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As some of you may know, this account half-belonged to a person by the name of Dark Conscience. However, it seems that she's grown bored of writing and has moved onto something else. To my surprise, she deleted everything of hers on this account without telling me. I'm disappointed but I can't say I didn't see it coming.

Perhaps someday I will be able to respark her interest in writing. However, until then, I shall be the...er..."owner" of this account. As some people know, I go by the name of Alley Cat and, if anyone happens to be interested, I'm female.

As far as my reading material goes, I tend to lurk more around the Fire Emblem section than anywhere else. However, since I also write some Yu-Gi-Oh! stories, I tend to lurk around there every once and so often too. Though, since my newest project, Fire Emblem is what I've shown more interest in so far. I'd also be willing to read any Baten Kaitos, Tales of Symphonia, Naruto, Fruits Basket, and Harry Potter fanfictions - but normally only on request. Pretty much: If I know anything about what you're writing about, I'll read it and review it. I don't really have a preference in its genre. As long as it's written well, I'll love it. But don't worry if it's not written well. I'll read it anyway and give you some critique to help you get better. After all, the point of writingon this websiteis to constantly improve yourself, right? I can warn you now, though,that I tend to write page-long critiques (sometimes two pages) which are full of 1) constructive criticism or 2) praise. Yes, I have encountered a fanfiction which I have given two-page-long praises to on the specific things they did well on. Although, I am rather ashamed that I do not review as often as I should. I get burdened by homework, school, friends, and so on so forth very often, which would explain why I update so slowly. Sometimes, though, it's just because I'm too lazy to give a review. But, if it's on request, I can tell you that I'll review it...at least once.

For my writing? Well, I used to write in the Yu-Gi-Oh! section but then I wanted to do an action/adventure story so I've moved to Fire Emblem instead. Haha, I'm so determined to finish something, huh? Yeah, I know, I'm pathetic. Anyways, reviews make me feel very loved (and who doesn't feel that way?), and it makes me feel even happier if the reviews are a little more than "i luved it rite more". No offense to all those people out there; I just like to have a bit more detail about what I write so I know which strategies worked best. Also, critiques are welcome but...be careful. I burn easily. It's not that I don't want to be critiqued - I really do thank those who take the time to critique - but its just that I tend to whine for a few hours about being stupid I did this/that. So, you know, be gentle? n.n;; Regardless, I write for the enjoyment of writing and the enjoyment of seeing other people enjoy it. Therefore, any feedback available that you can give me is as good as any.

Now, you guys are probably thinking something to the effect of "But what about her favorite characters? Her favorite pairings? What about her favorite sections or genres?" Like I said before, I have no preference when it comes to section or genre because I enjoy any form of writing. However, if it is a section I have no idea about, I may not be as inclined to read about it. As for my favorite characters and pairings, I really don't know. I don't think I favor any pairing over the other because it all depends on how my story wishes to flow. For Fire Emblem, sometimes I just go reread all the support conversations and go: "Oh this is cute" and put them together. Sometimes it may be possible for me to put two people together who didn't even have a support conversation. It all depends on the story I guess. And if I read a story which has a pairing/character, I'm not going to discriminate against it because I don't like the pairing/character. I always try to read a story that seems interesting (and I rarely have a pairing/character I don't like). However, I do tend not to like OCs as much when they're the major character in the story. I feel it kind of takes out the "fan" in "fanfiction." But that's just me. I'm sure plenty of people out there would disagree.

Well, I think I've ranted enough for one day. I shall return to edit this one day. But, until then, I'll leave it as it is. The only thing I'll change is the progress of my stories down below. -points below the line- Just to keep people informed about when they might possibly expect another update. Though I'm normally wrong many times and I don't update it as often as I should.


The Two Slaves - I've probably most likely have entirely abandoned/discontinued this fic. It's a little hopeless from what I see. And it probably won't be back. I apologize.

A Whisper in the Wind - So...my promise of "within the next two months" seven months ago? Yeah, that...didn't quite come true. Ha! Sorry 'bout that. Everything's just been sucking up so much of my time! Blah. I'll try to update as soon as I can, though my main focus is kinna on my other ficcu so I can't guarantee when this'll be updated.

Flawed - ...So...how about them weathers, eh? -cough- Major school stuff is bogging me down - stress, anxiety, tests, homework, drama. I swear I'm going to go crazy one day. Anyways, other than that, the writing process got kinna screwed up - and the editing is taking even longer. So please wait; it will come! And I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the length of the chapter. Seeing how long I've made you wait, I'm sure it'll at least make up for some of the patience you've lost. -heart-

~Alley Cat

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