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Oh Lulz aka. "My Fanfiction.net Eulogy" - An August 9th, 2009 Update

I sorta feel bad for whatever poor, poor person is still actually keeping tabs on me here.
...Though I also feel bad for the even poorer people whose lives revolve around anything from this site. Dx

While I haven't paid much attention to ff.net or writing in general, I also haven't done much in the realm of doodling or video-editing on other sites either, so it's not like Fanfiction.net's getting more neglected than other places. Currently, I'm holing myself up at Valenth and Squiby (though I'm being stubbornly anti-social everywhere I go). If anything gets written, it'll either be my own original characters' story or a special story made for the purpose of hiding Squiby adoptions. Since my ambitions to come back here are pretty lax, here are some final opinions and comments on the things I've posted here, now with letter grades!

Endless Nightmare - I'm so scared to try reading this now; I can only remember the extreme angst, cheesiness and the original incarnation of an OC, though in the story's case he was more of a ghastly Gary Stu. Grade: D+
Diggin' for Dirt - Even more scared of this one than EN; no further comment. Grade: F-
Yugi and the Evil Smoothie Machine - Enjoyable, but it definitely got away from me after awhile; all the hype made it go sourly bad. One of my stories that was actually deleted due to its script format. Grade: B- (Incomplete)
Yugi the Short Tenth Grader - The first of three song parodies. I think it turned out pretty well actually, so I don't have too many gripes about it. Grade: A
Grandpa's Soul Got Sucked into the TV - Another song parody. I can only tolerate singing the first line, but you have to admit: it was pretty witty. Grade: B-
Kaiba and the Clone Wars - This was funny. I really, actually enjoy re-reading this; makes me feel like I sucked less years ago. Grade: A+
My Guardian Demon - Sweet, but not as thought-through as it could have been; I don't like the OC names. I don't think I liked them when I wrote it, either. Grade: B
The Twelve Days of Battle City - Oh, oh, oh- a far too easy song to parody, but oh well, mine was still fine and dandy. Grade: B-
Spiral: Suiri no Yugi - Never got anywhere with this one, now did I? I was really going for humor, but I think I ended up deviating too much. Grade: C (Incomplete)
Overrun - A really hot fantasy dream gone horribly wrong. It's too bad I never got off my butt and wrote more. Grade: C+ (Incomplete)

Below: Never posted on ff.net (AWWWW). Probably lost in the bowels of the internet and my computer drives, since Animespiral died randomly... sometime.

In Love and War - This was supposed to be my epic, YuGiOh revival fic... it died. Which was sad because it wasn't a terribly written piece of work. Though it got what it deserved, since it involved terrible Mary Sues based off my friends and I and writing it spawned a terrible, never-to-be-posted-under-any-circumstances sex scene involving Bakura that I will never be able to live down. Grade: Debatable
Random Anime - A random story generated between mah BFF and I on MSN. One person wrote one sentence or so, then the next person wrote some more... back and forth... It was a real cracktastic thing. Grade: D
The Missing Doritos of Kousuke Asazuki - The second of my fanfictions to be taken off of here. Why, I must still ask; it never made sense why it was booted off. The mystery was never solved, not even in my head. Disappointing. Grade: C

Insert extra snarky, humorous quote here! xD


You May Call Me: Her royal highness, Queen Galux

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Anime or Manga That I've Seen and Enjoyed: YuGiOh, Yuyu Hakusho, Princess Tutu, Sailormoon, Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna, Godchild, Nana, Absolute Boyfriend, Princess Princess, Hell Girl

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Kenshin's version of "The Wanderer"

Oh, I’m the samurai that likes to roam around
In the Meiji era I roam from town to town
I carry ‘round my sword though the rules say ‘no way’
But I don’t really care and this is what I say:
“I’m the wanderer, I’m the wanderer,
I roam around around around around…”

Favorite Quotes:

"Because I'm stupid!" - Kuwabara, Yuyu Hakusho

"So, you just happen to carry around dried fish?
Never know when you'll need it.
When would you need dried fish?" - Kousuke and Eyes, Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna

"Haha! My information network would make even the DNA blush!
Um, I think you mean CIA, Minako..." -Minako and Ami, Sailormoon

"Screw the rules, I have money!" - Kaiba, Yugioh: The Abridged Series

"Your heart's in the right place Rose, I just don't know where the hell your brain is." - Sophia, The Golden Girls

"Oh, you touched my tra-la-la, mmmm, my ding ding dong..." - The Ding Dong Song

"But why's the rum gone?" - Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

"I'm so FLATTERED!" - Axel, Kingdom Hearts II

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Bible Stories, YGO Style: Season 2! by Toboe LoneWolf reviews
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Chapter One: In which Vexen complains, Larxene enters in, and our story begins. Title and summary not reflect full story at all. See inside. ::Story Updates Currently in La-La-Land : Expect Little to None and Ye Shall Receive ::
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