off posting the sequel because when i did only 2 reviews came in after 3 chapters were up, i will post it soon though...

Harry Potter and the Dark Ones take Over: ok i ended up putting this story on hold because i completely couldnt think of anything to write but i had some idea's so i thought i'd start it up again, and my reviews..if you have any good ideas..please send them to me..they'd help alot!

I Wont Let Go, Not After All This: Seuqal to Unexpected Expectations. i decided to post this sooner than i thought, but still i have very few reviews and will not be updating for a while. i am continuing to write it and have around 8 chapters written. Now i am waiting for reviews. I promise to my readers i will not abandon this story, it is to close to my heart. 3.

Real Name: Keda Sun

Hair: Short, Strait,Brown, Black, Pink, Blonde, All of the Above.

Eyes: Beautiful Brown

Height: Too Short

Talent: None I've Descovered..Well Maybe romance stories...

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, hanging with my friends, talking on the phone, havin to many jkz with my the way i AM a girl just to all my reviews who assume im a MAN! i am NOT! thank you very much!

Favourite Shows: Much Music (just about anything), Card Captors, Dark Angel, Psy Factor, Inu Yasha, Amdromeda, Witch Hunter Robin, Without A Trace, Blue Murder, CSI, Passions, Sailor Moon, others...

Favourite Books: Harry Potter Series, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Eragon, City of the Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, All The Sisterhood Of The Travel Pants Books, Lord of the Rings Series, The Da Vinci Code, Mnay stories written by those on FanFiction.

Shout Outs: Got to send one out to Luna Moonglade, love you gurl, you gotta UPDATE!Also got to send one out to my friend kim glad you got to post your story! Also a big thanks to my readers and reviewers, i love you all SO much..especially you Lorna!

i know i've been having trouble updating lately, and for that i am truely sorry my faithful readers. i promise to each and every one of you that i shall try my hardest to update as soon as i can. if i do not, you may send reviews yelling at me to do so. Anyway i'll stop being corney and wrap this up. i would just like to say thanks alot to the people who review and i'm sorry to say that if reviews dont pick up (i get more) then i will have to start demanding them for each chapter before i will update, so try and review please! thanks alot!

That's All For Now, Bye!

P.s This is in reply to a review that was sent to me recently. The Other girl, i appriciate your thoughts on my story, and yes i can say that some of the characters are out of context, but if you cared to read my little blogs BEFORE each chaper you would see that i admitted to changing Draco's personality, as for the others, did you possibly think that they might just possibly be HAPPY for Carrie and not want to say anything to hurt her feelings? i do admit that Harry was kind of out of the story in the beginning but later on he is much more involved and the story is NOT SUPPOSED to revolve around Harry, hense that its a romance and NOT what i think is going to happen in the next book. its story that popped up in my head and the reasons you gave for flaming it are un-supportive. Flames are not needed and i do not appriciate them. And to anyone else who wishes to flame me, you may because i frankly dont care what you think of my story, i wirte because i ENJOY it and do not need approval from everyone. Thank you and goodnight!

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Carrie and Draco our back for their final year at Hogwarts, Carrie's pregnant, ready to finish her school, but little do they know a terrible fate awaits them as the due date approaches...
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