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hey it's Plex. Ryoa had two go fore a wile, but she'll ad inn her 2 sents eventualy. fore nowe u hav two make du with just having mee to give information.

we're 17-year-old twins. she's older bye a minute ore too, but eye'm taller. we'll put inn bios of the characters inn a later chapter, after everyone has been introduced. want a base-ic rundown? we have blond hare with blue tips, and are regular teenagers. she wares jeens, just like grandma Electra, but wares a skirt without complanet to.
uhhh...thats al eye kan think of rite nowe.
oh, in case u havent noteised, bad speling runs in hour blod lyne, but only getts the guys. unfare. skof

here's sum kwotes eye lyke:

"of all the things i lost, i'll miss my sanity the least" - AMV bar - edited

"I mock you with my monkey pants - Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer when discussing animal crackers with Willow

"One by one the penguins steal my sanity" - a sticker

"quite you... stop showing off your muscular ears!" - our friend Cyko(i'm pretty sure he took that from the simpsons)

"wake up and smell the sarcasm" - i duno where i got it, but i say that all the time.

"You have to have the right atmosphere"
"Atmosphere? what, like ...clouds and stuff?" ... "OK i'm ready for an explaination now." - kagome(line 1) and inuyasha (lines 2 and 3)

"Thesis paper long. thesis paper bad." - Matt Jurik

"Fart gas smells weird, don't you agree?" - also Matt

"buying a used car is like going to a house of ill-repute looking for a wife. anything that's been driven THAT HARD by THAT MANY PEOPLE ... you really don't wanna stick your key into" - Jeff Foxworthy - Blue Colar Comedy Tour (best DVD ever)

"I was nauseous and tingly all over... I was either in love or I had smallpox." - Woody Allen

"What you just said is silly, illogical, irrational, and it's begining to make sense." - a poster in our social studies teacher's room

"Love and stoplights can be cruel." -from "Sesame Street"

"Crazy? i was crazy once. they put me in a room. a round room. with a brand new jacket. i died in that room. they burried me in the ground. worms are in the ground. worms drive me crazy. crazy? i was crazy once..." - one of fuzz's friends, i think...i duno. RY, who said that? i know i heard it from you, but who made it up?

"you spend the first two years of a child's life teaching them to walk and talk. you spend the next sixteen years telling them to sit down and shut up." - i duno where i heard it

"Saying that men talk about baseball in order to avoid talking about their feelings is the same as saying that women talk about their feelings in order to avoid talking about baseball." - Deborah Tannen

that's all i can think of, but i'll add more

i have Ryoa's individual fic on my individual name, cannonballboy. her fic is "one hot mama"

Hey All! This is Ryoa. That quote came from Michelle, just FYI. Yeah, my brother has sadly inherited the bad spelling genes from Grandpa Dolph, from great-Grandpa Dor, From Bink. Or did Demon Xanth put that little thing in there when he decided to make all our talents magician level? Anyway, I happen to have some favorite quotes also, since my brother decided to give you all the rundown on us.

"Save a horse...Ride a cowboy"- Big&Rich (THE best CD ever made)

"There's never a hero in a battle of ego"- Once again, Big&Rich

"If you have a complete set of salad bowls, and they all say COOLWHIP on the side, you might be a redneck" -Jeff Foxworthy, funniest comedian on earth

"If you go to a dance, and when they tell you to do a hoe-down, you throw your girlfriend on the floor, you might me a redneck" -Again Jeff Foxworthy (I bow down to you O great funny one!)

"Things you should never do on a roller coaster:
Dance in a punch bowl
Pick a baboon's nose
Eat sour cream and onion chips dipped in pudding
and many more"-From my dear beloved Fuzz

"Just because you have one doesn't mean you have to be one!"- Sticker

"Dragons are a handy boyfriend-choosing tool"-me

"Life is like a grapefruit. Sort of orangy-yellow and dimpled on the outside, wet and squidgy in the middle. It's got pips inside too. Oh, and some people have half for breakfast"- Ford Prefect , The restaurant at the end of the universe

plex again. it's june 11th, a friday, but i've been thinking it's wednesday all day. i got another quote:

"am i done being constructive now?" - me after my dad wanted me to help him dry off the light cover and put it back together. he decided it needed cleaning

yet again, here i am, plex, all by my lonesom sniff not really. i proudly announce that today, july 16th, 2004, i got DSL! happy dance i've downloaded 5 amv's in the span of an hour! more dancing

i got another quote i just found:

"Maybe I'm just afraid that she won't accept my apologies. Maybe that's why I don't tell her how I feel about her. I'm afraid she'll reject my heart. Wait! Where did that come from! I don't know? Who am I talking too? Yourself, you dumb ass. Why am I answering my self? Because your you. WHAT!' InuYasha slaps himself hard "I really am I dumb ass if I can confuse myself" InuYasha mumbled." - that's from the fic "Date" by Captured Moon.

ah, you gotta love it when you hold conversations with yourself. better yet, when your twin invedes your mental space at 10:30 at night while you're trying to sleep, but said twin wants to tell you about a fic he read (sorry Ry, i didn't mean to! honest!looks innocent)

"She was no dumb brick when it came to relationships, unless it was her own." -kagome, again, in "date" by Captured Moon

i'm gonna go back to reading fics now, later - Plex

and here i am again. me, plex. i have a quote from dear old ryoa that she just said a minit ago - i'm talking to ehr on the phone - and its rather...odd

"the inuyasha guys aren't usually fluff fluff, but we can make them fluff fluff, cuz we are the almighty authors" - ryoa, talking abuot a songfic we're working on.

plex again. i've been reading, as usual, and i've found the perfect quote for Ryoa!

“Social studies, current events, and quadratic equations… Whoever heard of such nonsense!” Sango demanded. - this is from the fic "kagome's baby" by SirLarry. ry's constantly complaining about these things while we're in school, at the very least she always complains about the last one - so do i for that matter - but it fits!

back to reading now...


it's been a while since i(plex) was in here last...

also, it doesn't help that i fogot the password! ;;

ryoa wanted me to put in another quote that we've said. this one she said as she's messing asround on photoshop while talking to me -

"fresco! let's make you a fresco! i don't know what that is...ack! that's the one that makes you look like a brunette. let's try a neon glow to make you look like a radioactive blob of goo...wahahahahahahha"

also - this one, from when we were at the mall with our friends.

"plex, you're an idiot"

"what'd i do this time?"

"i duno - you've jsut needed to be called an idiot and i chose this particular moment to do so."


Wahahahahaha! Ryoa finally figured out how to post on the bio! Boo-ya! Whee i have a quote, from yours truly.

"I love thee o great drum pad

if you left i would be so sad

i want you to be my children's dad"

smacks self VERY hard Why did i say that? Oh, and now it's on the internet! WONDERFUL! OMG! i also have to tell you about this quote i heard on scrubs!

"Don't listen to him! He's drunk on cheese!"

cracks up hysterically Man, i love TV...Anyway, i just thought i had to make my mark.



happy new year! about the quote ryoa recently put up (directly above this) i feel the need to say that i walked into my biology class, dropped off my stuff at my desk, walked up to the chalk board, and wrote that quote on the board. it was there for about 15 minutes, then the teacher had to use the board for class. afterwards, there was about 5 minutes left, and i went back up and re-wrote it on a part of the board he desn't use for notes - the part where he lists the assignments.

my teacher never denied the statement, jsut grinned, and proceded to tell stories of how he was incredibly stupid in college . such as a 40-foot slip-n-slids down the hallway naked (it was an all male building), a fireworks display down a hallway (the largest the school had seen at the time - no news of a new record yet)

ok - my speal if done. i'm going abck to my fruits basket fic now... horray for the nezumi! -plex

ps - it was the cheese quote. ryoa'd kill me if i mentioned her beloved drumpad in class.


behold, 'tis i, the one known as plex. (wtf...) i have returned in company of another beloved quote to post. this one was said by cyko - another of our friends - during today's art class. cyko was describing a picture, pointing to the things said. cyko was saying "see! there's the upside train, the cat, and the leaning tower of Paris!"

a translation -

"look! there's the upside-down train, that cat with a human face, adn teh Effiel Tower!" (if the speling's wrong - you know me...;;)

well, teh quote quota has been fufilled, and now it is time for this one to take his leave, as he's probably annoying most readers with his odd vernacular (tongue(speech)), in addition to hir horrendus-ness of the spelling nature.

the odd one...


ok, back after quite a delay, but! i have returned! with another quote from ryoa. she was directing fizz on how to find ehr cd player, and then she said "um - how about you go into the hallway, close the door, i'll put on pants and then help you look for it..."

also, our group of friends is in the process of helping fix mike's house since he's moving, and one of ou friends has a habit of saying "sonofa!" nothing more afterwards, i'm not cutting out anything. but while we were working on mike's house, she went to kneel, but has bad knees, and said "ah! sonofakneekneeknee"

we still mock her for it.

and, just now between ryoa and myself voer the phone - (she's working on something with ducttape) (starting with ryoa, then me, then ryoa, etc)


"duct taaaaape!"



signed, the masculine one


HAHAHAHA! Ryoa has figured out, after about twenty minutes, how to update the profile again!

I have a TON of funny quotes built up from the forever since i last posted, but i'll just cover the funniest.

"Hey, Ry?"
"Yes, Shash?"
"Can a girl get her period in the middle of marching band?"
"WOW! Wouldn't she pass out or something?"

Yeah, that's about it. That and the newest character in the fic has a real-life counterpart. Yes, i have a boyfriend now. Oh, and so does my closest friend (Brother).

Tis all for now.

The Polac Noir


well, since my oh-so-swift sister decided to rememebr how to update this, i will to. granted - i always knew how, i haven't in a while. and, i havemore quotes -

"It's funny isn't it," Draco said in a conversational tone. "They stick a whole bunch of sweaty, teenage boys in a hot steamy room together and they convieniently forget to put any doors on the cubicles. Not that I mind, mind you. Getting to watch you in the showers after a game sure does take the sting out of losing to you...""...but it does make you wonder," Draco continued, blithely, "whether they actually expect any of us to turn out straight." (fic i was reading)

honestly, if you can't relate your sex life to musical are not a band geek (my boyfriend)

Am I the only person who sees a problem in jumping a paraniod knife weilder with a blood fetish? (also my boyfriend)

well, i'm off to see how much my rank improved after i spent 208 turns attacking people and stealing their gold.

-le polac blanc


Well. It's been two years since we figured out how to edit this profile. Or bothered to. Plex and I are now godforsakenly old and going off to college in less then eight months. We can't even have a baby in that time, and we're off to higher education. He might actually be getting into Harvard gasp and I'm going to a state school because I like where I live and would never go as far as freaking Boston for four years. =P

Most of the fics posted on this author name are mine- and for those of you who are looking for an update on the Xanth fic, we're really sorry. Plex lost a good portion of the handwritten part of the next chapter...two years ago. And frankly, highschool has caught up with the both of us. Now we're lazy-ass seniors XD.

And so, I've finally gotten back into my Harry Potter fandom writing, and i just want to let you know that I love you all. (Especially you, Plex. I was kidding about the whole Harvard thing.)
Oh! And I'd like to give a big shout-out to a bunch of people who probably don't browse this site, but that's okay. Ellen, Lisette, Myla, Sarah, Linds, Steph, Nici, Penny, Haru, Sam, Chris and all you other crazy folks at MiniMarauders, EsmeTedOttoRo 333333's and :3:3:3:3:3:3's you!

The Polac Noir

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